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03:11 eythian wahanui: marc
03:11 wahanui
03:16 eythian[…]ember/006326.html <-- just for anyone interested, here's a description of events I wrote to a mailing list about the trademark business.
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04:04 kmkale Namaskaar #koha
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04:14 Oak kia ora #koha
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04:32 cait morning #koha
04:34 Oak Guten Morgen Miss cait :)
04:37 Oak breakfast huh :)
04:44 cait heh :)
04:44 cait not yet
04:44 cait how is your CV coming along?
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04:45 cait morning AmitG
04:46 AmitG heya cait
04:49 Oak cait it's done. want to see it?
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05:00 cait Oak: sure :)
05:00 cait sorry, was making tea in the kitchen
05:01 Oak okay will email.
05:01 Oak no problem at all cait. don't worry about it.
05:01 cait only if you want to
05:02 cait I am really not an expert - so can't say much about it
05:05 Oak oh no worries. i'll send so you know how it's done. hehe.
05:05 Oak sorry. just kidding.
05:06 cait might be true still :)
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05:23 semarie hi, someone here for public security issue (already) published on internet ?
05:24 cait hi semarie
05:24 cait wrong time probably
05:25 cait yesterday was thanksgiving in us
05:25 cait does it affect  koha too?
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05:27 semarie yes
05:27 semarie it is published here:
05:27 semarie it just report it in bugzilla as Bug 7265
05:28 cait how hard is it to fix it?
05:28 cait hm huginn is missing
05:29 semarie the exploit relies on language selection (the cookie KohaOpacLanguage)
05:30 cait I don't know a lot about how these things work - what can someone do using this exploit?
05:30 semarie an unauthentificated atacked can read all file that apache user can.
05:30 semarie fior example the config file of koha (with credentials)
05:31 semarie and after attack the mysql server for example...
05:32 cait ouch
05:32 cait ok
05:32 cait that's really really bad then
05:33 cait can you send a patch? or will someone else have to?
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05:35 semarie I can try to do mitigation, by regex the cookie
05:38 semarie I have updated bugzilla, see bug 6629
05:42 cait oh no
05:42 cait I see now you have reported that a longe rwhile ago :(
05:45 cait that's not good
05:46 cait that this didn't get any attention
05:51 rangi yep
05:51 rangi we need a patch for that
05:52 rangi well, thats my fault, i thought the priority was low because of the stripping \0
05:54 semarie a manner to add the \0 was found...
05:54 rangi yeah :(
05:55 rangi it think a regex in getlanguagecookie is the fastest fix
05:55 semarie a patch is done (see 6629): but it a raw patch. I have no time now (I come back, in 1 hour)
05:55 rangi ill look
05:55 semarie getlanguagecookie was not used...
05:55 rangi ah
05:55 semarie getlanguagecookie take only the two first characters of cookie...
05:55 rangi ahh, so thats safe
05:56 rangi right
05:56 rangi that patch looks good to me
05:56 semarie a better patch should used getlanguagecookie
05:56 rangi im going to make it into a git patch
05:56 semarie ok, i will see in 1 hour
05:56 rangi yup, a follow up can do that
05:59 rangi i suspect 6628 is the same
05:59 cait rangi: glad to see you :)
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06:19 Suzzane Hallo everyone..
06:19 cait hi Suzzane
06:19 Suzzane Cait, kindly tell me, i want to try configuring koha
06:19 cait koha manual?
06:19 cait manual?
06:19 wahanui i guess manual is at
06:20 cait ah there :) the manual is a good place to start
06:20 Suzzane i know how to open it
06:20 cait have you already done the installation?
06:20 rangi k it needs sign off now
06:20 rangi cait, can you please test that with the patch you can still change language
06:20 cait rangi: not sure how to test it?
06:20 cait ah
06:20 Suzzane just wanted to know if i should start from chapter 1 or i go straight to chapter 13
06:20 cait yes I certainly can
06:20 rangi thank yuo
06:21 Suzzane the programmer is installing it
06:21 cait it really depends
06:21 Suzzane Cait, kindly check my last question and advice
06:21 cait it's hard to tell Suzzane
06:21 cait people learn differently
06:22 Suzzane ok....
06:22 cait I am more the trial and error person
06:22 cait but koha is quite intuitive
06:22 cait it will be ok :)
06:22 Suzzane ok....
06:22 Suzzane let me try
06:22 cait I think I would skim through the manual and when you have a first impression read about configuration parameters
06:22 Suzzane incase i get stuck will come back and ask
06:22 cait they willmake more sense once you know how koha does things
06:22 cait yes, you can always do that :)
06:23 Suzzane ok....:-)
06:23 cait rangi, semarie: applying patch now
06:23 Suzzane let me go through the whole manual first then
06:24 Suzzane thanks
06:24 cait there are also a lot of video tutorials
06:24 cait that can be helpful
06:24 cait video tutorials?
06:24 cait tutorials?
06:24 cait hm.
06:24 Suzzane ok...
06:24 cait wahanui hasn't the link, let me search for it
06:24 wahanui cait: sorry...
