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00:17 bag afternoon all
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02:00 rangi well thats annoying the sandboxes all seem to be busted
02:02 bag bummer
02:06 dcook dinger
02:07 bag heya dcook
02:09 dcook hey bag. How's things?
02:09 bag going well - about time to go home and chase up some dinner
02:10 rangi heya dcook
02:10 dcook Nice! Any ideas on the menu yet?
02:10 dcook hey rangi :)
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02:59 rangi merlissia++ # 2 sign offs today so far
03:00 rangi @karma
03:00 huginn` rangi: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (29), "oleonard" (22), and "cait" (20).  Lowest karma: "windchill" (-2), "describe" (-1), and "------" (-1).  You (rangi) are ranked 7 out of 75.
03:01 dcook rangi++
03:01 dcook ;)
03:01 eythian poor old ------
03:48 wajasu hey rangi.  is it about that time to rebuild ?  or are you waiting a bit.
03:50 eythian you just missed him
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07:41 reiveune hello
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07:44 alex_a bonjour
07:52 * magnuse waves
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07:53 cait good morning magnuse :)
07:53 kivilahtio good morning #kohastars!
07:53 magnuse hiya alex_a cait kivilahtio
07:53 magnuse wow, quite a turnout for the hackfest
07:54 alex_a hiya magnuse
07:54 magnuse will there be enough chairs? ;-)
07:54 cait magnuse: is your demo site on master? bywater's seems not around right now
07:54 cait magnuse: i doubt it
07:55 cait well, at least not without finding/buying more than there used to be :)
07:55 magnuse no demo is the same as my customers
07:55 cait ah ok
07:55 magnuse is supposed to be master
07:55 cait i need to check something on master <> in result list not displaying right (when being part of the title)
07:56 cait hm it says 3.13 on the front page
07:56 magnuse that's what is in i think
07:57 magnuse hm, no
07:58 magnuse perhaps my updates have failed me?
07:59 magnuse gah, it should be
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08:05 gaetan_B hello
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08:07 Joubu hello
08:12 cait good morning all
08:12 cait magnuse: it seems ok on master, now testing 3.12
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08:25 * _23 slaps aquaman around a bit with a large fishbot
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09:55 vfernandes hi :)
09:56 vfernandes i'm still having a problem uploading "big" zip files with patron photos
09:56 vfernandes the file has 112MB
10:00 rangi its most likely apache rejecting it not koha
10:01 rangi and that email sums up everything that is wrong with livecd/dvd (different topic)
10:01 vfernandes rangi which apache config i need to change? i need to activate any mod?
10:02 rangi no idea, you might have to do a bit of a google
10:03 rangi limitrequestbody maybe
10:03 rangi is the connection timing out?
10:07 * magnuse waves to rangi
10:09 * magnuse will be presenting koha to Norwegian Online User Group in two weeks time
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10:10 magnuse hiya Viktor
10:10 Viktor Hi magnuse
10:10 rangi magnuse: cool!
10:10 rangi hi Viktor
10:10 Viktor Hi rangi
10:12 * rangi goes to sleep
10:12 Viktor Sleep well range :)
10:12 Viktor rangi :)
10:13 magnuse the koha ranger...
10:13 Viktor It's a tough job but someone has to do it..
10:20 magnuse :-)
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10:33 vfernandes rangi limitrequestbody is set to 2GB
10:34 vfernandes connection timeout is set to 300s
10:34 vfernandes maybe it's the connection timeout
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11:25 barton_ morning
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12:41 francharb hello #koha
12:47 cait morning barton and francharb
12:47 francharb o/ cait
12:48 cait magnuse: cool news about the presentation :)
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13:14 oleonard Hi #koha
13:15 cait hi oleonard :)
13:16 barton mornig cait, oleonard
13:18 cait hm no tcohen
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13:20 pablito hi everyone
13:20 oleonard Joubu: I'm having trouble reproducing the problem you had with Bug 11738
13:20 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11738 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , Use new DataTables include in batch patron modification template
13:21 oleonard Joubu: Can you describe the patron attribute you're working with?
13:21 pablito I want to change the usernames and passwords of a bunch borrowers
13:22 pablito *bunch of borrowers
13:22 pablito I know that the borrowers' passwords stored in the database are encrypted
13:23 pablito how can encrypt a plaintext password so I can store it in the same field in the database?
