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07:32 cait good morning #koha
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08:52 cait @wunder Konstanz
08:52 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 20.3°C (10:45 AM CEST on August 11, 2013). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
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09:28 ambz Hello all. I'm running Koha 3.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 in AWS. I wanted to upgrade to 3.10, but I've forgotten my password (so I can't sudo). I can still ssh in (public/private keys were setup properly luckily)
09:30 ambz I can take a MySql dump. I'm wondering if I can install a new Koha instance on a new EC2 instance, and then plug in the old MySQL dump?
09:30 cait you can do that, but you will have to reindex
09:30 ambz So, are there any DB migrations from 3.8 to 3.10 that will make my old 3.8 dump fail with a new 3.10 Koha instance?
09:31 cait there are a lot of database changes, but when you load an older db in a new installation the mechanism for the web installer will take care of that
09:31 ambz cait: that's great!
09:31 cait that's howupdates work in general - if the database version is not the version of your Koha, Koha will bring up the web installer and do the updates to the schema
09:32 ambz I see.
09:33 ambz Also, I was running a local MySQL along with Koha on the same VM. It should work if I run MySQL on a separate instance (say, with RDS) and Koha on a separate instance, right?>
09:39 cait oyu can have the mysql server separately but i have never tried that
09:41 ambz ok
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15:16 ambz Hi, I was running Koha3.12 via Ubuntu packages with a local MySQL server.
15:16 ambz I wanted to move the DB to an external machine (RDS instance).
15:17 ambz So I went and got a MySQL dump and plugged it into the new external DB. Setup the permissions etc.
15:17 ambz Then I changed the DB hostname to /etc/koha/sites/library2/koha-conf.xml from 'localhost' to the new external hostname, and restarted Apache2.
15:18 ambz *DB hostname *in* /etc/koha/sites/library2/koha-conf.xml
15:18 ambz It's hitting the web installer now.
15:19 ambz But I just want everything to continue as normal (without going through the installer). I don't want to drop tables and lose data etc.
15:19 ambz A little help please :)
15:20 ambz Any idea how I could bypass the web installer?
15:39 ambz Guess it's too early in the Western hemisphere
15:44 cait ambz: is it really the web installer or is it the update? both look very similar
15:44 cait it should be apparent what it does after the first few steps
16:00 ambz Well, it clearly says "Web installer"
16:01 ambz and the url is  "http://library2-intra.artofliv[…]taller/"
16:02 cait yes
16:02 cait but they are the same
16:02 cait or very similar
16:02 cait what does it ask you after you log into it?
16:04 ambz language ('en'), database settings
16:04 cait hm
16:04 ambz step 3: "Now we're ready to create the database tables and fill them with some default data."
16:04 cait then it didn't find your external database i wouldsay
16:04 ambz okay, let me check that
16:05 ambz Are there any problems with the steps I took?
16:07 cait i am not sure how to set up the external database server
16:07 cait but changing in the conf file would be what I would do i ugess
16:08 ambz I'm quite sure it can access the external database.
16:08 ambz For example, if I set the wrong password in koha-conf.xml, and restart apache, it gives me an 'access denied' error .
16:10 cait and you did load your dump in there correctly?
16:17 ambz Okay, it's working! :D
16:18 cait cool
16:18 cait what was it?
16:18 ambz During the web installer, I noticed that it failed trying to "drop table auth_header"...  don't know why exactly.... so I got onto a mysql prompt (logged in as the koha user) and manually did a "drop table auth_header;"
16:18 cait HM
16:18 ambz That's it...!
16:18 cait not having this table could be a problem later
16:18 cait it's used for storing authorities
16:18 ambz oh
16:19 ambz in that case, i'll create it using the corresponding sql in the old mysql dump
16:19 cait that might be a good idea
16:19 ambz cool, thanks for your help, cait :)
16:19 cait maybe check if the structure is still the same in the new version taking a look at the kohastructure.sql file
16:22 ambz okay, i compared the created schema of auth_header with that in /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/i​nstaller/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql... they look identical
16:43 ambz thanks and bye for now
19:54 cait @wunder hamburg, Germany
19:54 huginn cait: The current temperature in Hamburg Airport, Germany is 15.0°C (9:50 PM CEST on August 11, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 12.0°C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Rising).
19:54 cait hm
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