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00:04 Phlunk3 tx heaps rangi :) now roll on school holidays so I can try the upgrade.
00:04 rangi heh :)
00:05 bg NateC?
00:06 bg does wahanui do that question mark stuff still
00:07 rangi normally, if he knows
00:07 rangi wahanui: marc?
00:07 wahanui somebody said marc was the standard that isn't
00:07 rangi marc?
00:07 wahanui i think marc is the standard that isn't
00:11 rangi nice day
00:11 wahanui you betcha rangi
00:11 rangi natec
00:11 rangi natec?
00:11 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
00:11 bg SWEET
00:12 bg NateC?
00:12 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
00:12 bg yeah!!!
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00:12 bg NateC?
00:12 rangi heh
00:12 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
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00:12 JesseM I LIKE SPACE!!!!
00:13 bg LOL
00:13 bg I can't wait for NateC to join the channel tomorrow
00:13 rangi I LIKE SPACE!?
00:14 Space_Librarian Did somebody say Space?
00:14 Space_Librarian As in, The Final Frontier?
00:14 rangi hehe no, nate was interviewed for tv about the final shuttle launch
00:15 rangi and that was the line he came up with (amongst others)
00:15 bg Space_Librarian: I betcha you like space
00:15 bg Space_Librarian?
00:15 wahanui Space_Librarian is a Koha poet or the sweetest lil lady you'll ever know
00:15 bg awwhhh
00:15 Space_Librarian lol.
00:16 rangi Space_Librarian also likes space
00:16 Space_Librarian I catalogue clouds.
00:16 bg heh
00:16 rangi Space_Librarian?
00:16 wahanui i heard Space_Librarian was a Koha poet or the sweetest lil lady you'll ever know
00:16 rangi hmmm
00:16 bg bg?
00:16 wahanui rumour has it bg is the awesomest, really, I mean it
00:16 bg wahanui: that means too much paperwork for me --
00:16 Space_Librarian I do like space... and science fiction, and Tolkien...
00:17 bg yeah Tolkein
00:17 JesseM I agree wahanui
00:17 JesseM bg is a great boss
00:17 * bg is rereading the hobbit it now - getting ready for the movie :)
00:18 Space_Librarian you've seen the images bein released?
00:18 rangi Space_Librarian: you know that bg and nate named their company after a place in middle earth eh?
00:18 Space_Librarian being*
00:18 Space_Librarian I did.
00:18 Space_Librarian It was kind of obvious.
00:18 Space_Librarian :p
00:18 rangi :)
00:18 Space_Librarian And really awesome.
00:18 bg I have - looks really cool
00:18 bg I've only seen one production video though - I'd like to see more
00:18 ibeardslee Tolkien++
00:18 Space_Librarian yes
00:19 Space_Librarian I Don't think PJ has put out any more
00:19 Space_Librarian the're all on filming break
00:19 bg ahhh...  then there is no better time to whip one together ;)
00:19 * Space_Librarian knows some of the crew
00:19 bg cool
00:20 * bg would love to be part of that crew
00:20 bg just seems like it's a blast (long working days - but a blast)
00:21 ibeardslee a couple of the guys I shoot with have been working insane hours on the graphics side of things
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00:22 bg shoot?
00:22 bg what kind of shoot?
00:23 ibeardslee
00:23 bg ah paintball
00:23 bg that's fun
00:23 ibeardslee .. milsim
00:23 ibeardslee not exactly paintball
00:24 bg ah watching the video now
00:25 ibeardslee
00:26 bg looks pretty intense
00:27 ibeardslee it can be
00:28 ibeardslee some games can go through less than 1 mag (20 rounds) others .. I think the most I have gone through in a day has been 11 mags
00:28 bg damn
00:30 ibeardslee I normally carry 6 with a bunch of speedloaders
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00:43 bg remind me to wear kevlar when I visit the catalyst floors
00:43 bg ;)
00:45 rangi heh
00:45 rangi thats how we got the high schools to submit unit tests
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01:01 bg @wunder 93109
01:01 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 21.1�C (6:01 PM PDT on July 13, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Steady).
01:02 rangi @wunder wellington nz
01:02 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 14.0�C (12:00 PM NZST on July 14, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 29.39 in 995 hPa (Steady).
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01:59 druthb o/
01:59 bg heya druthb
01:59 bg \o/
01:59 bg that's the unibrowed monster who's got half a smile
02:00 bg sorry unibrowed cyclops
02:00 druthb \o
02:01 bg druthb: check this out
02:01 bg NateC?
02:01 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
02:02 Space_Librarian hahaha
02:03 druthb rofl
02:04 bg yeah I thought you'd like that one
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03:17 Brooke 0/
03:19 bg hey Brooke
03:19 Brooke ahoy hoy
03:19 bg NateC?
03:19 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
03:19 Brooke roflmao
03:19 Brooke brendan?
03:19 wahanui brendan is with his family
03:20 Brooke bg?
03:20 wahanui i guess bg is the awesomest, really, I mean it.
03:20 bg Brooke?