13:26 oleonard pablito: You could change the password of one patron via the Koha interface, query the database for that password, and update your patrons directly in mysql
13:27 pablito i want to change the passwords of 60 patrons
13:28 pablito I don't want to do it manually via the Koha interface, it's too tedious
13:28 pablito I have a list of passwords for them already
13:30 oleonard I see
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13:33 Shane-S Hi there, I have Koha running, and doing a labels batch using on or Before date field yields an internal error. The on or AFTER works but yields way to many results. Does 3.14 correct that or is it not a reported issues?
13:34 Shane-S I installed from the packages, so hopefully it is a simple upgrade or 3.14 if needed
13:37 cait Shane-S: i am not sure - maybe try checking it one of the demo installs availlabe that run on master
13:38 Shane-S okay any recommendation on a way to get labels done in mass without say 4,000 results, maybe 100 at times? We are trying to print new labels for all the books in the library
13:39 cait hm sorry, i haven't used the labels module so far
13:39 Shane-S I thought the date would be the easiest...sadly I am not at my server location to fix it, and I need to check it is not in use before I update (so probably 3 PM or later)
13:39 Shane-S Okay thank you!
13:40 cait an update should be easy, and you should totally update to latest 3.12 at least, because that was a security release
13:41 oleonard Shane-S: Looks like Bug 11222 is relevant?
13:41 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11222 normal, P5 - low, ---, cnighswonger, Pushed to Stable , A regression on done by Bug 9239
13:53 Shane-S oleonard: yeah that sounds like it, I see it is in an later version of 3.12
13:53 Shane-S will apt-get update upgrade me to a later 3.12 or will that try for 3.14 I installed from packages
13:57 magnuse Shane-S: you need to check which version you have set up in apt:
13:57 magnuse squeeze-dev = 3.15
13:57 magnuse squeeze = 3.14.x
13:58 magnuse oldstable = 3.12.x
13:58 magnuse you can always check what you are about to install with "sudo apt-cache policy koha-common"
13:58 Shane-S okay thank you!
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14:10 Joubu oleonard-away: sorry for the delay. In fact I get a JS error: "TypeError: m is undefined"
14:11 Joubu oleonard-away: It is caused by the dynamic rows added by borrower.patron_attributes
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14:13 druthb @wunder 77098
14:13 huginn` druthb: The current temperature in Greenway Plaza, Houston, Texas is 2.8°C (8:13 AM CST on February 11, 2014). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: -2.0°C. Pressure: 30.13 in 1020 hPa (Rising).
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14:22 cait some zebra expert around?
14:22 cait i am trying to solve bug 11741, but not sure where to look
14:22 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11741 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , < > not displaying correctly in XSLT result list
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14:58 magnuse @wunder boo
14:58 huginn` magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 5.0°C (3:50 PM CET on February 11, 2014). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: -2.0°C. Windchill: 0.0°C. Pressure: 29.42 in 996 hPa (Steady).
14:58 magnuse cait: maybe try yaz-client and see how the <>'s look there?
15:09 cait i think i found it
15:10 cait[…]2bfb36a06f6f#l218
15:10 cait line 129
15:10 cait ah line 219
15:12 cait i have a working bugfix... but i doubt it's a good solution
15:12 cait i will still attach it to the bug for comments
15:20 magnuse cait++
15:23 magnuse quick fix: dont use < and > in records ;-)
15:23 * magnuse wanders off to make dinner
15:23 cait they are used in masses for manuscript descriptions it seems
15:24 cait and also in german cataloguing they were used a lot before the switch to GND
15:33 oleonard Thanks Joubu, I'll test again
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15:37 Shane-S quick question, what stops patrons from placing items on hold? I have the Policy >OPACItemsHold set to allow, not sure what other setting won't allow books to be put on hold (or is it a patron type setting?)
15:38 oleonard Circulation rules have to be defined with a default hold policy
15:39 Shane-S okay, I will check there
15:39 cait and i think the pref is opacreserves
15:39 cait does the place hold button show up?
15:40 cait allowonshelfholds pref might also be involved
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15:42 Shane-S I have the button just says ....
15:42 Shane-S "AllowOnShelfHolds"
15:42 Shane-S whoops
15:42 oleonard Joubu: Still no luck triggering that error. Could you share a screenshot of the patron attribute edit screen? (admin/​p=edit_attribute_type&code=)
15:43 Shane-S mac....
15:43 Shane-S Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold.
15:43 Shane-S I added a default hold setting, under Default holds policy by item type
15:46 Shane-S cait: allowonshelfholds is set to allow
15:47 Shane-S would AllowHoldDateInFuture prevent it (its set to do not allow)
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15:49 cait Shane-S: does your circulation rule allow checkout?
