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01:02 * jcamins_away informs whoever is around that Mark 1 appears to be working pretty well.
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01:02 Oak \o
01:04 jcamins_away Oak: my heading flipper script appears to work. And I will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :)
01:04 Oak :) cool
01:05 Oak jcamins++
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01:05 * Oak is researching what is the proper way to hold the steering of a car
01:06 jcamins_away Oak: at ten and two.[…]steering-methods/
01:07 * jcamins_away has never seen someone turn a car without crossing their hands.
01:07 Oak aaah. i am also seeing this 10 and 2... everywhere.
01:08 jcamins_away Oak: that's because it's the right way to position your hands.
01:08 Oak my father saw me driving with 9 and 3 position and has be nagging me that i hold it wrong
01:08 Oak hmm
01:09 jcamins_away I suppose if it works for you there's nothing wrong with it.
01:09 jcamins_away The reason not to put your hands at 9 and 3 is that it's much harder to make small adjustments.
01:09 Oak hmm
01:10 jcamins_away It's easier to _pull_ the steering wheel _down_ than push it up.
01:10 jcamins_away You know, this reminds me of something: I'm so glad I practically never have to drive anymore.
01:10 Oak i should at least try 10 and 2. never liked to put my hands high-ish. so. but i should try definitely.
01:11 Oak :) why who drives for you now?
01:11 jcamins_away I live in New York.
01:11 Oak ah
01:11 Oak got it
01:11 jcamins_away No need to drive at all. :)
01:11 Oak :)
01:11 jcamins_away It's great!
01:12 Oak cabs and trains?
01:12 Oak and walking is sometimes faster to reach somewhere i hear
01:12 jcamins_away Trains, and sometimes buses, when it's too far to walk.
01:13 jcamins_away About twice a week I walk from uptown to midtown, though.
01:13 Oak NY!
01:13 Oak cool. walking is nice in new york i'd think
01:13 jcamins_away Meh. It's loud, crowded, and dirty.
01:13 jcamins_away But at least it's not claustrophobic.
01:14 Oak hmm :)
01:24 Oak hmm:[…]ng-all-wrong?lite
01:25 Oak and[…]crashes-emergency
01:34 jcamins_away Interesting.
01:36 Oak yup :) and saw one very good video on another topic:[…]ms&feature=relmfu
01:37 Oak and parallel parking:[…]M&feature=related
01:37 jcamins_away I hate parallel parking.
01:38 Oak that video makes it look so easy
01:38 Oak i'll surely try what they are saying... makes sense
01:39 Oak well, 6:45 am here on a Sunday. i'll go back to sleep.
01:39 Oak later jcamins_away ... be back in may be 2 hours.
01:40 jcamins_away Bye.
02:22 jcamins_away @later tell rangi Do we have a concrete reason not to use XML::LibXML::SAX other than "parsers other than XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser are funky"?
02:22 huginn jcamins_away: The operation succeeded.
02:47 jcamins_away @later tell fredericd Are there still problems with parsers other than MARC::XML::File and  XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser?
02:47 huginn jcamins_away: The operation succeeded.
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05:32 eythian_ <-- kohacon talk planning in progress
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06:30 eythian_ <-- an hour further into the talk planning
06:40 nihkil joined #koha
06:41 nihkil hallo
06:43 nihkil nobody here?
06:45 nikhil joined #koha
06:45 nikhil hallo
06:47 nikhil i have some doubt about koha 3.80
06:48 nikhil i have some doubt about koha 3.8
06:48 nikhil joined #koha
06:48 nikhil hallo
06:48 nikhil nobody here
06:53 eythian_ @later tell nikhil just ask your question, don't ask about asking.
06:53 huginn eythian_: The operation succeeded.
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07:34 cait hi #koha
07:35 rangi hi cait
07:35 cait evening rangi
07:36 eythian_ hi cait
07:36 cait evening eythian
07:37 eythian_ <-- current talk plans. Comments welcome
07:38 rangi looks like a good outline
07:39 eythian_ comments that'll help me fill it out a bit more welcome ;)
07:39 cait :)
07:39 eythian_ though, I think it'll probably pretty much about right time-wise
07:39 eythian_ once I've finished the bits I haven't done yet
07:40 * eythian_ finds the Cabin Pressure series to be pretty good for planning a presentation to.