03:20 wahanui Brooke is deprecated
03:20 Brooke wahanui botsnack sultana cake
03:20 wahanui :)
03:25 Phlunk3 whats the bot actually returning on your name? requests? lol
03:25 Brooke silly things wot we programme it to say
03:26 Phlunk3 ahh ;) thought it might have been making some silly things itself, much more interesting ;)
03:26 Brooke nah when computers start doing things themselves, bad things tend to happen.
03:26 Phlunk3 when computers do what people tell them bad things happen quite a lot also
03:27 Brooke true but the alternative is our utter annihilation at the hands of our robot overlords when the time lord isn't looking.
03:28 Brooke so it is key that fleshlings suck less.
03:33 druthb hi, Brooke!
03:33 Brooke hey babe
03:53 Brooke 0/
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04:45 Judit hi
04:45 wahanui privet, Judit
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05:15 mtj hiya Judit
05:18 Irma bonjour mtj
05:18 Irma how are you?
05:20 mtj heya, hmm pretty good over here...
05:21 mtj still chipping away at work stuff here 'n there..
05:33 mtj Irma: how was your malaysia experience?
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06:40 marcelr morning all
06:43 rangi hi marcelr
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07:08 rangi
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07:15 kf morning all
07:15 Oak kf
07:16 marcelr hi kf
07:17 kf Oak, hi marcelr
07:17 kf i have seen your patch for the bib level index
07:18 kf wondered if you are planning to build a feature on it :)
07:18 marcelr kf: at first i tracked some errors with it
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07:19 * kf nods
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08:46 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5662] Show control number without organization code in OPAC URLs <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5662>
08:59 kf marcelr: looking at your patch!
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09:03 kf marcelr: great improvement
09:20 marcelr kf: thanks
09:20 kf and great to see someone else is making use of the feature
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10:06 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 5663] Show control number without organization code in staff URLs <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5663>
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12:48 oleonard Hey, wahanui is back.
12:49 oleonard Whassup wahanui ?
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12:52 kf wahanui?
12:52 wahanui kf?
12:52 kf :)
12:52 kf wahanui botsnack lots of cookies
12:52 wahanui :)
12:53 kf oleonard?
12:53 wahanui oleonard is the master UI designer of koha or an awesome bug wrangler
12:54 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6587] Tag moderation lost colors <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6587>
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13:40 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6586] Calendar showing the wrong event type when editing <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6586>
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14:05 oleonard Hi nengard
14:05 nengard hiya
14:05 nengard can you tell that i was training last week? :) all the bug reports
14:06 oleonard some good easy ones and some good puzzles, from my perspective
14:06 nengard i mean this week ... oh boy i'm all screwy
14:08 wizzyrea mornin
14:09 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
14:09 wizzyrea mornin oleonard :)
14:12 bg NateC?
14:12 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
14:12 wizzyrea ROFL
14:13 wizzyrea bg++ that's funny
14:13 bg yeah rangi set that up last night
14:13 * oleonard gives NateC plenty of space
14:13 wizzyrea rangi++
14:13 bg NateC?
14:13 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
14:14 bg heh I like that
14:14 sekjal lolz
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14:35 nengard oleonard thanks for the patches! I have signed off on them
14:36 oleonard You bet. Thanks for the sign-offs.
14:37 kf oleonard++ nengard++ :)
14:37 nengard :)
14:38 druthb talljoy?
14:38 wahanui talljoy is, like, magnificent
14:38 jcamins_away thd++
14:39 jcamins_away tumer++
14:39 druthb wahanui: talljoy is also tall.
14:39 wahanui okay, druthb.
14:39 jcamins_away Good morning, #koha
14:39 jcamins_away is now known as jcamins
14:39 druthb talljoy?
14:39 wahanui talljoy is, like, magnificent! or tall
14:39 * talljoy blushes
14:40 oleonard Everything I know about talljoy I learned from wahanui
14:41 talljoy i hear she is brilliant, that wahanui
14:41 druthb wahanui: Brooke?
14:41 wahanui Brooke is deprecated
14:41 druthb lol
14:41 druthb wahanui: druthb?
14:41 wahanui somebody said druthb was Brooke's sugar mama!
14:41 * druthb rolls her eyes.
14:41 talljoy lol
14:42 druthb wahanui: forget druthb
14:42 wahanui druthb: I forgot druthb
14:42 oleonard Hmmm... I'm not sure we should be allowed to tell wahanui to forget ourselves.
14:42 druthb wahanui: druthb is gonna be out the week of July 18-22, and you won't see much of her for a couple of weeks after that.
14:42 wahanui OK, druthb.
14:42 talljoy druthb?
14:42 wahanui druthb is gonna be out the week of July 18-22, and you won't see much of her for a couple of weeks after that.
14:52 * oleonard is now tempted to give wahanui detailed updates about his daily schedule by the hour
14:52 nengard hehe
14:53 wizzyrea aha
14:53 wizzyrea[…]from-water-damage
14:53 wizzyrea raise your hand if you've ever dropped your phone somewhere unfortunate
14:53 * wizzyrea raises hand
14:53 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:53 * druthb raises hand
14:54 oleonard I think the driveway is unfortunate enough, so I'm grateful it hasn't been worse.
