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00:51 chrisc_stdc hi everybody
00:52 chrisc_stdc @marc 200
00:52 huginn chrisc_stdc: unknown tag 200
00:52 chrisc_stdc @marc 245
00:52 huginn chrisc_stdc: The title and statement of responsibility area of the bibliographic description of a work. [a,b,c,f,g,h,k,n,p,s,6,8]
00:53 mtj heya chris
00:53 chrisc_stdc heya hows wellington?
00:53 mtj whats stdc?
00:53 mtj ah, click… ;)
00:53 chrisc_stdc south taranaki district council
00:53 mtj very nice thanks
00:53 eythian chrisc_stdc: hiya
00:53 eythian wellington is nice
00:54 eythian how's things going there
00:54 chrisc_stdc eythian: you doing a data load?
00:54 eythian nope
00:54 chrisc_stdc good, im on the big screen so be nice
00:54 eythian Have no plans to do one today unless they ask for it
00:54 chrisc_stdc cool
00:54 * eythian hacks some templates
00:54 eythian (just for the big-screen demo)
00:55 eythian anyone got dodgy photos of chris they can contribute? :)
00:55 mtj ooooh, big screen, sounds like training...
00:56 mtj nope, just *orsum* ones here.. ;)
00:56 * space_librarian smothers a giggle
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00:57 mtj man, is charlie sheen high, or what?
00:57 mtj
00:58 mtj btw, thats a rhetorical question
00:58 eythian mtj: what is that?
00:59 mtj charlie sheens webcast/blog thingy
00:59 space_librarian wow
01:00 mtj 'sheens korner' streaming from the tubes
01:00 eythian Oh. He looks like the start of a rock musician who's going to end up 60 and made of leather. (trying to think of an example, but failing.)
01:01 mtj pssst: keith richards
01:01 eythian that's exactly who I was trying to think of, I got stuck at Keith Rogers, knowing that wasn't right
01:02 mtj who new charlie sheen was a beat poet….
01:03 eythian I couldn't really keep watching it
01:03 * mtj pulls out the beret and bongos
01:04 mtj good call, the next installment is way better
01:05 mtj ive just done 6 months worth of invoicing, so im feeling a bit 'jaunty'
01:05 mtj well, 4 months really..
01:06 eythian Jaunty Jackalope?
01:06 mtj jaunty bank account-a-lope
01:07 eythian that'll do I suppose.
01:07 mtj i might splurge on some new tape for my glasses
01:08 mtj ok, gotta head home....
01:09 mtj ciao folks
01:09 eythian yeah, I gotta do work :)
01:09 eythian later
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03:30 kmkale Namaskar #koha
03:30 mtj namaste kmkale
03:33 kmkale hi mtj :)
03:34 space_librarian hi kmkale!
03:34 kmkale hi space_librarian
03:35 kmkale does anyone have an idea about while doing bulk import using if I use -isbn does it still add items?
03:40 mtj pass, ive never seen the isbn flag, must be new
03:41 kmkale thing is I have always used the web based manage marc records stuff.
03:42 kmkale This time when I try to de duplicate with isbn rule, it refuses to move beyond 0%. Left it overnight but no go
03:42 eythian kmkale: it should still add, just not add things with a matching ISBN
03:43 eythian I don't know why it'd get stuck though
03:43 kmkale I checked in db. No entries in either biblio, biblioitems, items tables with the web based
03:44 kmkale Wanted to know if will still add items for a bib match found on isbn
03:45 eythian I don't think it will, according to the documenation. It'll skip those ones.
03:45 mtj kmkale:  it looks like it should, from the code
03:45 kmkale ok. running it now. on a test db :)
03:45 mtj ahh, its an isbn *skip* option....
03:46 mtj yeah, eythian++
03:46 kmkale :(
03:46 kmkale so no items added? the web based one has an option to still add items.
03:46 mtj try a diff web-browser too
03:47 eythian ahh, I understand your question now. I don't think it does that.
03:47 mtj i have had occasional 0% glitches with the web import
03:47 eythian Someone� should give it an option to merge.
