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01:28 * chris_n thinks its entirely too quiet in here this <your-time-of-day>
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01:29 brendan__ hi chris_n
01:29 chris_n heya brendan__
01:29 * chris_n whips up some of this ->[…]s/Caramel-Custard
01:33 mtj heya chris_n brendan__
01:33 brendan__ heya mason
01:33 chris_n howdy mason
01:55 jcamins Good night, #koha
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03:30 kmkale Namaskar #koha
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05:44 kmkale can someone help me understand how to add a subpermission to tools permission group in / member-flags.tmpl?
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06:25 indradg fredericd, ping
06:28 fredericd yeah
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07:05 * cait waves to magnus and francharb
07:05 francharb hi cait
07:05 francharb and hello all
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07:49 magnuse kia ora francharb, sophie_m and #koha
07:49 francharb hi magnuse
07:49 francharb kia ora?
07:49 francharb speaking maori?
07:50 magnuse yup, but that's all i know
07:50 magnuse :-)
07:50 francharb hehe
07:50 magnuse after kohacon in nz it feels like an appropriate greeting for #koha
07:50 francharb ++
07:50 francharb kia ora everybody
07:50 francharb ;)
07:51 sophie_m kia ora :-)
07:52 magnuse :-)
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08:05 magnuse kia ora hdl!
08:05 hdl HI
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08:06 kf hi #koha
08:06 magnuse kia ora kf!
08:55 kf kia ora magnus :)
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09:39 magnuse hm, bug 5568 seems to say amazon enhanced content isn't working at the moment, but it seems to be working for HLT:[…]
09:39 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5568 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Upgrade Amazon module to support Product Advertising API
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09:44 magnuse hiya davi!
09:44 davi hi magnuse
09:53 kf hi davi
09:53 kf magnuse: the covers are working for us too - have not checked the other features
09:54 magnuse kf: amazon covers?
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09:54 kf_mtg yes, check
09:55 kf_mtg similar titles work too
09:55 magnuse kf_mtg: cool, i better check my access key etc again then ;-)
09:55 kf_mtg editions
09:55 kf_mtg https://seminar-stuttgart.bsz-[…]biblionumber=6151
09:56 kf_mtg magnuse: and check your sever time
09:56 magnuse que?
09:56 kf_mtg it sends a timestamp to amazon
09:56 magnuse ah, yes i seem to remember something about that...
09:56 kf_mtg if the time is too old - you don't get content
09:57 kf_mtg ok, meeting now - will be back later
09:57 magnuse kf_mtg: thanks!
10:47 * magnuse got the amazon stuff working, phew... was a problem with the marc logic in GetNormalizedISBN()
10:48 * magnuse notices that bug 5568 is limited to reviews, not covers
10:48 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5568 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Upgrade Amazon module to support Product Advertising API
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12:25 * druthb needs the IV drip of caffiene turned up a bit this morning.
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12:56 jwagner @wunder 20817
12:56 huginn jwagner: The current temperature in Burning Tree Estates, Bethesda, Maryland is -8.7�C (8:01 AM EST on February 11, 2011). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1022.6 hPa (Steady).
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13:11 kmkale rangi: around?
13:11 oleonard Too early for rangi
13:11 druthb wrong time of day for him, kmkale.
13:11 oleonard Saturday for him anyway, not sure if he'll be around.
13:11 kmkale :(
13:11 kmkale owen druthb what is the best way to display only one cover image in your opinion?
13:12 oleonard ?
13:12 kmkale oleonard: currently if we choose multiple cover image sources, multiple images are displayed
13:12 oleonard Yeah, Koha doesn't have any way of doing what you want
13:12 kmkale how to display only first found?
13:12 oleonard You have to pick one
13:13 kmkale aye know that
13:13 oleonard No one has developed that functionality
13:13 kmkale working on it currently as part of the local images enh
13:14 kmkale I am asking what might be the best way to implement it
13:15 kmkale I am thinking of a include file which returns a div containing the image after going through the selected cover image sources in order and return after finding image
13:17 kmkale something on the lines of <img src="/cgi-bin/koha/members/​<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="cardnumber" --> only we pass the isbn
13:19 oleonard kmkale: I would email the developers list with your ideas and see if anyone has worked on the same idea
13:20 kmkale right. just wanted a quick reality check if there is something wrong with this idea..
