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00:11 tcohen jcamins around?
00:12 tcohen what framework were u using to glue node + titan?
00:17 mtompset INSERT IGNORE is a MySQLism, correct?
00:17 pianohacker probably
00:17 pianohacker most of MySQLs useful commands are proprietary
00:17 pianohacker good night all
00:17 * mtompset chuckles.
00:18 mtompset Good night, pianohacker.
00:18 tcohen night pianohacker
00:19 jcamins tcohen: node-gremlin.
00:19 jcamins tcohen: sorry, gremlin-node.
00:19 tcohen thanks jcamins
00:20 jcamins tcohen: A/B testing + random graph database tests:[…]ebsite_ab_testing
00:20 tcohen got interested in the subject, and wanted to see how could it fit in our infrastructure
00:20 tcohen oh, thanks!
00:20 jcamins In Koha's, or in UNC's?
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00:20 jcamins 'Cause it couldn't fit at all in Koha's infrastructure.
00:20 tcohen heh, of course
00:21 tcohen we have node around in our infrastructure
00:21 tcohen we use it to build our webservices proxy
00:21 tcohen to couple most of our systems
00:22 jcamins What you really need is a graph-based discovery layer!
00:22 jcamins And what do you know, I'm making one!
00:23 mtompset Where is druthb_away to complain about patch pimping type activities. ;)
00:25 tcohen is gremlin your query language?
00:25 tcohen i'll be very interested in following your work
00:25 jcamins Yeah.
00:26 jcamins
00:26 * jcamins will be too! :P
00:26 tcohen :-D
00:26 tcohen gotta run: dinner time
00:26 jcamins Enjoy.
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00:55 mtompset There are so many system preferences!
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01:04 mtompset Greetings, dcook. :)
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01:04 mtompset What fun things are you playing with today?
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01:04 dcook hey mtompset
01:04 wahanui rumour has it mtompset is disliking the silent warnings flooding his error logs
01:04 dcook Mmm, good question
01:05 dcook Trying to figure out how...
01:05 mtompset Actually, the warnings this time are installer warnings. :)
01:05 dcook To support Koha that's not on packages and Koha that is on packages
01:05 dcook Simultaneously
01:05 mtompset On the same server?!
01:06 dcook Nopes
01:06 dcook The packages one is a remote server
01:06 dcook Luckily, with that one, the remote access freezes when it comes from our office
01:06 dcook So I have to remote on through a laptop using 4G
01:06 dcook *le sigh*
01:08 mtompset Well, if you do a git installation and do the perl Make... and make and make test steps... you can answer STANDARD.
01:08 dcook ...
01:08 mtompset I suspect then that you could tarball up the /usr/share/koha directory and replace the non-git version's.
01:09 mtompset But I haven't ever tried to do something like that.
01:09 dcook Yeah...that's the idea that presents itself, but I suspect there will be problems there
01:09 * dcook would rather just use packages for all
01:10 mtompset That is the point of packages. :)
01:11 dcook It would be great if we could build RPMs as well as DEBs from the same source..
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01:12 mtompset That would be quite an undertaking, but potentially useful.
01:12 jenkins_koha Starting build #1274 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #1271 9 hr 45 min ago)
01:13 gmcharlt dcook: know anybody who would be interested in helping build RPMs?
01:13 mtompset Though, a better first step would be to have an RPM repo of the missing CPAN libraries in a default CentOS, RedHat, Fedora, or something else RPMish.
01:13 mtompset Then you could at least install the tarball more easily.
01:14 dcook gmcharlt: Alas, I do not. I'd be interested in learning, but somewhat strapped for time and knowledge at this point.
01:15 mtompset I played with cpan2rpm or something like that on CentOS, but I'm not sure I was doing it the best way.
01:15 mtompset Sadly, due to project focus constraints, I can't offer to help, though I would like to do so.
01:15 dcook gmcharlt: Personally, I'd rather just switch to Debian from Suse and save myself the headache, but...I'm sure others would find RPMs useful too
01:15 dcook mtompset: I guess that's the problem. Too much work, not enough time/people with time.
01:17 gmcharlt yeah -- there are plenty of potential users who are mandated to use RHEL-based distros (or RHEL itself -- and of course, RHEL5's age really presents problems), but thus far that doesn't seem to have translated into folks will to put in enough effort to maintain it
01:17 dcook That does seem to be the current state of affairs :/
01:18 mtompset CentOS had the least number of available packages in the default repositories. I would suspect it would make a good OS to decide what CPAN modules to RPM up. :)
01:18 mtompset (last time I checked)
02:01 dcook @wunder sydney, australia
02:01 huginn dcook: The current temperature in Sydney, New South Wales is 16.0°C (11:30 AM EST on June 28, 2013). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 14.0°C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
02:01 dcook Light rain showers?
02:01 wahanui Light rain showers are not so light
02:02 dcook Exactly, wahanui. Exactly.
02:02 dcook Lunch indoors it is.
02:24 dcook eythian: You around?
