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04:19 glernil good day!
04:19 glernil how can i update 3.2 to 3.4 using the debian package
04:19 glernil ?
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07:36 rangi hi cait
07:36 cait evening rangi :)
07:39 cait @wunder Konstanz
07:39 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 21.8�C (9:35 AM CEST on August 20, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Steady).
07:39 cait going to be warm today
07:43 rangi was quite nice here too
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07:43 rangi @wunder wellington nz
07:43 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 7.0�C (7:00 PM NZST on August 20, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.33 in 1027 hPa (Steady).
07:44 cait I think i am the only person around to miss the rain :)
07:44 cait as always hehe
07:47 * cait is trying to figure out flipflops
07:51 Oak Guten Morgen cait
07:51 Oak hello #koha
07:52 cait Salaam Oak
07:52 Oak :]
08:12 cait :)
08:12 cait rangi: do you know how the patron anymization should work?
08:13 cait rangi: I thought it would replace the borrowernumber in old_issues with null or sometihng, but this doesn't seem to work right now
08:13 cait it reported no errors but old_issues was the same before and after
08:13 rangi no idea, i have never used it
08:19 cait h
08:19 cait m
08:19 cait I think some recent changes might have broken it
08:19 cait because we don't allow borrowernumber to be null now
08:20 cait ruth wrote a script to run the anonymization from command line that I tested and it gave me an sql error
08:20 cait bad thing is koha says it's successful, while nothing changes apparently
08:22 rangi borrownernumber can be null in old_issues
08:23 rangi not issues
08:23 cait ok
08:23 cait I will do more testing
08:26 rangi # The default of 0 does not work due to foreign key constraints
08:26 rangi # The anonymisation will fail quietly if AnonymousPatron is not a valid entry
08:26 rangi i wonder if thats doing it
08:27 cait
08:27 cait oh
08:27 cait yep probably
08:27 cait only there is no mention anywhere that you have to set up an anonymous patron
08:27 rangi yeah
08:27 cait i will try it
08:27 rangi its a syspref
08:28 rangi my $anonymouspatron = (C4::Context->preference('AnonymousPatron'))
08:28 rangi so it doesnt try to null it, it tries to set it to the anonymous patron, which is better
08:29 rangi but yes, it should say what its doing
08:29 cait so the bug is: make it check for the anon patron and tell you if you don't have one
08:29 rangi yep
08:29 cait instead of reporting success
08:29 cait which is really bad
08:29 cait retrying it now with anon patron :) thx for your help!
08:29 cait rangi++
08:30 cait yes, now it works :)
08:30 rangi :)
08:30 cait reporting bug
08:33 rangi its in the code in a couple of places, and noted with a comment
08:38 cait yes, but this doesn't help the normal user :)
08:40 cait and it's not in the online help file
08:40 cait bug 6756
08:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6756 major, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , Patron anonymizing tool reports false success
08:50 cait rebooting
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09:18 cait guten morgen adnc
09:19 adnc guten morgen cait
09:19 adnc wie geht es dir?
09:19 cait ganz gut und dir?
09:20 adnc recht viel zutun, sonst läufts ganz ok.
09:20 adnc koha läuft so wie ich es will, aber komme kaum dazu mehr zu machen ;)
09:23 cait aber immerhin :)
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11:36 cait hi druthb :)
11:36 druthb Hi
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12:22 cait @wunder Konstanz
12:22 huginn cait: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 27.0�C (2:00 PM CEST on August 20, 2011). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
12:27 druthb @wunder intercourse, pa
12:27 huginn druthb: The current temperature in, New Holland, Pennsylvania is 18.4�C (8:27 AM EDT on August 20, 2011). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Rising). Dense fog advisory in effect until 11 am EDT this morning...
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17:03 lastn0de hi
17:04 cait hi lastn0de
17:13 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6458] incorrect parsing result in translation processing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6458>
17:14 lastn0de cait: i was just wondering if there was a way to dumb down koha a bit
17:14 lastn0de for use in a small K-12 school library for example
17:14 cait hm there are lots of things you can deactivate
17:14 lastn0de i like koha because of the community and so on
17:14 cait and I think a lot of schools are using koha already
17:14 lastn0de ok
17:14 lastn0de im just going throughteh docs
17:15 lastn0de we have about 3000 books
17:15 cait especially in opac lots of features can be deactivated
17:15 lastn0de (I'm not a librarian, I'm an Englisht eacher)
17:15 lastn0de but justtrying to help the librarian out
17:15 cait where are you located?
