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03:10 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
03:11 kmkale and merry Christmas :)
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03:15 kmkale Namaste Irma :-D
04:03 kmkale @weather Thane
04:03 huginn kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 26.0�C (9:10 AM IST on December 24, 2011). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Rising).
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04:08 Oak kia ora #koha
04:51 kmkale @quote random
04:51 huginn kmkale: Quote #144: "library_systems_guy: (xslt) looks like html and lisp had an ugly baby." (added by wizzyrea at 08:48 PM, June 30, 2011)
04:51 kmkale @quote random
04:51 huginn kmkale: Quote #171: "rangi: I find proprietary software unethical. So even if it made me coffee and polished my shoes everyday, it would still suck" (added by wizzyrea at 08:10 PM, December 08, 2011)
04:51 kmkale @quote random
04:51 huginn kmkale: Quote #74: "<owen> chris: Not to mention the cute kid quote AI you've been developing. that takes a lot of cycles" (added by gmcharlt at 01:11 PM, May 18, 2010)
04:51 kmkale @quote random
04:51 huginn kmkale: Quote #100: "chris: well, one of them is overhauling the whole templating system jcamins: Koha's other swiss army chainsaw" (added by wizzyrea at 07:41 PM, October 11, 2010)
04:51 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
04:52 kmkale @quote random
04:52 huginn kmkale: Quote #77: "*chris_n wants to know if nengard figures out how to do 1 million things at once... and if she will release the source code or not" (added by jdavidb at 05:02 PM, June 21, 2010)
04:58 BobB Namaste kmkale
04:59 kmkale Namaste BobB :) and Merry Christmas !!!
04:59 BobB Happy Christmas to you.  All's well?
05:00 BobB @later ask magnus_away if Santa's sleigh has left yet?
05:00 huginn BobB: I suck
05:01 BobB There, there, huginn, the Christmas break will do you good.  :)
05:03 BobB Merry Christmas #koha
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07:46 cait hi #koha
07:47 kmkale Hi cait Merry Christmas :)
07:48 cait merry christmas kmkale :)
07:59 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:59 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 4.0�C (8:54 AM CET on December 24, 2011). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 30.25 in 1024.3 hPa (Steady).
07:59 Oak Good Morning cait :) Happy Holidays \o/
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07:59 Oak @wunder islamabad
07:59 huginn Oak: The current temperature in Islamabad, Pakistan is 13.0�C (12:00 PM PKT on December 24, 2011). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
07:59 cait thx Oak :)
08:00 Oak :)
08:02 Oak later. need to go out/
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11:38 Micky How you doing everybody?
11:39 Micky I am a bigner for Koha but I would like to know more about Koha.
11:40 Micky Anybody could help me where I can get Video tutorials about Koha?
12:38 jcamins_away Micky:
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15:31 Oak Happy Holidays #koha :o)
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16:53 cait merry christmas #koha
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17:21 magnus_away happy holidays #koha!
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18:07 libsysguy Merry Christmas #Koha
18:26 libsysguy ok so if anybody is on and has an idea about this I'd like to hear it…what would you say to ILL integration in Koha?
18:26 * libsysguy is sick of working with Illiad
18:40 libsysguy just for the IRC record…i just found the bug and RFC regarding ILL's and this site
18:47 bag libsysguy: that should work with Koha..  but the basis of fulfillment is EG
18:47 bag not that is a probably - you'll just need to learn a few new techinques
18:47 bag s/probably/problem
18:50 libsysguy true bag, but I think integrating shouldn't be too hard
18:50 libsysguy bag i hear you have nengard on the testing cases of hourly
18:55 libsysguy is now known as libsysguy_afk
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20:21 libsysguy anybody know how to export libguides pages?
20:22 libsysguy guess that should have been @off-topic
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