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00:04 dcook Phew. Just remembered I haven't applied the patch I want to test.
00:04 dcook Almost re-indexed the db for nothin'...
00:04 dcook wth..
00:05 dcook eythian: Is there a way to disable the use of Cache/
00:05 eythian dcook: I have a feeling that my Koha::Cache won't use it.
00:05 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "sad face" (1 line) at
00:05 eythian (unless you explicitly ask for it.)
00:06 eythian why is it getting permission denied on /tmp?
00:06 dcook Good question
00:12 dcook And I'm betting I can't see what line 640 is doing as it's probably written in C..
00:13 dcook Well not that I can't see. It'll just be more work to track down. /tmp looks ok :S
00:13 dcook Oh wait a tic...
00:14 dcook eythian: It'll be the webserver trying to write to sharefile-koha-koha, yeah?
00:15 dcook The file is owned by my Koha user and file permissions are pretty strict. The web server can't touch that file..
00:21 dcook Huh..
00:21 pastebot "dcook" at pasted "load all the modules..." (27 lines) at
00:25 dcook Looks like every type of Cache is initialized if the module is available
00:32 dcook Hmm
00:32 dcook I just deleted "sharefile-koha-koha"... and now there is a new one which is owned by the webserver (which would make sense)
00:32 dcook No idea why that other one would've been owned by the koha user...
00:32 dcook Weird as
00:43 dcook Mmm a stacktrace would be nice..
00:44 dcook Serials are so wonderfully twisted. Now to figure out where it is calling GetNextDate...
00:48 * dcook is pretty sure he's already found this issue before..
01:05 eythian they're all initialised, but I don't think they're all used
01:06 eythian if any script run as the koha user wants caching, it'll create a file with those permissions
01:10 dcook That sounds a bit dodgy :/
01:10 dcook The latter that is
01:11 dcook I think you're right about that first part. I don't think fastmmap can be used without explicitly specifying it in a env variable
01:11 dcook Or rather...
01:11 dcook I don't know
01:11 dcook It creates the file and reads it. It might not "use" it for the caching, but it plays with it.
01:13 eythian that may be.
01:16 dcook On the plus side, my indexing has finished so I can test the Zebra facet patches :D
01:16 dcook ...bollocks
01:26 dcook Ahh, have to love that syspref cache...
01:26 * dcook wonders if QueryAutoTruncation and QueryWeightFields are still set to incompatible settings by default..
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03:19 RobC Hi All
03:20 wizzyrea hello :)
03:21 RobC I have a quick question regarding Koha... we have a customer who no lnger uses Koha, but would like to export their data from Koha... is this possible?
03:22 eythian it's totally possible
03:23 eythian they can just grab a database dump, or they can export their biblio records, or both, or whatever they need.
03:23 wizzyrea What version are they running?
03:23 wizzyrea (were they running)
03:24 RobC i will have a look and come back to you... thanks for the help :)
03:34 RobC Koha 2.2.6
03:35 rangi oh thats about i zillion years old
03:35 rangi 1 even
03:35 rangi or at least 10 years old anyway
03:35 RobC I see it is running MySQL... really old. If i can login an connect to the schema i should be able to get the data out. Is there a default root password?
03:36 rangi no, that would be madness :)
03:36 RobC lol
03:36 rangi default root passwords = everyone hacked
03:36 rangi but look for a koha.conf file in /etc/
03:39 RobC OK, it is running on Windows XP and it is really slow...
03:40 * wizzyrea blinks
03:40 rangi oh in that case, i have no idea where they would have put the config file
03:41 ibeardslee c:
03:41 ibeardslee cd \
03:41 ibeardslee dir /s koha.conf
03:41 eythian ibeardslee: stop swearing, this is a family channel.
03:42 * ibeardslee is already hurting from that
03:43 wizzyrea *cough* the documentation states that in most installs, it's at c:\etc\
03:43 * wizzyrea holds her nose and links this:[…]0on%20Windows.pdf
03:43 RobC yep found it
03:43 wizzyrea yes ok we are in fact elitist jerks. >.>
03:43 wizzyrea but we'll try to help :)
03:44 ibeardslee speak for yourself wizzyrea, I make no claim to be elitist
03:44 ibeardslee .. wait that didn't come out right
03:44 wizzyrea snerk :)
03:44 * dcook holds his tongue :p
03:45 dcook Well, apparently I stuck it out... I suppose that's a form of holding...
