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00:01 cait druthb is also our translation manager for 3.12
00:01 wahanui okay, cait.
00:01 cait druthb?
00:01 wahanui rumour has it druthb is our translation manager for 3.12
00:01 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
00:01 wahanui thanks cait :)
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00:44 cait @later tell rangi can you please delete[…]oha_bugs_database ? it's totally outdated.
00:44 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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01:49 wajasu i am trying to figure out how to import authority records from[…]es/n79123944.html  i downloaded the MARC/XML link at the bottom and staged it
01:52 wajasu or tried to.  i see marcxml in the file.  the manage stage marc record screen shows 0 records.   so i guess I can't import.
01:54 wajasu i get " records not stage because of marc error".   so i guess thats it.
01:59 jcamins_away You can't import MARCXML.
01:59 jcamins_away Just MARC.
01:59 * jcamins_away leaves again
02:01 jcamins_away Pretty cool that MARCXML is on now.
02:13 wajasu yea. thx
02:15 wajasu as i've been delving into a script to gen authorities.  the  works fine if the subject heading ONLY has $a.  if it has other subfields, it creates a new authority record for each.
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08:06 cait good morning #koha
09:41 Oak good morning miss cait
09:41 Oak kia ora #koha
09:44 cait good morning mr Oak
09:44 Oak would you like some tea miss cait?
09:44 cait oh yes, thank you mr Oak
09:46 Oak coming right up :)
10:03 cait :)
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11:28 wajasu i've been pouring through code that searches for a matching authority heading for a personal name.   it matches based on all the possible subtags.(a-z)
11:29 wajasu so when i "generate" auth records, i get tons of auth records for a personal name because of minor fields like  $f (date of work), etc.
11:31 wajasu i am thinking that i should restrict it to a subset of the field 100 tags in the case of autogenerating  auth records.
11:32 cait wajasu: you might want to talk with jcamins about that
11:32 cait but sundays are quiet here - almost noone around
11:33 wajasu will do.
11:41 wajasu what i need is a reference book for rules on how to create authority records.
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12:29 jcamins_away wajasu:[…]uments/npm3rd.pdf[…]ts/sacomanual.pdf
12:29 cait1 hi jcamins_away
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14:16 Oak "I like what the Father said to his son when he gave him a watch that had been handed down through generations. He said, 'I give you a mausoleum of all hope and desire which will fit your individual needs no better than it did mine or my father's before me. I give it to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it for a moment now and then and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.'"   -- William Faulkner
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14:23 cait1 :)
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16:47 bag morning peeps
16:48 cait1 hi bag
16:49 bag Hey Cait
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17:51 druthb rangi about?
17:52 druthb I didn't expect so... hm.
18:00 druthb @later tell rangi yes, please, a repo on would be awesome; let me know the connection details, and I'll push to it asap.
18:00 huginn druthb: The operation succeeded.
18:01 druthb cait1: any objection to fredericd and I moving the Pootle now?
18:02 cait1 hm no objection from me
18:02 cait1 but I think it will take a bit until rangi shows up
18:05 druthb That's okay.
18:05 druthb @later tell rangi please change the DNS at your soonest convenience. The new addy is
18:05 huginn druthb: The operation succeeded.
18:23 rangi Will do as soon as I get to a computer
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19:06 rangi cait:[…]oha_bugs_database
19:07 cait ah that's good too
19:07 cait thx :)
19:10 rangi @later tell druthb dns changed
19:10 huginn rangi: The operation succeeded.
19:10 druthb thanks, rangi!  :)
19:10 druthb rangi++
19:12 cait rnagi++
19:12 cait rangi++ even
19:12 rangi heh
19:13 druthb cait++    #wait, what?  I need a *reason*?
19:13 cait no cheating!
19:14 druthb :P
19:14 druthb I guess it's official now--the new TM is officially clueless.  :P
19:15 cait you will figure things out
19:18 * druthb needs foodz.  Back in a bit.
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19:18 cait good morning kathryn :)
19:18 kathryn and a lovely eve to you cait!
