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00:31 papa hey, hi there
00:31 eythian hi papa
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03:14 * dcook wishes that oleonard was around
03:14 * dcook is waiting for one of those "ask and thou shalt receive moments"
03:14 dcook :p
03:16 eythian hello cait
03:16 wahanui hello cait are you here?
03:16 cait sh ;)
03:16 eythian it is too early to be up
03:17 cait i know
03:17 cait how are things?
03:18 eythian good. Oh, your card arrived the other day. It's now on our bookshelf thing :)
03:19 cait :)
03:20 dcook Ahhh! It wasn't magic after all!
03:20 * dcook says out of the blue
03:21 cait no magic?
03:22 cait ooh.
03:22 mtompset which bug do you want signed off then, dcook? :P
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03:23 dcook cait: I couldn't see how the Javascript function "Date_from_syspref" was being called on
03:23 dcook Turns out it isn't...the dateformat is set as a datepicker option in a different part of
03:23 dcook mtompset: You could sign off on jatara's if it hasn't been done already :)
03:23 * dcook noticed that she fixed the little thing Chris mentioned
03:24 mtompset jatara's?
03:24 dcook bug 11415
03:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11415 minor, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , SCO has no option to disable automatic receipt printing
03:24 * dcook think it might be jatara's first patch to the community?
03:25 jatara It is. Whoohoo! :)
03:29 mtompset Okay... visual scan looks good. let's test. :)
03:31 jatara eeek!
03:32 * cait crosses fingers ;)
03:32 cait mtompset: if you hurry up
03:32 cait i might qa it after breakfast ;)
03:32 mtompset give me 5.
03:32 cait which is in like 2 hours
03:35 mtompset what is the URL to sco?
03:36 * dcook thinks it's mentioned in the syspref
03:36 dcook -> /cgi-bin/koha/sco/
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03:48 mtompset Hmmm... something isn't working?
03:51 mtompset DOH!
03:51 mtompset jatara: You here?
03:51 * mtompset calls out in a loud voice...
03:52 mtompset jatara!
03:52 jatara yep
03:52 jatara still here...feeling like I"m on stage at a Miss America pageant
03:53 mtompset You missed a piece.
03:53 jatara awww, where?
03:53 mtompset you have the system preference.
03:53 mtompset It does toggle nicely.
03:54 mtompset You have the template page updated.
03:54 mtompset BUT...
03:54 mtompset you forget to pass the parameter to the template page.
03:54 jatara huh?
03:54 mtompset which means it never prompts. DOH!
03:54 mtompset The system preference.
03:54 wahanui the system preference is ReservesMaxPickUpDelay
03:55 mtompset wahanui: forget The system preference
03:55 wahanui mtompset: I forgot system preference
03:55 jatara is this what you meant:   [% IF ( SelfCheckReceiptPrompt ) %]
03:55 jatara if(confirm("Would you like to print a receipt?")){
03:55 jatara"/cgi-bin/koha/sco/​[% borrowernumber %]&print=qslip");
03:55 jatara +    [% END %]
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03:56 jatara oh, i need to update sysprefs.sql
03:56 mtompset The SelfCheckReceiptPrompt is ALWAYS 0
03:56 mtompset No.
03:56 mtompset NO!
03:56 dcook O_o
03:56 dcook Ah, that took me a second
03:56 dcook hey BobB
03:56 mtompset You need to update either the template file to do the new way of getting system preferences.
03:57 mtompset OR the old way, which I'm familiar with, and modify
03:57 mtompset something like $template->param( SelfCheckReceiptPrompt => C4::Context->Preference('SelfCheckReceiptPrompt') );
03:58 jatara when you say pass the parameter to the template page, what do you mean? i need to fix
03:58 mtompset All the pages are pre-processed by template toolkit.
03:58 mtompset most of the code has something like what I said in the corresponding {page}.pl
03:59 mtompset in your case,
03:59 jatara ok
03:59 jatara let me take a look
04:00 dcook To do the "new way" I think you just need to add [% Koha %] at the top of your template..
04:00 * dcook tries to remember where
04:00 dcook Wait..
04:00 gmcharlt [% USE Koha %]
04:00 dcook [% USE Koha %]
04:00 dcook Yeah
04:01 dcook Very top, I think
04:02 jatara at the top of what?
04:02 mtompset But then you need to modify the line to actually make the new call.
04:02 dcook koha-tmpl\intranet-tmpl\pro​g\en\modules\circ\
04:02 dcook There's an example
04:03 dcook Sorry, jatara, we're probably confusing the heck out of you right now
04:03 jatara kinda but i'm used to it.
04:03 dcook The "new" method has [% USE Koha %] at the top of the ".tt" file
04:03 dcook Then it looks like you test the presence of that syspref like so: [% IF Koha.Preference('AllowRenewalLimitOverride') %]
04:04 dcook Although that looks wrong...
04:04 dcook I think that should be $Koha
04:04 mtompset [% IF Koha.Preference('AllowRenewalLimitOverride') %]
04:04 * dcook wonders if there is a bug in
04:04 jatara Right. Only execute the statement if the value is 1
04:04 mtompset So [% Koha %] at the top of
04:05 dcook [% USE Koha %]
04:05 jatara and that's it?
04:05 mtompset and change your condition to be [% IF Koha.Preference('SelfCheckReceiptPrompt') == 1 %]
04:05 wahanui mtompset: that doesn't look right
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04:05 mtompset or is it eq?
04:05 mtompset Probably don't even need the == 1
04:06 mtompset because it will be 1 or 0.
04:06 jatara Right.
04:06 jatara it's a pretty straightforward piece of logic
04:06 mtompset and could you just squash all your commits into a single file, since it really is tiny and easier to sign off that way? :)
04:07 jatara so i just need to fix the template file and add [% USE Koha %]?
04:07 dcook mtompset: If you use git bz, you shouldn't have any troubles
04:07 mtompset I hate trying to attach multiple signed off files. I never can remember the syntax!
04:08 mtompset Though, I think I have any idea, if you don't.
04:09 eythian mtompset: you mean multiple commits? I think you can use a commit range specifier.
04:09 mtompset And I have not mastered that.
04:09 gmcharlt one way
04:09 gmcharlt git bz attach -e BUGNUM HEAD^^..HEAD
04:09 gmcharlt for two commits
04:10 gmcharlt increase the number of '^' for the number of commits
04:10 mtompset I was thinking of intermediate git bz attach BUGNUM HEAD during a git rebase -i ;)
04:10 mtompset Would that work?