14:54 wizzyrea ooo ouch
14:54 * oleonard knocks on wood
14:54 Agent_Dani I've never done that but my wife managed an interesting way to get her phone soaked.
14:54 wizzyrea one of my librarians spilled juice on her netbook
14:54 wizzyrea we told her to take the battery out and put it through the dishwasher with no soap
14:54 wizzyrea 6 weeks later it was working again.
14:54 slef coffee drinks for laptops is a favourite
14:55 Agent_Dani It was in the little zipped pouch on top of her tank bag when we were returning from vacation last year. We got caught in a downpour.
14:55 Agent_Dani Turns out the top of that pocket isn't water resistant but the bottom will sure hold water.
14:55 wizzyrea oh no
14:55 slef I know a DD who sent his laptop back as a warranty repair after vomitting into it. AIUI they gave him a new laptop and didn't mention the problem.
14:56 slef AIUI?
14:56 slef hrm, wahanui?
14:56 wahanui slef: excuse me?
14:56 slef wahanui: AIUI?
14:56 wahanui slef: i haven't a clue
14:56 slef wahanui: AIUI is As I Understand It
14:56 wahanui OK, slef.
14:56 slef wahanui: DD is Debian Developer
14:56 wahanui OK, slef.
14:56 * oleonard didn't know that one
14:56 Agent_Dani When we found a spot to pull off and get our rain gear on we discovered her Droid laying in about an ounce of water. It didn't work then but drying out and a hard reset got it working again.
14:57 slef wahanui: PUBFOOD?
14:57 wahanui PUBFOOD is probably universally bastardised, f'd-over or destroyed
14:57 Agent_Dani That's a good one. :)
14:57 oleonard Is PUBFOOD a complex acronym, or shouted?
14:58 * wizzyrea thinks of it as buffalo wings.
14:58 wizzyrea or fish and chips
14:58 oleonard Or cheesy jalapeno poppers with buffalo sauce and a blooming onion on the side?
14:59 * wizzyrea has a heart attack
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14:59 Agent_Dani I see you've revived.
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14:59 talljoy anyone have velcro?
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15:00 wizzyrea that was humorous, but unintended >.>
15:01 Agent_Dani talljoy: for that purpose, I'll loan the two velcro straps on my office chair.
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15:08 nengard bug 6588 was just reported and is a big issue that i'm thinking we might not have an easy solution to
15:08 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6588 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW , merging records loses item records!
15:09 nengard so i wanted to bring it to everyone's attention
15:09 nengard with the removal of the 952 we now can't merge records because the items are lost
15:09 wizzyrea !!!!
15:09 nengard see my video
15:09 wizzyrea yes that's Very Bad(tm)
15:09 nengard tell me i'm wrong (really - i hope i'm wrong)
15:09 Callender joined #koha
15:11 nengard okay, the items do merge ...
15:11 nengard but it's deceiving
15:12 wizzyrea you mean because it doesn't show the 952's in the display
15:12 wizzyrea I was just about to ask that
15:12 wizzyrea because you didn't actually do the merge in the video :P
15:12 nengard i didn't want to
15:12 nengard i was scared i'd lose my info
15:12 nengard so i was creating some crap records to test with just now
15:13 nengard i have my real home collection in my Koha :)
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15:16 slef "Viewing this content requires Adobe Flash Player". Oh well. Does no-one upload real video files any more?
15:18 nengard not when i'm doing a quick video for a ticket i don't
15:18 nengard but for my tutorial videos i do
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15:22 oleonard slef, do you know of good screencast recording software that doesn't output flash?
15:23 nengard it's not open source, but the one i use for the tutorial videos is screenflow
15:23 slef oleonard: I can play flv, if the site bothers to link it.
15:23 wizzyrea screencast does do other formats, but you have to pay for it (rightfully)
15:23 slef I think the problem isn't the recorder, but the naff playback sites.
15:23 nengard yeah - that's why i pay for the software i use
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15:24 slef outputs ogg I think
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15:32 sekjal anyone know an example of a relatively common title or author that has two or more accented characters, where the second character is NOT the last in a word?
15:32 sekjal so, "Déjà vu" won't work, because the accent falls on the "a"
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15:34 wizzyrea hmm
15:37 jcamins Could a UNIMARC user please close bug 5924?
15:37 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5924 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, ASSIGNED , Authorities search : Heading Main is defined in unimarc record.abs
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15:40 juan_sieira hi koha
15:40 juan_sieira after install git-email, I dont have the command git send-email... in ubuntu maverick
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15:41 juan_sieira do I have to use another command ...., install another package....
15:42 wizzyrea do you have git core?
15:42 juan_sieira yes
15:42 juan_sieira I'm using git since 2 years ago
15:42 wizzyrea fair enough
15:42 juan_sieira so, now I would to send emails with git ..
15:43 juan_sieira but I cant
15:43 kf hm are you sure the git-email installed correctly?
15:43 juan_sieira yes...
15:43 kf and it says unknown command?
15:43 sekjal got it: "Frédéric" will work
15:43 juan_sieira yes
15:44 juan_sieira if I put git, and hit tab twice...
