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01:12 ybeddyj hey
01:12 ybeddyj Hello
01:12 ybeddyj are you guys sleeping?
01:13 wasabi yes, i am sleeping
01:13 ybeddyj lol
01:14 ybeddyj well i live in jamaica and i noticed that you guys have a list of install bases and jamaica isnt on it
01:14 ybeddyj i want to change that asap
01:14 robin ybeddyj: yay! :)
01:15 robin wasabi: it's past 2 in the afternoon, time to stop sleeping.
01:15 ybeddyj well truth is i did a little bit already
01:16 ybeddyj but i realize that the copy i installed from git wasnt the community so i'm backing away from it getting a "proper" copy
01:17 robin yeah, is where you want to start
01:18 ybeddyj unfortunately it wasnt until i was reading some blog somewhere that i came upon the undesired but unavoidable switch
01:19 ybeddyj so now i'm installing from your git and just about configuring
01:19 ybeddyj i also want to send some donations to the way of the community as soon as a get paid for this job
01:20 chris fixing bugs is the best way to do that
01:20 ybeddyj well that too i want to address
01:21 chris we have no real way to collect/use monetary donations
01:21 chris so much prefer time/documentation/code
01:23 ybeddyj i currently control the webhost that the package will be installed on also it uses namedvirtualhost and i wanted to suggest a modification/addition to the configuration section of the installation
01:23 chris most people run named hosts
01:24 chris the default is ports for those who dont have access/skills to run dns
01:25 chris usually the people who can set up namedhosts can edit the conf file :-) but it wouldnt hurt to have it option
01:25 ybeddyj i was thinking of adding a block that one could optionally decide to configure that will allow us to set things like the servername ports etc
01:25 chris when it was first written that was the default
01:25 chris it changed to ports
01:25 chris round 2003
01:25 ybeddyj ok i see
01:26 chris having an option wouldnt hurt though
01:27 ybeddyj also i would like if the config section sets the directory permissions in the koha-httpd.conf file
01:28 ybeddyj personally i put this at the top before the first virtual host section "<Directory /usr/share/koha>     AllowOverride None     Order Deny,Allow     Deny from all </Directory>"
01:30 ybeddyj then for each virtualhost section i added the following "    <Directory /usr/share/koha/opac>         Options FollowSymLinks         AllowOverride All         Order allow,deny         Allow from all     </Directory>"
01:31 ybeddyj i would love if this could be added to the conf file when standard installation is selected
01:32 ybeddyj i dont know anything about perl but i'm going to look to find where to add that and try to submit code as is necessary
01:32 wasabi[…]d/for-developers/
01:33 ybeddyj would that be ok chris?
01:33 ybeddyj checking link wasabi
01:33 chris yup
01:34 wasabi
01:34 wasabi oops ,
01:41 ybeddyj by the way i'm new to this whole thingy, i wondered if there is a way to do an upgrade versus an install
01:42 wasabi start with the install first
01:43 wasabi the use git to update your code-base
01:44 wasabi then a DB upgrade will happen, on the next admin login
01:44 wasabi thats the best way to upgrade
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01:45 chris or use the packages
01:45 chris
01:50 ybeddyj ok great, so if i get it correctly after already installed. if i do the git clone part then "git checkout -b myinstall origin" i should then proceed to the admin login page?
01:52 eter oh by the way the readme needs this tiny adjustment "git clone git:// kohaclone"
01:53 chris which readme?
01:53 chris we have too many of them im afraid ;)
01:54 chris ybeddyj: usually you do the git clone first, then install
01:54 eter im ure of the ubuntu one i think the pub/scm part needs to go
01:54 chris yep, but which ubuntu one :)
01:55 eter install.ubuntu
01:55 chris eter: did you install from git or tarball?
01:56 chris if you have git, you could do a patch for that right now
01:56 eter git
01:56 ybeddyj chris: yes i'm refering to after an already initial running bad no pointing that out
01:57 chris ybeddyj: well you should never have to do another clone  ... after your initial one ;)
01:57 chris have you read the wiki page about working with git?
01:58 chris[…]Control_Using_Git
01:58 chris specifically
01:58 chris[…]_Git#See_changes_.27origin.27_Git_repo_from_your_branch
01:58 ybeddyj still trying to cram all the details...newbie stresses lol
01:58 chris eter: you want me to walk you through making a patch and submitting it? :)
01:59 eter yes
01:59 chris ok
01:59 chris have you used git before at all?
02:00 chris if you havent on that machine you probably need to do thsi first
02:00 chris[…]l_some_parameters
02:00 eter actually newbie/ybeddyj using the xchat instead of the mbit thingy
02:01 eter but also wanting to kep track of the convo
02:01 chris once you have set up those parameters, let me know
02:01 eter i've used it for installing only koha
02:07 eter finish setting parameters should i go on to the  repo clone?