07:40 eythian_ Also, beers
07:41 cait heh
07:42 eythian_ cait: reminds me, I hope you know all the good breweries in and around Konstanz for me to investigate.
07:43 cait I might be not the best source for that
07:43 eythian_ You're a poor German ;)
07:43 cait I am
07:43 cait in this regard
07:43 eythian_ Aside from the organisation stress thing :)
07:43 cait but I am also a librarian, you will get your information
07:43 wahanui okay, cait.
07:43 eythian_ haha
07:43 cait lol
07:43 eythian_ excellent :D
07:43 eythian_ wahanui: cait
07:43 wahanui That's Ms. Cait to you! or in a very good mood today :) or a librarian, you will get wahanui's information
07:43 cait lol
07:46 eythian_ I wish untapped would let me specify a location
07:46 cait ?
07:47 cait well, I know one place at the harbour with good beer, because I have a friend who started to study brewery before he got to be a librarian
07:47 eythian_
07:47 cait so I can send you there first :)
07:47 eythian_ ah well that's definitely sounding like a good start
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07:48 nihkil hallo
07:48 eythian_ nihkil: you should ask your question :)
07:48 nihkil anybody  here
07:49 nihkil ok
07:49 nihkil i have updated koha from 3.6 4 to 3.8 ...but when tha database restored it shows three errors
07:50 eythian_ during the upgrade?
07:50 eythian_ what are the errors?
07:50 nihkil yea
07:50 eythian_ It's _probably_ OK, but let us know what they are and we should be able to confirm.
07:50 nihkil but the installation went ok
07:51 nihkil i think all are working greately.... except errors
07:52 eythian_ Can you be more specific about the errors
07:52 nihkil sure
07:52 nihkil just a minute
07:53 nihkil i cna give detail about it later... now i have an anothor problem
07:54 eythian_ I like how the kohacon programme includes Elevenses. That's something that should be more popular. Also, it's in my spellcheck apparently.
08:07 * eythian_ buys a bluetooth mouse to carry in my laptop bag. Pity Microsoft still makes the best mice.
08:12 cait true
08:16 eythian_ At least my laptop now has an Ubuntu button instead of a windows button.
08:19 cait :)
08:19 cait mine still has a windows button.... and will have for a while longer
08:19 cait it's still quite new
08:20 eythian_ Mine is very new
08:20 eythian_ And delightfully powerful.
08:25 rangi ouch
08:26 rangi[…]001a4bcf887a.html
08:26 rangi i wish they had it made it clear it was liblime's version, i hate to see Koha tarred with that same brush
08:27 cait eythian: what did you get?
08:27 eythian_ erk. So my parents ISP has: 1) prevented relaying through their server with a username/password, 2) enabled SPF so that using any other relay indicates it may be spam. This prevents any smartphone user (like my mother) from using their email on their phone away from home.
08:28 rangi how silly
08:29 eythian_ <-- cait, this but with the specs increased.
08:30 eythian_ it is quite
08:30 cait looks familiar
08:30 cait :)
08:31 eythian_ to me too, because I have one in front of me right now.
08:33 cait was more thinking about rangi's
08:33 eythian_ well you weren't specific
08:34 eythian_ rangi: that's pretty terrible
08:34 eythian_ although despite the fact it's Liblime, I'd still give good odds that it's really workflow issues with the library.
08:35 rangi yep
08:35 cait hm not sure
08:36 cait being slow and double calling patrons?
08:37 eythian_ Well, "response time, searching" isn't defined.
08:37 eythian_ Double calling could well be.
08:37 eythian_ Multiple people running the same report, or something like that.
08:38 cait hm yes
09:02 chilts eythian_: how souped up did you get the Alto?
09:03 eythian_ chilts: 8GB, i7 (the cheaper one), 500GB HD + 4GB SSD buffer. Also extra charger and battery.