02:24 eythian yarp
02:24 dcook Mind fielding a few questions about packages?
02:25 eythian sure.
02:25 druthb o/
02:25 dcook hey ya druthb :)
02:26 dcook Let's say that I have a 3.12.00 instance of Koha installed via packages
02:26 dcook If I want to upgrade to 3.12.01, I do an apt-get update and apt-get install koha-common?
02:27 dcook I assume that overwrites everything (except config generated via koha-create, of course)
02:27 eythian yep
02:27 dcook Is there any way of doing more incremental upgrades with packages where only the "changed" files are overwritten with new files?
02:27 eythian yeah, stuff in /etc won't be touched without your approval, but everything else will be overwritten.
02:27 eythian nope.
02:28 dcook Hmm, how long does it usually take to build packages?
02:28 eythian modifying files on the server is a bad idea because it means they're not in version control.
02:28 dcook Wait...does that mean that only /usr/share/koha is overwritten?
02:29 eythian depends a lot on your machine. ~5-10 minutes I guess on my fairly good desktop.
02:29 dcook Ah, I thought it was considerably longer than that. That's not too bad.
02:29 eythian though you could do it faster at the expense of being less rigorous easily enough.
02:29 eythian hmm, yeah, it'd only be everything under /usr.
02:30 dcook So I assume the control file says if koha-common already exists, just overwrite /usr?
02:30 jenkins_koha Yippie, build fixed!
02:30 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1274: FIXED in 1 hr 17 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1274/
02:30 eythian no, that's just how packages work on debian
02:30 eythian /etc is special, everything else isn't.
02:31 dcook So after an upgrade, you'd need to reindex
02:31 dcook And your backups would be splatted if they're in var?
02:31 eythian not really.
02:31 eythian no
02:31 dcook Oh wait, durr
02:31 eythian it doesn't remove things that are already there
02:31 dcook But doesn't it remove /usr/share/Koha?
02:32 eythian no
02:32 eythian it deploys to there, overwriting things in the process
02:32 eythian it doesn't remove anything.
02:32 eythian also, the index and such are all in /var
02:33 dcook Right
02:33 mtompset nengard++ # replying while out of the office. :)
02:33 dcook So /etc is special. /usr is overwritten. What happens with var?
02:33 dcook Is var created via koha-create, or does install koha-common create the initial directories and koha-create just creates sub-directories for individual instances?
02:33 eythian nothing really. The only thing the packages do with that is make sure the right directories exist.
02:34 dcook Mmm, k
02:34 eythian I can't remember.
02:34 eythian I think that koha-create-dirs ensures that everything exists, but the packages may do it as well
02:34 dcook Well, the packages create them, so I would hope so, eh?
02:35 dcook Mmm, unless they don't
02:35 dcook I see what you're saying
02:35 eythian ah, it does
02:35 eythian the package creates /var/{lib,lock,log,spool}
02:35 eythian err
02:35 eythian /var/{lib,lock,log,spool}/koha
02:36 dcook and run, apparently
02:36 eythian nope
02:36 dcook According to README.Debian
02:36 eythian it's not in koha-common.dirs
02:36 eythian koha-create-dirs does that though
02:36 dcook Does koha-create-dirs get called by koha-create as well?
02:37 eythian I think so. Also the init script, I think. Just in case something has changed.
02:37 dcook Neato
02:38 dcook In a way, it's too bad that the whole source needs to be packaged up and used to overwrite the current code
02:38 dcook Yet, like you say, if you don't do's tougher to keep version control
02:38 dcook But wouldn't doing a diff of the files potentially tell you what's been changed and only those need to be changed?
02:39 dcook I guess that doesn't count as version control though as there is no way to rewind a diff
02:39 dcook You would just be overwriting, overwriting, overwriting...
02:39 dcook Hoping that your diff is doing a good enough job
02:39 eythian yeah, that's a terrible idea :)
02:40 eythian we maintain a set of git branches that we build packages from.
02:42 mtompset dcook - you could write a script to tarball the directory up with a timestamp, and then replace it. Then another one could restore one tarball over the existing one. ;)
02:42 mtompset But yes, bad version control. :)
02:44 eythian or make your own packages. I think that's easier :)
02:44 mtompset Yes, but do it the hard way for fun. ;)
02:47 eythian wahanui: draw me a picture
02:47 wahanui eythian: excuse me?
02:47 eythian hmm
02:47 eythian wahanui: picture
02:47 wahanui a picture of eythian:
02:47 eythian t/hee
02:49 mtompset musical flashback: (Can You Picture That?)
02:51 dcook eythian: I like the idea of building my our own packages :)
02:51 dcook So a set of git branches so you support different versions of Koha?
02:52 eythian more for different client customisations
02:52 dcook Mm, that's more what I meant
02:52 dcook Neato
02:52 dcook Ever run into any troubles with deploying packages?
02:53 dcook I have a package install at home, and I'm setting one up on a VM as we speak, but I can't really put them through their paces without actual users and data
02:54 eythian no, debian packaging is pretty robust.