06:24 Suzzane where do i get them?
06:24 cait[…]ation/other-docs/
06:24 Suzzane thanks for that
06:25 cait wahanui: video tutorials are[…]/tutorial-videos/
06:25 wahanui OK, cait.
06:27 cait rangi: installing languages...
06:27 rangi ta
06:28 cait no worries :)
06:28 Suzzane thanks cait. got it
06:29 cait rangi: it should remember the language I selected, when closing and reopening the browser?
06:29 cait rangi: ok, that doesn't work on master too
06:29 cait perhaps something in my settings
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06:32 cait weird!!
06:32 cait my git bz apply didn't work but didn't complain
06:33 rangi hmmm
06:33 cait rangi: nope
06:33 cait perl errros
06:33 rangi k
06:33 rangi whats the error
06:33 cait sec
06:34 pastebot "cait" at pasted "Software error: Bareword "getl" (7 lines) at
06:34 rangi ah
06:34 rangi 2 secs
06:35 cait np, waiting for a new patch
06:36 rangi new patch
06:36 rangi there now
06:36 cait ok checking
06:37 cait litte whitespace error
06:37 cait /home/katrin/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply/patch:15: trailing whitespace.
06:37 cait $lang = getlanguagecookie;
06:37 cait hm still get the perl error
06:37 cait wonder if git bz picked up the new patch
06:39 rangi mm no
06:39 rangi because the new one is differeent to that
06:39 rangi hmm
06:40 * rangi tries again
06:40 cait also checked, was the right patch
06:40 cait attachement 6400
06:41 rangi hmm new one again
06:41 rangi try that
06:41 rangi 6401
06:41 cait on it
06:42 cait Can't call method "cookie" on an undefined value at /home/katrin/kohaclone/C4/ line 323.
06:43 rangi gah
06:43 rangi im a dumbarse
06:43 rangi 2 secs again!
06:43 cait no you are not
06:43 * cait resets her branch to master
06:44 rangi and now
06:44 cait sec
06:44 cait yep
06:45 cait switching languages works
06:45 rangi yay
06:46 rangi can you paste the url for switching langauge just the bit from /cgi-bin/ on
06:46 cait and seems the cookie remembers my selection too
06:46 rangi cool
06:46 cait /koha/
06:46 rangi ta
06:47 cait checking for admin too
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06:55 cait hi kmkale
06:55 cait :)
06:56 kmkale hi cait
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07:20 cait morning magnuse bbiab
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07:23 alex_a hello
07:30 magnuse bonjour alex_a
07:37 alex_a morning magnuse
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07:41 kf back
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07:45 magnuse kia ora kf
07:46 kf hi again magnuse
07:46 rangi semarie: are you around?
07:46 semarie yes
07:46 rangi all three patches now sanitize both of the variables
07:47 rangi ive made one for master, 3.4.x and for 3.2.x
07:47 julian_m hi all
07:48 magnuse is now known as magnus_bbl
07:48 rangi so when paul_p is about i think we should get them pushed
07:48 semarie the version for 3.4.x don't work (vul still present)
07:48 rangi hmmm
07:49 rangi works here
07:49 rangi i wonder if i sent the wrong patch
07:49 semarie you have patched the themelanguage_lite function
07:49 semarie but the vulnerable code don't call it
07:49 rangi ahhh theres 2 themelanuages in 3.4
07:49 rangi how annoying
07:50 semarie search in C4/ for 'KohaOpacLanguage'
07:50 rangi right modified patch coming soon
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07:52 rangi semarie: can you try that now please?
07:53 semarie ok
07:53 semarie ok (i try)
07:55 semarie patch ok for 3.4.x
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07:57 rangi yay
07:57 rangi thank you
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07:59 reiveune hello
08:00 rangi reiveune: is paul_p at work today?
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08:01 reiveune hi rangi, he is not here for the moment
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08:02 AmitG heya julian_m, rangi
08:02 julian_m hi AmitG
08:04 reiveune rangi: Paul will not work today I think
08:05 AmitG heya reiveune
08:05 wahanui rumour has it reiveune is connected through the VPN
08:05 rangi crap
08:05 rangi have a look at bug 6629
08:06 rangi it has a published exploit in the wild now
08:06 reiveune hi AmitG
08:06 rangi @later tell paul_p please look at bug 6629 and push the patch
08:06 rangi oh no
08:06 rangi no huginn
08:07 rangi :(
08:07 kf yep, he died yesterday and nobody has brought him back yet
08:07 rangi gmcharlt is the one who can
08:08 reiveune rangi: Paul has just arrived
08:08 rangi yay!
08:08 rangi :)
08:08 alex_a paul is here \o/
08:09 alex_a :)
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08:09 rangi semarie: bug 6628 if you craft the regex i can do patches for that one too
08:09 * rangi has had a long long long week and his brain isnt working good enough to do a working regex
08:12 kf rangi++
08:12 kf semarie++
08:13 kf thx for fixing this so fast!
08:13 matts_away is now known as matts
08:16 semarie rangi: for help files we should only keep [a-zA-Z0-9._/-]
08:17 rangi right
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08:17 paul_p good morning Europe !