03:47 mtj yep
03:48 kmkale 15052 MARC records done in 220.646286010742 seconds that was fast. lets check about items now
03:53 kmkale looks like it added 11659 biblios and 15103 items. running zebra rebuild. lets search and check after that.
03:54 kmkale but something fishy about the items
03:54 kmkale and I must manually check on duplicate number of isbn's to see if 11659 is correct
04:11 kmkale ok. It did not import items for isbn matches. Thats too bad..
04:13 eythian yeah, I'm not really surprised by that
04:16 kmkale trying web import with chromium.
04:17 kmkale I can see a www-data owned background job running but the browser is stuck at 0% and no entries in the db :(
04:23 kmkale running with perl 5.10.1 on ubuntu 10.10
04:40 kmkale bug 5847
04:40 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5847 critical, P1, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Manage Staged MARC Records stuck at 0% if isbn matching rule selected.
04:41 kmkale bbl
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05:10 cait hi #koha
05:16 space_librarian hi cait
05:17 cait hi space_librarian
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08:15 kf hi #koha
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09:05 kf marcelr++
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09:37 kf hi kmkale and paul_p
09:37 kmkale hi kf
09:37 kmkale hi paul_p
09:42 slef @later tell nengard (or anyone else) I'd like to help update the FAQ about serials. I'd need to gather questions. Do you have any tips on the best way?
09:42 huginn slef: The operation succeeded.
09:58 kf paul_p: we are doing acq training today and have a few problems - do you know the state of the acq branch integration?
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10:12 hdl kf: it should be ongoing work
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10:38 paul_p hello kf
10:39 paul_p[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5580
10:39 huginn Bug 5580: enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, paul.poulain, ASSIGNED, BibLibre acq improvements for 3.4
10:40 kf thx paul
10:40 kf I think I will spend a lot of time with this next week
10:40 kf ah, chris has not splitted it into bugs yet
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11:20 druthb good morning, #koha
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11:21 slef good morning. Just.
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12:02 kmkale @quote random
12:02 huginn kmkale: Quote #100: "chris: well, one of them is overhauling the whole templating system jcamins: Koha's other swiss army chainsaw" (added by wizzyrea at 07:41 PM, October 11, 2010)
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12:13 druthb @quote random
12:13 huginn druthb: Quote #114: "chris_n: maybe you mean black magic with reference to zebra? ;-) ; wizzyrea: correction: black magic of zebra :D ; sekjal: correction: black and white striped magic of zebra .... ; rhcl: zebra sounds like a skunk ; chris_n thinks is may smell occasionally too, like a pole cat." (added by wizzyrea at 04:49 PM, January 18, 2011)
12:16 kmkale gmcharlt: around?
12:16 kmkale slef: around?
12:17 slef kmkale: yes
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12:24 kmkale Gotta run. bbl
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14:26 * druthb reaches into her toolbox for the Velcro.
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15:10 druthb mornin, Liz!
15:10 wizzyrea mornin :)
15:11 SharonNEKLS Hi all. One of our libraries would like a Fines paid report in Koha. I tried tweaking the one I created in Harley yesterday, but somehow broke it.
15:11 SharonNEKLS SELECT round(Sum(accountlines.amount),2) AS 'Fines Paid', borrowers.cardnumber, borrowers.surname, borrowers.branchcode FROM accountlines LEFT JOIN borrowers ON (accountlines.borrowernumbe​r=borrowers.borrowernumber) WHERE (accounttype = 'PAY' ) AND date = (now() - interval 1 day) GROUP BY borrowers.branchcode
15:11 SharonNEKLS see anything obvious? A difference b/w Harley and Koha, maybe?
15:13 druthb You got nothing back, right, SharonNEKLS?
15:13 SharonNEKLS nope, nada back on that one in Koha.
15:13 druthb Try with accounttype= "Pay" instead of accounttype="PAY".  Spelling counts.  ;-)
15:14 SharonNEKLS OK
15:14 SharonNEKLS if I put in date BETWEEN '2011-03-03' AND '2011-03-06'  it works.
