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00:26 drnoe well good night folks
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01:09 jcamins The macaroons are tasty, but slightly less than cohesive.
01:09 jcamins To put it mildly.
01:10 dcook What sort of macaroons did you make?
01:10 trea macaroons can be really fickle to make
01:10 trea pretty subject to humidity and other factors
01:10 jcamins dcook: just regular macaroons.
01:10 wizzyrea the coconut ones or the eggwhite ones
01:10 dcook I meant the stacks or the little cookie type things
01:10 jcamins Coconut.
01:10 jcamins Oh.
01:10 jcamins Haystacks.
01:10 dcook Yumm
01:11 jcamins The egg white ones are called macarons. wizzyrea taught me that earlier.
01:11 wizzyrea I make raw ones now - coconut, ground almonds, honey, a bit of milk
01:11 wizzyrea they are yum
01:11 trea they are quite good
01:12 jcamins You know what's delicious?
01:12 jcamins Goat cheese-date truffles.
01:12 wizzyrea anything with coconut?
01:12 wizzyrea oh, well yes
01:12 jcamins That too.
01:12 trea i'd imagine so
01:13 wizzyrea[…]acarons-wait-what (ignore the silliness of that post and skip straight to the recipe)
01:14 jcamins That's my stand-by raw recipe.
01:15 bag Sonja and I joined a fish-share thingy here in SB…  once a week fresh fish caught off the coast
01:15 bag we got Salmon last night!  amazing
01:15 wizzyrea nice!
01:16 trea mmm salmon
01:16 jcamins wizzyrea: looks like sweetened coconut?
01:16 wizzyrea she used sweetened, I used dessicated
01:16 wizzyrea good either way
01:17 jcamins[…]rrationally-angry
01:17 bag jcamins: we've done goat-cheese wrapped in dates, and then wrapped in kale - and was actually quite good
01:18 bag oh I am sending that link to Sonja!
01:18 wizzyrea reminds me of "you had one job
01:18 trea you had one job!
01:18 trea ^
01:19 cjh heh
01:19 cjh jcamins: awesome
01:19 trea aka, "how to upset the OCD afflicted in your life."
01:20 * dcook perks up
01:20 dcook Oh  my...
01:20 bag where's 25 :P
01:20 trea that's the best part
01:21 cjh heh
01:21 dcook
01:21 wizzyrea
01:21 bag I did try being cute leaving the ? out :P
01:21 cjh dcook: ahhh, calming order.
01:22 dcook :D
01:23 eythian
01:24 wizzyrea 9926 points. no idea if that's good or bad
01:25 jcamins Better than I'm going to do.
01:25 eythian fairly good. I think I got 8000 or so
01:25 jcamins Oh, wait.
01:25 jcamins You can rotate.
01:27 eythian also move along the road
01:27 eythian > You missed with 1.815 km which gave 3168 points
01:28 eythian so close!
01:28 wizzyrea !
01:28 wizzyrea that's quite impressive
01:28 eythian (I could see a bus that has "Aberdeen" on the back.)
01:28 trea yeah, my 2nd guess was off by .98 km
01:28 trea :P
01:28 cjh heh I ended up in a desert, no road signage or anything.
01:29 trea 8185 pts. that's not bad
01:29 bag 7620
01:30 jcamins wtf? Every single one was in Australia!
01:30 bag Mine had a whaddaburger sign
01:30 eythian > You got 10736 points in total.
01:30 bag I guessed florida
01:30 wizzyrea 10333 the 2nd time round
01:30 eythian It does give a disproprtionate amount in Australia
01:30 bag I was way off - of course it was texas
01:31 wizzyrea you've bested me this time eythian
01:31 eythian Of note is that AU and NZ roadsigns look similar enough to be easy to confuse :)
01:33 wizzyrea hehe
01:33 wizzyrea spain looks like everywhere.
01:33 wizzyrea so do the balkan nations.
01:34 jcamins Argh! It was Portugal not Brazil.
01:36 cjh heh
01:38 jcamins Jeez I suck at this game.
01:39 bag me too
01:39 bag I can't break 10k to save my life
01:39 bag but I do have to say it's really cool
01:41 * dcook is booking his plane tickets to KohaCon13 at this moment!
01:41 dcook Exciting!!!
01:41 wizzyrea confetti!
01:41 wahanui o/ '`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
01:42 dcook Oooh. Air Canada remembered my search settings. Nice one, AC.
01:53 * dcook wonders why an airline needs to know his gender...
01:54 rangi true
01:54 dcook Hmm TSA apparently
01:54 dcook Oh USA...
01:54 rangi ah yeah
01:54 dcook When travelling to, from or via the U.S., or on a flight that will be flying over the continental U.S. (excluding flights between two points in Canada), passengers must provide their gender and date of birth. TSA Privacy Notice.
01:54 rangi terrorists are always men donchaknow
01:54 dcook Yup
01:54 dcook They even have "Redress numbers"
01:54 dcook In case you share the same name as a terrorist or watched person
01:55 rangi that would suck
01:55 eythian the standard procedure was to be or become a congressman so you had the clout to get your name removed.
01:55 eythian So I guess phonenumbers are an improvement.