04:11 eythian it would probably end in tears
04:11 eythian man gitrevisions <-- more than you probably want to know
04:12 gmcharlt yeah, there are a LOT of ways to refer to commits and commit ranges
04:12 mtompset by the way, dcook you had the wrong slashes. EEEEVIL!
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04:14 dcook Hmm? Slashes?
04:14 * Oak waves
04:14 Oak hello dcook
04:14 dcook heya Oak
04:15 * dcook seems to recall a conversations about the difference between ~ and ^ in git
04:15 dcook Of course, I can't 100% recall it. Just that they seem to do the same thing, but they're not really doing the same thing.
04:16 eythian I think ~n is for picking the n'th parent (usually commits have one, but merges may have more.)
04:16 mtompset line 64 of man gitrevisions has a pretty tree which explains the mess.
04:16 eythian whereas ^n is for picking the (great(grand(parent)))
04:16 * Oak waves to Mr Robin and mtompset
04:16 eythian hi Oak
04:17 mtompset Greetings, Oak.
04:17 Oak :)
04:17 * mtompset is waiting for jatara to make the patch changes.
04:17 mtompset At least I'll get a sign off before going to bed tonight.
04:17 Oak mtompset++
04:17 dcook eythian: Yeah, maybe that was it. I seem to recall a difference between parents and ancestors but maybe my brain is just scrambled
04:18 eythian well, you can have more than one parent.
04:18 eythian And your ancestors differ along those paths.
04:19 eythian it's just a way of expressing different paths against the direction within a directed acyclic graph.
04:19 eythian easy peasy.
04:19 dcook hehe
04:19 dcook Although how would you differentiate between paths?
04:19 eythian they're ordered.
04:19 mtompset Each level is numbered left to right...
04:19 dcook Mmm, right
04:20 mtompset ^^3^2 = ^1^3^2.
04:20 mtompset In the case of a multiple bz comit.
04:20 jatara almost done
04:20 * dcook thinks he is missing some git man pages..
04:20 mtompset We get away with ^^^^^^^^^ because it's linear.
04:20 mtompset (well, however many ^'s)
04:25 dcook oleonard++
04:25 Oak oooh lookin' good
04:26 dcook I know I've asked this before but when did the Bootstrap OPAC come about? 3.14?
04:26 eythian yeah
04:26 * dcook is going to push for our next upgrade to be to 3.14
04:27 mtompset Actually, I have a question. wouldn't most people want the top black bar BELOW the photo?
04:27 dcook I don't think so
04:27 dcook Well, maybe some
04:27 wahanui maybe some are explained more in the manual, but ultimately, you can look at the sql files for the full detail.
04:28 eythian I think that's quite hard to do with bootstrap
04:28 dcook Depends if they're going for common look and feel, or an app that looks good
04:28 mtompset wahanui: forget maybe some
04:28 wahanui mtompset: I forgot maybe some
04:28 eythian especially as in mobile that becomes a menu bar.
04:30 mtompset Oh, jatara, the other question I was wondering about. Do you only need this for the bootstrap theme?
04:31 dcook mtompset: I think the prevailing notion these days is that bootstrap is the template to develop for, and only to do other ones if you can be fussed
04:32 mtompset I agree that is the general notion, but prog might still be worth doing -- for backwards patchability to 3.12.x
04:32 dcook I was pondering that last night with one of my latest patches. But...
04:33 mtompset Of course... an enhancement would never make it in... so, I can understand not doing prog.
04:33 gmcharlt backwards patchability for prog to 3.12.x only matters for bugfixes
04:34 jatara patch's up
04:35 mtompset jatara: Uh no.
04:35 mtompset There was no need to change the sysprefs.sql
04:35 jatara isnt the default supposed to be 0?
04:35 mtompset Chris said that a default install of no prompting is fine.
04:36 mtompset 1 = prompting, 0 = no prompting.
04:36 gmcharlt a default of prompting is also fine
04:36 jatara so sysprefs.sql is for new installs and is for updating existing ones?
04:36 gmcharlt I don't see any a priori reason to prefer one over the other
04:36 mtompset okay... fine with me.
04:36 mtompset Yes.
04:37 mtompset sysprefs.sql is for new installs, and is for updating existing ones.
04:37 jatara Gotcha.
04:37 jatara do i also need to add this to the ccsr directory as well? that's how i got started with this patch in the first place -- we need it in our library
04:38 jatara we have 3.12 and just moved to the ccsr theme
04:38 gmcharlt jatara: not necessary; ccsr will default to the prog .tt files
04:39 jatara where does bootstrap come in?
04:40 gmcharlt jatara: later -- it needs to be included in the patch because bootstrap is the new default OPAC theme
04:41 gmcharlt but for your specific catalog, you'd have to upgrade to 3.14 to see it in action
04:41 mtompset oh, if you are using the ccsr theme, then you should include the prog theme in your changes.
04:42 mtompset an upgrade isn't going to jump you to bootstrap.
04:42 jatara i do need this in 3.12 -- we are months away from upgrading to 3.14
04:43 jatara so how can the patch also be incorporated in 3.12.x?
04:46 gmcharlt jatara: that's ultimately up to the release maintainer for 3.12.x
04:46 mtompset roll your own distribution?
04:47 jatara ok
04:51 mtompset Ah... the Koha.Preference() is cached during the session?
04:54 mtompset It's not like people will change the system preference after some self-checkout has logged in.
04:58 mtompset Oh, another thing, jatara.
04:58 mtompset Not anything bad, but for future reference.
04:59 mtompset It's always a good idea to include your test plan in the commit message of the patch.
04:59 jatara will do.
05:00 mtompset That way as you build a multi-patch bug fix or enhancement, each piece can be individually tested.
05:00 mtompset In your case, this is really small, and you did put a test plan in comment #2.
05:01 mtompset Also... are you planning on doing prog?
05:01 mtompset I'm willing to wait a bit more, if you want to get that up there.
05:02 mtompset Otherwise, I'll just sign off what is here.
05:02 jatara i will also do prog as well
05:02 jatara but not tonight
05:02 jatara i'll have a patch up by tomorrow
05:03 jatara my brain is overwhelmed :)
05:03 mtompset It's an easy patch for prog. You just need to make the same template changes to the under prog.