17:15 cait only curious :)
17:15 lastn0de Colombo, Sri Lanka
17:15 lastn0de :)
17:15 cait ah, I am from Germany
17:15 lastn0de ok
17:15 lastn0de i mean the  MARC format
17:15 cait good thing about open source is that you can try it
17:15 cait for free
17:16 lastn0de is somewaht overkill
17:16 lastn0de yeah i know
17:16 cait yes, marc is a bit mean
17:16 jcamins_away lastn0de: you can use a simplified framework.
17:16 lastn0de ok
17:16 cait but you can configure the forms in cataloging
17:16 lastn0de could you guys maybe point me to a relevant doc page
17:16 cait and create one with only the few fields you need
17:16 lastn0de iw ill def get down and dirty once i decide on koha
17:16 cait the fast add framework might be a good start for that
17:16 lastn0de i just need to know what can be done
17:17 cait a lot can be done
17:17 lastn0de im reasonably fimilar with *nix/perl
17:17 lastn0de ok
17:17 cait make sure you get your koha from
17:17 cait you can also find the english manual there
17:17 lastn0de also since ill need to sell this over some dumb proprietary system theyre trying to implement
17:17 cait in the menu documentation
17:17 lastn0de does koha do csv export
17:17 lastn0de of all data?
17:17 cait you can export marc
17:17 lastn0de ok
17:17 lastn0de oh marc is a file format?
17:17 cait and you can define csv profiles for export
17:17 lastn0de right!
17:18 lastn0de im on the manual right notw actually
17:18 cait ok :)
17:18 lastn0de is fast add catalog
17:18 lastn0de what im looking for?
17:18 cait yes, could be a good staring point if oyu don't want to use all fields from the marc format
17:20 cait lots of things can be configured
17:20 cait using your perl skills on koha should only be a last resort
17:20 cait it makes updates much harder later
17:20 lastn0de yes
17:21 lastn0de i dont plan on messing with the code at all actually
17:21 cait :)
17:21 lastn0de id just know how to set it up, is what i meant
17:21 lastn0de im an english teacher, not a programmer ^^
17:21 cait and feel free to come back and ask questons - weekends are a bit silent here
17:21 lastn0de np
17:21 lastn0de i will def come back
17:21 lastn0de i think im gonna get an AWS slice
17:21 cait but during the week there are always a lot of helpful people around
17:21 lastn0de and set this up
17:21 cait aws is nice
17:21 cait covers :)
17:21 lastn0de though production might have to be on LAN
17:21 lastn0de at school
17:21 cait ah
17:21 cait aws is something else...
17:22 cait sorry, got confused
17:22 lastn0de except having koha and not having it accessible from home is dumb
17:22 lastn0de i meant amazon web services
17:22 lastn0de one question
17:22 lastn0de is there a way to plug in a barcode scanner
17:22 lastn0de since this is web based
17:22 lastn0de i was wondeirng how that works
17:22 jcamins_away cait: no, you had it right. AWS provides covers in addition to EC2.
17:23 jcamins_away lastn0de: get a USB scanner, plug it in, and you're good to go. :)
17:23 cait scanners work like keyboards basically
17:23 cait put your cursor into the right field and scan
17:23 lastn0de wait what
17:23 lastn0de imbehindthe times i see
17:24 cait if you can scan into a text file it will work for koha too
17:24 cait if it works at all it will work with koha...
17:24 lastn0de can koha do stuff like
17:24 lastn0de just allow us to enter ISBN scanned code only
17:25 lastn0de into fast entry mode
17:25 lastn0de and grab the book details from teh wbe?
17:25 lastn0de *web
17:25 cait you can search z39.50 targests
17:25 lastn0de sorry for typos, ssh is lagging
17:25 cait and download records
17:25 cait and you can search by isbn
17:25 jcamins_away lastn0de: you can use Z39.50 to get records from other libraries, but there's no guarantee you'll be able to find them using ISBN.
17:25 cait look for z39.50
17:26 cait yes, not all targets support isbn
17:26 lastn0de but i mean from a book th ebarcode scans the ISBN right
17:26 lastn0de i will need to scan  it into the isbn field
17:26 lastn0de then the z39.50 search will use that number?
17:26 jcamins_away lastn0de: kind of.
17:26 lastn0de i realise these arenoob questions
17:26 jcamins_away Or, rather, yes, that's the process.