08:17 paul_p hello rangi
08:18 rangi hiya paul_p
08:18 rangi would you be able to look at bug 6629 and push the patch for master
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08:25 francharb morning
08:26 semarie rangi: this regexp was a bad suggestion... as it include '.' and '/' (could be used to compose "../")
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08:28 semarie rangi: use [a-zA-Z0-9_/-] instead of
08:29 rangi right
08:29 rangi ill try that, but im just patching the last of my servers first
08:30 kmkale rangi: I have a git install of version on my laptop. I tried the culr thing. It returned only the Not the passwd file.
08:30 rangi yeah, its the path
08:30 rangi it will be different
08:30 hdl hi semarie and rangi
08:30 rangi 3.6.0 is def vulnerable
08:31 rangi but it depends wher eyou installed koha, waht the path is
08:31 kmkale so I need to play around with the  number of ../../ ?
08:31 * rangi gets back to patching
08:31 rangi yep
08:31 * kmkale is trying
08:31 rangi ill take more when ive secured the last 3 of my koha servers
08:33 kf kmkale: the relative path to passwd from your directory with
08:33 kf 3.2.x is vulnerable too
08:34 * kmkale is still trying
08:35 rangi kf: i think its the template
08:35 rangi not the .pl
08:35 rangi actually 3.6 might not be vuln
08:35 rangi because of this
08:36 rangi $lang = undef  unless first { $_ eq $lang } @languages;
08:36 rangi yep, that will do it
08:36 rangi so 3.6 is ok
08:36 kmkale :)
08:37 rangi unless you have ../../../etc/ in your syspref that is :)
08:37 * rangi rechecks master
08:38 rangi master is vuln
08:38 rangi 3.6 is ok
08:38 rangi 3.2 an 3.4 are vuln
08:39 rangi actually 3.6.0 is ok
08:39 kmkale yep. The exploit works for a 3.2 standard install
08:39 rangi lemme check 3.6.x
08:39 kmkale just got my p* file :(
08:39 kmkale yikes!!
08:39 semarie kmkale: the pl file in raw (uninterpreted) ?
08:40 rangi hmm no master is ok too
08:40 rangi 3.4 an 3.2 are vuln
08:40 kmkale nope semarie the file I asked for in the cookie
08:40 rangi so we need a 3.4.7
08:40 rangi asap
08:40 rangi phew, not as bad as i thought
08:40 semarie ok, so you successfully exploit the vul...
08:41 rangi the patch from master should be applied too
08:41 kmkale semarie: yep on 3.2 but not on 3.6
08:41 kf rangi: not sure what it is - but I could see the file on 3.2.2
08:41 rangi because it doesnt hurt to have that regexp
08:41 rangi yes, all 3.2.x and all 3.4.x are vuln
08:41 kf we reproduced what you showed me and tested again after applying the patch
08:42 rangi maybe make the change manually, find any place KohaOpac
08:42 rangi and change them
08:42 wahanui rangi: that doesn't look right
08:42 rangi 3.2.x is not going to get another release anyway, i just put that patch up in case it helps
08:45 rangi oh, so that patch does work
08:45 kf I mean, after applying the patch, the urls no longer work. the patch for 3.2 is ok.
08:46 rangi so ppl running any 3.2.x releases should patch them
08:46 kf I can't tell for later 3.2.x versions, but I guess that's right
08:46 rangi one more production server to patch
08:47 rangi i dont think im going to be able to patch 6628 tonight, too tired will make mistakes
08:47 semarie ok all, as the problem is in near resolution, I go back to me usual work... bye
08:48 semarie left #koha
08:48 kmkale I just tried the vul with & I could exploit it. So did the patch change manually and I could no longger exploit the vuln
08:48 rangi yay
08:48 rangi im glad 3.6.0 isnt vuln
08:48 rangi means we jsut have to do 3.4.7
08:49 rangi which is due anyway
08:51 rangi[…]an-trademark-grab
08:58 kmkale I cant exploit it on a server with dev install of
08:59 rangi yep
08:59 rangi master and 3.6.x arent vulnerable
09:00 paul_p is it because of dev install or because of the version ?
09:00 rangi version
09:00 rangi this line
09:01 rangi $lang = undef  unless first { $_ eq $lang } @languages;
09:01 rangi is in 3.6.x and master
09:02 rangi so unless someone has a language of ../../.../../ in their sysprefs .. it wont match :)
09:03 rangi oh have ppl seen
09:03 rangi http://library-matters.blogspo[…]ha-trademark.html
09:05 magnus_bbl yup. yay!
09:05 magnus_bbl the patch for 3.4.x works!
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09:05 paul_p 12k ! wow !!!
09:06 rangi yeah, in 2 days
09:06 rangi amazing
09:07 rangi and most came in 20$ amounts
09:07 magnus_bbl almost 9k USD, right?
09:08 rangi yup
09:08 rangi those lawyers too ... those are some serious lawyers
09:09 kmkale :)
09:10 rangi and pro bono
09:10 rangi awesome!