09:04 eythian_ It's very quick
09:04 chilts and it's "delightfully powerful" you say ... that sounds a bit like what I want :)
09:04 chilts I probably won't get as muchhard drive space, maybe 6G or 8G depending on price
09:05 chilts (actually, only comes in 4, 8 or 16G - 8 it is then) :)
09:05 eythian_ chilts: well, it's 500GB. The SSD part is just to make it faster
09:06 eythian_ But the 8GB was sizably more expensive
09:07 eythian_ Also, it only comes in 4 and 8, so maybe you're looking somewhere else
09:07 chilts ok ... important this one, Tux or Ubuntu logo?
09:07 eythian_ I got Ubuntu
09:07 eythian_ rangi got tux
09:07 chilts I'd get Tux :)
09:07 chilts even though I use Ubuntu
09:07 eythian_ I didn't put a lot of thought into it :)
09:07 chilts when I said 6G or 8G above, I was referring to memory (even though it was on the same line as the hdd)
09:08 eythian_ It's not on the same line as the hdd
09:08 chilts and did you get charged GST on the way in?
09:08 eythian_ it's the line above
09:08 eythian_ yes
09:08 chilts 09:04:28 < chilts> I probably won't get as muchhard drive space, maybe 6G or 8G depending on price
09:08 chilts same line :)
09:08 eythian_ That's very confusing :)
09:09 chilts I know, that's why you were confused
09:09 chilts but that's only 'coz HDDs now have memory
09:09 eythian_ The main impetus for mine is that I'm spending a few months in Yurp from june, and need a development machine.
09:09 eythian_ This is an ideal dev machine
09:10 eythian_ Oh, if you don't mind waiting, they're setting up a shop in wellington
09:10 eythian_ Not sure of the timeframe, but this year some time.
09:10 eythian_ ibeardslee may know if he's about
09:10 chilts yeah, I've been speaking to Cathy on Twitter a lot since she's been here
09:11 eythian_ ah right
09:11 chilts am just wondering about what you got charged on the way in
09:11 chilts if any
09:11 eythian_ 15%+~$25 or so
09:12 chilts righto, so the $25 is an additional charge for clearing or something
09:12 chilts cool
09:12 eythian_ I factored that in to my calculations, but tbh I think this laptop will last me a good long time.
09:12 eythian_ yeah
09:12 eythian_ MAF
09:12 chilts yeah, should be a while
09:12 chilts of course I'd claim the 15% back anyway
09:12 chilts so I shouldn't worry :)
09:12 eythian_ Ah, nice
09:12 eythian_ Had I been smarter, I would have bought it through catalyst and done that too
09:12 chilts heh, true :)
09:13 eythian_ given I'll be using it for work anyway
09:13 chilts yeah, might have worked out well for you
09:13 chilts yurp==europe?
09:13 eythian_ But mostly it's nice having something where I know that it'll come back from suspend, and when I plug a projector in it magically works.
09:13 eythian_ yeah
09:13 eythian_ Going for KohaCon and staying for a few months
09:14 cait :)
09:14 chilts yeah, coming back from suspend is one of my new must-haves :)
09:14 chilts ok, gotta scoot ... night all &
09:14 eythian_ I've actually had good luck with that, there was a time where my old old laptop didn't
09:14 eythian_ then a new upgrade came out and it did
09:14 eythian_ since then, everything has worked
09:14 eythian_ I think it's 90% solved in Linux
09:15 eythian_ later
09:15 cait later
09:17 * cait starts with her accounting homework
09:32 eythian_ <-- think I've finished with my talk planning
09:32 eythian_ Now I just need to do with my packaging talk
09:32 eythian_ That should be mostly demonstration though, so not so big.
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12:30 druthb o/
12:30 jcamins o/
12:41 * cait waves
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19:13 cait wahanui: 6 * 35
19:13 wahanui 210
19:18 ibeardslee chilts, eythian etc .. there has been some vague discussion about getting a silver fern sticker to replace that warped box on the key (zareason lappies)
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19:47 rangi Morning
19:47 jcamins Happy birthday!