13:22 druthb kmkale:  I think that's fundamentally a sound idea.
13:24 kmkale thanks druthb
13:25 druthb Shouldn't be too hairy a bit of coding, either, I am thinking.
13:25 kmkale i see a fun filled weekend ahead for me  with this ;)
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13:58 kf koha people have strange ideas of fun for a weekend ;)
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14:00 oleonard nengard: Re: Bug 2170, were you creating a new record or editing an existing one?
14:00 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2170 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Adding 'edititems' user-permission
14:00 nengard editing
14:00 nengard will try to add one now
14:01 * oleonard will re-check the editing workflow
14:02 nengard new record works
14:04 nengard and adding a duplicate works
14:04 nengard it's just editing
14:04 oleonard Okay, I must not have tested edits after my last revision. Thanks for checking it
14:06 oleonard If anyone is interested, I discovered that 2170 wasn't completely fixed by going through this list looking for things which could be marked as fixed:
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14:06 oleonard[…]-0=Patch%20pushed
14:07 oleonard I'm sure there's lots of good low-hanging fruit there :)
14:12 * oleonard announces Low-Hanging Fruit Friday
14:12 oleonard "The hard stuff can wait 'til Monday"
14:13 nengard :)
14:13 gmcharlt oleonard++
14:15 kf hehe
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14:20 thd hdl: are you here?
14:20 hdl thd: hi
14:20 hdl hi all
14:21 * thd just had his third blown fuse in the past 2 weeks
14:21 thd hdl: I would like to test your BAD MARC error myself
14:22 hdl it is using a wip/solr branch.
14:22 hdl you need a solr install
14:23 thd hdl: Yet you are testing Z39.50 with SimpleServer
14:24 thd hdl: Do you not have a Z39.50 target I could test to see the BAD MARC error on my PHP based YAZ client?
14:24 hdl I could launch that for you to test.
14:26 thd hdl: I remember several causes of errors in YAZ relating to incorrect ISO 2709 values.
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14:27 thd hdl: The method of encapsulating the records could also be suspect.
14:30 thd hdl: What is the target address, database, and  port for your SimpleServer test?
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14:35 druthb Good morning, sekjal.
14:35 sekjal morning, druthb
14:37 thd hdl: are you still here?
14:37 hdl thd: yaz-client
14:38 nengard k
14:38 nengard oops - wrong window :)
14:38 hdl f Jean for instance
14:38 hdl For xml it works
14:38 * oleonard knows nengard's password now!
14:38 hdl hope that helps
14:39 thd hdl: f Jean?
14:40 hdl search for Jean
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14:40 * thd setting up test target now
14:46 nengard oleonard hehe - nope that's not what that was ;)
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15:03 thd hdl: I do not have anything returned in my query "@attr 1=1016 Jean" against flaubert target when requesting either UNIMARC or MARCXML records.
15:04 thd hdl: There is also no explain record for that target.
15:04 hdl thd: do try without @attr 1=1016
15:05 thd hdl: I have to use some use attribute.
15:05 hdl @attr 1=4
15:05 huginn hdl: I've exhausted my database of quotes
15:05 hdl 1=7
15:05 thd hdl: I have tried 1=4, I will try 1=7.
15:06 hdl I searched @attr 1=Author and it worked
15:10 thd hdl: Do you mean 1=1003?
15:10 thd 1=7 is ISBN
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15:19 hdl thd: what is the command for explain ?
15:20 thd hdl: should have an Explain record in XML.
15:22 thd hdl: SimpleServer documentation has instructions on how to configure an Explain record.
15:23 hdl hardcoding things which is in database is not really something I am keen on
15:24 thd hdl: All YAZ Explain records are merely hard coded XML files.
15:25 thd hdl: You could create a tool to dynamically update the XML file for Explain.
15:25 thd s/tool/script/
15:27 thd hdl: I still have no records returned from but also no errors.