09:11 magnus_bbl yay!
09:12 kmkale Koha-community++
09:14 rangi now we just need the bot back, so i can leave messages fro chris_n
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09:16 Suzzane HI
09:17 Suzzane i need to ask a question
09:18 kf koha-community++
09:19 kmkale Suzzane: Are you from Kenya?
09:20 Suzzane yes i am
09:21 Suzzane Kale, hiii
09:21 Suzzane can i ask a question?
09:21 kmkale Hi Suzzane how was your travel back?
09:21 kmkale shoot Suzzane dont ask to ask just ask ;)
09:21 Suzzane am having a library meeting
09:22 Suzzane and am trying to explain.....
09:23 Suzzane the difference between 3.4 liblime and 3.6 koha
09:23 Suzzane am having a headache explaining
09:23 Suzzane pls help
09:23 kmkale Suzzane: ouch!!
09:24 rangi one is developeed by a worldwide community of developers, the other by liblime
09:24 rangi and there was never a 3.4 liblime
09:24 rangi they forket before 3.2
09:24 rangi in one branch
09:25 kmkale also the liblime fork is based on older version and hasen't seen nearly as much development as community Koha
09:25 rangi and the other one forked before 3.4
09:25 kmkale Please point out the fact that with liblime koha you will be again stuck with a single vendor
09:25 kmkale so where's the advantage of using an open source project?
09:25 kf they are very different software by now - features and architectural differences
09:28 paul_p (even the logo are different ;-) )
09:28 kmkale Suzzane: Don't get into feature comparison
09:29 Suzzane paul, they are becoming difficult
09:29 Suzzane and rigid
09:29 kmkale just focus on advantages of open source and community
09:30 kf Suzzane: they want to use the liblime version?
09:30 Suzzane before i went for the conference, we had downloaded the liblime version
09:31 kf Suzzane: I think another problem is, no releases
09:31 rangi if someone wants to use the liblime version, even after the last few weeks ... then ... well
09:31 kf there was a security problem found today, and koha will have a release for that, but you never know when they will update their versions
09:32 kf completely dependent on liblime and what they do with it and no way to go back to Koha later, or there are ways but would be a migration
09:35 Suzzane they are just being rigid
09:37 rangi not sure what else we can do, if they want use liblime ils, they should
09:37 Suzzane i want to configure 3.6 version
09:38 kmkale rangi: Suzzane is kinda lone warrier out there in her organization
09:39 rangi yep not sure what we can do about that though
09:39 kmkale Suzzane: just make it into an open source vs psudo proprietary software issue and you will win :)
09:40 kmkale Suzzane: installing 3.6 via deb packages is a snap
09:53 stuartyeates it seems like[…]bleopensource.xml might apply here. not that i used to work for them or anything
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10:05 Suzzane kmkale, they say that liblime has 4.8version
10:05 kf it's only a number
10:05 rangi they do
10:05 kf not a real meaning
10:06 kf the just skipped all in between
10:06 rangi i have 3928301.29043 version if you want
10:06 Suzzane i dont want
10:06 kf what rangi said
10:06 Suzzane am trying to convince them. this is the problem of attending the conference alone
10:06 Suzzane we are not on the same page
10:07 kf hm there are a lot of articles out there
10:07 kf perhaps one of those could help?
10:07 kmkale hey Suzzane i can give you koha version 11.3 ;)
10:07 kf for now you can tell them that they changed the numbering scheme, so you can't compare those
10:07 kmkale how does the number matter?
10:07 magnus_bbl Suzzane: one argument for real koha is the infrastructure: we have all the roles described here: liblime does not
10:08 magnus_bbl they say they have something called 4.8, but the source code that you can download is called 4.2, last time i checked
10:08 magnus_bbl and yes, that is just some ransom number
10:08 magnus_bbl random, not ransom!
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10:10 Suzzane thanks guys for the support
10:11 Suzzane and the answers
10:11 kf Suzzane: pls come back and ask, whenever you have a question
10:13 Suzzane thanks
10:13 jenkins_koha Starting build 536 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 1 mo. 7 j ago)
10:14 magnus_bbl btw: ;-)
10:14 francharb good luck Suzzane and if it turns really difficult, just think "what would ra one do?" ;)
10:14 rangi yay!
10:14 kmkale left #koha
10:16 kf magnus_bbl: nice!
10:18 magnus_bbl i would donate it to hlt, but only norwegian companies/orgs are allowed to hold .no domains...
10:18 magnus_bbl is now known as magnuse
10:19 kf I think if you donate, they have to pay for it too?
10:19 magnuse well, i caould have donated and sponsored, maybe
10:21 Suzzane left #koha
10:24 kf hm yes
10:27 kmkale joined #koha
10:30 Suzzane joined #koha
10:37 Suzzane kmkale, what link do i go to to download 3.6?
10:37 matts is now known as matts_away
10:37 Suzzane i want to see if our programmers used the same
10:38 kf
10:38 Suzzane oh... anyone else can answer
10:38 kmkale Suzzane: have you visited
10:38 Suzzane yes, enough times
10:38 Suzzane i go to downloads?