15:44 wizzyrea send-email maybe not in your path?
15:44 slef bbl
15:44 juan_sieira I get:
15:44 juan_sieira add                 br                  clone               diff                get-tar-commit-id   log                 notes               replace             show-branch         whatchanged
15:44 juan_sieira am                  branch              cm                  difftool            grep                lol                 pull                request-pull        st
15:44 juan_sieira annotate            bundle              co                  fetch               help                lola                push                reset               stage
15:44 juan_sieira apply               checkout            commit              filter-branch       imap-send           merge               rebase              revert              stash
15:44 juan_sieira archive             cherry              config              format-patch        init                mergetool           relink              rm                  status
15:44 juan_sieira bisect              cherry-pick         describe            fsck                instaweb            mv                  remote              shortlog            submodule
15:44 juan_sieira blame               clean               df                  gc                  lg                  name-rev            repack              show                tag
15:44 kf no send-email
15:45 juan_sieira no
15:45 kf and if you type it in?
15:45 juan_sieira this:
15:45 kf I am using ubuntu from the beginning and never had any problems with it once I installed the package
15:45 juan_sieira git                 gitk                gitosis-run-hook    git-receive-pack    gitstats            git-upload-pack
15:45 juan_sieira gitg                gitosis-init        gitosis-serve       git-shell           git-upload-archive
15:45 kf what did you type?
15:45 juan_sieira git and twice tab
15:46 juan_sieira and before, git<space> twice tab
15:46 juan_sieira I dont tested restarting the system ...
15:47 juan_sieira but I think is not the solution
15:47 kf sudo apt-get install git-core git-email
15:47 kf is what I normally do
15:47 juan_sieira me too
15:47 wizzyrea for ubuntu it's just sudo apt-get install git git-email
15:47 wizzyrea (no git-core in ubuntu)
15:47 juan_sieira git-core ya está en su versión más reciente.
15:47 juan_sieira fijado git-core como instalado manualmente.
15:47 juan_sieira git-email ya está en su versión más reciente.
15:47 kf wizzyrea: I am using ubuntu - did never complain
15:48 wizzyrea duly noted :)
15:48 juan_sieira uuuu
15:48 juan_sieira I got git-core installed manually
15:48 juan_sieira but in Ubuntu there is and "git" package
15:48 kf wizzyrea: perhaps there is in later versions? I normally just copy it from my wiki
15:49 wizzyrea could be
15:49 kf
15:50 kf ah, german
15:50 wizzyrea and the only message is "unknown command"
15:50 wizzyrea nothing after it?
15:50 miguel joined #koha
15:51 juan_sieira no
15:52 juan_sieira I installed the package "git", dpkg-reconfigure git-email
15:52 juan_sieira and nothing..
15:52 wahanui nothing is ever gone in git
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15:52 wizzyrea hi hankbank
15:52 hankbank heya wizzyrea
15:53 nengard hi hankbank
15:53 hankbank hola niengard
15:54 hankbank aka reports
15:54 kf left #koha
15:55 wizzyrea all of that suggests to me that git send-email isn't in your patrh
15:55 wizzyrea path*
15:58 juan_sieira where is the bin file git?
15:59 wizzyrea which git would tell you
15:59 juan_sieira locate git-email
16:00 juan_sieira "locate git-email
16:00 juan_sieira I cant paste it...
16:00 juan_sieira
16:02 juan_sieira my git is running ok, git commit, git add ...., but I dont get git send-email running
16:03 nengard is now known as nengard_lunch
16:03 juan_sieira so, I go to restart computer, ...
16:03 juan_sieira left #koha
16:05 * jcamins closed a bunch of tickets.
16:08 juan_sieira joined #koha
16:08 juan_sieira Ok¡¡
16:08 juan_sieira I get git send-email working now
16:08 juan_sieira after restart my computer
16:09 wizzyrea reboot++
16:09 wizzyrea probably a logout/login would have done it
16:09 juan_sieira yes, probably
16:09 juan_sieira so, dont restart my pc since 1 or 2 months...
16:11 bigbrovar left #koha
16:12 jcamins Does anyone have any objection to me closing tickets that have had a "Patch pushed" status of more than three months?
16:17 jcamins There are 99 tickets that meet that criterion.
16:18 wizzyrea I don't, if they're briefly tested :/
16:18 wizzyrea I know that adds a lot of work
16:18 jcamins Okay, I won't be going through then.
16:19 jcamins I went through and tested all the ones that I was getting messages about, but then I noticed patches that had been pushed last year, and thought maybe they should just be closed, since no one's ever going to test.
16:27 bigbrovar joined #koha
16:27 wizzyrea I guess they can always be reopened...
16:28 jcamins It doesn't really matter, I was just taking a break from another task, and thought I'd be productive.
16:28 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_away
16:31 wizzyrea-tab joined #koha
16:32 wizzyrea-tab computer updates yay
16:34 * sekjal is reading zebra config files... makes him hungry
16:35 sekjal or maybe that's the "being-lunch-time" that's doing it
16:38 nengard_lunch is now known as nengard
16:42 sekjal should the XML we pass to Zebra to index be unicode normalized for composition or decomposition?