15:28 hdl attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1003 Jean
15:28 hdl 16:19:41-11/02 [request] Present OK -   1 1+20
15:28 hdl 16:23:24-11/02 [request] Search biblios OK 1011 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1004 Jean
15:28 hdl 16:23:24-11/02 [request] Present OK -   1 1+20
15:28 hdl I have those logs
15:29 hdl mmmm.... It is a UNIMARC database
15:29 hdl @attrset Bib-1 @attr 1=1004 Jean
15:29 hdl 16:26:48-11/02 [request] Present OK -   1 1+20
15:30 hdl So maybe you are not displaying 200$a
15:30 thd hdl: I requested UNIMARC, I will make certain that I used UNIMARC in combination with 1=1004 and not merely 1=1003.
15:31 thd hdl: My client displays UNIMARC fine, although, I neglected UNIMARC punctuation.
15:34 thd hdl: Well I am not having any luck but at least you are not reporting a BAD MARC error now or is that still appearing in the logs?
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15:35 hdl It never appeared in the server logs.
15:35 hdl It was in the yaz-client
15:36 thd hdl: Is it still in the YAZ client for you?
15:37 hdl yes
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15:38 * thd tries turning on warnings
15:39 hdl if you try with yaz-client console, you may see
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15:53 thd hdl: Do you have the following with yaz-client when running show?  Record type: USmarc
15:53 thd bad MARC. Dumping as it is:
15:53 hdl yes
15:53 hdl This is the "BAD Marc error"
15:55 * thd tries setting unimarc with the format command in yaz-client.
15:58 thd I now have the same error with record type: Unimarc.
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16:00 hdl if you type format xml
16:00 hdl then you don't have any error
16:00 thd hdl: Yes, I see that.
16:01 hdl If you can explain what we should be doing, We will do
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16:04 thd hdl: I cannot also explain why I have no records from flaubert in my PHP YAZ client unless the problem is am actually targeting the same database with my other BibLibre test target.
16:04 thd hdl: I think that is the problem for my PHP YAZ client which I will fix now.
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16:38 thd hdl: Why would the number of hits always be 1011?
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16:47 oleonard nengard: I can't reproduce the problem you report on Bug 2170
16:47 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2170 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Adding 'edititems' user-permission
16:48 nengard hmmm
16:48 nengard let me go try again
16:50 tcohen hi #koha
16:50 nengard oleonard here are the permissions i had set:
16:51 tcohen i'd like to know who's (or has been)  working on fines in days debarred
16:53 oleonard nengard: I matched those permissions and still can't reproduce the problem.
16:55 nengard oleonard - must have been something with that record ... cause i tried another and had no problem
16:55 nengard :) will sign off now ;)
16:56 oleonard Thanks!
16:56 oleonard nengard++
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18:19 nengard has anyone noticed that the marc view in the staff client is empty?
18:19 nengard or is it my data?
18:20 nengard nevermind - tested on two systems - it's a bug - grr
18:22 cait grr
18:22 cait ;)
18:28 * jwagner gives cait a cookie
18:29 cait trying to bribe me with cookies?
18:29 cait ... could work
18:29 * druthb_meeting wants a cookie!
18:29 druthb_meeting is now known as druthb
18:29 jwagner No, just trying to cheer you up :-)
18:29 * jwagner gives druthb_meeting a cookie too
18:29 druthb mmm
18:29 cait :)
18:30 * jwagner wants a drink :-)
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18:31 druthb atz!  Hi!
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18:34 jcamins Hello, #koha
18:35 cait hi atz, Nate and jcamins :)
18:36 jcamins Oh, Bug 5744 wasn't just me doing something dumb.
18:36 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5744 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, marc view in staff client is empty
18:36 jcamins Huh.
18:37 jcamins I was so sure that was my fault when I encountered it that I didn't even ask.
18:38 cait hm
18:38 cait I have that one in my list of template toolkit bugs... :(
18:40 atz greets all
18:42 Nate Hi cait and everyone!
18:55 nengard jcamins i saw it during training this week and then again on my system
18:56 jcamins nengard: It must be a pretty new bug, though.