02:55 eythian 99% of the time it'll fail to build if something is wrong, rather than deploy
02:56 dcook Makes sense to me
03:02 dcook Thanks for the info, eythian :)
03:02 dcook eythian++
03:02 eythian no worries
03:05 dcook have fun, mtompset
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04:00 mtj hi peeps,  whats the best approach to dealing with localized/custom entries
04:00 dcook wb cait1
04:00 dcook mtj: Good question :)
04:00 mtj specifically, handling 'localised' version numbering?
04:02 mtompset why would you have localized version numbering?
04:03 mtompset I'm asking, because I just spent a couple hours, adding some friendly warning catching code into :)
04:03 mtj ...the way ive been doing it, so-far, is using a the 4th minor digit in the version
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04:06 mtompset But why would you have a localized version of the numbering?
04:06 mtj coz i need to add a local change
04:06 mtompset Is this some sort of localized patch that will never make it into Koha?
04:07 eythian mtj: it just works if you add it to the 4th dp or so
04:07 mtj cool eythian - it does seem to be working ok, like that
04:07 mtompset I think the extra digits to the last number should work without breaking things (at least in
04:09 mtj mtompset, i have a situ where i am pulling patches not yet accepted for master, into a test koha
04:10 mtj these patches have no version-number assigned to then, yet
04:10 mtompset Ah.
04:11 mtj if my koha is version 3.10.000, i *could* just call this patch .001
04:11 mtj but, then, what happens when the offical .001 comes along? oops :/
04:11 eythian why not call it, that might work
04:12 eythian I think it works anyway though
04:12 mtj ah, yeah - i hadnt tried that even
04:13 mtj thats a really nice way of doing it
04:14 mtompset eythian: But what if mtj does multiple patches at the same time?
04:14 mtompset 999 works great for a single patch case.
04:14 mtompset But I would think an extra digit would would better for multiple patches.
04:14 mtj easy… just,, etc...
04:16 mtj i think 999 local patches between offical koha db changes, is overkill here… but still, i get the point
04:16 mtompset Actually, for a single patch, aren't you supposed to use XXX?
04:19 mtj thats only a req. for submitting a patch to
04:20 mtompset But why not use the same for a patch that is localized?
04:22 mtj afaik, koha's installer will attempt to apply that .XXX patch every time
04:23 mtj fine for testing a patch… not great for a prod system
04:39 mtompset not everytime.
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04:55 mtj yeah… but more than once - and thats a no-go for my situation
05:00 Oak @wunder islamabad
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05:00 Oak Guten morgen cait1
05:00 Oak kia ora #koha
05:01 mtompset Greetings, Oak. :)
05:01 Oak heya mtompset :)
05:02 cait1 hi all
05:03 mtompset Greetings, cait.
05:03 mtompset Greetings, cait1. That one is very important. ;)
05:09 cait morning
05:16 dcook Quick debian question
05:17 dcook What is the name of the DB in SQL for a new instance?
05:17 dcook koha_newinstance?
05:17 mtompset in the packages, I believe so.
05:17 dcook Cool. Thanks.
05:22 mtompset Can't seem to figure out what the forbidden patterns are. GRRRR...
05:22 pastebot "mtompset" at pasted "Any ideas on how to fix these?" (10 lines) at
05:27 mtj s/IndependantBranches/IndependentBranches/
05:27 mtompset It was a typo that get corrected in a later version of Koha.
05:28 mtj yep
05:28 mtompset So what in the QA tool makes it check for typos?
05:30 mtj some code, i assume
05:31 mtj ./QohA/File/        {pattern => qr{IndependantBranches},...
05:32 mtompset Ah, so both a good and bad thing.
05:42 mtompset A little obfuscation, and all is good. :)
05:49 druthb o/
05:51 mtompset Hello, druthb.
05:51 druthb Hi, mtompset. :)
05:52 mtompset Time for sleep now. I got my to qa validate cleanly. :)
05:52 mtompset perlcritic level -4. (one better than 5)
05:52 mtompset test my problems later. :)
05:58 mtompset Have a good day (24 hour period), everyone.
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06:05 dcook @later tell cait Good idea :)
06:05 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
06:11 drnoe hello #koha. it's late night for me and I just move a db over to server where they named the home dir kohaadmin (i have no idea why). naturally koha is not happy when I search.
06:11 drnoe I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/koha/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/opac-t​mpl/prog/en/xslt/MARC21slimUtils.xsl" compilation error: file unknown-55f20a0 element import
06:11 drnoe I just cannot figure out for the life of me what line 220 is reverncing.  I am noew to koha, and these C4  .pm files are greek to me  " $stylesheet->{$xslfilename} = $xslt->parse_stylesheet($style_doc);"
06:12 * magnuse waves
06:18 drnoe cd ..
06:19 magnuse :-)
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06:28 alex_a bonjour
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06:37 reiveune hello
06:38 magnuse who can give the wiki a kick?
06:38 magnuse let's look it up on the wiki!