16:43 jcamins I don't recall.
16:44 jcamins Is it going through wrong?
16:45 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzyrea
16:46 sekjal I think the normalization will affect how the indexer treats the record
16:46 sekjal was reading word-phrase-utf.chr
16:47 sekjal when it was originally written, though, there was a note that it this may be an issue
16:47 sekjal and I'm seeing diacritic search work, presumably using the rules laid out in that file, without ICU chains.
16:47 jcamins Oh, I misunderstood your question.
16:47 jcamins Composed.
16:47 sekjal but only on some data sets
16:50 jcamins Right. Because MARC-8->UTF-8 conversions don't use the same codepoint as regular composed characters.
16:52 sekjal so a natively UTF-8 record and a MARC-8 to UTF-8 record will encode the same characters differently?
16:53 jcamins In the majority of cases, yes.
16:54 sekjal so what needs to happen to turn the MARC-8 to UTF-8 records into real UTF-8 records?
16:57 wizzyrea-tab left #koha
16:59 jcamins It is unclear to me whether everything has to be converted into NFC or NFKC.
17:00 jcamins I *think* NFC should work.
17:01 sekjal would be easy enough to test, I suppose, given the right data set
17:01 jcamins Obviously NFC would be preferable, all else being equal.
17:03 sekjal agreed
17:03 sekjal okay, need to eat.  back in a bit
17:10 cait joined #koha
17:13 oleonard Listening to sekjal talk about UTF apparently makes me hungry. Or maybe that's a coincidence too.
17:13 jcamins NFKC, nomnomnom.
17:14 cait lol
17:14 * cait waves
17:17 * jcamins waves back
17:26 oleonard left #koha
17:28 oleonard joined #koha
17:42 jcamins Whoever came up with the idea of pasta salad was an under-appreciated genius.
17:42 wizzyrea hehe
17:43 * wizzyrea is eating mint chocolate chip ice cream pie
17:43 jcamins Though I don't think this is quite what most people have in mind when they think "pasta salad."
17:43 jcamins The only difference between this and a regular salad is that it has pasta and no lettuce.
17:43 wizzyrea that sounds yummy
17:44 jcamins One of the best salads ever: pasta, edamame, blue cheese, walnuts, bacon, cranberries, chicken.
17:45 Agent_Dani That sounds very much better than any pasta salad I've had.
17:45 wizzyrea ^^
17:46 jcamins That's 'cause it is. :)
17:47 cait and that sounds like jcamins talking :)
17:47 cait fooood :)
17:48 jcamins I need to come up with my next salad plan.
17:49 jcamins Any suggestions for a salad so amazing it will inspire my wife to eat lunch?
17:49 cait I like fennel-mango
17:50 cait but a lot of people don't like fennel
17:50 jcamins Hm. Not sure we've ever had it, actually.
18:09 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
18:11 juan_sieira left #koha
18:11 hankbank left #koha
18:11 miguel left #koha
18:21 miguel joined #koha
18:38 druthb nengard++   #my teammates are da bestest!
18:39 nengard :)
18:58 oleonard [% IF ( transport.transport ) %][% transport.transport %][% ELSE %]Unknown[% END %]
18:58 oleonard Why would that display [% transport.transport %] when present but not "Unknown" otherwise?
18:58 * oleonard feels like he's going crazy
19:02 cait no idea?
19:02 * cait sends oleonard cookies
19:02 juan_sieira joined #koha
19:03 miguel left #koha
19:04 juan_sieira_ left #koha
19:05 SirDekar left #koha
19:06 oleonard nengard, I have a question for you about Bug 6571
19:06 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6571 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW , advanced notice says 'unknown'
19:06 nengard k
19:07 oleonard Look at your message_attributes table. Do you see "Advance_Notice" as one of the message_names?
19:07 oleonard Or do you see "Advance Notice"
19:07 oleonard (the first with an underscore, the second without)
19:08 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
19:09 * oleonard is hoping that's the cause of your problem, and the reason I can't replicate the bug
19:09 nengard hang on
19:09 nengard oleonard i have it without an underscore (with a space)
19:10 cait oleonard: that sounds logical
19:10 cait we had that before, thought it was all fixed now
19:10 oleonard Yeah, there was an update in that should have caught that
19:10 nengard apparently one of the db updates was skipped by me or wasn't actually in the update script?
19:11 nengard i can change it manually, but we should be sure that others got that update
19:11 oleonard[…]0847b13aa5ac186e8
19:12 nengard hmmm
19:12 nengard i got all the ones above that
19:12 nengard look closer at that line
19:12 nengard +    $dbh->do("UPDATE message_attributes SET message_name = 'Advance_Notice' WHERE message_name='Advance_Notice'")
19:12 nengard it only changed it if it had an underscore already
19:12 nengard not a space
19:13 miguel joined #koha
19:13 nengard that's why mine wasn't fixed
19:14 oleonard that must have gotten corrected later, because that's not how it is in the current version
19:14 rach left #koha
19:15 nengard but maybe it was fixed after i had already upgraded
19:16 nengard and i didn't get the update
19:17 oleonard[…]23c17609ae509fca2
19:18 nengard yeah, so by the time that patch made it to Koha I had already gone through that update to .051 so it didn't trigger it for me
19:18 nengard make sense?