17:26 lastn0de thanks for answering
17:27 cait lastn0de: you are welcome :)
17:27 jcamins_away However (and this is a big proviso), chances are good that you won't be able to find the record using ISBN. :(
17:27 lastn0de so what will it need
17:27 cait title words
17:27 cait is also good
17:27 cait or author
17:27 jcamins_away Part of the title usually works best.
17:27 cait depends really on the target you ar using
17:27 lastn0de part of the reason is that the librarian had cataloged 3k books by hand
17:27 lastn0de and now she doesnt want to do it again
17:27 lastn0de inthis software someone is bringing along
17:27 cait they implement the standard a bit differently or don't support all search fields - most support title and author
17:27 lastn0de i have a feelingit's gonna be something dumb, c;lunky, windows
17:28 cait hm
17:28 lastn0de so i wanna wow the crap outta them with koha
17:28 cait do you know if the system can expor tmarc?
17:28 cait or csv?
17:28 lastn0de no no
17:28 lastn0de it is cataloged offline
17:28 lastn0de t_t
17:28 cait offline meaning? something like excel?
17:28 lastn0de not sure
17:28 lastn0de maybe even a book
17:28 lastn0de lol
17:29 lastn0de it's a pilot school
17:29 lastn0de not a lot of kids, not a lot of books
17:29 lastn0de im working there part time, but hope to go fulltime by theend of the year
17:29 lastn0de so kinda thinking ahead to make our collective lives easier
17:29 lastn0de (also gonna try and push schooltool for school admin)
17:30 lastn0de wanna get a linuxbox in to the admin/office anyway, so koha and any other foss stuff can run
17:31 lastn0de speakingof which, is there a distro on which koha just intsalls ezpz using teh package manager?
17:31 jcamins_away Debian.
17:31 lastn0de id prefer if i didnt have to do too much to upgrade
17:31 lastn0de nice
17:31 lastn0de !
17:32 jcamins_away You have to add the apt sources, but that's it.
17:32 lastn0de so updates etc just get pulled in?
17:32 lastn0de sweet
17:32 lastn0de im just reading the squeeze install docs right now
17:33 lastn0de btw fun tidbit
17:33 lastn0de Koha is actually a bird in Sri Lanka
17:33 lastn0de in the Sinhala language
17:33 lastn0de (Asian Koel or cuckoo bird)
17:33 jcamins_away Interesting.
17:33 wahanui well, interesting is good
17:34 lastn0de[…]n_Koel#In_culture
17:35 cait a bird is nice - flying Koha
17:36 cait lastn0de:
17:37 lastn0de yeah im reading the wiki now cait
17:38 lastn0de could you guys link me to a K-12 library site powered by koha maybe?
17:38 lastn0de several universities here in sri lanka run it
17:38 lastn0de but id like to see a school taht uses it too
17:38 jcamins_away I don't know the URLs of any off the top of my head.
17:39 cait hm
17:40 cait is the nz school k-12?
17:40 cait not sure about the school system
17:41 cait
17:41 jcamins_away[…]a_Users_Worldwide
17:41 cait[…]a_Users_Worldwide
17:41 cait :)
17:42 cait lastn0de: lib-web-cats is also a good source, but to limit your search to koha and school library you need to get a free account :(
17:42 cait before you can't use the advanced search options
17:42 lastn0de
17:42 lastn0de the barcode tags
17:42 lastn0de used to checkin/checkout
17:43 lastn0de is that isbn barcode
17:43 lastn0de or?
17:45 cait no you should create your own numbers
17:45 lastn0de ok
17:45 cait isbn will not work when you have 2 copies of a book
17:45 cait or 2 different editions
17:45 cait you need a unique number for each book
17:45 lastn0de so that barcode system
17:45 lastn0de does koha do that
17:45 cait koha can generate those numbers and you can print them :)
17:45 cait but you can also use preprinted barcodes
17:45 lastn0de wwkoha will generate the barcode too?
17:46 cait yes, there is a module for printing of barcode labels
17:46 lastn0de that is pretty sweet
17:46 cait and there is an option to make koha generate a number when you catalog items
17:47 cait ok, have to leave for a little while
17:47 cait be back later
17:47 cait is now known as cait_afk
17:49 lastn0de thank you very much cait_afk
17:49 lastn0de thank you jcamins_away
17:49 lastn0de i will idle here and be back later to talk :)
17:49 jcamins_away You're welcome. I may or may not be here, in case you have any questions. ;)
17:50 lastn0de cool
17:50 lastn0de thanks! :)
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