05:04 jatara just change the one file?
05:04 mtompset Yes. :)
05:04 jatara if it's just one file, i'll knock it out now.
05:04 jatara hold on.
05:12 jatara here we go
05:12 jatara it's up
05:18 mtompset Just confirmed that 3.12.x does have the ability to [% use koha %]
05:19 jatara that's great news for our librarians.
05:19 jatara they will be happy to see that pop up box go away
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05:23 mtompset restoring old DB... retesting.
05:23 jatara crossing my fingers
05:24 jatara and toes
05:29 mtompset I'm not going to retest the scratch installation, since you didn't change any of that. It works for prog too. :)
05:30 jatara whoohoo!
05:37 jatara this has been a pretty good night
05:37 jatara my first signed-off patch, the first of many more :)
05:38 jatara thanks so much for walking me through the process
05:39 dcook @query "Local subject"
05:39 huginn dcook: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3092 normal, P1 - high, ---, frederic, NEW , Data values storage and use 100 bug meta-bug
05:39 huginn dcook: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5068 critical, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , in add MARC record interface, concatenation of repeatable subfields in subject heading tags
05:39 huginn dcook: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8686 major, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Raise required version of URI::Escape to 3.31
05:39 huginn dcook: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11232 new feature, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Retrieve facets from Zebra
05:39 huginn dcook: Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10012 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Remove all traces of NoZebraIndexes
05:39 cait congrats jatara :)
05:39 jatara thank you!
05:39 dcook jatara++
05:41 mtompset Oh shoot.
05:42 mtompset jatara: tab issues.
05:42 jatara tab issues?
05:42 mtompset do not use tabs, use 4 spaces.
05:42 jatara ok...i'll definitely keep that in mind
05:43 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "tab issues." (25 lines) at
05:43 mtompset You need to fix them.
05:43 mtompset Otherwise I need to UNSIGN these.
05:43 mtompset I really need to run the qa test tool first.
05:44 mtompset Or is it good enough that *I* fix them?
05:44 mtompset cait?
05:44 wahanui i guess cait is a bit worried about lumping all code into a single file a sa first step
05:44 * dcook thinks QA sometimes take care of it the first or second time it happens
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05:44 cait i will fix the tabs
05:45 cait don't worry about the tabs, and jatara can do it next time
05:45 jatara absolutely.
05:45 jatara thanks so much, cait
05:45 cait np
05:45 cait hope to qa in a bit, but if not during the weeken dfor sure
05:45 dcook cait++
05:46 dcook A trooper through and through
05:46 cait ?
05:47 jatara i've been tackling this for a while tonight .. it's nearly midnight here
05:47 jatara me posting patches and waiting for testing
05:47 jatara him testing and me waiting for results
05:47 dcook cait: You work hard :)
05:48 dcook jatara: It gets faster in time :)
05:48 dcook My first patch was small but took me a while
05:48 jatara i look forward to it
05:49 jatara i'm going to head out as it's nearly midnight here and i have to work in the AM. thanks so much, guys and have a great day/night.
05:49 jatara :)
05:51 mtompset Okay I signed it off, and noted tabs to be fixed.
05:54 dcook Hmm, I wonder why we removed all the tinymce plugins...I suppose if we didn't need them...but it's a bit of a pain to add some in now
05:54 dcook Ah, there are some older releases..
05:56 mtompset Well, it's 1am here. I'm off to bed.
05:56 mtompset Have a great day.
06:24 cait dcook: look at branches
06:24 cait dcook: there we have an wysiwyg editor
06:24 cait for the opac info box
06:24 cait or at opac news
06:25 dcook Yeah, I was looking at opac news
06:25 dcook Alas, we only have the plugins that we're currently using
06:26 * dcook wants to add an image button
06:26 dcook Blah, koha-patches...why do you think I'm not a member..
06:28 Oak Guten morgen cait
06:28 dcook Ack, where does the time go...
06:28 dcook Night all
06:28 wahanui goodnight dcook. You'll be back.
06:28 Oak night dco
06:28 cait hi Oak :)
06:42 magnus_away Oak
06:44 * magnuse waves
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06:50 Oak magnuse
06:50 Oak :)
06:54 magnuse :-)
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06:55 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:55 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 1.1°C (7:50 AM CET on January 09, 2014). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 1.0°C. Windchill: 1.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
06:55 cait hmm
06:55 magnuse @wunder boo
06:55 huginn magnuse: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 1.0°C (7:20 AM CET on January 09, 2014). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 0.0°C. Windchill: -4.0°C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
06:55 magnuse a bit of snow this morning, yes
07:03 cait very foggy here
07:03 cait hope i can find my way to work ;)
07:03 cait bbl
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07:52 cait hi #koha
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07:52 marcelr hi #koha
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08:01 alex_a bonjour
08:01 wahanui bidet, alex_a
08:07 marcelr hi alex_a
08:12 gaetan_B joined #koha
08:12 gaetan_B hello
08:14 jenkins_koha Starting build #1 for job Koha_Docs_3.14.x
08:14 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.14.x build #1: SUCCESS in 2 min 51 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.14.x/1/
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08:24 kivilahtio Is it just me but did "Patron messaging preferences" use to have print and feed and phone in addition to sms and email?
08:33 magnuse_ joined #koha
08:33 magnuse_ kivilahtio: mine has: Days in advance - Email - Digests only? for the column headings
08:34 magnuse_ sms might turn up there if you enable it, or put in a SMS driver in the right syspref
08:34 kivilahtio magnuse_: yes
08:34 kivilahtio magnuse_: also it looks like the feed part has been disabled  in the code
08:35 kivilahtio magnuse_: seems to be there is no print opttion
08:35 kivilahtio magnuse_: I am pretty sure there was a print option before january?
08:35 cait feed was never implemented
08:35 cait print never existed
08:35 kivilahtio cait: thanks
08:35 cait phone might become visible when you add some configuration for the phone notifications
08:35 kivilahtio cait: Itiva TalkingTech Phone
08:36 kivilahtio cait: I wonder how we send print notices to our patrons? bug 10845 deals with this inderectly by sending a print notification if sms or email is configured but contact details are missing
08:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10845 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Multi transport types for holds
08:36 MrAgent075 joined #koha
08:36 MrAgent075 Good Evening all.
