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03:13 Oak kia ora #koha
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05:46 druthb o/
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05:57 * druthb tackle-hugs cait
05:57 Oak Ahoy cait
05:59 cait huh?
05:59 cait hi :)
05:59 cait druthb: be careful with your tackle hugs, I am not totally awake yet :)
05:59 Oak where's you eye patch today cait?
06:00 cait my eye patch?
06:00 adnc joined #koha
06:00 Oak never mind :)
06:01 Oak just waking you up i guess
06:09 Oak me go now
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06:58 * druthb tackle-hugs cait again.
07:02 cait lol
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07:23 bag heya druthb
07:23 druthb hey, bag
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07:29 druthb cait++  #like I need a *reason*
07:30 cait :)
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09:19 Oak Ahoy me hearties
09:19 Oak @later tell Brooke
09:19 huginn Oak: The operation succeeded.
09:20 cait wb Oak
09:20 Oak :) how was breakfast?
09:21 Oak never mind. i suck at smalltalk.
09:21 cait heh :) yummy
09:21 cait how is your day? :)
09:23 Oak good... because I read that:
09:23 Oak you read it too
09:23 Oak now
09:25 cait heh
09:25 cait that is an order?
09:26 Oak yup
09:26 cait I did and it's good :)
09:27 Oak and followed and read Bronnie Ware's link also?
09:28 cait now i did
09:28 cait thx for sharing
09:28 cait :)
09:28 Oak hmm. np.
09:32 druthb oooo...that is good.
09:33 Oak :)
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14:36 jcamins_away gaetan_B: Hello! If you're looking for a Koha-related thing to do to pass the time, you could take a look at bug 7998 and sign off on it. :)
14:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7998 critical, P5 - low, ---, wizzyrea, Signed Off , 3.8 UI cleanup, tweaks to new styles
14:38 cait gaetan_B: i think that would be good - lots of people waiting for it
14:38 gaetan_B jcamins_away: hello :) well i need to prepare this week's work :( not sure i'll find the time for signing a bug today...
14:38 jcamins_away gaetan_B: it's already signed off, so you could just encourage paul_p to push it tomorrow.
14:38 gaetan_B (i'm going to be travel to 3 different cities in the next 5 days and need to prepare something for all this...)
14:39 gaetan_B ok ok i'll have a look then :)
14:39 cait :)
14:39 jcamins_away Thanks. He wanted you to check that it didn't look like it would cause any problems before he pushed it.
14:39 cait so it's a bit stuck right now :)
14:40 gaetan_B hmm thought i had answered to him already on the ticket ?
14:40 jcamins_away gaetan_B: oh, yes you did.
14:40 jcamins_away Never mind.
14:40 jcamins_away I didn't realize that.
14:41 jcamins_away gaetan_b++
14:43 jcamins_away Hm.
14:43 jcamins_away This is weird.
14:44 * jcamins_away tries Z39.50 searches a few more times before telling everyone what's weird.
14:45 jcamins cait: could you please add a new Z39.50 server and set the encoding to MARC-8?
14:45 jcamins Then try to edit the server again.
14:46 cait oh give me a minute
14:46 cait bit covered in bills right now
14:46 jcamins Take your time.
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15:01 gaetan_B wizzyrea: hello :) was .newsitem { font-weight: 600; } added to balance the opacity on newsitem ?
15:01 * gaetan_B is having troubles with his internet connection today...
15:02 jcamins gaetan_B: I believe that was the idea, yes.
15:02 gaetan_B jcamins: that's the only thing i'm not fond of, as it removes the possiblity to make text bold in the news
15:03 gaetan_B (making the wysiwyg editor less useful then)
15:03 jcamins gaetan_B: if I do a follow-up patch removing that, will you sign off (it'll just take a second) and tell Paul that it looks good to push? :)
15:03 gaetan_B jcamins: deal :)
15:04 gaetan_B removing transparency or the boldness ?
15:04 jcamins Boldness.
15:04 gaetan_B actually when we did it with asaurat
15:04 gaetan_B at first we wanted the news to be transparent
15:04 gaetan_B but we gave up because it had to be inherited
15:04 gaetan_B and we thought the text would then be hard to read
15:05 jcamins Hm.
15:06 jcamins gaetan_B: I think it looks fine without the bold, too.
15:06 gaetan_B jcamins: yes i just tried and i thing it's alright
15:06 gaetan_B *think
15:07 jcamins Okay, patch attached for your sign off. :)
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15:11 Oak kia ora #koha
15:14 gaetan_B jcamins: do i need to sign it off again (status is already signed off on bugzilla) or a comment will be enough ?
15:15 gaetan_B (i haven't signed off a bug with multiple patches yet)
15:15 jcamins gaetan_B: you only need to sign off on the follow-up.
15:15 jcamins If you prefer, you can also comment saying that you like the changes, and I can add the sign off for you.
15:16 gaetan_B do i just need to git commit --amend -s  ?
15:16 jcamins Exactly.
15:17 gaetan_B ok that was easy :)
15:18 jcamins Yup. :)
15:20 gaetan_B ok, done. I'll send an email to paul as i'll be to busy this week to talk to him
15:20 jcamins Thanks!
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17:26 cait jcamins++ :)
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19:32 rangi Morning
19:32 cait morning :)
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19:38 rangi gaetan++ #7998 sign off
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20:54 rangi back
20:54 cait wb
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22:09 jenkins_koha Starting build #725 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
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22:25 Space_Librarian ola
22:28 rangi hi Space_Librarian
22:30 Space_Librarian hey rangi - how are you?
22:31 rangi not too bad, crazy busy, but thats not unusual, how are you? will i see you friday?
22:31 Space_Librarian yes you will see me Friday. Looking forward to the day.
22:31 rangi excellent
22:32 Space_Librarian And I can imagine the crazy busy too. Hope you're getting a little respite, yes?
22:32 rangi probably be crazy up until kohacon
22:32 Space_Librarian O.o
22:33 Space_Librarian That's a great deal of crazy
22:36 rangi *nod*
23:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #725: SUCCESS in 54 min: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/725/
23:14 Irma joined #koha
23:17 rangi hi Irma
23:18 Irma Hi there rangi
23:18 Irma How are you?
23:18 rangi busy but good, and you?
23:18 Irma same here but had a lovely day "Mother'sDay" yesterday :-)
23:19 rangi excellent
23:19 Irma cycling and dining and reading ... very nice...
23:20 Irma focus is on the 3 weeks prior to KohaCon12 and the various priorities
23:20 papa joined #koha
23:20 rangi yup
23:21 rangi have you had the australia user group thing?
23:21 Irma yes and about 15 people attended
23:21 rangi cool
23:22 Irma with much enthusiasm for another get together in a few months (in Melbourne)
23:22 rangi excellent
23:22 Irma Hopefully meetings in other cities will spring up too
23:24 Irma these create another opportunity of community around Koha and libraries as shared interest
23:24 rangi *nod*
23:25 rangi if we could get a minutes type thing done for each one and reported back, that would be really cool
23:25 rangi even if it was just a blogpost
23:25 Irma Moyra McAllister is writing one and asked me to post it on the Koha wiki
23:26 rangi perfect
23:28 Irma ... Cheers, c u later rangi ...
23:30 rangi cya later

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