19:19 nengard so my question is this - do we need a patch that changes just that in the DB for others who might be like me or am I an anomolie?
19:19 * oleonard doesn't know
19:20 nengard heh
19:22 talljoy left #koha
19:25 oleonard The problem would only happen for someone who was updating very frequently, so presumably only for those who are doing bleeding-edge testing. But that could still include people preparing to put an installation into production.
19:26 druthb left #koha
19:42 oleonard nengard:
19:43 oleonard Re: Bug 6426
19:43 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6426 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , messaging not showing on patron categories
19:43 nengard me likey!
19:43 nengard better than it was before
19:43 oleonard Cool.
19:44 wizzyrea yes, thanks owen
19:45 wizzyrea that's good stuff.
19:47 jcamins_away wizzyrea: you have me thinking about mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.
19:47 wizzyrea ... and now me too
19:48 jcamins_away Ha! At least someone else is suffering with me.
19:49 jcamins_away Ooh, berries are on sale for a good price.
19:50 jcamins_away They call $5 for a 3lb bag of clementines a sale? Pff.
19:53 cait oleonard: instead of the screenshot I get a lot of unreadable text
19:53 cait I think the mime type of the attachement is wrong
19:53 oleonard Weird, I've never had that problem before.
19:53 cait I unchecked patch
19:54 cait but it did not correct the mime type I guess, it says text/plain
19:54 oleonard Should work now
19:54 cait ah
19:54 cait great :)
19:54 cait thx!
19:54 cait looks a lot better :)
19:55 oleonard Did I accidentally say that my screenshot was a patch?
19:55 cait I think so
19:55 cait you are used to click patch :)
19:55 cait would be nice if it would show the days for the advance notice
19:55 oleonard Patchety patch patch.
19:56 rangi morning
19:56 cait morning rangi :)
19:56 rangi @wunder wellington nz
19:56 huginn rangi: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 3.0�C (7:00 AM NZST on July 15, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
19:56 rangi brrr
19:56 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:56 huginn cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Taegerwilen, Germany is 13.2�C (9:55 PM CEST on July 14, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Steady).
19:56 rangi its cold at the bus stop
19:56 ibeardslee it is a bit nippy out there isn't it
19:56 bg @wunder 93109
19:56 huginn bg: The current temperature in K6LCM - Westside / Mesa, Santa Barbara, California is 20.6�C (12:56 PM PDT on July 14, 2011). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).
19:57 oleonard @wunder 45701
19:57 huginn oleonard: The current temperature in Athens, Ohio is 27.0�C (3:35 PM EDT on July 14, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Steady).
19:57 bg rangi: NateC?
19:57 wahanui I LIKE SPACE!
19:57 rangi hehe
19:58 wizzyrea @wunder Wellington NZ
19:58 huginn wizzyrea: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 3.0�C (7:00 AM NZST on July 15, 2011). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1004 hPa (Rising).
19:58 wizzyrea ok yea, that's chilly
19:58 rangi blue sky tho
19:58 rangi gonna be a nice day
19:59 rangi if cold
19:59 jwagner left #koha
20:01 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 6426] Messaging not showing on patron categories <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6426>
20:03 * oleonard is off
20:03 oleonard left #koha
20:03 library_systems_guy rangi did you say you'd looked at the hourly branch?
20:04 library_systems_guy i just got it up and since im not familiar with hourly loans i don't know where to look
20:05 rangi colin did
20:05 rangi where I would look first
20:05 rangi is the circ rules
20:05 library_systems_guy oh yeah...i think it was his branch that i checked out
20:05 rangi can u set them hourly
20:05 rangi not just days
20:05 library_systems_guy ok
20:05 rangi then, change some and try issuing
20:06 rangi and see what happens is a good start
20:06 library_systems_guy will do
20:06 library_systems_guy thanks rangi
20:06 rangi np
20:10 rangi thanks for testing
20:10 library_systems_guy np...but unless i messed up the install i don't think its working
20:10 library_systems_guy but there is a very good possibility that i messed up...git dark magic happened
20:13 rangi heh yeah, feel free to document anything on the bug, it all helps
20:13 library_systems_guy should i have to apply your proposed db changes?
20:13 rangi ill try to look at it today some time
20:13 rangi hmm not sure actually
20:13 library_systems_guy i guess i could just take a peek at the db
20:14 rangi yeah, issues and old_issues
20:14 rangi should have changed
20:15 library_systems_guy i don't think they did...i still see date as the type not datetime
20:16 rangi yeah, that wont work
20:16 rangi must have to do the db changes too
20:17 library_systems_guy hmm i may wait before i start jumping into the deep end on this and talk to collum
20:17 rangi colin?
20:17 library_systems_guy yeah...autocomplete...grr
20:17 rangi :)
20:20 library_systems_guy so what may have happened is I have an existing database (i just cloned my VM) and the koha installer never actually ran...