15:14 druthb (To mysql, that's a different word.")
15:15 druthb hm....instead of the date= clause, try date >= DATE_SUB(NOW(),INTERVAL 1 DAY)
15:15 SharonNEKLS will do
15:16 SharonNEKLS That did it!  My libraries will be happy to know they can see how much $$ they brought in yesterday
15:18 SharonNEKLS works even better if I group by cardnumber...thank you!
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15:21 * druthb smiles happily.
15:32 rhcl_away what's the token separator for entering tags in the OPAC?
15:33 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
15:33 Ahmuck-Sr [2011-03-10 09:25] <SharonNEKLS> That did it!  My libraries will be happy to know they can see how much $$ they brought in yesterday - really?
15:34 wizzyrea mym
15:34 wizzyrea mhm
15:34 Ahmuck-Sr is library revenue based on fines?
15:34 wizzyrea not all of it
15:34 wizzyrea certainly some
15:35 Ahmuck-Sr shouldn't fine revenue be "extra" rather than a budget base for income?
15:35 Ahmuck-Sr it's almost like we "hope" they get fines
15:35 wizzyrea sure
15:35 wizzyrea in an ideal world
15:36 Ahmuck-Sr so were commercializing our libraries?
15:36 gmcharlt Ahmuck-Sr: that's too strong of a statement
15:36 gmcharlt more accurate, at least in the US, is that a lot of public libraries are getting less tax and public support
15:36 Ahmuck-Sr commercialization comes in all forms, usually small at first
15:36 gmcharlt than they used to (or ought to)
15:36 Ahmuck-Sr why less public support
15:37 Ahmuck-Sr perhaps a pbs raise for the library fund option?
15:38 Ahmuck-Sr btw, last time i was at the library, seems like a lot of pulp fiction.  i can recall attending the library and learning all types of scientific material.  i assume the public is no longer interested in education?
15:39 gmcharlt libraries serve a lot of public needs
15:39 gmcharlt and entertainment reading is a valid one
15:39 gmcharlt to characterize it as a lack of public interest in education?  not necessarily
15:40 gmcharlt as far as loss of public moneys?  lot's of reasons, including consequences of the recession that have it a lot of states and localties hard
15:40 gmcharlt political issues in some cases
15:40 gmcharlt on the other hand, a lot of libraries see an increase (sometimes a significant one) in usage during recessions
15:41 gmcharlt so a lot of libraries get caught in the problem of being asked to provide more services at exactly the same time that they are getting less tax revenue
15:42 gmcharlt so ... yes, in an ideal world, libraries shouldn't (or shouldn't have to) consider fines as part of their budgets
15:42 * Ahmuck-Sr grew up in the NEKLS system
15:42 Ahmuck-Sr how many libraries are in the NEKLS system?
15:42 gmcharlt but it wouldn't surprise me if there were at least a few libraries in the US were fine money is keeping a staff member employed, or mkaing the difference between being open five days a week instead of four
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15:43 * Ahmuck-Sr has considered opening a private library
15:45 wizzyrea Ahmuck-Sr: you'll really love this then:[…]ia-libraries.html
15:45 wizzyrea 46 publics
15:45 wizzyrea !!!
15:45 * wizzyrea recognizes yet again what a small world it is
15:45 * wizzyrea is from NEKLS
15:45 wizzyrea :)
15:46 Ahmuck-Sr ya, i was aware u were liz :)
15:46 Ahmuck-Sr there was this book in Horton, that i would always check out.  seemed i was the only one.  it showed you how to build this device where you put your hands on it and  it makes your hair stand up like in science class
15:46 wizzyrea hehe
15:47 wizzyrea horton is in NExpress
15:47 Ahmuck-Sr eventually when i got older i asked if i could buy the book and they let me, as no one had checked it out in 8 years
15:47 Ahmuck-Sr ah
15:47 wizzyrea hehe that's fun
15:47 Ahmuck-Sr separate from NEKLS ?