15:49 cait Shane-S: also, the reserves - if htat field is empty, it's = 0, you have to set it to 999 or whatever
15:50 cait well the maximum number of holds in your circ rule is what I meant
15:50 Shane-S let me check, that is back on the circulations and loans setting right?
15:50 cait yes, but the first big table - check for all libraries and for the one the item is from
15:50 Shane-S err fines
15:51 drojf Shane-S++ // looking for the section cait is talking about i found the mysterious 0.01 reservation fee that confused my colleague  :D
15:51 Shane-S ah I see it, I have 0 in holds
15:51 Shane-S missed that, thanks
15:52 Joubu oleonard: yep
15:54 cait drojf: and i get nothing? :P
15:56 Joubu oleonard: done
15:56 Shane-S cait & oleonard Thank you as usual!
15:56 Shane-S working now, with the nice item on hold warning @ checkout
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16:01 * Oak waves
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16:06 drojf cait: i have been looking there before you said something. so, no. :D
16:07 drojf cait: but now you reminded me i wanted to email my colleague about it
16:07 drojf cait++
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16:15 cait hmpf ;)
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16:26 reiveune bye
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17:17 mochito_pl hello all
17:18 mochito_pl someone help me?
17:18 mochito_pl I have a problem crashes my mistake? And on this page:
17:19 mochito_pl This is urgent!
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17:21 oleonard I don't understand what your question is mochito_pl. Your Koha site is down and you don't know why?
17:21 Shane-S Back PDFs from label creator were going fine. Now they are completed really quick and not opening by adobe stating it is an invalid file type. I am in with SSH and I see nothing using TOP that is stuck running
17:22 Shane-S is there a service I can restart or just restart the whole server?
17:24 mochito_pl So I do not know what the cause. I am a novice user.
17:25 mochito_pl I can insert your data to the server
17:28 mochito_pl moment was access
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17:32 mochito_pl help me
17:32 pianohacker mochito_pl: we can try, at least. What's up?
17:33 mochito_pl - bugs me walk out I can not cope
17:35 oleonard mochito_pl: Do you know what might have caused the problem? What steps have you taken to try to fix it?
17:36 mochito_pl NO
17:38 pianohacker mochito_pl: I can't connect to that site, though that could be my internet connection. Could you provide a screenshot?
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17:39 mochito_pl I found. The Koha-conf.xml file instead <pass> password </ pass> was <pass> password <pass>
17:39 oleonard mochito_pl: Have you taken any steps to try to fix your problem?
17:40 mochito_pl I'm stupid :)
17:41 pianohacker mochito_pl: It's good when the solution is simple :)
17:45 mochito_pl pianohacker :)
17:52 tcohen cait?
17:55 tcohen is it possible that is not filling message_queue.to_address?
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18:22 mochito_pl How to set to the OPAC was and intranet was
18:29 tcohen mochito_pl: don't understand
18:34 pianohacker mochito_pl: You will need to change your apache configuration
18:35 mochito_pl How?
18:35 pianohacker mochito_pl: How did you install koha?
18:36 mochito_pl[…]ial_Configuration
18:37 mochito_pl ok ;) :) :)
18:37 mtompset Did you change the "" to ""?
18:38 mochito_pl mtompset: es
18:38 mochito_pl yes
18:38 mtompset with a . in the front?
18:38 mochito_pl joined #koha
18:39 mtompset with a . in the front?
18:39 mtompset small typos can make a big difference
18:39 mtompset Thankfully, you can, after the fact, fix the apache configuration.
18:43 mtompset Also, the general configuration is set up so you would have catalog.blah.blah and catalog-suffix.blah.blah to distinguish the OPAC and the Staff client.
18:45 tcohen at UNC we have multiple instances and use and
18:49 libragem joined #koha
18:49 libragem hi i am brand new to koha, trying to figure out if it would be a good solution for my library
18:49 tcohen quick poll, how would you name a syspref section where SMS, Email and such configuration options should be in? "Messaging"?
18:50 tcohen libragem: it will, for sure
18:51 cait left #koha
18:51 magnuse tcohen: sounds good to me
18:51 tcohen thanks magnuse
18:52 libragem i just dont know where to begin. my first question is can we import our current records into koha?
18:53 libragem thanks tchohen
18:55 pianohacker tcohen: Sounds good to me too
18:56 tcohen libragem: migration is almost always possible
18:56 mtompset What is the point of the system preference, tcohen?