08:38 cait you can only send print for overdues and hold notifications currently
08:39 cait when no email is defined, i am not sure how this will changed with the new development by biblibre
08:42 kivilahtio MrAgent075: good morning!
09:11 petter joined #koha
09:11 petter good morning koha!
09:12 petter about Koha's git repo
09:12 petter Is it possible for someone to make the github repo automatically sync?
09:13 petter We cannot use git protocoll because of our firewall
09:13 petter So we really need an up to date git repo available over http/https
09:15 rangi is automatically up to date
09:15 koha_library joined #koha
09:15 petter ah cool!
09:15 petter I'll track that instead
09:15 petter thank you:)
09:20 petter hm
09:20 petter I get:
09:20 petter fatal: not valid: is this a git repository?
09:22 petter I think that address only servers the html frontend
09:24 petter Does noone else work behind corporate firewalls? Its very common for port 9418 (which git uses) to be blocked :(
09:25 magnuse_ petter: did you use ?
09:26 rangi works for me
09:26 magnuse_ petter: note the /r/ instead of /w/
09:26 petter ah!
09:26 rangi petter: only behind sane corporate firewalls, who actually open ports for the users they actually exist to serve, outbound port 9148 blocking is just silly
09:26 petter my bad
09:27 petter I'll try again
09:27 petter rangi: I agree
09:27 petter our muncipality firewall is totally nazi
09:27 rangi IT depts, ruining it for everybody since 1982
09:27 magnuse amen to that
09:28 BobB joined #koha
09:28 magnuse i became my own it department right after the it department at my old place of work began blocking me from installing things on my desktop pc
09:28 petter YES! Its working, thank you :)
09:29 rangi excellent
09:30 magnuse yay
09:32 * petter wants to be his own department too..
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09:53 Joubu hi all
09:54 paxed perhaps you feel like they're nazis because you know how to work with computers, but 95% of users do not, but keep on clicking on all the "hit the monkey for $100000" ads and other crap.
09:55 rangi and how exactly does firewall outbound 9418 stop that?
09:55 rangi ding ding, it doesn't
09:56 rangi and any competent IT person could pinhole it for the users that needed it
09:59 rangi hi Joubu
10:04 * rangi goes to sleep
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11:10 nlegrand hello #koha
11:38 cait lots of italian koha users on the list .)
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11:51 drojf hi #koha. and a happy new year :)
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11:59 tcohen morning #koha
12:00 tcohen @later tell jcamins they all pass now
12:00 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:00 cait hi drojf :)
12:00 cait schönes Neues Jahr!
12:00 tcohen hi cait
12:01 tcohen is it Paul's birthday?
12:01 cait hi tcohen
12:02 drojf hi cait :) danke, dir auch :)
12:13 tcohen hi drojf
12:13 drojf hi tcohen :)
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12:42 tcohen what's hot on bz?
12:43 tcohen need to procrastinate
12:47 paul_p hi tcohen Thx for your personnal email ;-)
12:47 paul_p tcohen = no need to procastinate today ! it's my birthday ! only celebration & happyness please :D
12:47 paul_p bag = happy birthday to you as well ;-)
12:48 cait happy birthday paul_p :)
12:49 cait bag: and happy birthday to you!
12:49 paul_p cait ;-)
12:49 tcohen happy birthday paul_p and bag! o/
12:49 paul_p tcohen = I saw your wedding photos. they're wonderful !
12:50 tcohen thanks, we are still waiting for the official photos
12:50 kivilahtio paul_p: Happy birthday indeed, dare I ask how many years you have under your belt?
12:50 paul_p kivilahtio 46
12:50 kivilahtio paul_p: congratulations!
12:50 paul_p tcohen = just one question : is the main photo of the album the one of your wife ?
12:51 tcohen it should heh
12:51 tcohen let me check just in case
12:51 magnuse caongrats to paul_p and bag!
12:52 magnuse and just in case anyone had any doubt:[…]th_n_4550413.html ;-)
12:52 paul_p hey, and it seems it's also the birthday of Eliott davis, if google+ is not wrong !!!
12:52 tcohen paul_p: it is
12:52 paul_p magnuse after Marseille, of course, isn't it ? ;)
12:52 kivilahtio paul_p: What was the deal with this friday @ Lyons 3?
12:52 magnuse paul_p: no comment ;-)
12:52 kivilahtio any links?
12:53 kivilahtio somesort of bigfest?
12:53 paul_p kivilahtio deal ?
12:53 kivilahtio erm bugfest
12:53 kivilahtio what is happening, how do I join, etc...
12:53 magnuse bigfest sounds like fun too :-)
12:53 paul_p kivilahtio = it's just Lyon 3 that has invited all interested library to join them (in the same office), to have a day of bugtesting. a kind of local hackfest.
12:53 kivilahtio it might be my next party theme
12:53 kivilahtio paul_p: ok
12:53 magnuse kivilahtio: hop on the plane to lyons :-)
12:54 paul_p kivilahtio so yes, a kind of bugfest
12:54 kivilahtio I will hop to a plane towards Eilat, Israel in two weeks
12:54 paul_p magnuse do you know that the "AirFrance domestic flights" are now operated by ... HOP ! (not kidding)
12:55 paul_p magnuse "530 flights every day"
12:55 laurence joined #koha
12:56 magnuse paul_p: nice
12:56 magnuse hoho - hop on hop off
12:57 kivilahtio hops maybe?
12:57 paul_p time to go to my next meeting !
13:05 meliss joined #koha
13:06 francharb joined #koha
13:06 tcohen joined #koha
13:11 pablito joined #koha
13:11 pablito hi everyone
13:11 pablito does anyone have experience installing PazPar2 for Koha?
13:14 oleonard joined #koha
13:19 oleonard Hi #koha
13:23 tcohen hi oleonard pablito
13:23 pablito hi tcohen
13:23 pablito do you have experience installing pazpar2?
13:24 tcohen i don0t pablito
13:28 drojf joined #koha
13:34 drojf left #koha
13:34 drojf joined #koha
13:40 magnuse pablito: i think very few people have experience with PazPar2 and koha - you might have more luck on the mailinglist
13:40 pablito what is the mailinglist?
13:41 Joubu joined #koha
13:41 oleonard mailing lists?
13:41 wahanui mailing lists are[…]ha-mailing-lists/
13:42 pablito thanks maguse and wahanui! :-)
13:42 pablito *magnuse :-)
13:43 NateC joined #koha
14:01 magnuse i have a terrible feeling i solved this for someone else already, but here goes...