01:56 bag yeah TSA is pretty crazy
01:56 bag sorry USA TSA is pretty crazy
01:56 eythian "This person is such a risk we can't let him travel, but not enough that we could arrest him."
01:56 eythian bag: I think only the US has a TSA :)
01:56 bag thanks
01:57 bag I was saying - sadly of course usa tsa thinks they are the most important…
01:57 bag and then
01:57 eythian Well, there is The Scout Association in the UK...
01:57 bag dumbasses
01:57 bag :P
01:58 eythian Oh, and a polish metal band.
01:58 bag oh that's awesome
01:58 bag remind me the next time I fly - to ask them if they are in a polish metal band
01:58 rangi heh
01:59 bag TSA is dumb - every country has screening and every country has got problems - you don't need to pretend ……  (sorry I got tired of talking about it)
02:00 eythian actually, you can fly within NZ without screening.
02:00 eythian It's like getting on a bus.
02:00 bag within
02:00 bag but if I came there - they screen me right?  and they aren't that hard…  you have something on this list - you can't bring it in
02:00 eythian yeah
02:01 eythian most of that is biosecurity
02:01 bag TSA are dumbasses :P
02:01 wizzyrea ^
02:01 bag BUT I would love the within airplane flight like a bus flight
02:01 wizzyrea don't try to bring in outdoor gear, fresh food of any kind, or too much medicine, and you'll pretty much be golden.
02:01 bag s/flight/trip
02:02 eythian if you bring in muddy shoes, they wash them for you. That's handy to know.
02:02 rangi some flights get security
02:02 rangi anything to auckland
02:02 wizzyrea and if you do have it, declare it. because they don't get mad about it.
02:02 eythian rangi: not anything to auckland, just some
02:02 wizzyrea if you declare and have to pitch it, they at least don't fine you :P
02:02 bag eythian++ declare and they dont' get mad - that's the key :)
02:02 jcamins 10357!
02:02 eythian if the plane is capable of being hijacked and going to Australia, then it has to be screened.
02:03 wizzyrea oh so planes over a certain size
02:03 eythian certain range, but yeah
02:03 wizzyrea well size... bigger plane = longer haul
02:04 wizzyrea though you can't even land the biggest ones in wellington.
02:04 bag hmm.. back track - ok so all of the "officers" that you deal with there - view this as normal procedure…  I like that…
02:04 wizzyrea it simply can't be done
02:04 bag TSA get there panties in a wad
02:04 rangi its the number of seats not het range
02:04 bag TSA = panty wads = dumb :P
02:04 rangi over 90 seats you get screened
02:04 wizzyrea the first time we took an internal flight in NZ, security gave spud a lolly. :P
02:04 rangi 77B of the Civil Aviation Act
02:05 wizzyrea rangi++
02:05 eythian wizzyrea: they landed a dreamliner here
02:05 wizzyrea one of the stubby ones though?
02:05 eythian ah, is that it.
02:05 bag lolly's for spud is bad ass
02:05 rangi yeah if you kill 89 passengers thats fine
02:05 rangi just not 90
02:05 rangi :)
02:05 wizzyrea because there are short-body dreamlinesr
02:06 wizzyrea dreamliners
02:06 wizzyrea that can land here.
02:06 rangi they landed conchord, but empty
02:06 eythian wizzyrea: 787-8
02:06 wizzyrea surprised they got it off the ground again ^.^
02:06 eythian I think it had to be stripped down to take off again though :)
02:06 wizzyrea ^^ lulz
02:07 eythian ah: "While the interior is filled with test equipment and therefore far from showroom standard,..."
02:07 wizzyrea I suppose I should revise - you can't land a fully loaded standard huge plane here
02:07 eythian no
02:07 wizzyrea more importantly, if you land it
02:07 wizzyrea getting it back up might be a bit of a problem.
02:08 wizzyrea it might be leaving on a boat.
02:08 wizzyrea :P
02:10 rangi
02:10 rangi some pilots can't land anything at wellington :-)
02:10 * wizzyrea loves the extreme welly landings
02:10 rangi qantarse
02:10 wizzyrea the videos. Experiencing it is... less fun.
02:10 wizzyrea oh man that was this year!
02:11 rangi yep
02:11 wizzyrea right during that HUUUUGE wind storm
02:11 eythian after the severalth time, you get used to it
02:11 wizzyrea the most recent landing we had was a beauty
02:11 wizzyrea the first one... we thought we might die.
02:11 rangi the poor little ATRs
02:11 wizzyrea good point that you should go out and tape planes landing on windy days.
02:11 wizzyrea ^.^
02:11 wizzyrea or at least watch.
02:12 rangi im waiting for the sounds air
02:12 rangi those things are 10 seaters
02:12 wizzyrea could *almost* see it from our house
02:12 wizzyrea if not for the ASB center
02:12 wizzyrea well round the corner anyway
02:13 wizzyrea i'm impressed that they were able to more or less land those places that gracefully during that particular wind
02:13 rangi ah 7 mins
02:13 rangi trying to take off... that pilot is good
02:14 wizzyrea wheeeeeeee
02:14 * dcook has all his flights booked now.