18:56 tcohen you have to know that Koha uses a standard called MARC21 for cataloguing
18:56 tcohen mtompset: grouping sysprefs?
18:56 tcohen its just a label
18:57 mtompset That sounds fine to me then.
18:57 tcohen i was thinking of writing a way to set the SMTP server of choice
18:57 libragem <tcohen> thanks. is there someone i can speak to about the process of migration?
18:57 libragem does Koha support hebrew text input?
18:57 wajasu joined #koha
18:58 tcohen it does support RTL languages
18:58 tcohen but there's no complete translation (yet) into hebrew
18:58 tcohen but you can do it in
18:58 mtompset
18:59 mtompset libragem: There's a link to paid support, if your issues get complicated. :)
18:59 * druthb hides, at the mention of "migration"
18:59 pianohacker libragem: As far as migrations go, I'd recommend sending a message to the mailing list; you're more likely to find someone with experience in your current ILS there
19:00 tcohen druthb is our migration guru
19:00 mtompset pianohacker++ # good suggestion.
19:00 * druthb shushes tcohen
19:00 mtompset But Ruth has a full time job elsewhere. :P
19:00 pianohacker she loves doing migrations in her spare time; just send her your whole data set ;)
19:01 * mtompset laughs hysterically.
19:01 * druthb gives pianohacker That Look.
19:01 * tcohen runs away
19:01 pianohacker especially if it's not MARC, oh man, those are the best
19:01 * mtompset convulses laughing.
19:02 mtompset pianohacker: Please stop. You're killing me.
19:02 libragem <tcohen> thanks for the link
19:02 druthb pianohacker: Please stop.  Someone's killing someone, and I'm bigger than you.
19:02 pianohacker ahahahahaha
19:02 libragem <pianohacker> thanks for that advice, sounds good
19:02 Shane-S is there a way to search by barcode in the admin, I clicked search the catalog next to check out check in options and put in 1866
19:02 pianohacker druthb: I hadn't even gotten into patron/serials migrations yet...
19:03 * druthb makes squinty eyes at pianohacker.
19:03 mtompset Shane-S: how is Koha supposed to know the difference between a biblio number and a barcode?
19:03 wajasu tcohen: Messaging  is good.  Maybe "Transports" section or such for transport (SMS, Email) related config.
19:03 Shane-S oh if it helps, my PDF issue was related to an unrecognized character, it appeared as a black diamond with "?" mark in it on the batch listing
19:03 libragem lol now i know who to go to for migration questions
19:03 druthb libragem: yep.  Pianohacker.
19:04 Shane-S mtompset: I thought myabe how it says  'kw,wrdl: 1866' there is something like barcd: I could append to the search
19:04 druthb Seriously, I did that for a couple of years, working for ByWater, and did some really messy ones.  So if you get into any hairy spots, I can usually help.
19:05 pianohacker Shane-S: try prepending barcode:
19:05 mtompset (Spock vs. Kirk battle scene -- the music came to mind)
19:06 libragem another question, is there a way to notify patrons that their card has expired?
19:07 Shane-S pianohacker: thank I know the 1866...isn't its to find the book that the user removed the author from
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19:08 tcohen libragem: there's a patch awaiting review for that
19:08 tcohen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6810
19:08 huginn` Bug 6810: enhancement, P4, ---, amitddng135, Needs Signoff , Send membership expiry reminder notices
19:09 libragem <tcohen> so that means it's in the process of being made possible? like i said im really new at this
19:09 libragem sort of embarassing
19:10 libragem another question. we are a membership library and we have family memberships that allows up to 6 members, and each can borrow 3 books. is there a way to link the family member accounts so that we dont have to manually look up each one whenever they are borrowing books?
19:12 pianohacker libragem: Yup, will be added in the near future, though no certain release date yet
19:13 collum joined #koha
19:13 pianohacker libragem: Yes, there are parent and child accounts, and a guarantor system
19:17 libragem so that when a child checks out, i can easily find their associated account and vise versa?
19:17 libragem you people are awesome thank you!
19:18 libragem can we migrate our patron records too?
19:19 pianohacker libragem: yes, it's tricky but possible
19:20 Shane-S Trying to add an author back into the biblio...100a it is locked, and when I look at other records the names they have yield no search results. How do I just enter a name with going through the new authority process?
19:22 libragem where would you suggest that i begin the process of switching from OPALS to koha?
19:23 druthb Bibs and items, always.
19:23 druthb Everything else rests on that.