19:19 cait oh thx :)
19:24 rangi[…]ons.git;a=summary
19:34 * wizzyrea waves
19:40 cait hi wizzyrea :)
19:40 cait wizzyrea: can you maybe fix the link on the koha wiki? I tried logging in and get it send me my password... but it didn't work
19:40 cait the download link for 3.10 is wrong
19:41 wizzyrea wait, on the wiki?
19:41 wizzyrea what link on the wiki
19:41 cait um blog
19:41 cait sorry :)
19:41 rangi yeah .. what you talking bout
19:41 rangi :)
19:41 cait wiki I could do myself
19:41 wizzyrea lol :) yes I can do that
19:41 cait thank you
19:41 cait see wizzyrea understands me :P
19:42 wizzyrea which page is wrong?
19:43 wizzyrea and how is it wrong
19:43 wizzyrea because it always points to "latest.tar.gz"
19:43 wizzyrea and if "latest.tar.gz" isn't the latest, that's not something I can fix (I think)
19:45 cait wizzyrea: the blog entry about the 3.10 release
19:45 cait the download link in there
19:46 cait[…]leased/#more-3959
19:47 cait it's missing .000 - see here:
19:47 cait
19:49 rangi new german on the list cait :)
19:49 cait hm the name looks familiar
19:51 cait will have to check my archives tomorrow
19:52 wizzyrea cait: done
19:52 cait thank you :) and sorry for being confusing :)
19:52 wizzyrea no worries
20:06 cait wizzyrea++
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21:04 cait hi drojf
21:10 jcamins_away I can fix latest.tar.gz.
21:10 jcamins_away What's the problem?
21:10 wahanui the problem is it's human beings doing it. Rebuild your indexes.
21:11 cait hi jcamins
21:11 cait I don't know about problems with latest, there was a wrong link on the blog
21:14 jcamins Oh, I can't do anything about that.
21:14 rangi wizzyrea fixed it already
21:15 jcamins Oh, good.
21:18 jcamins cait++
21:20 jcamins BTW, you should all know that the apocalypse is upon us.
21:20 jcamins Myshkin was abandoned!
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21:21 cait jcamins: ohno!
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21:35 eythian hi
21:45 cait hey eythian
21:45 eythian hi cait
22:11 jcamins bug 8443
22:11 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8443 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolyn.somers, Needs Signoff , Suggestions : publication year and copyright date
22:12 cait jcamins: hope you agree
22:13 cait hm
22:13 jcamins Yup.
22:14 * cait wonders if the focus should be 'somewhere' like in the first field when you add a new authorized value or itemtype
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23:34 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Merge branch 'bug_7358' into 3.12-master <[…]acdfc0538c58760d6> / Bug 7358: reaffect a closed basket to a closed basketgroup <[…]7b5af6a3c4e0fae87> / Merge branch 'bug_9073' into 3.12-master <[…]=commitdiff;h=de8
23:36 jcamins rangi: it's not quite as good as your Gondor e-mail, but I managed to use the word "loth" on Bugzilla.
23:36 rangi :)
23:43 rangi bug 8557 sounds like a local use problem
23:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=8557 normal, P3, ---, christophe.croullebois, Passed QA , in and the use of a barcode scan send the form unexpectedly
23:43 rangi you can program the barcode scanner to not send a carriage return
23:43 rangi thus not submitting a form
23:43 jenkins_koha Starting build #953 for job Koha_master (previous build: FIXED)
23:44 jcamins I can't really understand why you *wouldn't* want the scanner to submit the form, though.
23:44 rangi yeah
23:44 rangi probably because the barcode is halfway down the form
23:44 rangi and they scan it, without filling in the rest first
23:44 jcamins However, I find acquisitions totally unusable.
23:45 rangi yeah i want to create a simple acquisitions module, and just leave that as it is .. presumably it works for french libraries
23:45 rangi but starting a fresh one, which you can choose to use from sysprefs seems the least dangerous path
23:46 jcamins Makes sense to me.
23:52 jcamins Ooh, I like the Sudoc icons.

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