02:14 dcook I'm actually going now! ^_^
02:14 dcook The hotel reserve site looks like it's down though...
02:15 rangi :)
02:15 * dcook may or may not be giddy
02:15 eythian should go via wellington
02:15 bag later all - all you oceana peeps have a great weekend!  we all still have to work our firdays…  Hopefully you all have THE FUN!!!!!
02:16 dcook eythian: Originally, I was going to go through Auckland
02:16 dcook The direct Sydney-Vancouver flight is rather nice though
02:16 eythian nah, you don't wanna go there.
02:16 dcook laterz bag
02:16 wizzyrea the fun?
02:16 wahanui hmmm... the fun is over, i'm switching back to drojf's usual tl:dr behaviour
02:16 bag THE FUN!
02:16 wahanui the fun is probably over, i'm switching back to drojf's usual tl:dr behaviour
02:16 dcook the funk?
02:17 * wizzyrea is going to see glow worms tonight
02:17 dcook glow worms?
02:17 bag wizzyrea: that is the FUN
02:17 eythian where abouts?
02:17 bag send me pictures please :)  (already asked trea)
02:17 wizzyrea[…]n/events-calendar
02:18 wizzyrea glow in the dark glow worm tour
02:18 wizzyrea founders entrance on glenmore street
02:28 dcook wizzyrea: That looks awesome!
02:34 * jcamins decides to book tickets to Kohacon later.
02:42 dcook jcamins: That's what I kept saying as well
02:42 dcook Mind you, your travel is a bit more straightforward..
02:42 jcamins dcook: yeah, but I'm trying to balance cost of being there versus sponsoring.
02:43 dcook Mmm, fair enough.
02:43 dcook Hope you're able to make it. It would be great to catch up in person.
02:43 jcamins If ticket prices start going up before they provide any information about sponsoring, though, I guess I'll book and not sponsor.
02:44 jcamins I'll be there for part of it.
02:44 dcook :)
02:44 jcamins I'm trying to decide what part.
02:45 * jcamins discovers that actually there _is_ information on the Kohacon website, it's just not linked from the main kohacon13 page.
02:46 jcamins Oh wonderful, wise wizzyrea, any chance you could link "KohaCon13 Schedule" on to[…]hacon13/schedule/ ?
02:53 jcamins Oh, I guess there won't be any sponsorship information for two weeks.
02:53 jcamins That's a problem.
02:56 * jcamins e-mails Nancy.
02:58 eythian[…]rn-your-499171122
03:04 * dcook loves complementary shuttle buses
03:04 jcamins Even better are complimentary shuttle buses.
03:04 dcook complimentary complementary shuttle buses must be the best
03:05 jcamins "Why hellooo David, your hair looks great today."
03:05 dcook I do feel like I'm having a good hair day...
03:05 jcamins lol
03:07 dcook I like the last requirement :p
03:09 jcamins I have decided to make it my life's work to revive seventeenth century cooking... AND MAKE IT GO VIRAL ON TWIMBLERBOOKTEREST
03:09 eythian I've told you already.
03:09 eythian wahanui: cooking help
03:09 wahanui cooking help is
03:10 jcamins eythian: I'll use that to do it.
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03:44 * jcamins heads to bed, having spent the last forty-five minutes contemplating how to make early modern cooking "trend" on Twimblerbookterest.
03:45 trea sounds awful
03:45 * wizzyrea blinks
03:45 eythian don't forget to put it up on!
03:46 jcamins eythian: hehe.
03:46 wizzyrea *giggle*
03:46 jcamins You're right. I should aim higher.
03:46 jcamins twimblerbookterestube.
03:46 wizzyrea apparently you could still register
03:46 jcamins wizzyrea: good to know.
03:46 eythian yeah, I meant
03:46 wizzyrea myface. silly.
03:46 eythian it makes more appropriate references, and is correct to the show that I used to watch
03:47 wizzyrea myfaceinatube redirects to abcfamily
03:47 trea friendface
03:47 wizzyrea kek.
03:47 eythian yeah, it was the standard social network in "The Middleman"
03:47 eythian[…]leman_(TV_series)
03:48 wizzyrea is that one of those american reject tv shows that you all are famous for
03:48 eythian I dunno, I downloaded it.
03:48 wizzyrea "it ran for one season in the US - I know we should buy it!" - TV4
03:48 eythian I don't think it actualy existed here.
03:49 eythian It was quite ridiculous, but still entertaining.
03:49 cjh[…]iddleman-sino.jpg
03:49 wizzyrea twoo would probably be more likely to do that.
03:49 wizzyrea with 2 o's to reflect the proper way to say "two"
03:49 rangi
03:50 wizzyrea the ad efore that is quite interesting. it's got benedict cumberbatch. I cannot say no.
03:54 cjh 'we didnt burn him' heh
03:56 eythian the ad?
03:56 cjh the video rangi linked.
03:57 eythian that wasn't an ad, that was a video
03:57 wizzyrea mine had an ad :P
03:57 cjh oh you were replying to wizzyrea, my bad.
03:57 wizzyrea before the real content
03:57 eythian Really? How odd.
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