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19:30 libragem thank you all for your help!
19:30 cait joined #koha
19:34 Shane-S is there any way to add a Personal Name without an authority? All the 39.50 imports come in with the value, but no matching authorities, and I have no idea what or how to fill an authority out
19:35 cait you can turn authorties off if you generally don't want to use them and unlock the fields in cataloguing
19:35 jcamins Shane-S: turn on BiblioAddsAuthorities.
19:35 cait there is information on that in the faq i think
19:35 Shane-S ty
19:36 jcamins And adjust other system preferences in the authorities section as appropriate to meet your needs.
19:39 Shane-S Never had to do that, but the 39.50 record came in with a character that showed as a diamond and broke out PDF labels
19:39 Shane-S All better now thank you!
19:40 rangi Shane-S: it was probably a marc8 record that said it was utf8 or vice versa
19:41 rangi[…]33319094763683840
19:41 rangi that sums it up nicely
19:42 Shane-S yeah no clue...I am just the IT guys, I am just here to find answers when it breaks...the library staff added all the 8K books
19:44 Shane-S and 99.9% of this library world is lost on me, and then my Library staff...aren't real Library Science I am on an island all least I have the life raft that is you guys :) (maybe its more like a cruise ship)
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20:28 talljoy cait i am trying to find the ticket where the borrower_debarrments table was created.  Do you remember that ticket?
20:28 cait it's a patch from kyle
20:28 cait hm let me take a look
20:28 talljoy yah, he doesn't answer his irc pings.  lol
20:28 cait heh
20:28 cait there might be reason...
20:28 talljoy i'm seeing 11287
20:28 talljoy HAHA
20:28 cait bug 11287
20:28 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11287 major, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , Import borrowers doesn't take into account the new restriction system
20:28 cait yeah, that's kind of a roblem
20:28 talljoy okay that's the one.
20:28 talljoy yes
20:28 tcohen joined #koha
20:29 cait for migrations i think you need to fill borrowers debarred and the new table
20:29 cait but i am not sur ewhich of the debarments goes into borrowers now... i haven't had a migration since it got in
20:29 talljoy do you know why every patron would need a line in the debarred table?
20:29 cait oh
20:29 cait i didn't think they would have to
20:29 cait the feature bug was bug 2720
20:29 huginn` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2720 enhancement, P3, ---, kyle, Pushed to Master , Overdues which debar automatically should undebar automatically when returned
20:29 talljoy i need a longer stick to poke khall with.
20:30 cait I thought, but haven't tested
20:30 cait that you'd only need the line when borrowers.debarred was not empty
20:30 cait and it's an 1:n relationship now, while some info still seems to be in borrowers.debarred
20:30 cait guess i am not a real help here
20:31 tcohen hi cait
20:31 talljoy big help cait.  thanks.  you confirmed the ticket number.  now i'll go pull khall away from his wall of computers!
20:31 tcohen hi talljoy
20:31 talljoy hi tcohen
20:32 cait talljoy: for what it's worth, in my test database i only have 3 entries in borrower_debarments, which were all manually set
20:32 cait and borrowers.debarred is null
20:32 talljoy i'm trying to figure out if updated that table and debarred all my patrons.  tis a mystery
20:32 cait hm which version?
20:32 cait i think there was a bug doing that
20:33 talljoy i'd have to look to see what version this is exactly.
20:34 cait i am trying to locate the bug i am thinking about
20:34 talljoy 3.14.03 is our version
20:37 talljoy i see updatedatabase does populate the debarred, and our database had 0000-00-00 in the borrowers.debarred field.
20:37 cait yeah, i was looking at that right now too
20:38 cait it checks if not null
20:38 cait so i guess that would do it
20:38 talljoy yup.  looks a slip in our migration scripting on this one where we added a date when NULL was better.
20:39 talljoy /looks/looks like/
20:40 cait maybe the update could be a bit improved as well
20:43 talljoy well, looks like Koha puts NULL in that field and we found that our script was putting in that 000 date.  so if you use the software correctly, it works ;-)
20:48 tcohen wasn't there a recent bug for that? (changing the default to NULL)
20:55 cait tcohen: i thoguht there was a bug about all patrons being debared/restricted, but i couldn't find it
20:56 cait tcohen: was looking for you earlier, because i wondered if you had an idea where to look for a solution for bug 11417
20:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11417 major, P5 - low, ---, gaetan.boisson, Pushed to Stable , doesn't accept --test
20:56 cait hm not that one
20:56 cait bug 11714
20:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11714 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , GetBudgetHierarchy needs optimization
20:56 cait and not that
20:56 cait me and numbers...