02:07 eter chilts,
02:07 eter chris,
02:08 chris only if you havent cloned it already
02:08 chris if you have
02:08 eter its cloned on the server but i'm now settingup on my latop
02:08 chris in that case, yep
02:16 eter git cloned
02:20 chris right now we are ready to edit that file
02:21 chris probably you will want to create a branch to work in too
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02:22 eter ok tell me about it ...going on to that section now
02:22 chris git checkout -b documentation_fixes
02:22 chris or some name that makes sense to you
02:23 eter should i do this before " git checkout -b mywork origin"?
02:23 chris instead of
02:23 chris unless you want to call your branch mywork
02:23 eter i had started doing it form the wiki
02:24 chris you can change mywork to whatever you want
02:24 chris its just a suggestion
02:24 chris i usually call my branches something that means something
02:24 eter ok well i'll do over and  call it ybeddyj
02:24 eter i see
02:24 chris i wouldnt do that either
02:25 chris you never want to do all your changes in one branch, you want a branch per topic
02:25 eter ok so many branches for area/type of fix is the way then
02:26 eter ok i did the docfix branch
02:27 chris right you can edit the file now, and make your change, and save it
02:27 eter ok
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02:33 chris once that is done
02:33 chris git commit filename
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02:34 eter ok i did both ubuntu files commit in a sec
02:34 chris if you want to commit them both, then list both filenames
02:35 eter oops never did the bug submission to get the bug id going to do that now
02:38 eter do i need to create a separate account for bugzilla or it will work with the one i just crreated for koha-community
02:41 chris separate
02:49 eter did commit
02:49 chris excellent
02:49 chris git format-patch origin
02:50 eter did
02:50 chris cool
02:50 chris if you want you can have a look at that file, check it looks ok
02:50 chris the next step is to send it to the patches mailing list
02:50 chris http://lists.koha-community.or[…]info/koha-patches
02:51 robin ibot: what now is <reply>Now is the time for all good threads to block for I/O.
02:51 ibot robin: no idea
02:51 robin ibot: what now is <reply>Now \is the time for all good threads to block for I/O.
02:51 ibot robin: i don't know
02:51 robin silly ibot
02:51 chris you'll want to sign up here, so it doesnt hold your mail for moderation
02:51 chris then
02:51 chris git send-email name-of-your.patch
02:51 eter ok
02:52 chris (if it complains you dont have send-email .. apt-get install git-email)
02:53 eter sure did
02:53 chris and once you have done that, you're done :-)
02:54 chris if you want bonus points, you can attach the patch to the bug also
02:57 eter ok
03:02 eter now on to find where to modify the conf file....(scripts,vars)
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03:03 Brooke kia ora
03:04 * chris wanders off to start the weekened
03:04 * Brooke wishes Chris well
03:10 * Brooke gasps.
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03:13 * druthb waves to Brooke.
03:13 * Brooke waves back.
03:15 brendan_l heya druthb and Brooke
03:15 druthb :)
03:15 * Brooke smiles at Brendan
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03:27 * chris_n slams the door on a bunch of bugs
03:27 * druthb stumbles out to bed.
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03:27 Brooke ow
03:27 Brooke we have feelings too, Chris.
03:30 chris_n the gekos on guam were always shying into the door-jamb and getting smashed by accident
03:30 * chris_n has no regrets about stomping the 6 inch roaches, however
03:41 eter need simple dummy perl scripting guide
03:42 Brooke[…]d-0764537504.html
03:42 Brooke eww that's oldish now
03:42 Brooke lemme check mah bookmarks.
03:43 eter ok
03:43 Brooke
03:44 Brooke[…]al_for_beginners/
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03:55 Brooke it is our civic duty to spam Will Manley's blog in case he's actually plopping down the 5k.
03:55 Brooke[…]rn/#comment-21900
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04:30 eter how about themes for koha?
04:31 Brooke hang on a tick.
04:35 Brooke watch this before ye muck about too much
04:35 Brooke[…]onWithOwenLeonard
04:48 Brooke am I satisfying your queries properly, or am I still a dastardly Reference Librarian?
04:56 eter lol
04:57 eter than you much
04:57 Brooke :)
04:57 Brooke my pleasure.
04:57 eter atter of fact you could be partner in crime
04:57 eter lol
04:57 Brooke you know not of what you wish.
04:59 eter learnig perl and dnlding the movie as i type
05:33 eter sleepy now catch you in about 8hrs
05:33 Brooke cheers
05:35 eter ok
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05:50 * Brooke_a waves to oak
05:51 * Oak hugs Brooke_a
05:51 * Oak waves to the rest of channel
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06:18 cait morning #koha
06:19 Brooke_a morning hon
06:19 Brooke_a is now known as Brooke
06:19 cait hi Brooke - still here?