10:38 francharb
10:39 francharb Suzzane, the debian package is for a 3.4
10:39 francharb i never tested the installation with it
10:39 Suzzane it doesnt show 3.6
10:39 francharb but i'm sure it will be easier this way
10:39 francharb that's right suzanne
10:40 francharb Suzzane,
10:40 francharb
10:40 Suzzane so we download 3.4?
10:40 Suzzane oh
10:40 Suzzane let me see
10:40 francharb Suzzane, check this link
10:41 francharb Suzzane, apparently the debian package is not released yet
10:41 francharb but you have the 'tar.gz' link
10:42 francharb so you can install the latest version with it
10:42 francharb ;)
10:45 kmkale Suzzane: why don't you show them Koha using one of the demo's available on site?
10:45 francharb hey Suzzane, i was thinking about what you say to promote koha-community version VS liblime koha. you should explain what a fork is in an open source project and that following the "biggest community" is always a way to be sure to find answers to your questions.. in the case of liblime koha, apart fom liblime, there is no community like us i think.
10:45 francharb + the more the community is
10:45 francharb the more your project is strong
10:45 francharb sounds cheasy
10:45 kmkale francharb: Its more like the entire community vs one vendor ;)
10:46 francharb right
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10:48 fabio_t 'morning :)
10:52 Suzzane i am in the same page with you all...
10:56 kf hi fabio_t
11:03 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #536: STILL UNSTABLE in 49 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/536/
11:03 jenkins_koha Chris Cormack: Bug 6629 : Sanitizing input from language cookie
11:03 jenkins_koha Starting build 537 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 1 mo. 7 j ago)
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11:51 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #537: STILL UNSTABLE in 48 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/537/
11:51 jenkins_koha Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 3388: Restore account number on vendor page
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12:17 magnuse @wunder boo
12:19 magnuse come back huginn!
12:20 kf we can not even leave gmcharlt a later
12:20 magnuse too true...
12:20 kf gmcharlt gmcharlt gmcharlt?
12:21 magnuse hehe
12:37 magnuse is now known as magnus_afk
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13:08 kf hm
13:08 kf is it only me or are the local sysprefs a bit broken?
13:08 kf cannot edit them :(
13:13 jenkins_koha Starting build 538 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 1 mo. 7 j ago)
13:13 gaetan_B left #koha
13:17 Suzzane joined #koha
13:18 Suzzane Hi, am back
13:18 fabio_t joined #koha
13:18 Suzzane i have managed to extract koha 3.6 using linux
13:18 Suzzane so is the next step opening it using ubuntu?
13:23 kf you have to install it
13:24 kf there are INSTALL files in your extracted directory
13:24 gaetan_B joined #koha
13:28 fabio_t Suzzane: are you going with tarball or packages?
13:29 Suzzane yes there are files
13:30 Suzzane kindly let me check then get back to you
13:30 Suzzane thanks
13:32 fabio_t ok, so you are using the .tar.gz I guess
13:33 paul_p kf : i've pushed your patches, no more patches tu push (3 waiting for some questions to be solved)
13:33 Suzzane yes tar.gz
13:37 kf paul_p: seen it :)
13:37 wahanui I haven't seen 'it', kf
13:37 kf paul_p: I think 6880 is waiting for a decision about updatedatabase?
13:37 paul_p kf, yep
13:37 kf there are lots of open bugs for suggestions management :(
13:37 kf hope to find some time to test those
13:38 paul_p i've a working new updatedatabase version i'll submit today I think. I think it handle all the cases. And it will be a big improvement for everybody
13:38 paul_p (non linear upgrades is much more important than many ppl think)
13:39 kf I am still worreid about it
13:39 kf the only gain I can see is for people having local customizations
13:39 kf and I am not sure we want to encourage that
13:39 kf but often things build upon each other
13:39 kf like when you add a column after another column
13:40 kf what if the column is not there? what if there are 2 patches like this and they get applied in the wrong orderß
13:40 kf perhaps I have to see how it works to understand
13:41 kf paul_p: bug 6740
13:41 kf ah, no huginn today
13:42 kf only wanted to ask if you might have time to look at that again :)
13:42 kf you said it worked for you - was hoping there might be a patch somewhere
13:43 paul_p kf, I fear I'll miss time to look at it... we have a customer in 3.6. I'll ask someone here to test if he has the problem.
13:43 paul_p kf, nope, it works for me without any patch ! that's the problem !
13:43 kf we hae lots of confrimations for marc21 now
13:43 kf so it's perhaps something in the item setup?
13:44 Suzzane left #koha
13:46 Oak joined #koha
13:46 * Oak waves
13:47 kf hi Oak :)
13:47 kf making progress with your CV?
13:50 Oak yes, made changes. should I send again? :)
13:50 kf no :)
13:51 Oak okay. why?
13:51 kf but you have to tell me when I can stop crossing fingers and you got the job :)
13:52 Oak oh i may not get it. i took all this trouble because the class fellow won't leave me alone. :)
13:52 kf heh
13:53 Oak right now i am configuring DSpace ... on local system. she's said i *must* add DSpace and LIMS on cv.
