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00:09 pablito joined #koha
00:10 pablito hi all
00:10 pablito can someone explain to me how the prefix/suffix works in koha when the port number is the same for OPAC and STAFF
00:10 pablito ?
00:11 pablito i've been googling for the past hour and nothing really help
00:12 pablito any help would be greatly appreciated
00:12 peggy I have two different URLs one for staff one for client
00:13 pablito can you give me examples?
00:15 peggy I think they are mapped through DNS.  Let me see if I can find out what they equate to.
00:16 drojf joined #koha
00:19 peggy hmm.  All I can see is that they both map to the same IP
00:22 peggy if you go to and look at the resulting URLs from the NORMARC demo, you can see that the opac is and the staff is
00:23 peggy does that help?
00:30 kenan24 joined #koha
00:37 pablito but those two URLs use different port numbers
00:37 pablito I would like to keep the same port number
00:38 peggy Sorry, that's as much as I know.  I have someone host it for me...
00:39 peggy Have you seen something that indicates that you can keep the same port number?
01:08 pablito well, the setup instructions indicate so
01:08 pablito on the koha wiki
01:12 peggy Wish I could help you.  It is Sunday in most of the world, so it is very quiet in here.  There will be more (and more knowledgable) people around tomorrow.
01:15 pablito it's ok, thank you though :-)
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09:21 irctc620 hi
09:21 wahanui hola, irctc620
09:22 irctc620 we want to make some customization to koha
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15:26 tcohen @later tell rangi please remove t/db_dependent/Circulation from the call in jenkins for 3.12.x
15:26 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
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16:41 bora joined #koha
16:41 bora Hi
16:41 wahanui hey, bora
16:41 bora i need help with migration from PMB to Koha
16:41 bora Please help
16:44 drojf hi bora. there is not mich going on here over the weekend. i am working on something different too. i don't know pmb, what is your problem?
16:44 drojf *much
16:44 bora Currently our library using PMB but we have difficulty with the data including with March
16:45 bora I mean PMB not using March21
16:45 bora so its difficult to integrate wth other University
16:46 bora so we decise to move from PMB to Koha
16:46 drojf if your old system does not use marc you will have to find matching fields for all data you want to move to the new system. that can be quite a task if you have not worked with marc before
16:47 drojf but that would be more of a cataloguing question in general than a koha question i guess
16:47 bora PMB using UNIMARC
16:47 bora so its possible to move to koha
16:48 drojf oh. you can use unimarc in koha
16:48 bora but our partner need only marc21
16:48 bora not unimarc
16:49 bora any document on how to migration form PMB to koha?
16:50 drojf in that case you would need some explanation on conversion from unimarc to marc21. that does not really have to do a lot with koha. you would probably need a pretty sophisticated cataloguing person experienced in both systems
16:52 bora Thank for our help
16:52 drojf i don't often hear about people switching between those systems and i do not think you can just map that 1:1. so you'd have to check what fields you are using now and find equivalents
16:52 bora yes
16:53 drojf maybe it would be of more help to ask on the mailing list
16:53 bora ok,
16:53 bora thank every one for your help
16:53 drojf you're welcome. good luck :)
19:18 rangi morning
19:23 rangi @later tell tcohen done
19:23 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
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20:09 cait joined #koha
20:09 * cait waves
20:57 peggy joined #koha
21:40 eythian hi
21:42 eythian wahanui: german is
21:42 wahanui ...but german is complete; Swiss German is *close*...
21:42 eythian no wahanui, german is
21:42 wahanui okay, eythian.
22:04 peggy joined #koha
22:05 peggy Good evening/morning/afternoon.
22:05 peggy I need a little git help.  I tried to rebase, but when I type anywhere in Koha it puts the characters in the Search Catalog box.
22:05 peggy Clearly I did something wrong.
22:05 peggy Do I need to reclone?
22:07 papa joined #koha
22:08 jcamins peggy: nope. You can just do `git checkout origin/master` to get back to master.
22:08 peggy OK.  Let me try that.  I had typed 'git rebase origin/master'
22:09 jcamins Oh, are you in the middle of it?
22:09 jcamins If you're in the middle of the rebase, do `git rebase --abort`
22:10 peggy No rebase in progress.  I'll try checkout
22:10 jcamins Yeah, once you've confirmed that it's a problem in your branch, you can go back to the branch and try to fix it.
22:12 peggy I've made a real mess.  I try to create a new patron and when I type the surname in it jumps up to the Search the Catalog tab.
22:13 peggy I'm wondering if my previous debugging messed things up.  I was modifying files in /usr/share/koha rather than in my kohaclone directory.  Is that bad??