20:30 nengard left #koha
20:33 rangi ahh that would do it
20:34 library_systems_guy silly me
20:34 library_systems_guy do you know of a way i can merge the changes without dropping my current db?
20:34 rangi yup
20:34 library_systems_guy !!!
20:35 rangi just change the number to be higher, and change the to set it to that, and then the installer will kick in an run
20:36 * rangi hopes that makes sense, i havent had coffee yet
20:37 JesseM left #koha
20:37 library_systems_guy haha for the most part...i changed
20:37 library_systems_guy but im looking for a place the change it in
20:37 rangi is there one that has XXX
20:37 rangi ?
20:37 library_systems_guy i don't see one
20:38 rangi whats the last one?
20:38 wahanui it has been said that the last one is an older koha version, right?
20:38 cait forget last one
20:38 wahanui cait: I forgot last one
20:38 library_systems_guy the last version i have in update is
20:38 library_systems_guy which i think is head
20:39 rangi right, so it doenst look like it has the actual changes in it, so you might need pull in that branch
20:39 library_systems_guy :'(
20:39 library_systems_guy lol
20:40 rangi[…]+Baby/1mNq8?src=5   <-- some feel good music for friday morning
20:40 library_systems_guy i guess i'll have to wait to listen to it
20:40 Callender left #koha
20:41 rangi heh
20:41 rangi here you go then[…]a+Hacking/8190140
20:42 library_systems_guy thats awesome
20:50 rangi jcamins++ #marking bugs fixed
20:50 sekjal left #koha
20:55 huginn New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 4995] extended attributes replication from LDAP <[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4995>
20:58 cait good night #koha
21:00 cait left #koha
21:01 NateC left #koha
21:24 NateC joined #koha
21:25 NateC left #koha
21:40 jcamins_away People with kids: when you're making ice pops in an ice cube tray, does the aluminum foil go *over* the toothpicks, or do you poke a tiny hole in the aluminum foil for each toothpick?
21:41 rangi whats the foil for?
21:42 jcamins_away To keep the toothpicks from falling over.
21:43 library_systems_guy what is this wizardry
21:43 jcamins_away Is that one of those unusual things that my family does due to a great-grandparent having an inefficient freezer, or something like that?
21:43 wizzyrea uh
21:43 ibeardslee I'd put the foil down and then stab the toothpick through
21:43 wizzyrea ^^ that
21:43 library_systems_guy yeah im going with ibeardslee
21:43 jcamins_away Okay, that's how I did it.
21:44 wizzyrea I would have probably used plastic wrap >.>
21:44 wizzyrea easier to peel off, doesn't tear
21:44 * ibeardslee would have used greaseproof paper
21:44 aogle left #koha
21:44 wizzyrea ooooo
21:44 wizzyrea parchment++
21:44 Space_Librarian joined #koha
21:44 jcamins_away But when I was five, there's no way I could've done that successfully, so I wondered if I was missing something.
21:44 wizzyrea you're right, that would be better
21:45 Space_Librarian o/
21:45 library_systems_guy[…]var=sbar&_lwgsi=y
21:45 wizzyrea \o
21:45 library_systems_guy relivant
21:45 library_systems_guy relevant **
21:46 wizzyrea i found the popsicles sort of hard to get out of those
21:46 wizzyrea without melting more of my popsicle than I would like
21:46 library_systems_guy really...i've heard they were fantastic
21:47 * library_systems_guy is now disappointed
21:47 * wizzyrea might have been doing it wrong
21:47 jcamins_away library_systems_guy: I don't have popsicle molds, and the impetus for making Bailey's Irish cream frozen yogurt was an effort to be fiscally responsible.
21:47 jcamins_away Yeah, that particular brand isn't very good.
21:47 jcamins_away The problem is the hard plastic.
21:47 jcamins_away You can get ones with slightly softer plastic, that will allow you to actually pop the popsicle out.
21:47 wizzyrea silicone would be amazing I bet
21:47 wizzyrea for that
21:47 ClusterdKid joined #koha
21:48 rangi hi ClusterdKid
21:48 ClusterdKid Hello
21:48 * Space_Librarian is amazed at the conversation.
21:48 jcamins_away wizzyrea: ooh, yeah, that would be pretty great.
21:48 jcamins_away Space_Librarian: why?
21:48 Space_Librarian I came into the conversation at the wrong time>
21:48 jcamins_away Space_Librarian: is this not the channel that started International French Toast Day?
21:48 ibeardslee ??!!??
21:48 ibeardslee when is that?
21:48 Space_Librarian Now i've learnt something new, I can go back to bed. ;)
21:49 rangi
21:49 wizzyrea plus, we do have a community cookie :P
21:49 ClusterdKid I am looking for a little help. I have been testing item imports. I have done several tests and I would now like to clear all of the items out. Is there are quick (and safe) way to do so
21:49 wizzyrea ok, work time. :)
21:49 ClusterdKid sorry
21:49 wizzyrea all good
21:49 Space_Librarian have you guys done the quickly-running-the-popsicle-​mould-under-hot-water-trick?
21:49 rangi yes there is ClusterdKid
21:49 jcamins_away ibeardslee: May 4, according to the logs.