14:01 magnuse if two libraries in one koha installation wants to avoid the "Item in transit from libraryX to libraryY since..." message when they return each others items, what should they do?
14:02 drojf joined #koha
14:04 cait hm no transports?
14:04 cait do they not want to send the items back?
14:04 cait or do they just not want to see the message?
14:05 magnuse they are in the same building, so when they return something from the other library they just put it in their pile - they don't need koha to track transfers/transit stuff
14:06 cait hmm
14:07 cait yu could do a floating collection, but i think then they would still have to check it in
14:07 cait when it comes back
14:07 cait to reset it to the right holding library
14:07 magnuse yeah, that is almost worse ;-)
14:08 francharb I dont think there is a set up to disable transfer
14:09 francharb What I would do is to set up the same branch for both libraries, give the library name into items.location
14:09 francharb and put shelving location into items.ccode
14:10 francharb and if they have ccode, well, I have no idea where to put that... ;)
14:10 magnuse hehe
14:11 francharb that the set up I would do to avoid transfer between these two libraries
14:11 francharb ;)
14:11 cait but if you want to divide acq etc branches might be good... depends on the ther things the library wants to do i guess
14:11 magnuse the reason we created two libraries in the first place was that one of them wants to send out overdue message and the other one does not, so having two branches/libraries is a given, i'm afraid
14:12 cait hm that's a hard one yes
14:12 francharb ok
14:12 cait do they share patrons?
14:12 magnuse yup
14:12 francharb the minimum would be " AutomaticItemReturn " so they dont have to confirm transfer messages
14:13 * cait nods
14:13 cait but still have to check in
14:13 cait to mark the item home
14:13 francharb yup
14:14 magnuse yeah, that is set to "transfer automatically"
14:14 tcohen hmm, the dashboard is failing to connect to the DB
14:15 cait oh it is
14:17 magnuse and it almost gave away the password :-)
14:18 nengard joined #koha
14:21 magnuse so maybe just a cronjob to periodically delete from branchtransfers?
14:22 cait hm and reset holding library
14:23 tcohen magnuse: can u tell how what do u think about bug 10942?
14:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10942 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Provide a way for package upgrades to update template translations
14:24 tcohen not the patch, but the idea, and the way you'd handle
14:25 tcohen the problem for average users of having outdated template translations
14:27 magnuse yeah, upgrading the templates sounds like a good idea to me
14:27 magnuse not sure about how to do it, though
14:27 magnuse eythian probably knows "the debian  way to do things" better than me
14:28 tcohen i propose a configuration variable-driven aproach (automatic template updates) and posibly some check+warning if automatic=off
14:29 Dyrcona joined #koha
14:29 mtompset joined #koha
14:31 magnuse cait: homebranch amd holdingbranch does not seem to be affected
14:31 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
14:31 magnuse hiya mtompset
14:31 mtompset Greetings, cait magnuse
14:32 cait magnuswhen you check it in, it shoudl have holdingbranch = return library
14:32 cait which is not the home library
14:33 mtompset That makes sense to me, and I don't even know what you are talking about. :)
14:35 mtompset[…]363024/story.html
14:36 mtompset Perhaps might be an interesting read for others.
14:53 tcohen hi mtompset
14:53 mtompset Greetings, tcohen.
14:58 Dyrcona mtompset: It is an interesting read, though preaching to the choir in my case. :)
14:59 maximep joined #koha
15:00 mtompset Dyrcona: I know, but even the choir needs to have those, "YES! EXACTLY! Correct that misconception! YES!" type moments. :)
15:00 Dyrcona :)
15:01 * mtompset hates po files.
15:01 mtompset They are too big!
15:02 Dyrcona heh.
15:02 collum joined #koha
15:02 Dyrcona I just added gettext/boost::locale support to one of my utilities. The po files are small, but there are only 21 translatable strings.
15:04 pablito hi
15:04 pablito can someone tell me what OpacGroupResults does?
15:05 cait it's related to pazpar2
15:05 cait activating a different template for the opac results page
15:05 cait i am not sure if it's fully functional at the moment
15:05 pablito what's the advantage of it over regular search?
15:05 tcohen group several editions of a title
15:05 cait it can pull in other data over z39.50 from remote servers
15:06 pablito ah ok
15:06 pablito thanks
15:06 pablito cait, you are right, it's not functional now
15:07 cait I know there is a patch wiating to be tested, that will allow to search other z39.50 targets from within koha
15:07 cait it might use pazpar2, i haven't taken a closer look yet
15:07 jcamins It does use pazpar2, but as it hasn't work in ages, if ever, it's not very useful IMO.
15:08 jcamins tcohen: hooray!
15:08 tcohen hi jcamins
15:08 mtompset never hurts to read the documentation, pablito.
15:09 jcamins Hello.
15:09 cait bug 10486
15:09 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10486 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jweaver, Failed QA , Allow external Z39.50 targets to be searched from the OPAC
15:09 pablito the documentation doesn't say much about it
15:09 mtompset Okay.
15:09 cait rangi had it working ages ago with project gutenberg i think, but it was only after fixing some things i think
15:09 jcamins pablito: yeah, that's because it hasn't worked.
15:09 cait i guess the best bet rightnow is that bug ^^
15:09 jcamins Agreed.
15:09 pablito hehe
15:13 rocio joined #koha
15:17 talljoy joined #koha
15:19 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "template translations update needed warning" (5 lines) at
15:21 gmcharlt s/update\./updated./
15:21 gmcharlt oh, scratch that, I misread
15:22 gmcharlt though I think that "not set to be automatically updated." reads a tick better
15:22 mtompset But that makes it less active.
15:22 mtompset I think the way it is there is fine.
15:23 mtompset What I would recommend is trying to avoid personal pronouns like "you" in the instructions.
15:23 gmcharlt why? "One can run"... would be a little stiff
15:24 mtompset "The command 'koha-translate --list' lists the installed translations codes."
15:24 mtompset Because the focus isn't the user. The focus is the action they need to take.
15:26 mtompset "Use 'koha-translate --list' to list the installed translations codes."
15:26 gmcharlt mtompset: directly addressing the user makes it more likely that they will recognize that they need to do something
15:26 gmcharlt this is not a manpage we're talking about here
15:27 mtompset An implied 'you' is okay, as in the second case I wrote.