06:38 magnuse but then again, maybe not
06:39 magnuse @wunder boo
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06:39 magnuse hah!
06:39 magnuse @wunder hyltebruk
06:39 huginn magnuse: Error: No such location could be found.
06:39 magnuse pf
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06:54 asaurat hi!
06:55 magnuse bonjour!
06:56 matts hi !
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07:08 dcook bonne fin de semaine oceanic folks
07:08 dcook Hope everyone else enjoys their friday :)
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08:20 wizzyrea drnoe - are you using a custom xslt?
08:21 wizzyrea anyway, your problem is that the xslt file on the server can't find your slimutils - the path is defined on line 11
08:23 wizzyrea update the path to be the new location and it should work.
08:32 Joubu @pole support: je suis en intervention sur la preprod de Paris8 pour la journée
08:32 huginn Joubu: I've exhausted my database of quotes
08:32 Joubu oops, wrong channel, sorry
08:33 * wizzyrea hopes your intervention works out well
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08:49 * magnuse waves to wizzyrea
08:52 wizzyrea oh hey
08:52 wahanui bidet, wizzyrea
08:52 wizzyrea poo on you too,wahanui
08:52 wahanui wizzyrea: huh?
08:53 wizzyrea you're the one who brought up bidets.
08:54 wizzyrea how is everyone today
08:56 magnuse not too shabby
08:56 magnuse in the mood for pizza and a weekend
08:57 magnuse and a bit of summer holiday soon!
08:58 wizzyrea ooh summer holiday!
08:58 * wizzyrea had pizza earlier
09:04 wizzyrea http://devopsreactions.tumblr.[…]-supposed-to-work
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09:06 magnuse wizzyrea: nice
09:07 wizzyrea D-OR is my favorite blog
09:13 magnuse oops, there went  minutes of my life... ;-)
09:13 wizzyrea i know. and half of it was spent giggling eh
09:13 wizzyrea or nodding in sympathy
09:14 magnuse yup
09:14 magnuse so it was time well spent :-)
09:16 magnuse didn't someone talk about some developments for "home bound patrons" a while back?
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09:19 magnuse ah bug 5670
09:19 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5670 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, colin.campbell, NEW , Housebound Readers Module
10:00 wizzyrea wow my git bz, even with the new branch is pretty impressively broken
10:01 wizzyrea attaching just sends me back the page as html :/
10:03 rangi works for me
10:03 wizzyrea weird. oh well I'll figure it out.
10:04 rangi the git-bz you are using is the updated one eh? i checked out the new branch but forgot i hadn't symlinked but had copied the file, so it was still using the old one
10:04 wizzyrea was that how the
10:04 wizzyrea other one failed?
10:04 wizzyrea you have a good point I will check
10:05 rangi yep if it talks about tokens
10:06 wizzyrea ah yep,  I couldn't see the top because not enough backlog - but I see the suspicious actions thing now
10:06 wizzyrea thanks for the pointer
10:06 rangi last commit should be to do with utf8
10:07 wizzyrea hm yep it seems right
10:09 rangi do a which git-bz
10:10 wizzyrea :) beat you to that
10:13 wizzyrea that's better - I just grabbed a whole new copy and redid the lot
10:13 rangi :)
10:20 wizzyrea man tons of unimarc patches
10:21 rangi yep
10:21 magnuse yup
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10:26 magnuse Oak
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10:54 wizzyrea how inbiggerating.
10:56 Oak magnuse
10:57 magnuse Oak
10:57 Oak magnuse
10:57 Oak :)
10:57 magnuse :-)
10:59 Oak @wunder islamabad
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10:59 Oak hmm :-|
10:59 magnuse @wunder boo
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10:59 magnuse yay :-)
10:59 Oak 19 sounds very nice
11:00 wizzyrea @wunder nzwn
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11:00 magnuse Oak: it is! :-)
11:00 Oak the age 19 was also nice. 9 was even better!
11:01 magnuse hehe
11:01 Oak :) yup.
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12:21 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 10386: improvements to VirtualShelves.t <[…]13eb226f477cf9c4e>
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12:26 oleonard Hi #koha
12:27 jenkins_koha Starting build #1275 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
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13:02 tcohen morning #koha
13:03 oleonard Hi tcohen
13:07 magnuse hiya tcohen and oleonard
13:08 tcohen hola magnuse
13:16 oleonard Floating toolbar working now if I arbitrarily add 20px to its position:
13:16 oleonard Fixed: Yay! Don't know why it works: Boo!
13:16 oleonard (at least, working in FF, Chrome and IE10)
13:19 tcohen oleonard++
13:20 oleonard Not karma-worthy yet, but I'd really like to see it working well. Not sure how else to offer those controls to mobile users in a non-annoying way.
13:38 oleonard CCSR theme doesn't give you links to the next page of search results in the mobile view?
13:40 magnuse that sounds like a noticeable omission...
