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00:12 mtompset poll results?
00:12 mtompset I don't think anyone answered. :(
00:20 mtompset I can understand why the bug report got stalled. :(
00:20 tcohen we should hear the RM mtompset
00:25 tcohen night #koha
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00:34 tcohen i'm back, I needed to share this: Oz.the.Great.and.Powerful.201​3.1080p.BluRay.x264.YIFY.mp4
00:34 tcohen not that one
00:34 tcohen[…]-com-fb-main-link
00:34 tcohen ^^^ that
00:34 tcohen bye :-D
01:00 mtompset jcamins: I see there's a wiki page you made on FreeBSD installing Koha.
01:01 mtompset But I can't seem to get the apache portion working. And there's a reference to a freebsd directory that doesn't exist.
01:05 jcamins Yeah, I stopped using FreeBSD after writing that page.
01:06 jcamins What directory?
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01:06 mtompset sudo cp freebsd/koha_zebra /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
01:06 mtompset There is no freebsd directory.
01:07 jcamins Right, it was never pushed.
01:07 jcamins It's somewhere on bugzilla.
01:10 ndroftheline2 hi all I'm trying to get Koha going on an offline computer.  is there any way to get all the peel dependencies downloaded to bring to tell target complete?
01:11 ndroftheline2 ugh. peel deps to bring to the target computer.
01:12 ndroftheline2 damn predictive keyboard! perl deps.
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01:28 mtompset and this offline computer is a debian based os?
01:30 mtompset my first attempt at this would probably be to install the debian repository for koha on the first machine, sudo apt-get update, and then apt-cache show koha-deps and apt-cache koha-perldeps. Then you have all the dependencies listed, and then grab the appropriate .deb files from some debian repository somewhere.
01:33 mtompset hmm... better yet, install them on the online machine, and then perhaps copy /var/cache/apt/archives.
01:33 mtompset I've never tried anything like this. I'm thinking out loud.
01:34 mtompset make sure the architecture is the same (32-bit vs. 64-bit)
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02:34 ndroftheline2 hi sorry for the delayed response.  nope this isn't a deb but rpm. Fedora 18 .
02:36 mtompset oh, hmm....
02:38 ndroftheline2 I found a repo for Fedora 17. is it likely that the packager managed toget  ALL the perl deps in there? or would it still probablyrequire cpan downloading?
02:39 ndroftheline2​s-including-PLACK-support-td5739371.html
02:41 mtompset Last time I tried Fedora, I cpan'd, but that may or may not be the best way to do it.
02:41 mtompset there were more than 10 packages missing, if I recall.
02:43 ndroftheline2 does this list appear to contain all the required perl mods?​s/home:/vanoudt/Fedora_17/noarch/
02:46 ndroftheline2 Pooh how exciting Fedora 18 too!  and 19 in fact!
02:46 ndroftheline2 lol s/pooh/ooh
03:20 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), #koha.
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03:27 ndroftheline sorry missed any response
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06:01 cait good morning #koha
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06:56 cait @wunder Konstanz
06:56 huginn` cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 21.8°C (8:55 AM CEST on July 20, 2013). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 16.0°C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Steady).
06:56 cait morning drojf
06:56 drojf hi cait
06:56 drojf i hope you have been to bed between now and when i left ;)
06:57 drojf @wunder berlin, germany
06:57 huginn` drojf: The current temperature in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany is 20.4°C (8:42 AM CEST on July 20, 2013). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
06:58 cait i have :)
07:01 drojf i wanted to see what the list sending thingy looks like. i get an error and no email
07:02 drojf same for the cart
07:02 drojf Problem sending the cart...
07:03 drojf other emails work fine, so i wonder if i have to set some options somewhere?
07:07 cait check your email settings
07:07 cait or the logs
07:07 wahanui the logs is
07:07 cait do you have kohaadminemailadress set?
07:07 cait also the translates templates won't work right i am afraid
07:09 drojf it's english
07:10 cait las time i had that was a typo in kohaadminemailaddress
07:10 cait and it showed in the logs
07:10 drojf no that is alright. emailing works for everything else i tested so far
07:11 cait most of it uses the branch address
07:11 drojf maybe i don't have that
07:12 drojf connect to localhost failed
07:12 drojf is in the logs
07:12 cait hm
07:12 cait cart and lists are not using messagequeue
07:13 cait but send immediately
07:13 cait not sure what might be missing
07:14 drojf i know, that is why i have a look at them :)
07:14 cait ok :)
07:14 cait i am still not totally awake i guess
07:15 * drojf offers cait some club mate
07:15 drojf :)
07:15 cait heh thx
07:41 drojf ouch
07:41 drojf lol
07:41 drojf yeah right. problems connecting to localhost…
07:41 drojf i had turned off postfix to test something last night
07:41 drojf it works if there is a working mta ;)
07:47 cait awesome :)
08:15 cait rangi++
13:06 cait :)
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17:37 cait hey drojf :)
17:38 drojf hi cait :) guarding the channel?
17:38 cait guess so
17:38 cait how was the library?
17:42 drojf cold
17:42 drojf i could take the book home so i left early. will read on the balkony later
17:42 drojf (i hope)
17:48 cait :)
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19:12 cait drojf: back?
19:12 drojf have i been gone?
19:20 cait you have been
19:20 druthb drojf!  cait!
19:20 cait hi druthb :)
19:20 drojf druthb!
19:20 druthb lulz
19:20 cait drojf!
19:20 drojf cait!
19:21 cait druthb!
19:21 druthb :)
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20:28 mjk hello kohafans
20:41 drojf not many kohafans here on weekends ;)
20:45 druthb drojf!  :P
20:48 drojf druthb!
20:49 drojf :)
20:49 druthb :)
21:11 rangi heya
21:14 edveal joined #koha
21:21 drojf hi rangi
21:22 drojf oh man i forgot to git add two files. so everything from the beginning again :/
21:22 rangi :(
21:26 * drojf wonders how many people use 'correcthorsebatterystaple' as their password
21:28 rangi heh
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22:26 rangi @later tell mtompset[…]ds-and-data-leaks  <-- why id prefer mint over ubuntu
22:26 huginn` rangi: The operation succeeded.
22:40 tcohen it can of course be disabled, and defaulted to disabled on 13.04
22:43 tcohen rangi, is apache 2.4 available on wheeze?
22:53 drojf tcohen: i see 2.2.22-13
23:04 tcohen so, wait for 14.04 for an LTS distro to ship it
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