15:27 mtompset I know, but using 'you' seems too informal.
15:28 mtompset "Type 'koha-translate --list' to list the installed translations codes."
15:28 * tcohen remembers we have "that's just silly" in the koha-list command's output and leaves to have lunch
15:29 gmcharlt tcohen++
15:30 mtompset Really?! Now that is just silly. :P
15:32 rambutan joined #koha
15:33 jcamins Lunch?
15:33 wahanui Lunch is probably a good idea :)
15:34 jcamins Huh. I thought Argentina was only one hour ahead of EST.
15:34 jcamins Oh! No DST!
15:34 mtompset perhaps they ... right.
15:34 tcohen 12:34
15:35 tcohen its summer holidays so we have to drive a bit far to get something to eat
15:35 jcamins tcohen: I was thinking that 11:30 is a surprisingly early lunch, but we're two hours off when there's no DST here.
15:36 AmitG joined #koha
15:36 AmitG Hi all
15:36 AmitG hi cait
15:37 AmitG heya druthb
15:37 AmitG after long time on Koha irc chat
15:37 AmitG ;)
15:38 rambutan HI AmitG
15:39 * druthb waves to AmitG
15:39 cait hi AmitG
15:44 * gmcharlt bounces the dashboard
15:44 gmcharlt hmmm
15:47 AmitG heya bag happy birthday ..... ;)
15:49 druthb @quote random
15:49 huginn druthb: Quote #194: "oleonard: Everyone will be all, Wow, that guys smells like he really wishes he could have sex!" (added by wizzyrea at 06:55 PM, March 29, 2012)
15:50 * druthb boggles a little
15:52 nengard um
15:53 oleonard[…]12-03-29#i_934572
15:54 nengard OH!!!
15:55 cait heh
15:55 gmcharlt jcamins was prescient -[…]12-03-29#i_934584
15:55 cait @quote random
15:55 huginn cait: Quote #148: "<oleonard> sekjal wants EVERYTHING in a matrix! <sekjal> I'm like the Anti-Neo" (added by wizzyrea at 05:11 PM, August 25, 2011)
15:55 jcamins lol
15:55 jcamins It was sort of inevitable.
15:58 pablito i have a peculiar problem with the title display
15:59 pablito In my search result in both OPAC and Admin side, it displays the remainder of the title first, then the main title
15:59 pablito for example:
16:00 pablito It is supposed to display "Theology of hope: On the ground and the implications of a Christian eschatology"
16:00 pablito but instead it displays: "On the ground and the implications of a Christian eschatologyTheology of hope"
16:01 cait interesting
16:01 wahanui it has been said that interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
16:01 nengard that's a new one ...
16:01 nengard sounds to me like a XSLT issue
16:01 pablito here's my MARC:
16:01 nengard did someone cuztomize your stylesheets?
16:01 pablito 100 1 _aMoltmann, Jürgen
16:01 pablito 245 _bOn the ground and the implications of a Christian eschatology
16:01 pablito 245 1 0 _aTheology of hope
16:01 cait are you using standard or xslt display?
16:02 nengard OH!!
16:02 nengard That's why
16:02 nengard it's showing the first 245 first
16:02 cait yep
16:02 cait your subfields are reverse
16:02 pablito uh oh
16:02 nengard you want:
16:02 nengard 245    _aTheology of hope_bOn the ground and the implications of a Christian eschatology
16:02 nengard only 1 245 field
16:02 nengard not 2
16:02 pablito it's like that for 30,000+ recordss
16:02 nengard i'd say try marcedit
16:02 nengard and merge the 245s together in to 1
16:02 * cait nods
16:03 nengard I think if $b is before $a in the field is fine
16:03 nengard not according to the rules, but fine
16:03 cait having 2 is not good at all
16:04 pablito is there any way to fix the problem in koha?
16:04 pablito can i do some kind of batch job on all the records?
16:05 cait there is no built in feature that coudl do that
16:05 cait maybe you want to check if it's really 2 245 using the export
16:06 cait i have to go :) bye all
16:06 cait left #koha
16:08 nengard The 245 field is not repeatable according to MARC standards:  (see the NR at the top)
16:08 nengard You can only have 1
16:09 nengard check out - export your data from koha and in to that and you can merge the 245s together and then reload in to Koha
16:13 slef hi. On Bug 8375, can anyone see why would an o-umlaut show the bug? That's in latin-1 isn't it?
16:13 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8375 normal, P5 - low, ---, matted-34813, Signed Off , Common diacritics not shown correctly when exporting batch label to PDF
16:13 slef @seen paul_p
16:13 huginn slef: paul_p was last seen in #koha 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <paul_p> time to go to my next meeting !
16:14 slef if someone confirms that I'm not being stupid, I'll reply to the bug and ask that :)
16:17 AmitG joined #koha
16:40 Dyrcona1 joined #koha
16:41 jenkins_koha Starting build #2 for job Koha_Docs_3.14.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:41 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.14.x build #2: SUCCESS in 14 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.14.x/2/
16:41 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: add AcquisitionDetails
16:42 gaetan_B bye !
16:53 jenkins_koha Starting build #433 for job Koha_Docs (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:53 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs build #433: SUCCESS in 15 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ob/Koha_Docs/433/
16:53 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add AcquisitionDetails
16:53 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update acq with info about AcquisitionDetails
16:53 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add image to AcquisitionDetails
16:53 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update patron duplicate checking
16:55 Dyrcona joined #koha
16:56 jenkins_koha Starting build #3 for job Koha_Docs_3.14.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
16:56 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.14.x build #3: SUCCESS in 12 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]ha_Docs_3.14.x/3/
16:56 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: add image to AcquisitionDetails
16:56 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update acq with info about AcquisitionDetails
16:56 jenkins_koha * Nicole C. Engard: update patron duplicate checking
16:57 slef I left a comment on bug 8375 anyway
16:57 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8375 normal, P5 - low, ---, matted-34813, Signed Off , Common diacritics not shown correctly when exporting batch label to PDF
16:58 laurence left #koha
16:59 nengard what order is the holdings table on the opac and staff client in by default? is that just itemnumber?
16:59 nengard I think it is but would love confirmation :)
16:59 nengard hi slef! long time no talk
16:59 nengard how's things?