20:56 cait bug 11741
20:56 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11741 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , < > not displaying correctly in XSLT result list
20:56 cait yes, THIS!
20:57 cait I found kind of a fix, but it seems a bit ugly and i wonder if that should not be fixed somewhere else
20:58 pianohacker cait: Is Koha.Preference( '...' ) == 1 required, or can it just be used as a boolean? The former seems unnecessary, but...
20:59 cait i think you can use as boolean
20:59 cait i recently did ==1 and was corrected :)
20:59 pianohacker Cool.
20:59 cait i know some of the code has ==1, i copied from there too
20:59 pianohacker thanks
20:59 tcohen cait, i'll take a loo
20:59 tcohen look
20:59 * pianohacker slaps oleonard around with a fishbot for not porting overdrive code to bootstrap
21:00 cait tcohen: only if oyu have time
21:00 pianohacker I'm guessing all OPAC patches currently have to support prog, ccsr and bootstrap?
21:00 tcohen cait: i saw the patch earlier
21:01 cait tcohen: the fix seems to work ok, so i am out of trouble for now :)
21:01 * pianohacker is trying to update bug 10486
21:01 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Needs Signoff , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
21:01 tcohen it looked like there was room for problems
21:01 cait pianohacker: i think for a completely new feature you might leave out ccsr and maybe prog, but you might wan to ask gmcharlt to make sure
21:01 cait but ccsr and prog are - I think - going to be deprecated, bootstrap should be the most important
21:01 gmcharlt correct
21:02 pianohacker We only have one theme to support again? Awesome.
21:02 pianohacker thanks
21:03 gmcharlt just be careful that if a feature is reasonably reachble from a deprecated theme, it perforce would have to support it
21:03 chris_n joined #koha
21:04 cait gmcharlt: hm perforce?
21:04 gmcharlt necessarily
21:05 cait thx :)
21:08 cait tcohen: exactly.. it looked a bit like putting a band aid on something that should be fixed elseqhere
21:09 tcohen what puzzles me is wheter the problem is us giving escaped data to Zebra, or Zebra breaking our data
21:09 meliss joined #koha
21:12 tcohen heh: GetXmlBiblio and GetAuthorityXML
21:12 tcohen couldn't we just pick one naming schema? heh
21:12 talljoy just keeping it interesing, eh?
21:19 cait tcohen: no idea :) the best clue i got was that it only appears when using -x
21:22 tcohen -nosanitize doesn't change the results
21:25 tcohen the export step gives it escaped: <subfield code="h">&lt;ahi va el quilombo&gt;</subfield>
21:25 cait that would work ok
21:25 cait it just seems we also change the & after that again
21:26 tcohen if i ask zebra, it retrieves double escaped data
21:26 cait :) i asked the right person
21:26 cait youcan talk to the zebra!
21:26 tcohen we might be double escaping it after the export process
21:28 tcohen just the basics cait, jcamins taught me
21:28 cait tcohen++ jcamins++
21:28 tcohen I ran rebuild_zebra with the -k option switch to see the exported data
21:35 tcohen cait: r u using grs1 for biblios?
21:36 cait hm yes, i didn't test with dom
21:36 tcohen it works fine with DOM
21:36 tcohen just FTR
21:37 cait argh.
21:39 eythian hi
21:41 eythian hi wahanui
21:41 wahanui joined #koha
21:42 eythian wahanui: the saddest thing is also[…]70836-isee-3.html
21:42 wahanui okay, eythian.
21:43 ibeardslee wow
21:44 ibeardslee not using open standards back then then?
21:45 eythian ibeardslee: IRIG106
21:45 eythian There are open libraries to talk it, but also there's apparently oddball stuff going on with the subcarriers and such
21:46 tcohen cait: i think you found a bug in zebra
21:46 tcohen or the way we use in with the grs1 filter
21:46 cait oh.
21:47 jcamins It's a Zebra bug. GRS-1 doesn't support actual XML data.
21:49 tcohen jcamins: is it possible that we are telling zebra to escape things in the config files
21:51 jcamins tcohen: I don't think so. Back before they shut down their bugtracker there was an old bug along the lines of "XML used by GRS-1 isn't."
21:52 jcamins IndexData deleted their bug tracker, though, so if there were any workarounds listed, I don't think we'll be able to see them.
21:53 pianohacker jcamins: When did that happen? That's not reassuring
21:53 jcamins pianohacker: a year or two ago.