13:41 * magnuse calls it a week
13:42 oleonard Not noticeable enough I guess. Also no link to advanced search, no link back to the home page
13:44 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #1275: UNSTABLE in 1 hr 17 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]Koha_master/1275/
13:44 jenkins_koha Marcel de Rooy: Bug 10386: improvements to VirtualShelves.t
13:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10386 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , UT: VirtualShelves.t needs some more adjustments
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13:45 oleonard It is interesting how the CCSR theme handles tables in the narrow view though
13:51 maximep magically ? :p
13:51 oleonard On the other hand, maybe it's just too constraining to use tables for data like the logged-in user's list of checked out items, overdues, and holds
13:54 oleonard Of course we'd lose sorting... I wonder if the patrons really care...
13:58 * tcohen thinks its time to catch up with the master commits
14:03 oleonard Clever that the CCSR theme uses CSS content generation to add labels to table cells in the narrow view, but it's completely non-translatable
14:06 maximep yeah, we didn't find a better way to do it :/
14:07 oleonard maximep: Was it a requirement that the theme work without JS?
14:08 maximep pretty sure we used javascript for some stuff
14:08 maximep id have to ask to have more details
14:08 oleonard I'm thinking maybe we could use JS to pull the table header test and add labels to the cells that way
14:09 oleonard s/test/text
14:12 maximep afaik u can't do adaptative js
14:12 maximep can you ?
14:13 maximep maybe you could add the label, hide them and just show them in the css
14:13 maximep that's probably how we should have done it
14:14 oleonard That would work too. Lots of extra markup though... Not sure how much we should worry about it.
14:15 oleonard maximep: I'm using a jquery plugin that does responsive js
14:15 oleonard
14:16 maximep oh, cool. I wonder if it takes a ton of cpu when you quickly resize
14:17 oleonard I don't know. I also wonder just how much resizing is done in the real world. I would think that few people would be resizing between phone size and desktop size often.
14:17 maximep yeah, good point
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14:36 mtompset Greetings, #koha.
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14:47 pug Hi guys ...
14:48 pug is there a documentation that describes how the maintenance branches (3.8.x, 3.10.x etc.) are placed vis-avis the master ?
14:48 pug any graphic that can explain that plan?
14:49 asaurat1 left #koha
14:49 asaurat joined #koha
14:56 asaurat left #koha
14:59 asaurat joined #koha
15:01 tcohen is jenkins running?
15:01 tcohen jenkins_koha: start 3.12.x
15:01 jenkins_koha tcohen did you mean me? Unknown command 'start'
15:01 jenkins_koha Use '!jenkins help' to get help!
15:02 tcohen !jenkins help
15:02 jenkins_koha Available commands:
15:02 jenkins_koha abort <job> - specify which job to abort
15:02 jenkins_koha alias [<alias> [<command>]] - defines a new alias, deletes one or lists all existing aliases
15:02 jenkins_koha botsnack [<snack>] - om nom nom
15:02 jenkins_koha build <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
15:02 jenkins_koha cb - list jobs which are currently in progress
15:02 jenkins_koha comment <job> <build-#> <comment> - adds a description to a build
15:02 jenkins_koha currentlyBuilding - list jobs which are currently in progress
15:02 jenkins_koha h [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha health [<job>|-v <view>] - show the health of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha jobs [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha q - show the state of the build queue
15:02 jenkins_koha queue - show the state of the build queue
15:02 jenkins_koha s [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha schedule <job> [now|<delay>[s|m|h]] [<parameterkey>=<value>]* - schedule a job build, with standard, custom or no quiet period
15:02 jenkins_koha status [<job>|-v <view>] - show the status of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha testresult [<job>|-v <view>] - show the test results of a specific job, jobs in a view or all jobs
15:02 jenkins_koha userstat <username> - prints information about a Jenkins user
15:02 alex_a joined #koha
15:02 tcohen gmcharlt: are the jenkins hooks still set?
15:03 pianohacker joined #koha
15:05 mtompset pug, I don't know how to answer your question, but I do know that the git repository has tags (starting with v) for each version. I suppose master just happens to be the HEAD of the git repository?
15:05 mtompset Greetings, tcohen alex_a pianohacker pug.
15:06 pianohacker hi pug!
15:06 alex_a bonjour mtompset
15:11 jenkins_koha Starting build #57 for job Koha_3.12.x (previous build: SUCCESS)
15:12 reiveune bye
15:12 reiveune left #koha
15:24 asaurat left #koha
15:25 mtompset Is there a MARC export from Koha?
15:26 mtompset I'd like to export my data, empty my database, git checkout a super earlier version, web installer koha, import the data, git checkout my patch, and test.