03:45 RobC lol user = koha pass = koha
03:45 wizzyrea logs?
03:45 wahanui it has been said that logs is
03:50 RobC thanks a lot for your help, i will just need some guidance from the user as to what data they want then the query shouldnt be to hard to figure out
03:50 RobC cya all
03:50 wizzyrea good luck :)
03:51 wizzyrea you should recycle that windows server as linux, and put a modern Koha on it.
03:52 RobC hehe... they are a research company and are going cloud based... do you know if any cloud providers offer Koha?
03:52 wizzyrea DO I
03:52 dcook hehe
03:52 wizzyrea maybe.
03:52 dcook There are quite a few :)
03:52 dcook Where do they want it to be based?
03:52 wizzyrea ^ is probably a very important question
03:52 wizzyrea < NZ
03:53 RobC I doubt we would get anything close but we are in New Zealand
03:53 dcook < Australia
03:53 wizzyrea O RLY
03:53 dcook ^
03:53 wizzyrea[…]ort/continent/#nz
03:55 dcook Certainly lots of options :).
03:56 wizzyrea :)
03:56 wizzyrea it's a thing we know about, hosting Koha in the cloud.
03:56 dcook Speaking of which...
03:56 RobC yep... all good...thanks i will look them up. It seems Koha was originally developed in NZ, who would have guessed :)
03:57 wizzyrea probably rangi, since he wrote it :)
03:57 dcook hehe
03:57 RobC maybe rangi is short for rangitoto... is he in AUckland?
03:57 ibeardslee Wellington
03:57 wahanui Wellington is probably lucky, we have a lot of indian restaurants
03:57 wizzyrea ^ true
03:58 ibeardslee that's not overly lucky
03:58 wizzyrea depends on how much you like indian food
03:58 RobC lol... OK guys thanks for your help.
03:58 wizzyrea yw, good luck!
03:58 eythian RobC: ranginui is the origin of the nick, iirc
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05:08 eythian db_dependent tests sure take a while to run even just the 00-strict.t set.
05:08 eythian hi cait
05:09 cait hi eythian
05:27 eythian @wunder nzwn
05:27 huginn eythian: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 9.0°C (5:00 PM NZST on September 22, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 5.0°C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
05:28 eythian from the metservice site: "Wind: S 52km/h Gust: 91km/h Feels like: 0°C"...guess what dummy didn't bring a jacket today.
05:28 cait hmmmm
05:33 dcook Brr
05:33 dcook @wunder syd
05:33 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney Airport, New South Wales is 19.0°C (3:00 PM AEST on September 22, 2014). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 34%. Dew Point: 7.0°C. Pressure: 30.38 in 1029 hPa (Falling).
05:33 dcook @wunder athens
05:33 huginn dcook: Error: No such location could be found.
05:33 dcook @wunder athens, greece
05:33 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Argyroupoli, Greece is 26.3°C (8:30 AM EEST on September 22, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 23.0°C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
05:41 eythian > fatal: could not open '.git/COMMIT_EDITMSG': Hulpbron is tijdelijk onbeschikbaar
05:42 eythian I can't say I've seen that before.
05:42 eythian "Resource is temporarily unavailable" on a file.
05:42 eythian probably a weirdo NFS thing
05:43 dcook Probably better than a NSFW thing
05:43 eythian heh
05:43 dcook which may or may not be how I read NFS the first time
05:44 eythian there are days when it feels like NFS is NSFW.
05:45 dcook I really should play with NFS one of these days. Isn't it pretty old school?
05:46 eythian it is. I NFS mount my development directory on a VM so that I can write code on my desktop and test it in the VM.
05:46 eythian it does the job well enough though. I used to have all sorts of issues with caching (e.g. the VM wouldn't see updates for a while after I made them, in some circumstances), but the latest release has fixed that.
05:48 eythian heh apparently it's cold enough here today that some train services are suspended.
05:48 dcook Mmm, I've had a few issues with Samba like that as well.
05:48 dcook I had to love my issue last night
05:49 dcook My external hard drive kept unmounting whenever I turned off the monitor
05:49 eythian ...