22:13 jcamins Oh dear.
22:13 jcamins Yes. :(
22:13 peggy At least I thought it might be...
22:14 peggy I need to reinstall Koha?
22:14 jcamins If your Koha installation is reading out of /usr/share/koha, and you made changes there, the fastest thing to do is probably going to be start your development over.
22:14 jcamins Sorry. :(
22:14 peggy That's OK.  I was playing and now I'm ready to get serious.
22:15 jcamins You know about gitify, right?
22:15 jcamins gitify?
22:15 wahanui well, gitify is at
22:16 peggy That's what rangi used to set me up at kohacon
22:17 jcamins Excellent.
22:17 peggy Do I need to delete anything before I start?
22:18 jcamins So what I'd do is check out master (git checkout origin/master), use gifity, and make sure that your installation is working from your git clone and not /usr/share/koha.
22:19 peggy So I can use git checkout origin/master instead of git clone
22:21 jcamins If rangi set you up with gitify, you should already have that, so you just need to check out origin/master in your koha clone.
22:21 peggy But I just tried that and it didn't help
22:22 jcamins I meant, to be ready to run gitify.
22:22 peggy Oh, and then I need to gitify.  Let me try that.  Be back in a couple of minutes, my daughter just showed up.
22:22 jcamins It sounds to me like you might not have your installation gitified at the moment.
22:45 dcook joined #koha
22:50 cait1 joined #koha
22:52 * cait1 waves
23:32 jcamins Mmm.
23:32 * jcamins is eating fennel coconunt curry.
23:32 jcamins Well, pseudo-curry.
23:32 * dcook is envious
23:32 jcamins There's no actual curry.
23:33 jcamins It really could've done with green curry paste, but I didn't have any.
23:33 jcamins Nor did I have lemongrass or kaffir lime leaves.
23:36 jcamins Still delicious.
23:36 dcook You're making me want to not eat my packed lunch and have laksa instead...
23:36 jcamins Hehe.
23:37 wizzyrea fennel curry. sounds yum
23:37 jcamins Yeah, it's a follow-up to some white bass I made.
23:40 rangi hmm weird, peggy was definitely gitified when she left kohacon
23:42 jcamins rangi: odd. Doesn't gitify change all the paths?
23:42 rangi yes
23:43 jcamins rangi: when peggy comes back we can check if maybe this is a different instance.
23:43 rangi she may have changed something or made a new instance
23:43 rangi yeah
23:43 jcamins Gitify doesn't change the templates, right?
23:44 rangi lemme check
23:45 peggy Hi.  My daughter is getting married!!!!!
23:45 rangi congratulations!!
23:46 peggy Rangi, when I got home I had to reinstall the OS.
23:46 rangi ah ha!
23:46 peggy To a great guy.
23:46 rangi that explains it :)
23:46 peggy Yup.
23:46 jcamins peggy: congratulations!
23:46 peggy 8^)
23:47 jcamins I need a cookie cutter.
23:47 jcamins A small, rectangular cookie cutter.
23:47 peggy For cookies?
23:47 * jcamins goes off in search of such a thing.
23:48 kathryn joined #koha
23:48 peggy rangi, can I gitify what I have?  Should I delete the /usr/share/koha directory?
23:49 jcamins peggy: yep. Oddly enough I'm doing what it says on the box.
23:49 peggy I want a cookie...
23:49 jcamins Well... other than the fact that I don't have any cookie cutters, so actually I'm using something as-yet-unidentified.
23:49 peggy You can use a drinking glass if it can be round
23:50 rangi nope, you dont want to delete that
23:50 wizzyrea or a well washed sardine tin if it has to be squarish
23:50 rangi and yep you can gitify (you installed koha-common and did koha-create eh?)
23:50 rangi then once you have a git clone of the koha repo, you can gitify
23:51 peggy OK.  I'm taking a deep breath and I'll gitify!
23:51 rangi :)
23:53 * cait1 waves
23:54 jcamins I need rectangles, and I can't find *anything* rectangular.
23:54 jcamins Maybe I'll make them in bars.
23:54 cait1 you could try and make one
23:54 cait1 out of hm
23:54 cait1 thick paper?
23:54 jcamins cait1: I like the cut of your jib.
23:54 cait1 plastic stripes?
23:55 wizzyrea tinfoil around cardboard?
23:55 cait1 and jcamins - jib??
23:56 jcamins cait1:[…]-of-your-jib.html
23:56 cait1 thx :)
23:58 peggy Tinfoil will tear
23:59 onezero joined #koha
23:59 peggy So I gitified, restarted apache, and it still puts anything I type into the search the catalog tab...8^(

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