15:47 wizzyrea nope
15:47 wizzyrea NExpress is the NEKLS shared automation system
15:49 Ahmuck-Sr ah
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15:50 Ahmuck-Sr i'm surprised that libraires don't have fund drives like PBS
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15:51 wizzyrea maybe they should
15:51 * Ahmuck-Sr watched the video
15:51 gmcharlt indirectly some do via their friends groups
15:51 wizzyrea ^^
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15:51 rhcl Ahmuk: yea, they should
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15:54 rhcl huggin: go fetch me bug 2495
15:54 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2495 enhancement, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Currently no way to correct a typo in an authority controlled bib tag $a in Koha
15:54 rhcl Is anybody working on bug 2495?
15:54 Ahmuck-Sr is there a way to connect private library collections via koha?
15:56 Ahmuck-Sr one of the best books i picked up at a coffee shop, a "pick up take with you read and then drop off somewhere else" book
16:07 rhcl
16:14 wizzyrea rhcl: how funny, kind of like those geocaching tag thingies
16:14 wizzyrea where you can trace your tag from geocache to geocache
16:14 Ahmuck-Sr or letterboxing
16:14 wizzyrea ah ya letterboxing
16:15 Ahmuck-Sr well, back to work
16:15 rhcl we did the bookcrossing thing once a number of years ago--got some interesting reports
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17:17 wizzyrea rhcl did you tell me you were having trouble with the title search in koha?
17:21 rhcl is that a multiple choice question? I can't remember if I said that.
17:21 wizzyrea heh
17:21 wizzyrea if you were to search for something like "the duke and I" or "K is for killer"
17:21 rhcl I know that with the word "the" for search will change results when used/not used
17:21 wizzyrea would you get a result in your catalog
17:22 rhcl I don't specifically remember that I asked about anything like your two examples
17:23 rhcl and my librarians to have grief with the differences when searching using "the"
17:23 rhcl to/do
17:24 rhcl True or False:
17:24 rhcl "Patrons are able to renew their inter-library loans themselves when logged into their account on the OPAC"
17:25 wizzyrea true, depending on your setup
17:25 wizzyrea you can certainly set rules that make ILL itypes non-renewable
17:25 rhcl how do we enable "false"
17:25 wizzyrea so only staff can override
17:25 rhcl yes yes, how to do?
17:26 wizzyrea administration -> circ and fine rules
17:26 wizzyrea add a rule for your ILL itype
17:26 wizzyrea that has 0 renewals
17:26 wizzyrea then make sure that you have the pref for "allow renewal override"
17:26 wizzyrea set
17:27 wizzyrea that way staff can override, but patrons can't
17:27 rhcl perfect perfect
17:32 rhcl we don't see "allow renewal override"
17:32 wizzyrea AllowRenewalLimitOverride
17:32 wizzyrea ?
17:33 wizzyrea under circulation preferences?
17:34 wizzyrea you can just search "renewal" too
17:37 rhcl are you still on harley? We can't quite follow you for this on our system
17:37 wizzyrea nope, we are on koha
17:37 wizzyrea what version?
17:37 wizzyrea are you on
17:37 jcamins_away wizzyrea: is that the one I added?
17:38 jcamins_away I added a couple of *Override sysprefs very recently.
17:38 wizzyrea jcamins_away: I don't know!
17:38 wizzyrea maybe?
17:38 * jcamins_away should probably remember. But he doesn't.
17:38 wizzyrea I didn't think it was that new
17:39 rhcl
17:39 wizzyrea oh yea def not that new
17:39 wizzyrea it must be in there rhcl
17:39 rhcl harumpff
17:39 jcamins_away rhcl: check Local Preferences... the syspref search can get a little wonky and miss those.
17:39 wizzyrea
17:40 wizzyrea when i searched for "renew"
17:40 wizzyrea in the search
17:40 wizzyrea I got bit by that local-use thing a few days ago
17:43 rhcl OK, under checkout policy, got it by search
17:44 rhcl thanks all! removes a line item from my complaint checklist!
17:44 wizzyrea ^.^ yay!