05:49 dcook Turns out I had the monitor on the master powerpoint and the external hard drive on the slave :p
05:49 eythian aha
05:49 dcook Silly dcook
05:49 dcook Sadly, it took me longer than I would've liked to figure it out
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06:34 * magnuse waves
06:35 eythian hi magnuse
06:38 reiveune joined #koha
06:38 reiveune hello
06:38 wahanui salut, reiveune
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06:43 magnuse hiya eythian reiveune sophie_m
06:43 magnuse eythian: good to hear there is progress on the plack front
06:43 reiveune \o_ magnuse
06:43 magnuse \o/
06:43 eythian magnuse: well, now it's really just a matter of testing I think.
06:43 magnuse yeah
06:44 magnuse Viktor's library is really keen on using it
06:44 magnuse we have talked about switching over and using it until we find a real problem
06:44 magnuse they did a one day test abou 6 months ago without any problems
06:45 sophie_m hello magnuse, #koha
06:46 eythian I think most problems will take a while to show up, e.g. changing something and it shows up only sometimes.
06:46 eythian fairly subtle
06:46 * dcook is working on a fairly subtle bug already sans Plack :p
06:46 dcook I don't know how there can be duplicates in reserves and old_reserves...
06:46 dcook And how old_reserves can be ahead of the auto_increment in reserves :S
06:47 dcook It's just been business as usual the past few days
06:48 magnuse eythian: yeah, sounds like the kinds of things that are hard to spot when you are just testing things briefly on a dev setup
06:48 eythian yep
06:50 magnuse eythian: do you have a plan for using plack in production?
06:50 magnuse on the staff side, i mean
06:51 dcook wth..
06:52 dcook Somehow my dev install magically turned from dom to grs1...
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06:53 alex_a bonjour
06:53 eythian magnuse: we have one site we'd like to try it with, but there's other big projects for them on the go at the moment, so we'll have to wait.
06:54 eythian (they're merging with an Australian organisation, and the two libraries are becoming one.)
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06:58 dcook Grr someone has changed the permissions on my Zebra db again..
06:58 magnuse eythian: sounds like fun :-)
06:58 magnuse dcook: it wasn't me!
06:58 eythian dcook: it was magnuse
06:58 dcook hehe
06:58 magnuse noooo
06:59 dcook I think I might just write it off partially as being Monday's fault
07:01 dcook what the..
07:01 wahanui the is, like, a stop word
07:02 dcook I swear my ENV variables were different just a second ago...
07:02 dcook Monday...
07:02 wahanui monday is a nice and quiet day in #koha
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07:03 dcook hey cait
07:04 cait hi dcook :)
07:05 dcook :)
07:06 dcook Boo Monday
07:06 dcook The DB should be identical... the code should be identical...
07:06 dcook This might be what madness feels like
07:06 cait don'tsay boo
07:07 dcook Is boo bad?
07:07 cait i still have to get through it
07:07 dcook hehe
07:07 dcook Well, yours will probably be better than mine :)
07:07 cait let's hope
07:10 dcook Bloody hell...
07:10 dcook This "reserves" vs "old_reserves" thing is weird
07:10 dcook No one else has noticed this?
07:10 cait i missed the problem description i think
07:10 dcook There are duplicate entries :S
07:10 cait of?
07:10 dcook So there will already be a row in old_reserves with reserves_id of "100"
07:11 cait ugh
07:11 dcook But a new row has appeared in reserves with a reserve_id of 100
07:11 dcook And you can't move the new row into old_reserves because it's a duplicate id :S
07:11 cait hm
07:11 cait weird
07:11 magnuse ouch
07:11 cait so say... hold 100 was made and moved to old_reserves
07:12 cait hm no
07:12 cait dcook: are those old holds? i mean were they made before the id got added?
07:12 magnuse is it possible for koha users to notice this? or does it just result in the hirstory not being there when you need it?
07:13 dcook magnuse: fatal software errors on the staff client :/
07:13 dcook possibly on the opac too
07:13 dcook cait: nah, they're quite new
07:13 cait hm
07:13 dcook All within the past few days
07:13 cait could it be the counters are somewhat off by one?
07:13 dcook It could
07:13 dcook But I reset the counters
07:13 cait the one that determines the next reserve id?