21:53 tcohen OTOH, they deprecated GRS1 a while ago, and we didn't :-D
21:53 pianohacker lovely.
21:53 jcamins Right. They deprecated GRS-1 right around when we started using it.
21:55 tcohen its a pity that as an important FOSS project we don't get much feedback from them
21:55 rangi cant blame them for our decision to use grs-1
21:56 rangi there is one main person to blame for that ... and a metric crap tonne of other mess they caused koha an angel investor as he is now
21:56 pianohacker good thing we don't know who that is!
21:56 jcamins I was going to check if someone had re-reported it, but it looks like the new bug tracker is closed, and getting a login exceeds my interest threshold.
21:57 tcohen hi rangi
21:57 rangi i cant imagine them spending time fixing something that is deprecated
21:57 rangi be like asking me to fix something in the npl theme from 2003
21:57 rangi aint gonna happen
21:58 jcamins rangi: no, but that's not to say that there isn't a workaround.
21:58 rangi hi tcohen
21:58 rangi like use DOM? :-
21:58 rangi )
21:58 jcamins *I* do.
21:59 rangi problem solved then :)
21:59 * rangi goes back to coffee
21:59 jcamins :)
22:00 tcohen bye rangi
22:01 rangi hehe ill be lurking :)
22:01 jcamins wahanui: good night
22:01 wahanui I watch you sleep.
22:03 cait tcohen: do packages still defalt to grs1? or easy to do dom now?
22:03 tcohen dom+dom
22:04 tcohen i mean, 3.14 onwards
22:04 cait aah we are 3.12
22:04 cait hmpf.
22:04 cait :)
22:04 tcohen but you have the option switches
22:04 tcohen to choose DOM on creation
22:04 cait aah
22:05 tcohen (or set a global default on that file that is used for that :-D )
22:05 cait i wasn't aware that had been done for packages
22:08 tcohen backporting it happened in 3.12.6
22:08 mtompset npl theme?
22:09 cait tcohen: perfect htx :)
22:09 cait tcohen++
22:10 wajasu cait: i tried to reproduce bug 11741.  grabbed a LOC record during cataloging and saved title with <TEST>,  but see < and > fine in results.  I have DOM being used..
22:10 huginn` Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11741 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , < > not displaying correctly in XSLT result list
22:10 tcohen exactly
22:10 cait wajasu: thx for testing - we discussed it a few minutes ago and nwo we know that it's a grs-1 problem :(
22:10 cait sorry for not noting on the bug yet
22:11 wajasu is there a way to detect if the installation is configured for DOM vs GRS.  and adjust the escaping accordingly..
22:11 cait ok, k have to go to sleep  -thx all!
22:11 cait left #koha
22:12 tcohen jcamins: it might be that zebra is not that bad after all
22:13 tcohen i was testing with element marcxml
22:13 tcohen which we don't use (still)
22:13 tcohen using F with rsyntax=usmarc retrieves good data
22:13 wajasu maybe koha-conf.xml  <zebra_bib_index_mode>dom</zebra_bib_index_mode>  can be looked at.
22:14 maximep left #koha
22:16 tcohen wajasu: unless someone has (legitimate) things like &amp;gt; in the record, the patch shouldn't hurt
22:20 dcook joined #koha
22:31 rangi
22:32 rangi (from one of the catalystas)
22:32 rangi might be a nicer (read not proprietary) editor for our docbook stuff
22:34 pianohacker holy crap! It's like what conglomerate was supposed to be, that's awesome
22:35 rangi
22:35 rangi ser-friendly XML editor (no braces!) that can handle DocBook 5.
22:35 rangi might be just the thing
22:35 rangi ill have a play in the weekend, time permitting
22:40 wajasu rangi: what is the current state of using DBIx or moose or such and or plack.  has any of that moved forward since a year ago?
22:40 rangi yes lots
22:41 rangi DBIx::Class is in 3.14 (and up)
22:41 rangi and is the preferred way of writing any new code, you can also now deploy (for testing not production yet) on postgres
22:41 rangi moose is a pile of crap still .. .no progress on it
22:42 rangi plack the opac is mostly safe
22:42 wajasu great!
22:42 rangi there is an issue with connections to zebra going away, have a workaround
22:42 rangi a real fix is to use yaz-proxy (which does connection pooling that zebra cant)
22:43 rangi the main thing with moose is that using it which really only gives us a arguably nicer syntax, means pretty much pulling in half of CPAN and being incredibly slow
22:43 mtompset Have a great day, #koha.