15:28 tcohen in the Tools section mtompset
15:53 jenkins_koha Project Koha_3.12.x build #57: SUCCESS in 41 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]b/Koha_3.12.x/57/
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: add test case for sorting LC call numbers correctly
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: introduce LC::CallNumber::LC for sorting LC call numbers
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 6281: add Library::CallNumber::LC as a required Perl dependency
15:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6281 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , Bug in LCC sort routine
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 9370: test case for splitting LC call number
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 9370: add invalid call number to LC splitting test cases
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: bug 9370: improve splitting of LC call numbers for labels
15:53 jenkins_koha * Owen Leonard: Bug 10297 - categorycode and branchcode should be required when adding patrons
15:53 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9370 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Pushed to Stable , use Library::CallNumber::LC when splitting LC call numbers for spine labels
15:53 jenkins_koha * Juan Romay Sieira: Bug 10443 - Table borrower_files does not exists in kohastructure.sql file
15:53 jenkins_koha * Galen Charlton: Bug 10443: (follow-up) make sure borrower_files has FK constraint
15:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10297 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , categorycode and branchcode should be required when adding patrons
15:53 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10443: DBRev - make sure borrower_files exists
15:53 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 10458: t/Z3950.t should be removed too
15:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10443 major, P5 - low, ---, juan.sieira, Pushed to Stable , Table borrower_files does not exists in kohastructure.sql file
15:53 jenkins_koha * Marcel de Rooy: Bug 10458: Remove obsolete Z3950 module and test
15:53 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10444 - In advanced search(more), [+] and [-] should behave like links on hover
15:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10458 trivial, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to Master , Remove obsolete Z3950 module and test
15:53 jenkins_koha * Tomas Cohen Arazi: Bug 10444 - (CCSR followup) In advanced search(more), [+] and [-] should behave like links on hover
15:53 jenkins_koha * Jonathan Druart: Bug 10444: Fix prevent the default action on click
15:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10444 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , In advanced search(more), [+] and [-] should behave like links on hover
15:58 tcohen woot
16:01 pug mtompset --
16:01 pug let me rephrase my question then ..
16:02 pug when I clone the git ... the 3.8.x, 3.10.x are the maintenance branches, right?
16:02 pianohacker correct
16:04 pug so once 3.8.0 is released , all bug fixes related to that release go to 3.8.x , right?
16:04 pug and the devlopment on the master goes on independently
16:04 pianohacker Yes
16:05 pug Then Im unable to understand the follow-- I cloned a fresh git .. and a diff 3.12.x..3.10.x is blank
16:06 pug they seem to be pointing to the same commits ..
16:06 pug how is that?
16:07 laurence left #koha
16:07 oleonard pug: "git diff origin/3.12.x origin/3.10.x" ?
16:07 druthb pug:  Style tip: don't use two minus signs in a row in here…it looks like giving bad karma to something, to the assortment of bots around here.
16:07 druthb @karma mtompset
16:07 huginn druthb: Karma for "mtompset" has been increased 27 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 25.
16:08 pianohacker pug: Running a git diff origin/3.12.x..origin/3.10.x shows a number of commits on my system
16:09 pug druthb - ok on the karma system, thanks
16:09 pianohacker there is a difference between 3.12.x and origin/3.12.x; the former is a local branch that may be tracking the upstream one, whereas origin/3.12.x is the lastest fetched copy of what's on the git server
16:09 pianohacker pug++
16:09 druthb you're welcome, pug. :)
16:09 pianohacker ^ Is how you increase someone's karma
16:11 pug pianohacker - you are right. they do . I think i botched up something -
16:11 pug handt tried with origin/ before
16:11 pug thanks
16:11 pianohacker Possibly. If you want a local tracking branch, the usual procedure is git checkout -b 3.12.x origin/3.12.x
16:12 pianohacker Then if you have the 3.12.x branch checked out, you can update it to the latest using git pull
16:12 pug ah right - ok - got it
16:13 pug thanks
16:13 pug so I want to give you karma for this I say - druthb^ ?
16:13 druthb plus-plus.
16:13 druthb pug++
16:13 oleonard druthb++
16:14 druthb pianohacker++
16:14 tcohen how do I match a tab (\t) in vim? i seem to have forgotten..
16:14 pug alright guys - druthb++ pianohacker++
16:14 druthb Thanx, pug!
16:14 pianohacker tcohen: If \t isn't working, try ^V^I
16:15 tcohen i want to substitute \t(.*) with \t\($1\)
16:17 pianohacker <Ctrl-V><Ctrl-I>, that is
16:18 oleonard I thought pianohacker was giving us the happy owl:   ~|^V^|~
16:18 tcohen %s/\t\(.*\)/\t(\1)/g
16:18 pianohacker heh
16:18 pianohacker vim++
16:19 tcohen vim++
16:23 pianohacker oleonard: my god, have you read the latest firebug changelog?[…]-11-new-features/ amazing stuff
16:23 pianohacker and, come to think of it, is there anyway for firebug loading not to take a good few seconds each time it's opened?
16:26 oleonard More RAM? Stop running any other programs besides Firefox? :P
16:28 pianohacker heh, don't think those are the issue, but ya never know :)
16:31 mcooper joined #koha
16:44 maximep yeah, firebug slows down everything so much that you need to only enable it when needed :/
16:46 pianohacker that's been my experience...