21:50 * Space_Librarian puts on work hat
21:50 rangi do you want to clear the biblio records too, or just the items?
21:50 ClusterdKid all of it would be best
21:50 rangi truncate biblio
21:50 rangi the cascades should get rid of everything
21:50 jcamins_away Except for issues.
21:51 jcamins_away You'll also want to run 'truncate issues;'
21:51 library_systems_guy don't forget to reset zebra :-\
21:51 ClusterdKid so truncate is a command? or as in a mysql truncate?
21:52 rangi mysql truncate
21:52 ibeardslee true story, make sure it is sugar not salt
21:53 rangi :)
21:53 Space_Librarian ibeardslee: agreed
21:55 ibeardslee my story about the macaroni flour can wait for another day
21:55 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 6587 - Tag moderation lost colors <[…]dfcb819ecbb0ba6cd> / Fix for Bug 6586 - calendar showing the wrong event type when editing <[…]058533801abe5ec66> / Fix for Bug 6570 - unlabeled box on funds form <
21:57 jcamins_away ibeardslee: is macaroni flour semolina?
21:58 ibeardslee no it was my interpretation of a recipe gone wrong
21:58 rangi  <-- join up if you are on launchpad .. and look there are 2 ppa for natty there too
21:59 ibeardslee jcamins_away: specifically teaspoon vs tablespoon of flour in macaroni cheese
21:59 jcamins_away Oops.
22:00 jcamins_away Myshkin is quickly and efficiently downing my entire glass of water.
22:00 jcamins_away And typing for me at the same time.
22:00 wizzyrea farewell for now friends
22:00 ClusterdKid so I ran - truncate biblio then truncate issues  and did a koha-rebuild-zebra - and the records and items are still in the catalog
22:01 library_systems_guy later #Koha
22:01 jcamins_away searching faq?
22:01 wahanui searching faq is at[…]on/faq/searching/
22:01 library_systems_guy left #koha
22:01 jcamins_away ClusterdKid: the answer is somewhere on that page.
22:01 jcamins_away You need to reset your indexes.
22:03 jcamins_away Number 5.
22:03 jcamins_away No, not number 5.
22:03 jenkins_koha Starting build 322 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
22:03 jcamins_away Number 1.
22:06 jcamins_away I wonder if I should have cooled the yogurt to approaching frozen in the measuring cup before putting it in the ice cube trays.
22:06 jcamins_away Oh well. I can try that next time if necessary.
22:10 jati joined #koha
22:14 jati left #koha
22:14 jati joined #koha
22:15 jati left #koha
22:15 jati joined #koha
22:16 jati left #koha
22:16 ClusterdKid after I run I get zebraidx(16194) [warn] Index 'Record-control-number' not found in attset(s)
22:17 ClusterdKid any ideas
22:17 rangi its a warn, that you can safely ignore, and is fixed in newer versions of koha
22:18 rangi noisy and annoying, but not fatal ;)
22:20 ClusterdKid ok, but my records are still there
22:20 rangi did you look at the link jcamins_away gave?
22:20 rangi and they are definitely not in the database eh?
22:20 rangi ie if you click on one of them, does it 404?
22:20 ClusterdKid a select of the biblio has 0 rows
22:21 rangi same for biblioitems?
22:21 ClusterdKid when i click on one I get Can't call method "field" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1164.
22:21 rangi hmm, you running 3.2.something?
22:22 rangi you did a -r -b -a  right?
22:26 ClusterdKid yeah i'm on a 3.2.6 and I did -a -b -r
22:27 rangi yeah look at the number 1, in the link jcamins posted
22:28 rangi[…]on/faq/searching/
22:28 rangi looks like its not droppping the index
22:35 bigbrovar_ joined #koha
22:35 bigbrovar left #koha
22:43 bigbrovar_ left #koha
22:47 jenkins_koha Project Koha_master build #322: SUCCESS in 43 mn: http://jenkins.koha-community.[…]/Koha_master/322/
22:47 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for 6426 - messaging not showing on patron categories
22:47 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 6570 - unlabeled box on funds form
22:47 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 6586 - calendar showing the wrong event type when editing
22:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6570 major, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Unlabeled box on funds form
22:47 jenkins_koha * oleonard: Fix for Bug 6587 - Tag moderation lost colors
22:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6586 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Calendar showing the wrong event type when editing
22:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6587 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Tag moderation lost colors
22:51 ClusterdKid looks like RTFM strikes again. Thanks
22:51 rangi no worries
22:52 rangi -r should do that, but sometimes, it doesnt
22:52 rangi i *think* we have it fixed in later versions
22:59 BobB joined #koha
23:01 ClusterdKid left #koha
23:18 jenkins_koha Starting build 323 for job Koha_master (previous build: SUCCESS)
23:20 huginn New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 5867 : Improved the email checking when sending "Hold filled" notices. <[…]525d615cafff1061f> / Bug 5462: Update of the italian sql files The bug is about strings that are used... <[…]c409eee8228204654>
23:32 juan_sieira_ joined #koha
23:34 juan_sieira left #koha
23:34 miguel left #koha
23:43 miguel joined #koha
23:52 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away

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