22:43 rangi i can't see us ever putting it in core
22:44 rangi unless it suddenly gets a lot faster, and gets a lot more advantages
22:44 cjh_ rangi: oohhh awesome news re: dbix::class
22:45 rangi[…]refs/heads/master
22:46 dcook (Can't say I'm too fussed about the Doctored demo but I did only try it for a few seconds...)
22:46 rangi also[…]d08444a4cd6a157a9
22:47 wajasu i want to get a new templates table that supports storage of TT templates in the DB, so they are migrated with the DB, so we can use them for letters, notices, labels, etc.   Then maybe rewrite the notification to decouple from the transport (SMD, email, etc).
22:48 wajasu maybe i can write an encapsulating class.
22:49 eythian wajasu: that would allow library staff to execute Perl code directly, which is dubious.
22:49 eythian It might be possible to make it safe, I'm not sure.
22:51 cjh_ rangi: things of beauty.
23:04 tcohen gmcharlt: is there a way to tell ->as_xml not to encode data?
23:04 tcohen *escape*
23:06 gmcharlt of &, <, and >, you mean?
23:06 tcohen yes
23:06 tcohen the double escaping occurs there
23:06 tcohen *happens*
23:07 tcohen 11741
23:07 dcook double escaping \o/
23:08 * dcook grumbles
23:08 tcohen it just happens with deprecated GRS-1
23:08 tcohen somehow
23:08 dcook It's because GRS-1 doesn't return ampersands properly, I believe
23:08 dcook There is handling for that but it creates problems as well as solving them..
23:08 tcohen it returns what we gave it
23:09 papa joined #koha
23:09 gmcharlt having MARC:File::XML not escape is almost certainly the wrong answer; in the general case, that's an excellent way to produce non-well-formed XML
23:09 dcook tcohen: So we're passing it encoded ampersands and it passes back encoded ampersands?
23:09 tcohen &lt;ahi va el quilombo&gt;
23:09 dcook escaped*
23:09 dcook Right
23:09 gmcharlt gimme a minute to see about reproducing the issue
23:10 dcook Hmm
23:10 tcohen i narrowed it down to, and jared fixed a few lines later, for some scenarios
23:10 dcook Right, that is probably it
23:10 dcook Yeah, it's a bit ugly :/
23:10 dcook I think there's another place too though..
23:11 dcook Possibly
23:11 dcook Hmm, maybe not
23:11 tcohen i mean, data is ok before that as_xml call
23:11 dcook All I remember is that we escape, unescape, re-escape more than we should..
23:11 tcohen ("ok" means it is not double escaped)
23:12 dcook iirc, DOM will return an escaped ampersand is an unescaped ampersand, while GRS-1 returns an escaped ampersand as an escaped ampersand..
23:12 tcohen you're correct dcook
23:14 * dcook sees the solution as deprecating GRS-1 :p
23:15 gmcharlt and in the meantime, adjusting retrievals from GRS-1 sources to decode moar better
23:15 dcook That would be ideal
23:15 gmcharlt but breaking MARC::File::XML->as_xml() is not the way to do it
23:15 dcook ^
23:16 gmcharlt if (an) answer ends up touching M::F::XML, I'd much rather it happen as an input filter
23:17 dcook I suppose I'm wondering why we're not trying to detect the escaping issue as soon as records are coming out of Zebra
23:18 dcook Of course, I say that while also not being willing to be the person to do it :/
23:18 tcohen zebra returns &lt;ahi va el quilombo&gt;
23:18 dcook With GRS1
23:19 dcook <ahi va el quilombo>, with DOM?
23:20 wajasu thats why i was thinking of looking at the koha-conf.xml  <zebra_bib_index_mode>dom</zebra_bib_index_mode>  and tweak accordingly if grs-1
23:24 pianohacker wajasu: Using C4::Context->config() ?
23:27 tcohen dcook: yes
23:28 tcohen that's why I was asking if we could just disable as_xml escaping
23:28 tcohen because the data is escaped when it gets into zebra
23:29 tcohen (so, as wajasu proposes, we could sckip if GRS-1)
23:29 gmcharlt let's not pile on the bad hacks
23:29 tcohen yeah yeah
23:30 tcohen don't worry about me going that way
23:30 * gmcharlt stops worrying, then ;)
23:30 tcohen it *only* happens with GRS-1, using rebuild_zebra -x
23:30 tcohen gmcharlt: :-P
23:51 pianohacker rangi++

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