16:46 pianohacker but it's _so_ nice
16:46 pianohacker the built-in developer tools are just missing some very nice features
16:47 maximep really getting better quickly
16:47 maximep trying to switch to using the built in for some stuff
16:47 maximep so much faster
16:48 pianohacker yeah
16:48 maximep but almost everyone here switched to chrome
16:48 pianohacker heh, yeah. chrome's okay, but I can't customize it enough to fit my workflow
16:48 maximep I need tab groups... there's extension to do it in chrome, but it's not the same
16:49 maximep I have 23 tab groups for the 23 projects I currently work on
16:49 mcooper_ joined #koha
16:49 pianohacker mah lord. 23 projects?
16:49 maximep well, I pretty much never close a tab
16:50 maximep it would probably takes 32424243 megs of ram in chrome :p
16:51 cait-m joined #koha
16:53 cait-m hi #koha
16:54 maximep hi cait-m
16:55 cait-m hi maximep
16:57 pianohacker maximep: I approve! I use tree-style tabs to a similar end, my largest sessions got up into the 250-tab range
16:58 maximep nice
16:58 maximep hmmm never tought of using tree-style to do the same
17:00 pianohacker I started running into some annoying CPU-nomming bugs with it
17:00 pianohacker but it's a fantastic extension
17:01 pianohacker Also fabtabs, herpderp and vimperator
17:12 cait joined #koha
17:49 drojf joined #koha
17:49 drojf good evening #koha
17:50 cait good evening drojf
17:51 drojf hi cait
17:52 tcohen is way too complex given the task
17:53 pianohacker agreed
17:56 drojf so, Is {from_name} our friend?
17:58 cait ?
18:00 drojf there was a junk message on the mailing list
18:04 cait ah
18:06 drojf looks like it uses the email adress of a real listee as a name, it's the second message already
18:06 drojf and the url has a 'invitername' with the first name of the real person. that's odd. maybe he got some infection?
18:08 mcooper joined #koha
18:08 drojf oh no, i played "touch the chili, touch your nose" ^^
19:11 mtompset What?! Why did pug decrease my karma?!
19:12 tcohen @karma mtompset
19:12 huginn tcohen: Karma for "mtompset" has been increased 27 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 25.
19:12 * oleonard bids mtompset good morning and offers him some breakfast
19:12 mtompset It's afternoon, actually. I just don't usually get on the channel till later.
19:13 mtompset I'm in Eastern.
19:13 mtompset (timezone)
19:13 oleonard mtompset: I was referring to the fact that it seems you have just woken up ;)
19:15 mtompset druthb++
19:15 * oleonard quits for the day
19:15 mtompset vim++ #way better than emacs. ;)
19:15 oleonard See you later #koha
19:17 druthb :P
19:17 druthb @karma
19:18 huginn druthb: Highest karma: "rangi" (842), "oleonard" (722), and "jcamins" (602).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-115), "failed" (-103), and "ie" (-96).  You (druthb) are ranked 14 out of 2546.
19:18 druthb @most increased
19:18 huginn druthb: "rangi": 849, "oleonard": 727, "jcamins": 604, "cait": 422, "wizzyrea": 416, "gmcharlt": 415, "chris_n": 315, "kf": 295, "paul_p": 280, "sekjal": 247, "nengard": 246, "magnuse": 242, "eythian": 212, "druthb": 197, "slef": 180, "tcohen": 123, "drojf": 102, "marcelr": 98, "fredericd": 96, "bgkriegel": 82, "mtj": 74, "biblibre": 71, "hdl": 69, "mveron": 68, and "hdl_laptop": 60
19:25 tcohen have a nice weekend #koha
19:33 rhcl joined #koha
19:45 mtompset @karma
19:45 huginn mtompset: Highest karma: "rangi" (842), "oleonard" (722), and "jcamins" (602).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-115), "failed" (-103), and "ie" (-96).  You (mtompset) are ranked 50 out of 2546.
19:46 mtompset Well, at least I'm in the top 100?
19:46 pianohacker Better than the poor HTML comment delimeter
19:46 pianohacker worse karma than IE!
19:46 rhcl have just installed KohaOfflineCirculation_1.0_i386.deb on Mint, appeared to install fine, but I can't find the executable. Synaptic shows lots of libkoha... files. Anybody know the executable or where it might be installed?
19:47 mtompset sorry. I don't know, rhcl.
19:47 pianohacker rhcl: dpkg -L KohaOfflineCirculation | grep bin
19:47 mtompset Oooo... nice idea.
19:48 pianohacker dpkg is a wonderful thing once you coax it out from within its grumpy shell
19:48 pianohacker other fun ones: apt-cache policy, dpkg -S
19:49 druthb @quote add <pianohacker> dpkg is a wonderful thing once you coax it out from within its grumpy shell
19:49 huginn druthb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #266 added.