17:02 cait joined #koha
17:02 tcohen hi cait
17:03 * cait waves weekly
17:03 cait hm weakly :)
17:04 tcohen tired?
17:06 jenkins_koha Starting build #40 for job Koha_Docs_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
17:06 jenkins_koha Project Koha_Docs_3.12.x build #40: SUCCESS in 20 sec: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]a_Docs_3.12.x/40/
17:06 jenkins_koha Nicole C. Engard: update patron duplicate checking
17:07 ashimema joined #koha
17:10 ashimema joined #koha
17:12 ashimema joined #koha
17:18 ashimema joined #koha
17:52 tcohen jcamins: bug 10688 doesn't seem to fix the problem in 3.12.x, or i'm getting it wrong
17:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10688 normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, Pushed to Stable , QueryParser doesn't recognize QP queries when used in a fielded search box
17:52 pastebot "nengard" at pasted "looking for some jquery help if anyone has a moment - these attempts haven't worked" (25 lines) at
17:59 oleonard nengard: document.ready probably won't work because the table isn't processed by the tablesorter until document.ready
17:59 nengard oh .... what do i use instead?
18:00 nengard after.document.ready :) hehe
18:00 oleonard I would first try to get it working in the Firebug console, then try to figure out how to fire it at the right time
18:00 nengard haven't used the console in firebug - but the inspector
18:00 nengard just the inspector i mean
18:01 nengard would need a tutorial on how to use it cause all I see are a bunch of errors
18:03 nengard oh i get it
18:03 nengard i type the js in there and see if it works
18:04 nengard is there a way to remove an attribute? so make the item type column not have the aria-sort attribute
18:04 nengard .attr adds one
18:04 oleonard removeAttr()
18:04 nengard well that makes sense
18:08 nengard so i can make the classes all change right, but that doesn't actually make it sort :(
18:09 nengard so the answer to this might be - nope
18:10 cait nengard: what are you trying to do?
18:10 nengard make the call number sorted asc on load of the record - as the default
18:10 nengard I can put the right attributes in place on the field but that's not the magic that makes it sort
18:14 cait hm wonder if one can simulate a click
18:14 kivilahtio phew
18:14 kivilahtio migrating our data is SO MUCH WORK
18:15 kivilahtio or maybe I could work smarter :)
18:15 kivilahtio take care #koha!
18:21 nengard i know you can grab a click with onclick ... but not sure you can say 'click this'
18:40 jenkins_koha Starting build #164 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #159 13 days ago)
18:58 slef hi nengard - sorry, today is a 2 meeting day :-/
18:58 nengard no problemo
18:59 mtompset nengard: 'click this' as in a tool tip?
19:03 oleonard mtompset: You don't understand: Librarians have no clicks to spare.
19:04 mtompset I supposed. I read back further, like I should have. :)
19:04 tcohen end of a quite busy day
19:04 tcohen bye #koha!
19:04 rangi cya tcohen
19:04 mtompset bye tcohen
19:05 tcohen hey rangi
19:05 tcohen its been a while!
19:05 tcohen bye!
19:09 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #164: STILL UNSTABLE in 30 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_3.12.x/164/
19:09 jenkins_koha * Fridolyn SOMERS: Bug 9728: XISBN unit test update
19:09 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 11439: UT: fix XISBN.t test failure
19:09 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 11439: UT: Improve XISBN.t
19:10 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9728 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, RESOLVED FIXED, XISBN use simple search instead of SQL
19:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11439 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , UT: XISBN.t returns failure
19:12 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 11457: avoid spurious test failure in t/db_dependent/Bookseller.t <[…]da23fe356ab7a3568>
19:13 talljoy joined #koha
19:16 bag hello
19:16 gmcharlt hi bag
19:16 * bag is jet lagged
19:16 gmcharlt happy birthday!
19:16 oleonard Hi bag, happy birthday!
19:17 bag thanks galen and owen
19:17 magnuse yeah, gratulerer med dagen bag!
19:17 bag thanks magnuse
19:18 cait alles gute zum Geburtstag bag :)
19:19 bag thanks cait
19:19 bag Ginny decided that 1am to 4am last night was really the middle of the afternoon and wanted to party away
19:21 jenkins_koha Starting build #300 for job master_maria (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:25 jenkins_koha Starting build #1591 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:25 magnuse hm, should koha be able to understand a search for "a and (b or c)"?
19:25 cait wth the query parser i think it should
19:25 cait not sure if it will work well without
19:27 magnuse i'm seeing the opposite. without the queryparser i get 21 hits, then i turn it on and get 0 hits
19:28 cait interesting
19:28 wahanui interesting is sometimes good and sometimes bad
19:28 cait and the results match?
19:29 magnuse yeah, the 21 hits look ok
19:30 rangi brb coffee time
19:32 nengard left #koha
19:32 magnuse and if i add more words with "or" inside the parenthesis the number of hits increases, as it should
19:34 cait hm
19:34 cait i think question is
19:34 cait does it (a and b) or c
19:35 cait or a and (b or c)
19:35 cait i thought someone said the () didn't work as epected, but even better if they do
19:35 magnuse yeah. i don't know the collection well enough to tell if the numbers make sense
19:36 magnuse but at least they are not way off
19:39 rangi back
19:43 oleonard Catalyst Academy going on now rangi?
19:44 rangi yep
19:44 rangi learning week
19:44 rangi ibeardslee: what are they doing today
19:44 rangi ?
19:44 rangi next week is project week
19:45 rangi tues-fri .. so should have a bunch of students ready to do stuff
19:45 rangi i thought maybe bootstrap3 stuff might be useful?
19:45 gmcharlt indeed
19:47 magnuse yay!
19:48 magnuse hm, "x y" gives 75 hits, "x and y" gives 7 - that seems not right...
19:48 magnuse "y x" also gives 75, "y and x" gives 8!
19:52 oleonard gmcharlt: Still here?
19:52 wahanui here is where I work
19:52 gmcharlt oleonard: yes
19:52 tcohen joined #koha
19:52 oleonard Re: Your email, the short answer is no.