13:53 Oak so... here i am
13:53 kf heh
13:53 fabio_t I have to go
13:53 kf she is good
13:54 kf how is it going?
13:54 fabio_t see you
13:54 kf bye fabio_t :)
13:54 Oak so far so good. right now adding group and users for Postgresql
13:54 Oak see ya fabio_t
13:54 fabio_t left #koha
13:55 Oak then will isntall Postgresql, configure it. just following the manual.
13:58 Oak user*
14:01 magnus_afk is now known as magnuse
14:01 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #538: STILL UNSTABLE in 48 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/538/
14:01 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: follow-up: trailing " that makes T::T fail
14:02 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 6328 fine in days does not work
14:02 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 6328 follow-up for QA comments
14:02 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: Bug 6328 Fixes for comment 35
14:02 jenkins_koha * paul.poulain: bug 6328: updatedatabase bump
14:02 jenkins_koha Starting build 539 for job Koha_master (previous build: STILL UNSTABLE -- last SUCCESS #491 1 mo. 7 j ago)
14:03 Oak jdk, apanche-ant, commons-deamon, apache-tomcat, apache-maven2 installed.
14:31 collum joined #koha
14:37 francharb` joined #koha
14:41 kmkale left #koha
14:44 francharb left #koha
14:50 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #539: STILL UNSTABLE in 47 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/539/
14:50 jenkins_koha * colin.campbell: Bug 6877 - use is executed and errors at compile time
14:50 jenkins_koha * Katrin.Fischer.83: Bug 7250: is missing options for encoding
14:54 druthb joined #koha
14:54 druthb o/
14:54 maximep joined #koha
14:58 magnuse \o
15:01 alex_a left #koha
15:02 alex_a joined #koha
15:03 paul_p left #koha
15:29 tcohen joined #koha
15:39 francharb` left #koha
15:41 tcohen hi #koha
15:45 Oak magnuse
15:46 Oak hello druthb, tcohen  :)
15:46 Oak Bonjour alex_a :)
15:46 tcohen hi Oak
15:46 druthb hi, Oak. :)
15:46 tcohen any news on the TM issue?
15:46 magnuse Oak
15:46 Oak a blog post by Joann today
15:47 magnuse
15:47 tcohen M-kay, lets see
15:48 tcohen thanks Oak magnuse
15:48 tcohen we r still waitin fr news from the PTFS front I see
15:50 jcamins tcohen: yesterday was Thanksgiving, so everyone in the United States is still dozy from the tritophan-filled turkey. :)
15:51 tcohen oh, didnt realize that
15:52 tcohen just been two days in bed with a flu and trying to get updated about the outside world :-D
15:52 jcamins tcohen: yup. You can tell by the way druthb and I are around that most people are taking the day off.
15:52 jcamins I'm sorry to hear about the flu.
15:52 * druthb has NO LIFE.
15:52 alex_a hello Oak :)
15:53 Oak hehe druthb
15:53 tcohen the flu is ok, the thing is there was no south park episode in the meantime
15:53 tcohen :-P
15:57 magnuse hehe
15:58 magnuse druthb: you said you are doing a migration?
15:59 druthb did it yesterday, in fact.
15:59 magnuse ah, cool
15:59 magnuse and it went well
15:59 magnuse ?
16:00 druthb super-clean.  This was an easy one.
16:00 magnuse yay!
16:00 druthb I'm working on a bit-harder one today.  Nothing too gruesome, yet, but lots and lots and lots of bibs and items, with screwy code mappings.
16:00 druthb (this one's in testing now.)
16:01 magnuse sounds like fun
16:02 Oak druthb, migrating from which version?
16:03 druthb The one yesterday was an old, old version of Koha, joining a consortium that's on current Koha.  The one today is coming from SirsiDynix Symphony.
16:03 Oak wait, that upgrading
16:03 Oak ah
16:04 Oak exporting as MARC records and importing in Koha?
16:04 magnuse if the old koha is old enough you might as well call it a migration ;-)
16:04 Oak :)
16:04 Oak hmm
16:04 druthb this one is gonna be one of our "big ones"...700k+ items.  Yeah, I had them export MARCs and make a CSV of item data; my scripts are splicing that, and mapping the codes data, to make Koha MARCs, which I can then import into an "empty" instance.
16:05 * Oak knows not much about migration or upgrading
16:05 Oak cool.
16:05 francharb joined #koha
16:06 magnuse 700k - that's a good size
16:06 magnuse oh, items, fewer records then, i presume?
16:07 druthb pretty hefty, yes.  We've got three or four projects that are up in that territory working right now.  counting bibs now, but it's on the order of 650K.
16:07 magnuse awesome!
16:08 Oak that's the right word :)
16:09 kf yep, awesome, like druthb
16:10 druthb hmpf.
16:12 jcamins Yikes! Bug 6629 is a nasty one!
