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05:23 eythian embiopterid: if there's a value in the item call number field for an item (952$o), it will show it up.
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08:48 cait 520 mails in my qa inbox. ugh.
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10:21 * cait waves
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14:34 dbs cait++
14:34 cait hm?
15:26 dbs cait: just trying to provide support for you and your 520 qa mails
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15:39 * Oak waves
15:39 Oak magnuse
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17:21 Neo_ Hi!
17:21 cait hi Neo_
17:21 Neo_ Anybody who can help with z39.50? I defined a couple of z39.50 server but I can´t retrieve info from those ones....
17:21 Neo_ Hi Cait!
17:22 cait is there an error message?
17:22 cait are you behind a firewall?
17:22 Neo_ nope...
17:22 cait most of the time it's the port being blocked in a firewal
17:22 Neo_ oh
17:22 Neo_ That could be, to be honest I don´t know if I have some blocked ports
17:23 cait that would just give no results,it's a bit hard to figure out, but something i would check if different servers won't work
17:23 Neo_ Is there anyway to know that?
17:23 cait hm not sure really
17:23 Neo_ Ohh, ok
17:23 Neo_ let me find out if that will be the cause
17:24 Neo_ thanks for helping!!
17:24 jcamins Neo_: asking your network administrator is your best bet.
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19:20 wajasu looking at a patron's checkout tab in staff client.  i see an overdue/rent charge of $5.  iwas am testing and know there are some fines in accountlines.  shouldn't they show up in that checkout tab summary too?
19:21 wajasu when i click "Make payment" i do see the static fines on the pay fines tab.   just not on the checkouts tab.
19:24 wajasu well at least the totatl is correct.  the static fines just aren't shown.
19:25 cait i think that's with and without the patch
19:25 cait the checkout only shows rental and the total
19:42 wajasu ok.  well i think i got bug 11211 tested.  and staticfines seems to calc/accrue etc on each run ignoring holidays.  i am wondering  the difference between and static
19:42 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11211 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Move calculation code out of C4::Calendar
19:42 wajasu adds a fine of accounttype FU, while is of accounttype F
19:44 wajasu successive runs of doesn't generate a new accountline entry, while always generates one.
19:46 cait i have never used staticfines
19:46 cait it's rather new and i think for another concept of fines
19:47 cait should only update the entry for an item when run repeatedly
19:47 cait not add a new one for an existing
19:57 wajasu ok. is adjusting correctly as i change holidays.
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