19:54 cait magnusi tihnk with queryparser it's &&
19:54 oleonard The fix in Joubu's follow-up patch I probably didn't recognize as a bug per se but a possible improvement
19:54 cait not and
19:54 cait magnus
19:55 gmcharlt oleonard: gotcha
19:55 magnuse cait: ok, lemme check that
19:56 cait magnuse:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9239
19:56 huginn Bug 9239: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, RESOLVED FIXED, Koha should share Evergreen's QueryParser module for parsing queries
19:57 chris_n joined #koha
19:57 magnuse cait: then i get the same numbers for "a b" and "a && b"
19:59 oleonard @seen chris_n
19:59 huginn oleonard: chris_n was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 0 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: * chris_n looks
20:00 * oleonard wondered if chris_n had really been around lately
20:00 * oleonard should pay more attention
20:00 ibeardslee rangi: they are doing databases in teh morning and then php this afternoon
20:01 rangi ahh cool, chilts is around today too eh?
20:03 ibeardslee I saw that he was going to be
20:07 magnuse cait: "a && (b)" gives 75 hits, "a && (b || c)" gives 34 - that does not seem right
20:07 cait true
20:07 magnuse "a && (b || c || d)" gies 3
20:07 cait and i assume qp is on
20:08 rambutan joined #koha
20:10 magnuse cait: yup, that is with UseQueryParser = Try...
20:10 cait hm bit puzzled.
20:12 jenkins_koha Project master_maria build #300: SUCCESS in 51 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]master_maria/300/
20:12 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 11457: avoid spurious test failure in t/db_dependent/Bookseller.t
20:12 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11457 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Pushed to Master , t/db_dependent/Bookseller.t can fail when subscription table is not empty
20:15 barton joined #koha
20:18 gmcharlt tossing out an idea based on the the item types thread on the mailing list
20:19 gmcharlt what would people think of arranging to have the version number string baked into koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/e​n/includes/ or the like, as well as plugging in the version number taken from the database?
20:20 gmcharlt that way, one would be able to write a bit of JavaScript that would detect if one forgot to update your translated templates
20:22 cait I'd like that...
20:22 cait thinking about how often we forgot
20:22 magnuse cait: yup, but that is a puzzle for another day, need to relax a bit now
20:23 magnuse have fun #koha!
20:23 cait do that:)
20:23 cait bye magnus
20:45 gmcharlt khall_away: about?
20:50 mtompset gmcharlt: I just read your comment about correcting $total instead of work arounds.
20:50 mtompset I have a question: how? The results are never more than the amount to display on a given page.
20:51 mtompset There's no way to filter through all the results to count them ourselves.
20:51 gmcharlt part of it is just this: $total += @newresults
20:52 gmcharlt may or may not be the complete picture, given the search-by-tag that also supports
20:53 mtompset Though, I do agree if there are <20 results, and only 1 visible, then the redirect should go to that.
20:53 meliss joined #koha
20:56 mtompset The problem becomes a search where there are 40 results, but only 1 visible, and it is on page 2.
20:59 gmcharlt yeah, in the long term, materializing bib-vis-per-item-vis is needed
20:59 gmcharlt either for search, or in the DB, or both
21:00 mtompset So, I can see redirecting to a non-hardcoded [0].
21:00 gmcharlt in any event, I'll have a counter patch for you to look at
21:01 mtompset Because right now, it is hard coded to go to the first 1 (i.e. element [0]) if there is only 1 hit).
21:01 mtompset But that doesn't make sense in terms of visibility.
21:03 mtompset I'll be watching for a counter patch. :)
21:12 oleonard Later #koha
21:23 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1591: SUCCESS in 2 hr 0 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1591/
21:23 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 11457: avoid spurious test failure in t/db_dependent/Bookseller.t
21:23 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=11457 normal, P5 - low, ---, chris, Pushed to Master , t/db_dependent/Bookseller.t can fail when subscription table is not empty
21:24 tcohen joined #koha
21:28 tcohen gmcharlt: versioning the templates is a good idea, 10942 would help too
21:28 tcohen I guess people updating the 'en' template often are those that do apt-get upgrade
21:36 cait good night #koha
21:36 cait left #koha
21:42 tcohen @later tell gmcharlt maybe it can be a new test in
21:42 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
21:42 tcohen bye #koha
21:43 eythian hi
21:44 eythian damnit, I was just about to sign off a patch. Turned out I'd written it in the first place.
21:46 gmcharlt :)
21:53 rambutan good thing you were ready to sign off on it and not fail it
21:53 nengard joined #koha
22:18 dcook joined #koha
22:26 Irma joined #koha
22:58 pianohacker joined #koha
23:04 papa joined #koha
23:08 MrAgent075 joined #koha
23:09 MrAgent075 Hello all!
23:13 * MrAgent075 is making quite the observation. No one is here...
23:14 rambutan Really quiet today. Has been lately, in fact
23:15 * bag makes a loud banging noise
23:15 rambutan ok, well, occasional exception
23:22 * dcook pokes some more but sounds escape
23:22 dcook no sounds*
23:22 Dyrcona joined #koha
23:46 pianohacker dcook: the only sounds I've ever heard come out of are a nasty, wet splorch
23:47 wizzyrea @quote add Pianohacker: the only sounds I've ever heard come out of are a nasty, wet splorch
23:47 huginn wizzyrea: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
23:47 wizzyrea curses.
23:47 nengard left #koha
23:47 pianohacker rangi: How are you doing? Was about to talk tickets, but I figure you probably have higher priorities atm. Is Laurel all right?
23:47 dcook pianohacker: It definitely sounds splorch-like
23:48 wizzyrea @quote add Pianohacker: the only sounds I've ever heard come out of are a nasty, wet splorch
23:48 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.  Quote #287 added.
23:48 pianohacker a monument to my wit and sometimes questionable grammar
23:49 wizzyrea @quote search pianohacker
23:49 huginn wizzyrea: 13 found: #10: "< pianohacker> You helped start an open source...", #142: "Pianohacker: hrm. What's the plural of ILS...", #18: "<pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW", #1: "<pianohacker> resolve, rather, I doubt it needs...", #257: "<pianohacker> That code has enough smells to...", #258: "*pianohacker has written very good code with...", #266: "<pianohacker> dpkg is a wonderful thing once...", #271: (1 more message)
23:50 dcook hehe
23:53 pianohacker bad jokes since 2009â„¢
23:55 pianohacker also hi, dcook and wizzyrea. How are you guys doing?
23:57 dcook heya pianohacker. Mmm, doin'. It's Friday, so that's a thing.
23:57 dcook You?
23:57 wahanui You is smart
23:58 pianohacker why thank you dcook. And I'm just jumping back into the insanity of school

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