16:15 kf yep
16:23 magnuse see y'all tomorrow! (i hope)
16:23 magnuse left #koha
16:28 jcamins @later tell magnuse The MARC mapping page worked fine. I just needed to shift-refresh it because the web browser's cache was interfering.
16:28 jcamins Argh!
16:28 jcamins No huginn!
16:28 kf yeah, he was missed a lot today
16:29 druthb lol
16:30 asaurat left #koha
16:34 matts is now known as matts_away
16:39 paul_p joined #koha
16:40 kf wb paul_p
16:40 paul_p hello (from my home)
16:45 julian_m left #koha
16:45 alex_a left #koha
16:47 gaetan_B left #koha
17:01 paul_p left #koha
17:02 paul_p joined #koha
17:04 reiveune bye
17:04 reiveune left #koha
17:05 maximep wow, i'm applying the patch from bug 6629 everywhere asap. Global matching is probably better, right?
17:07 sophie_m left #koha
17:07 tcohen left #koha
17:08 kf maximep: 3.6 seems to be ok, only better with patch, but 3.4 and 3.2 are bad
17:14 druthb :1
17:14 druthb hrmph.
17:30 stuartyeates joined #koha
17:33 druthb left #koha
17:34 tcohen joined #koha
17:47 kf bye and a nice weekend all :)
17:47 kf left #koha
17:53 Oak left #koha
17:59 francharb left #koha
18:03 francharb joined #koha
18:12 jcamins paul_p++ # RM newsletter
18:13 paul_p left #koha
18:13 tcohen paul_p++
18:15 jcamins tcohen: do I recall correctly that you had written the new zebradaemon that uses rebuild_zebra?
18:15 tcohen yeap
18:15 jcamins tcohen: what needs to be done to get it finished and into Koha?
18:16 tcohen i think there's nothing missing...
18:16 jcamins So, testing and a sign-off?
18:17 jcamins I hadn't seen it submitted, but someone told me that it was written and almost ready to go into 3.8.
18:17 tcohen i was asked to rewrite the portion into an atomic update
18:18 jcamins Ah.
18:18 tcohen before that it was already tested and singed-off for a long time
18:18 jcamins So, test the update?
18:18 jcamins That's doubly easy. :)
18:19 tcohen that's what i thought
18:19 * jcamins doesn't know.
18:23 hdl jcamins: remind me the bug id
18:23 jcamins hdl: zebradaemon? Bug 5166.
18:24 jcamins tcohen just found an error which he is fixing, then he'll resend.
18:26 hdl tcohen: I think items are missing from the deamon.
18:27 hdl GetMarcBiblio {
18:27 hdl 1063     my $biblionumber = shift;
18:27 hdl 1064     my $embeditems   = shift || 0;
18:27 hdl API is now such.
18:27 Soupermanito joined #koha
18:27 tcohen ok, i'll work on it and come back as soon as i solve it
18:28 hdl tcohen: we also added some feature. such add a --where to choose data you may export. and also splitting export from index would be sane.
18:29 hdl (not on your deamon though)
18:29 hdl But on the
18:30 tcohen yep, continued to evolve
18:30 hdl[…]be8f320b796cfbb2a
18:30 hdl and those options are really interesting.
18:31 hdl tcohen: this is the problem when patches are not pushed or QAed quite rapidly...
18:32 hdl k folks have a nice week end.
18:32 tcohen i know hdl, i rewrote this script several times!
18:32 tcohen have a nice weekend!
18:39 hdl tcohen: you are an angel. (I rewrote 5 times some enhancement on smart-rules, lost contribution will)
18:39 hdl see ya foilks
18:39 hdl left #koha
18:44 jcamins Real chronological subdivision: Period of military anarchy, 235-284.
18:44 rangi bug 6628
18:45 jcamins rangi: huginn's down.
18:46 rangi yep
18:46 rangi i just patched that
18:46 rangi needs a sign off
18:48 * jcamins is at a client's, but if I have time, I'll take a look.
18:49 rangi its a lower risk security bug, can only read .tt files .. but does allow to move outside the dir you are supposed to be in
18:49 rangi but not anymore
19:00 rhcl joined #koha
19:08 rhcl @seen rangi
19:08 rangi no huggin
19:09 rhcl oh, ok
19:09 rangi hmm wanna sign off a patch rhcl
19:09 rangi 6628 :)
19:09 jcamins rhcl: rangi was last seen in #koha 19 minutes ago: <@rangi> but not anymore
19:09 jcamins :)
19:09 rhcl me?
19:09 wahanui you are, like, gonna beat up on an ibot, if it's not careful
19:09 jcamins rhcl?
19:09 wahanui rhcl is gonna beat up on an ibot, if it's not careful.
19:09 rhcl bug 6628
19:10 rhcl oh, that's right, no huggin
19:11 rangi were you after anything?
19:11 * rangi has to head out in a bit to vote, and then go to his kids school fair
19:11 jcamins voting++
19:13 trea joined #koha
19:14 rangi trea!!!
19:14 trea rangi!!!!
19:14 rangi the gift for atarau arrived yesterday
19:14 trea :D
19:14 rangi thank you guys, he slept with his new teddy bear last night, and now is making it eat toast
19:14 trea love it!
