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02:16 pianohac1er Leaving DC For Denver Now
02:18 wajasu is that a line from a song?
03:10 mtompset Have a great day, #koha wajasu.
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18:09 bag hello
18:09 wahanui hola, bag
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18:37 cait :)
18:38 cait hi bag :) how was the colosseum?
18:38 bag awesome
18:38 wahanui That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, bag
18:38 bag :)
18:39 cait :)
18:39 cait what's the plan for tomorrow?
18:48 bag full day with the library
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18:55 cait aaah
18:55 cait hope they are nice at least :)
19:02 * cait fials lots of patches today :(
19:03 cait fails even...
19:04 JesseM HI cait
19:04 cait hi JesseM:)
19:05 cait how's rome?
19:07 JesseM I love Rome
19:07 JesseM :)
19:08 cait :)
19:08 cait more prosecco tonight? :)
19:09 JesseM of course
19:09 bag no no must teach to libraians tomorrow
19:10 JesseM Prosecco is sooo good
19:10 bag ok ok more prosecco
19:10 cait lol
19:10 cait giving training tomorrow? :)
19:11 bag yes (well I am) JesseM just has to watch :P
19:11 JesseM :)
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19:29 rangi morning
19:30 cait morning rangi
19:48 tcohen morning
19:49 cait morning tcohen :)
19:55 bag heya tcohen
19:56 tcohen hi bag
19:58 wizzyrea morning
19:58 cait morning wizzyrea
20:17 bag morning
20:17 wahanui morning is a state of the cait
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20:59 Sean Hi! Is there a way to control what Koha places in the description field of an RSS feed (the item record fields used)?
21:00 cait hm not sure there isn't - i think the only tihng you can control is the number
21:00 cait hmnot sure there is...
21:02 Sean ours pull from #300 and #500 fields, but that data isn't as useful as #520 and #650, for instance
21:03 cait Sean: sorry, I don't think you can change that without altering the code
21:04 Sean Thanks, cait. eg. would be great to have summary, length, and subject for a DVD feed, rather than the current data
21:06 Sean I'm messing with a feed and wonder if that wouldn't be a viable development to pursue
21:07 wizzyrea making things configurable is usually desirable
21:08 wizzyrea could be kind of cool if the output were controlled per branch, by something like a notice template.
21:08 cait the new blu-ray thing looks nice
21:08 rangi you could just do it with some jquery and the reports api
21:08 rangi make a public report, that gets the stuff you want
21:09 rangi make a page that uses that stuff (it will output in JSON) to dispay it however you want
21:09 cait oh yes, that's a good idea
21:09 rangi like
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21:09 rangi[…]ofessional/#/all/
21:09 barton hallo, all!
21:09 Sean I'm a little uninitated on the public reports processes but would like to learn, rangi. where would I start?
21:10 rangi Sean: in the staff admin, when making a report you can choose to make it public (default is not)
21:11 rangi then on the opac you can go[…]svc/report?id=123
21:11 rangi where 123 is the actual number of the report you made public
21:11 rangi that will get you the output of the report as JSON
21:11 Sean nice, thanks rangi! that last part of the URL is the missing puzzle piece for me. thanks a LOT!
21:13 rangi no worries
21:13 cait rangi++ :)
21:13 cait Sean++ as well - OPAC looks great
21:13 wizzyrea oh yeah, that's actually probably a better solution than RSS.
21:13 wizzyrea of course it is.
21:14 wizzyrea (that url for the public reports is in the online help, in the upper right corner when you're on the reports page)
21:14 Sean thanks wizzy! I can't believe I can jump in IRC and get help...I need to shed this Stockholm syndrome from Innovative ILS...
21:15 cait lol
21:16 barton #koha++
21:16 wizzyrea haha
21:17 Sean thanks a lot all...I'm off to see what I can break :)
21:17 wizzyrea :) good luck.
21:17 rangi its good to have some more oregon libraries
21:18 wizzyrea @quote add Sean: I can't believe I can jump in IRC and get help...I need to shed this Stockholm syndrome from Innovative ILS...
21:18 huginn wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
21:18 wizzyrea boo.
21:18 wizzyrea @quote add Sean: I can't believe I can jump in IRC and get help...I need to shed this Stockholm syndrome from Innovative ILS...
21:18 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #301 added.
21:18 * barton would like to see more kentucky libraries.
21:18 cait Sean: it's all part of our secret plan... the more people know about Koha, the more can they help each other :)
21:19 barton heh.
21:19 wizzyrea @quote add Cait:  it's all part of our secret plan... the more people know about Koha, the more can they help each other
21:19 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #302 added.
21:19 wizzyrea a quoty sort of day.
21:19 cait ... the grammar didn't quite look right on mine *sigh*
21:20 wizzyrea oh pft we know what you meant.
21:20 rangi[…]/album31/DSC01322  <-- we won $2 off lunch just out of coos bay .. one the libraries in that consortia
21:22 wizzyrea hehe
21:24 cait rangi has been everywhere heh
21:25 barton ok, koha programming n00b question: what's the best way to add 'print' statements to Koha for debugging purposes? -- I'm looking to add 'got here' and Data::Dumper type messages. I don't care whether they go to the screen or a log file...
21:26 cait i normally use warns
21:26 barton best in this context means 'least set-up'
21:26 cait if i want to debug something in the perl code
21:26 cait they go into Koha's log files then
21:26 barton ok. that's easy enoug.
21:26 bag yeah
21:26 bag cait++
21:26 bag rangi++
21:27 bag thanks for helping out Sean - he's going to be awesome here :)
21:27 eythian hi
21:27 cait morning eythian
21:27 * barton aspires to be awesome.
21:27 bag barton: you are awesome
21:28 bag barton++
21:28 barton I'll feel a good deal more awesome once I've found this bug :-)
21:29 bag heya eythian - barton is the man with the knowledge on bug 11947  if you need any help figuring it out
21:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11947 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hold priorities not re-calculated when hold is confirmed on checkin.
21:31 barton yeah, eythian I've been looking at it until my eyes bleed -- I definitely know where I was going to start putting debugging statements...
21:33 eythian good to know, ta
21:34 cait did you see there is a patch about priority in the qa queue?
21:34 cait my head hurt a bit too much for holds testing today
21:34 bag no we didn't
21:34 bag hmm...
21:35 bag if you have a bug # perhaps we could look at it
21:35 cait bug 10827
21:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10827 critical, P3, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , List of holds does not update correctly
21:36 cait i haven't looked it closely yet, so not sur eif it's related in any way
21:37 bag ah barton eythian ^^^^ that could be the answer
21:37 barton Yeah, I looked at that ... I think that it's a similar issue, but according to the notes, it only affects item specific holds. This one doesn't.
21:38 bag yeah it probably works for both - what I would do is on the test system where you repeated the non-item problem - apply these patches and test again
21:39 barton bag: I was testing on nekls-test ...
21:40 bag right you should be able to apply those patches to that system
21:40 barton I'll give it a shot.
21:40 cait good night all
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21:40 barton ciao cait.
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22:07 wajasu when we hide a branch(i.e. MPL), and a biblio shows inthe results because not all it's items are hidden (i.e. has a CPL item as well as MPL item), we show the biblio in results.
22:09 wajasu this will cause facets to show Midway as it counts the MPL in the in hidden biblio.  should we always hide the Midway branch in facets if the OpacHiddenitems rule homebranch:[MPL] is set.
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22:09 wajasu i am thinking yes.
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