07:13 dcook And it screws up again
07:14 cait reset to the right number?
07:14 cait sorry, have to go
07:14 dcook no worries. Thanks for listening :)
07:14 dcook And nah, I've reset it to higher
07:14 dcook To avoid any accidental overlapping
07:28 magnuse dcook: that sounds like something you's notice, yes ;-)
07:33 ashimema morning #koha
07:36 magnuse 'owdy ashimema
07:43 ashimema I'm still battling with dbic many_to_many relationships..
07:43 * ashimema is starting to feel really dumb
07:45 Joubu o/
07:46 magnuse ashimema: nah, they are tricky, i think
07:46 ashimema morning Joubu
07:46 ashimema I'm sure i've got it all set up correctly..
07:46 ashimema but I can't for the life of me actually retrieve anything useful from it
07:47 magnuse got an example?
07:49 ashimema So.. got a pretty standard many_to_many example:  Lists contain Items, and an Item can be on any number of Lists.. So we have Lists, ListItems and Items tables.
07:49 ashimema ListItems is the linking one..
07:51 ashimema We have a '__PACKAGE__->has_many(' relationship between Lists and ListItems.. linking in list_id
07:52 ashimema We have a '__PACKAGE__->many_to_many("items" => "listitems", "item"); ' relationship between Lists and ListItems
07:52 ashimema and so forth as specified in the dbic documentation..
07:53 ashimema Inspecting the resulting objects they look ok to me..
07:54 ashimema From inspecting the resultsets with a dump in my test script..
07:55 ashimema I can get a resultset, iterate through the results/rows and spot the correct many to many relationship and containted resultset..
07:55 ashimema iterating through the contained resultset, again dumping the result it looks liek the correct data is contained..
07:55 ashimema however, a get_columns on that result doesn't give me the data
07:55 ashimema that's wahts confusing me
07:59 ashimema # Tests
07:59 ashimema my $result = $db->resultset('List')->search( { 'published' => 'y' } );
07:59 ashimema my $list = $result->next;
07:59 ashimema my $materials = $list->materials;
07:59 ashimema my $material = $materials->next;
07:59 ashimema print Dumper($material);
07:59 ashimema and that's my test script..
08:04 ashimema aha...
08:04 ashimema I think by just talking through it.. I've found my issue..
08:04 ashimema I was referencing the get_columns result wrong..
08:04 ashimema calling is as a hashref instead of a hash.
08:05 ashimema muppet
08:05 ashimema thanks magnuse ;)
08:05 * cait hands magnuse a rubberduck
08:11 ashimema hmm..
08:11 ashimema well the query works as expecting now..
08:11 ashimema but it makes morbo hang :(
08:11 ashimema even though in the test script it executes very quickly!
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08:18 magnuse ashimema: my pleasure ;-)
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09:00 Spin is it possible to have and as webname ? and is it hard to do (i tried it once but the intra pages did not show up then) annyone has tips ?
09:28 mtj Spin: afaik... its hard :/
09:29 ashimema yup.. that's pretty hard to acheive
09:29 ashimema subdomains is a much easier route
09:30 mtj what he said  ^^
09:31 mtj i think you would hit some unusual bugs too
09:32 mtj no one else uses this config
09:33 ashimema I believe it would be possible using apache re-writes.. but yeah.. it would certainly be hard.. and probably expose some bugs that tohers have never seen before.
09:33 Spin k maybe i try to avoid it then
09:33 ashimema sorry.. not a very 'friendly' answer.. but it's a truthful  one ;)
09:33 Spin better this way :)
09:34 mtj lots of people ask this question Spin
09:35 mtj ...but no solution exists, that is tested enough for production use
09:38 mtj a funny story... i had the same discussion with someone else, about 3 hours ago :p
09:41 Spin i'm not a bot ;)
09:41 Spin well good bot's also say that but realy i'm not
09:48 cait Spin: it's nothing to be ashamed of.. being a bot, youare in good company here
09:48 cait wahanui?
09:48 wahanui cait?
09:48 cait wahanui, are you a bot?