19:14 rangi hungry bear??
19:15 rangi cept it sounds like ungry bear
19:15 trea i don't recall it coming with an advisory about feeding it toast, but I think he will be happy all the same.
19:15 trea ;)
19:16 rangi hehe
19:16 jcamins rangi: the question is, will it make Atarau eat his vegetables? ;0
19:16 jcamins ;)
19:17 rangi oh thats easy, kahu eats his, so atarau eats his
19:17 rangi he'd eat concrete if kahu did
19:18 jcamins :)
19:20 trea hehe
19:21 * rangi wonders if rhcl wanted something?
19:22 francharb bye all
19:22 francharb left #koha
19:44 trea okay, back to family time. Talk to everyone later. o/
19:45 trea left #koha
20:15 druthb joined #koha
20:15 druthb o/
20:16 jcamins \o
20:17 druthb :)
20:29 paul_p joined #koha
20:29 druthb left #koha
20:37 tcohen paul_p r u there?
20:37 paul_p tcohen, yep
20:38 paul_p (no thanksgivig here ;-) )
20:38 tcohen he he
20:38 tcohen i was running perlcritic
20:38 tcohen on
20:38 tcohen and got a warning/error
20:38 tcohen on this line
20:38 tcohen eval { require "$FindBin::Bin/" };
20:39 tcohen "require" statement with library name as string at line 28, column 12.  Use a bareword instead.  (Severity: 5)
20:39 tcohen is it important?
20:40 tcohen I think this error arises everywhere
20:45 jcamins Grr. Gottingen is nowhere near Kontanz. I guess probably cait doesn't work with their librarians.
20:46 maximep tcohen: I don't think it's important, but I remember someone fixing one
20:47 tcohen lets see.. grep FindLib
20:48 maximep ah yes, saw that in[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7138
20:49 maximep oh
20:49 maximep wait a min
20:49 maximep I think I misread your error
20:51 tcohen maximep, using import instead of require cleans the error
20:52 maximep don't u have to require before an import to load at run-time ?
20:53 maximep can't say I understand the import/require of perl hehe
20:53 jcamins According to the documentation, there is no builtin import.
20:55 * jcamins draws no conclusions from that.
20:56 tcohen require will check the library isn't already loaded
21:03 tcohen i'm not even sure this  thing is being used correctly anyway
21:05 tcohen i'd assume the relative path for scripts in the same dir would be, the same, which is not true in many cases
21:06 paul_p tcohen, I have no idea, sorry. Maybe ask koha-devel ?
21:07 tcohen yes, i was just asking
21:07 tcohen i'm working on a rebase for bug 5166, updating it to the actual script
21:08 tcohen and had just read that perlcritic should be run against all .pl files...
21:13 jcamins What does do?
21:16 collum left #koha
21:19 tcohen tests the actual directory the script is running in
21:19 tcohen and checks if the path matches PERL5LIB
21:19 tcohen (that's just what i understand it does... )
21:20 maximep it's doc says "# This script is used by command-line utilities to set
21:20 maximep # @INC properly -- specifically, to point to the directory
21:20 maximep # containing the installed version of the C4 modules."
21:20 maximep i guess it's to be able to include C4 modules without having to use full paths ?
21:21 tcohen i think it has to do with running the right version of the libs
21:21 maximep anyway, if all scripts do it and don't care about perl critic, you should probably ignore the warning
21:22 tcohen die if $module_dir =~ /^[_]{2}PERL_MODULE_DIR[_]{2}$/;
21:22 maximep less than 10 pages are tested in perl critic
21:22 tcohen ok
21:24 tcohen perlcritic just prefers that one uses a library name instead of a 'string' in require s
21:24 tcohen I think is not important at all, but as it was proposed to run perlcritic...
21:25 maximep i guess it expects you to only require .pm
21:53 Brooke joined #koha
21:53 Brooke 0/
21:53 jcamins 'Tis Brooke!
21:53 jcamins Greetings, Brooke!
21:53 Brooke Ahoy
21:53 jcamins Be ye be-turkified? :)
22:08 jcamins Good night, #koha.
22:08 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:14 Brooke I gotta say that I dig wading through all of these trade mark posts and finding responses from a different corner of the world each time. Ray of light in dark times.
22:22 rhcl I volunteer wizzy to teach a class on bug fixing and signing off and git. Charge $25 a head. I'll bring two.
22:37 Callender left #koha
22:41 paul_p time to head to bed. Just submitted 7167 for signoff, with documentation. bye & good week-end everybody !
22:47 Brooke thomas_krichel++
22:47 Brooke night Paul
22:48 Brooke time to start getting ready to go to Le Yaca with the olde man
22:48 Brooke #roughlife
22:48 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
22:49 Callender joined #koha
22:50 Brooke left #koha
22:58 paul_p left #koha
23:00 maximep left #koha
23:03 tcohen bye #koha
23:04 tcohen left #koha
23:37 cait joined #koha
23:37 cait hi #koha
23:38 cait @wunder Konstanz

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