17:44 wizzyrea i like it when that happens
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18:11 kohaneew hey, how yalll?
18:13 cait hi kohaneew
18:15 kohaneew i'm having a problem with adding a book, when i try to access to set  "100 ? - MAIN ENTRY--PERSONAL NAME − " the field is locked not editable
18:15 jcamins_away kohaneew: you need to change your syspref "BiblioAddsAuthorities" (or something like that).
18:15 kohaneew ok let me take a look at that
18:18 kohaneew i did the change but i think the lock is still there but the field seem editable
18:19 eric_b is now known as ebegin
18:19 jcamins_away Yes.
18:19 jcamins_away The lock indicates authority control.
18:19 jcamins_away Not "uneditable."
18:20 jcamins_away I keep on meaning to file a bug report that that's confusing.
18:24 kohaneew ok
18:24 kohaneew thx
18:29 jcamins_away Is the 751 field authority-controlled?
18:32 jcamins_away Bigger question: is the 751 even included in the frameworks that come with Koha?
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18:42 slef ooh, I like the look of this can we have it on the k-c wiki?
18:42 slef jcamins_away: grep the frameworks sql?
18:43 jcamins_away slef: yeah, I'll do that when I'm at home.
18:43 jcamins_away Oh, wait.
18:43 jcamins_away I can do that on this server, too.
18:44 jcamins_away Nope.
18:45 gmcharlt slef: yes, we can have this on the k-c wiki tonight
18:45 jcamins_away Oh, looks like I already reported this bug.
18:47 slef gmcharlt: *dances* I might think people should avoid Google/Yahoo/AOL, but let's at least make G/Y/A do some user registration for us :)
18:47 slef gmcharlt: thank you!
18:47 gmcharlt slef: you're welcome
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19:05 rhcl wizzyrea: going back and looking at your earlier question:
19:05 rhcl A search for "K is for killer" produces the correct title at the top of a list, followed by 7,320,201 totally irrelevant items.
19:05 rhcl So that works "mostly".
19:15 wizzyrea ah k
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20:53 sekjal_away goodnight, #koha!
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21:00 wizzyrea curious: what am I losing by turning of query stemming, in a practical sense? (I understand things like exception would bring up except)
21:01 wizzyrea (if stemming is on)
21:01 cait hm
21:01 cait I only tested it very shortly a long while ago
21:02 wizzyrea we were having trouble getting results for titles that had single letters
21:02 wizzyrea titles such as "the duke and I" or "an apple a day"
21:02 wizzyrea bring back no results
21:03 wizzyrea with stemming off, they work marvellously
21:03 cait ah
21:03 cait I think stemming does not work with icu - but not sure
21:03 wizzyrea I can't even begin to know how to put that in a bug report
21:04 wizzyrea or how to look to see if it's already a bug
21:04 cait examples perhaps
21:04 wizzyrea oh that could be
21:04 wizzyrea stemming !like ICU
21:06 cait I am not entirely sure - could check my settings at work tomrorow
21:07 wizzyrea I think we're ok for now, searches with single letters work again
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21:07 wizzyrea seems like searches with single letters *should* work with stemming though...
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21:15 rangi_stdc eythian: about?
21:16 cait hi rangi
21:16 rangi_stdc @later tell eythian i think we are missing the message_transport table data (or something like that)
21:16 huginn rangi_stdc: The operation succeeded.
21:16 rangi_stdc heya cait
21:16 * wizzyrea blinks
21:16 * rangi_stdc goes back to training
21:16 wizzyrea it's a rangi sighting!
21:17 cait lol
21:17 cait good luck with training :)
21:17 wizzyrea Tell the librarians hi from us :)
21:17 cait good idea :)
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22:05 wizzyrea @later tell oleonard: This made me laugh, and you may laugh too:
22:05 huginn wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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23:40 * druthb peeks in
23:45 druthb @seen Brooke_
23:45 huginn druthb: Brooke_ was last seen in #koha 1 day, 2 hours, 53 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <Brooke_> namaskar
23:45 * druthb nods.
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