09:48 wahanui cait: bugger all, i dunno
09:55 cait @wunder Konstanz
09:55 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 13.3°C (11:55 AM CEST on September 22, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
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10:49 magnuse tjänare Viktor
10:50 Viktor Hej magnuse :)
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10:56 bgkriegel Hi
10:56 wahanui hi, bgkriegel
10:59 bgkriegel Is git working? The only thing I get is "fatal: read error: Connection reset by peer"
11:00 magnus_away bgkriegel: i get the same thing
11:00 bgkriegel hi magnuse, and thanks
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11:48 francharb Good morning
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12:09 ashimema barton about?
12:24 NateC joined #koha
12:36 cait @later tell tcohen should[…]te_Administration be updated for the pootle server?
12:36 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
12:36 cait Joubu: hdl is still listed at[…]te_Administration, can we remove those as well?
12:36 cait gmcharlt: ping?
12:36 wahanui Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities.[…]oks/dp/0448421658
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12:41 Joubu cait: yes, of course
12:42 cait Joubu: was checking the page because of the git problems - i will delete him then
12:42 eythian joined #koha
12:45 cait Joubu: hm not sure if it needs to be changed on the server still too - will leave it for now I guess, but we shoudl pudate the page a bit
12:46 tcohen joined #koha
12:46 tcohen morning :-D
12:47 Joubu cait: I don't know, sorry
12:47 Joubu hello tcohen
12:47 tcohen hi Joubu cait
12:47 cait hi tcohen :)
12:48 cait i just left you a later in an outburst of 'wnat to tidy up that page' :)
12:49 ashimema morning tcohen
12:55 ashimema syspref question..
12:57 ashimema I want to impliment a 'shibbolethOnly' syspref to enable a 'nicer' sso experience with shibboleth whereby opac authentication only allow authentication via shibobleth.. should such a pref go in the OPAC tab (under 'Appearance'), or on it's own in the 'Administration' tab under 'Shibboleth Authentication'?
12:57 ashimema I'm starting to err toward the latter..
13:00 Joubu I would say with the other shib pref, so under Admin
13:00 ashimema there are no other shib prefs ;)
13:01 ashimema they moved to being a 'config' in the koha-conf.xml..
13:01 ashimema as they're too easy to break a system with ;)
13:01 Joubu ha yes
13:01 ashimema or rather.. should be set once and forgotten about.. which to me constitutes a config rather than a pref
13:02 Joubu ashimema: so, I don't know :)
13:02 Joubu in both :p
13:02 ashimema It'll be a pref that's closely linked to OpacPublic..
13:03 ashimema which is in OPAC tab..
13:03 ashimema but I reckon it's best under Administration.. with the other authentication prefs.. thinking through it..
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13:07 magnus_away ashimema: if it only affects the opac, i'd say put it with the opac prefs
13:07 ashimema It would only affect the opac for now.. but I'm envisioning there will be a simlar pref for the staff in the foresable future..
13:09 barrc Hi all - has anyone noticed a significant decrease is search results in 3.16.003? I have recently upgrade two sites and they both display the same issue
13:10 barrc that is, the time to display results has increased!
13:10 tcohen #koha: if you're coming to KohaCon14. please put your arival/departure data on[…]_is_arriving_when
13:10 cait ashimema: i'd put it together with the others i think - cas and the linke
13:10 ashimema :)
13:10 ashimema ok.. next question..
13:10 ashimema anyone ever hidden preferences from view depending on config?
13:11 ashimema shibboleth is mostly in the back end koha-conf..
13:11 ashimema so I don't really want to display the user editable prefs if the back end stuff isn't configured?
13:11 ashimema the construction of the prefs page is looking rather crazy.. so just wondered if anyone had tried this before.
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13:29 Joubu ashimema: not sure you can do that
13:29 ashimema :(
13:29 ashimema yeah.. that's what I'm coming around to..
13:29 Joubu actually I am pretty sure you cannot do that :)
13:29 ashimema I didn't want to clutter the interface unnesesarily
13:29 ashimema oh well
13:31 Joubu ashimema: but I don't think it's a problem. A lot of prefs have the same problem
13:31 Joubu or at least prefs depending on other prefs
13:32 ashimema Yeah..
13:32 ashimema Shame though.
13:41 cait ashimema: i think a lof the prefs depend on each other, but we don't have a way to account for dependencies really right now
13:42 cait ashimema: maybe just put a note that shibboleth needs to be configured on server side?