18:56 nengard yup
18:56 nengard very new
18:56 nengard like from the end of last week or this weekend
18:58 cait hm, my entry on the wiki for the template toolkit is a bit older I think
18:58 hudsonbot Starting build 57 for job Koha_Docs_Master_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
18:58 hudsonbot Starting build 7 for job Koha_Docs_3_2_x_Branch (previous build: SUCCESS)
19:09 jcamins Is MySQL 5.0 *way* slower than MySQL 5.1, or am I just more impatient?
19:10 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_3_2_x_Branch build #7: SUCCESS in 11 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]s_3_2_x_Branch/7/
19:10 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: add upload offline circ rules
19:10 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: add offline circ images
19:10 hudsonbot Project Koha_Docs_Master_Branch build #57: SUCCESS in 12 min: http://hudson.koha-community.o[…]Master_Branch/57/
19:10 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: add upload offline circ rules
19:10 hudsonbot * Nicole C. Engard: add offline circ images
19:12 jcamins Probably I'm just more impatient.
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19:25 oleonard Bug 5744 will be fixed by a patch pending on bug 5462
19:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5744 critical, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, marc view in staff client is empty
19:25 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5462 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Fix variable names so we dont break template::toolkit
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19:30 nengard thanks oleonard
19:32 ebegin mtj, around?
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21:02 oleonard Does anyone use rental charges? I see they only work with biblio-level itemtype.
21:02 cait uh
21:03 cait no, we don't use them at the moment
21:12 sekjal following on that theme, anyone use tags?  got a professor colleague asking about it for her class
21:13 wizzyrea i'm curious as to what context she is wanting to use tags
21:13 wizzyrea in
21:13 sekjal she's looking to show the functionality to her cataloging students
21:15 cait not using that either :(
21:15 wizzyrea aha
21:16 wizzyrea is she having a problem?
21:16 wizzyrea or just like, looking for "best practices"
21:16 sekjal more like current practices, I think, best or otherwise
21:16 wizzyrea (oleonard wrote a great blog about that... let me go find it...)
21:17 wizzyrea
21:17 wizzyrea there
21:17 * oleonard wonders what he wrote
21:20 wizzyrea we might have something on nexpresslibrary too... lemme look
21:21 wizzyrea[…]e-skys-the-limit/
21:22 wizzyrea meh that's a bit sparse
21:27 rhcl there's a module to create hold notices and overdue notices. Does anybody know if there is one specifically for bills (overdue so long that a bill is generated)
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21:43 rhcl rhcl: they ain't no such thing
21:48 * magnus_away wishes #koha a good night and a good weekend!
21:50 cait bye magnus :)
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22:13 druthb wizzyrea++
22:13 wizzyrea !
22:14 jcamins wizzyrea++
22:14 wizzyrea !!
22:14 wizzyrea lol what
22:15 jcamins You're awesome. :)
22:15 wizzyrea well thank you ^.^
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22:27 druthb cait++
22:27 druthb wizzyrea++
22:28 cait wizzyrea++
22:28 druthb Keep eyes on the Patches list for why, on both of those.
22:28 wizzyrea cait++ for a brilliant idea
22:29 * druthb pulls the starter on her dev server, to sign these both off.
22:30 cait :)
22:36 jcamins Okay, that's all for me for today.
22:37 jcamins Good night, #koha
22:37 jcamins is now known as jcamins_away
22:40 sekjal is now known as sekjal_away
22:53 druthb grrrr....both patches are applying fine, but my lil server can't seem to send email!
22:56 cait git-email works?
22:56 druthb That part works, but then they just stick in the exim4 queue.
22:58 cait and if you send the patch files attached from another mail account?
22:59 druthb Hm.  will the Patches list like that?
22:59 wizzyrea it'll be ok I think
23:01 wizzyrea ok i'm out ttyl :)
23:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_away
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23:51 druthb I just signed off and sent a couple of patches...can someone peek and see if they got through to the list okay, please?
23:52 mtj they sure did hunny  ;)
23:52 druthb Thanks! :)
23:52 druthb mta_dragon_conquering++
23:53 mtj yeah, mail config is a bitch
23:53 druthb Those are such a little thing, really, but both patches--and from those particular people--mean a heckuva lot to *me*.

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