19:47 rangi @wunder nzwn
19:47 cait Happy birthday :)
19:47 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 4.0°C (7:00 AM NZST on May 21, 2012). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
19:47 rangi Brr
19:47 Topic for #koha is now Happy birthday rangi! Koha 3.80 and 3.6.4 Now Available | Koha Community Website - | General IRC meeting, 13 June 2012 at 18:00 UTC+0
19:48 rangi Thanks
19:51 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "Fun exercise in query optimization!" (1 line) at
19:52 jcamins I have successfully seized up my db with that query, on a small dataset!
19:53 * jcamins sighs, and turns it back into two queries.
19:53 cait what are you trying to do?
19:53 jcamins cait: I want a list of all biblios with a count of the number of issue statistics related to each biblio.
19:54 cait hmm
19:54 rangi Have u tried an explain on it?
19:54 jcamins rangi: yeah, it's going through all records on biblio and statistics.
19:55 cait hm
19:55 cait I wonder
19:55 cait do we really need bilbio items and statistics
19:55 cait ?
19:55 cait you want total issues per biblio?
19:55 jcamins cait: unfortunately, yes.
19:55 jcamins Exactly.
19:55 cait although I am not sure that is useful
19:55 jcamins Very useful here.
19:56 cait no need ot factor in the number of items?
19:56 jcamins Right.
19:56 jcamins I don't care how many items there are.
19:56 cait what do you need it for?
19:56 jcamins Popularity.
19:56 jcamins To populate 942$0.
19:57 jcamins I guess I'll split it into two queries.
19:59 rangi It's a one off? To fix it eh?
19:59 jcamins rangi: not entirely.
20:00 jcamins It could also be used if you want to repopulate your popularity data with only checkouts in the last month.
20:00 rangi Ahh ok
20:00 cait jcamins: I am not sure items are not important here
20:01 jcamins cait: they're irrelevant because I'm populating biblio data not item data.
20:01 cait hm
20:02 cait I think I should go back to do accounting :)
20:03 jcamins Yes you should.
20:03 jcamins Accounting is important.
20:03 cait hmpf
20:05 rangi Yes
20:05 cait hmpf
20:05 jcamins Okay, that worked.
20:05 jcamins 68 seconds.
20:06 jcamins In test mode.
20:06 jcamins For 164k records.
20:06 rangi Nice
20:07 jcamins Should I try non-test mode?
20:07 rangi After a backup :)
20:07 jcamins Good plan.
20:09 jcamins This is going to take a while.
20:11 rangi My stop bbiab
20:15 kathryn hiyas
20:15 cait hi kathryn :)
20:16 kathryn hey cait, it was a two-wooley-hats day on the ferry today brrrr
20:16 cait brrr
20:16 cait @wunder Konstanz
20:16 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 18.0°C (10:00 PM CEST on May 20, 2012). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: 10.0°C. Pressure: 29.57 in 1001 hPa (Falling).
20:16 cait quite warm here today
20:16 kathryn @wunder Wellington nz
20:16 huginn kathryn: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 4.0°C (8:00 AM NZST on May 21, 2012). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Windchill: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Rising).
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20:20 ibeardslee brrr .. come back summer, I'm sorry
20:21 rangi frosty
20:22 kathryn what did you do to scare it away ibeardslee?
20:22 cait ibeardslee: sorry, summer is here now and is going to stay for a while :)
20:22 ibeardslee summer .. it has no commitment
20:37 rangi slef: you awake, near a computer?
20:40 rangi i guess i should write a blogpost about the userday
20:47 cait yes, you should :)
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20:48 cait kohacon12 program is
20:48 rangi yay!
20:58 * ibeardslee as a couple of days to work on his flexbility to fold himself suitcase sized
20:59 cait lol
21:07 jcamins LEFT JOINs with more than two tables don't work the way I thought they would, do they?
21:07 jcamins (answer: nope)
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23:56 jcamins My dinner just exploded.
23:57 eythian That sounds not ideal
23:59 ibeardslee not a pie was it?

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