13:43 ashimema yup..
13:43 ashimema that's certianly how to do it for now..
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14:20 tcohen any bywaterian?
14:30 nengard I'm here
14:33 cait tcohen, ashimema... anyone zebra: we got problems with sru in 3.16.3
14:33 cait it refuses to hand out marcxml giving us a nice few of the indexes instead
14:34 cait bug 9612 should be in this version - we updated from a 3.12, it's a package install... and we are not seeing thwat to change to fix it :(
14:34 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9612 major, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , SRU Response is different when DOM indexing is enabled
14:39 tcohen cait:
14:39 carmenh_lunch joined #koha
14:40 tcohen can you point me to the SRU endpoint?
14:42 cait sadly no, it's blocked in the firewall
14:42 cait but we see the same as on the first 2 links from bug 9612
14:42 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9612 major, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , SRU Response is different when DOM indexing is enabled
14:44 cait tcohen: what info do you need?
14:44 cait with grs-1 it worked, we switched to dom
14:44 cait a lot of our services build on the sru, so this is really a blocker right now :(
14:45 ashimema I can confirm that's the case with a freshly configured package 3.16.3
14:45 ashimema poo.
14:45 ashimema I have vague recollections that the fix needed to be applied differently for packages.. and it was never prted..
14:45 ashimema we need ethyian
14:47 cait hm stupid timezones
14:47 ashimema or perhaps tomas would know
14:47 ashimema tcohen
14:47 cait tcohen:  was here a moment ago :)
14:47 cait NOTE: This patch does not deal with the Debian package installs. In the same way, and *-retrieval-info-* could be adjusted.
14:48 cait so... does anyone have a working file to look at? :(
14:48 ashimema NOTEtold ya ;)
14:49 alex_a_ joined #koha
14:49 cait but not how to fix
14:49 cait grr. :)
14:50 ashimema sorry..
14:50 ashimema I never worked out how it should work in packages
14:50 cait why? not your fault :)
14:50 ashimema we've not needed it yet
14:50 cait i guess we have to check the changed files again
14:51 cait running over ot the other office brb
14:53 alex_a_ joined #koha
14:58 cait hm we are trying to recreate the changes from the patch
14:58 talljoy joined #koha
15:14 cait hm adding RecordSchema=marxml to the sru url used makes it work
15:22 ashimema :)
15:23 cait ashimema: you tested with a new package instance, right?
15:23 ashimema yup
15:23 ashimema 3.16.3
15:24 cait coudl you try adding recordSchema=marcxml if that works for you too?
15:29 cait bug 12977
15:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=12977 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , SRU + DOM on package installs doesn't show MARCXML by default
15:43 reiveune bye
15:43 reiveune left #koha
15:50 tcohen hi ribasushi
15:50 ribasushi o/
15:51 tcohen \o
15:51 tcohen will you be around tomorrow ?
15:51 ribasushi yes, we scheduled a meeting didn't we?
15:52 tcohen yes :-D
15:52 tcohen just checking
15:54 ribasushi aye, tomorrow ;)
15:54 tcohen bye ribasushi
16:00 ashimema :)
16:00 ashimema sorry cait, was picking up the daughter from school
16:00 ashimema will try now.
16:01 Dyrcona joined #koha
16:02 ashimema yup.. can confirm your fix works cait..
16:02 ashimema go for it... submit a patch.. ;)
16:14 barrc left #koha
16:14 cait ashimema: i am not sure it's a fix as it worked without that before :)
16:14 cait seems the fallback changed
16:15 ashimema k
17:11 cait joined #koha
17:19 Viktor joined #koha
17:27 pablito joined #koha
17:28 pablito hi everyone
17:30 pablito anyone here?
17:39 ashimema joined #koha
18:00 NateC joined #koha
18:25 Viktor joined #koha
18:44 NateC joined #koha
19:29 kmlussier joined #koha
19:31 Viktor joined #koha
20:00 bgkriegel joined #koha
20:11 rangi morning
20:12 cait morning rangi
20:18 pianohacker joined #koha
21:39 cait left #koha
22:25 papa joined #koha
22:41 eythian hi
23:44 eythian new master packages uploaded
23:58 tcohen joined #koha
23:59 rangi heya tcohen
23:59 tcohen hey

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