19:49 pianohacker quotes++
19:50 druthb @quote random
19:50 huginn druthb: Quote #85: "owen: Nothing says embracing my geekness like participating in an IRC meeting about software licenses!" (added by kf at 12:23 PM, July 14, 2010)
19:50 pianohacker we'll need someone to get some IRL quotes from KohaCon
19:53 rhcl @seen khall_away
19:53 huginn rhcl: khall_away was last seen in #koha 5 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 50 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <khall_away> happy bday rangi!
19:53 pianohacker rhcl: any luck finding that executable?
19:53 rhcl pianohacker: the dpkg seems to confirm it didn't get installed
19:53 pianohacker weird.
19:54 rhcl using dpkg -i fails for unspecified dependencies, but synaptic seemed to be fine with it
19:55 rhcl is there an arg "show-dependencies" to dpkg?
19:55 pianohacker command_line++ # confusing terseness over invisible errors :)
19:56 pianohacker rhcl: Couldn't tell you. I usually just try to install it and see what dpkg complains about
19:56 cait joined #koha
19:57 mtompset where did you get the deb file?
19:57 rhcl[…]es/?source=navbar
19:58 rhcl gonna try this google find: dpkg-deb --field p4.deb depends
19:58 mtompset dpkg -s
19:58 mtompset There's a "Depends" line.
19:59 mtompset dpkg -s KohaOfflineCirculation | grep Depends
19:59 mtompset Then you can try to make sure all the dependencies are properly installed?
20:00 drojf looks like it would be /usr/bin/KohaOfflineCirculation if installed correctly
20:01 drojf rhcl: you know that there is also an offline circulation firefox plugin?
20:01 drojf and a cool html5 offline circulation patch on bugzilla
20:03 rhcl looks like the above worked, but there are a number of libqtx problems. If kyle were around I'd ask about forcing, but...
20:04 rhcl drojf: yea, but the offline circ module is used by a series of people already and this is what they needed
20:04 rhcl staff here, I mean
20:04 rhcl I may just have to have her boot into windows
20:05 rhcl I should also mention that jcamins is working on a more better solution too
20:06 cait that's the one drojf was pointing to on bugzilla
20:08 pianohacker Testing-related questions: are there any guides to setting up db-dependent tests? Never done it before, but I poked a C4 module
20:08 drojf cait is qam and my secretary :)
20:08 cait lol
20:09 cait guess if i am qam i should do some qaing
20:09 cait soomeon eelse experiencing problems with the new git bz?
20:10 drojf still have not tried it :(
20:10 cait aaq
20:10 cait aaw
20:11 * pianohacker hands cait a new keyboard
20:11 cait heh thx
20:14 cait not sure it will help
20:15 mtompset pianohacker: I don't even know how to know if your test is db-dependent or not. The line seems fuzzy to me.
20:15 pianohacker mtompset: the db-dependent tests all depend on an actual MySQL database to be in place, and usually test DB modification code
20:16 pianohacker Most of the non-db-dependent classes either use a DBI::Mock or test pure calculations, to my knowledge
20:16 mtompset For example, the test suite I attached on bug 10454 might be in the wrong place. :)
20:16 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10454 major, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Needs Signoff , Duplicate card numbers may be generated
20:17 drojf look, it's that daily spam^W^mention of mtompsets bug :P
20:17 * druthb looks for her Nerf gun!
20:18 pianohacker no druthb
20:18 pianohacker it's come to more drastic measures
20:18 * pianohacker sighs regretfully
20:18 * druthb wields pointy stick.
20:18 pianohacker mtompset--
20:19 druthb :-O
20:19 * cait holds her breath
20:19 mtompset that was mean.
20:19 pianohacker
20:20 pianohacker mtompset: Well, it was either harass you
20:20 pianohacker or take away the imaginary internet points
20:20 pianohacker the latter seemed more entertaining
20:21 cait therehas been a lot ofmentioning that bug lately
20:22 * mtompset doesn't reply, lest he incur the point-deducting wrath of pianohacker. :P
20:23 pianohacker oh yes. this is very serious business ;)
20:36 nengard joined #koha
20:51 sivoais joined #koha
20:57 mtompset Greetings, drojf cait. Back from picking up my son from daycare. :)
21:39 rhcl left #koha
21:39 libsysguy joined #koha
21:42 mcooper joined #koha
22:08 drojf cool, argentina is already on the list for kohacon 2014
22:08 drojf tcohen++
22:08 drojf bgkriegel++
22:24 drojf i wonder how long it takes from here to argentina by raft
22:32 cait :)
22:33 drojf cait: wanna share a raft? ;)
22:34 cait heh maybe
22:34 cait we can take turns rowing
22:35 drojf i thought we'd let the wind do all the magic ;)
22:35 cait oh better paln
22:35 cait plan
22:40 drojf good night #koha
22:43 cait good night drojf
22:44 cait good night #koha
22:44 cait left #koha
23:06 maximep left #koha
23:33 pianohacker good night
23:33 wahanui I'll be waiting for you to come back, pianohacker.
23:33 pianohacker thanks, wahanui!
23:33 wahanui bitte pianohacker

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