06:19 Brooke I've been in and out.
06:21 cait but late for you?
06:21 Brooke bah, late is in the eye of the beholder ;)
06:24 cait :)
06:28 Brooke k *now* I'm finally sleepy a lil
06:28 Brooke cheers!
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07:52 magnus kia ora, #koha
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08:07 paul_p hello world. morning time in Europe !
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08:10 ivanc hi #koha
08:18 magnus bonjour ivanc, paul_p and hdl
08:29 ivanc hiya magnus
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08:35 magnus hiya jransom
08:35 magnus kia ora!
08:35 jransom kia ora :)
08:36 magnus almost your xmas holiday?
08:44 jransom last day today
08:46 jransom how about you?
08:47 magnus hehe, one week (and weekend) to go...
08:47 magnus lucky you!
08:48 jransom kind of - had a day from hell today
08:48 jransom and spent 2 days away with my daughter at the hospital
08:48 jransom so i'm feeling rushed and unfinished
08:49 magnus ouch, sounds like you deserve some time off from work!
08:49 magnus here's hoping your daughter gets well soon!
08:51 jransom oh she is heaps better
08:51 jransom 24 hours on an iv for fluids, [pain killers and anti-biotics.
08:51 jransom shes pretty near human again
08:55 paul_p hi jransom. almost holida for me too ;-)
08:55 paul_p we go to my family in law ... that is under 10-20 snow today. boys very excited ;-)
08:57 magnus jransom: good to hear there is progress in the right direction!
08:57 magnus paul_p: that's alot of snow! ;-)
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09:00 jransom snow - that would be lovely.
09:00 jransom we are really hot and muggy here
09:01 jransom how are you paul?
09:01 magnus @wunder, wellington, nz
09:01 munin magnus: Error: "wunder," is not a valid command.
09:01 magnus @weather wellington, nz
09:01 munin magnus: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 19.0�C (9:00 PM NZDT on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain Showers. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 19.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa (Steady).
09:01 magnus @weather levin, nz
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09:02 magnus that's summery!
09:02 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
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09:02 jransom really hot and humid
09:03 jransom raining so hard leaving Levin couldn't see the raod - but notraining at the beach
09:03 magnus nice!
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09:15 paul_p jransom: i'm fine. today, it' my wedding birthday : 16 years married !
09:16 * paul_p can't believe it... time passes so quickly !
09:16 jransom oh congratulations :)
09:16 paul_p to celebrate that, I'll fix some bugs :D
09:16 paul_p and go to the restaurant with my wife while boys are at school...
09:16 jransom or you could take the day off and do something lovely with your wife
09:16 jransom snap
09:20 magnus congrats, paul_p!
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09:37 Amit Hdl around?
09:37 hdl hi Amit
09:37 hdl how are you ?
09:37 savitra Hi Henri..
09:38 savitra good time to talk about acq work?
09:38 Amit Hi hdl
09:38 hdl Hi savitra.
09:38 hdl Yes it could be  good time.
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09:39 savitra I suppose you have seen the RFCs we had posted a while back..
09:39 jransom Hi hdl
09:39 hdl hi jransom
09:39 hdl savitra: yes.
09:39 hdl Very interesting.
09:40 hdl (just a moment so that I can grab the links)
09:40 savitra sure..
09:41 savitra so those processes are common here in India..all academic libraries follow them..
09:41 savitra the RFCs are here: http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]DI-td3049357.html
09:43 hdl found that.
09:43 hdl thanks
09:43 savitra sure..
09:44 hdl your Payment process RFC covers much of what we are to do.
09:45 hdl I think that we should try and organize and maybe work in pair.
09:45 hdl Our work on that will begin in January.
09:45 hdl see[…]ce_management_RFC
09:45 savitra I see..we expect to start in January as well..
09:45 hdl It kind of looks quite the same.
09:45 savitra ok..let me take a look at that RFC..
09:46 hdl We are writing the use cases and making mockups so that it would be clear as of what we engage to do.
09:48 savitra ok..I am looking at it..but it appears more about additional fees..
09:48 hdl If you see no objection to that, i think that we could share branches on and arrange weekly meetings.
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09:48 savitra our RFC is more about capturing information about payments that is made to the book seller..(cheque no. date, notes..)..
09:49 hdl savitra: I overlooked the RFC definition...
09:50 hdl What StEtienne university ask is an Invoice management.
09:50 hdl (So as to get what has been paid.
09:50 hdl )
09:51 savitra ah ok. all right that sounds the same..
09:51 hdl (which looks quite close to what you are to do)
09:51 savitra yes it does..
09:51 hdl So I think that we have much to gain to share work and views..
09:51 savitra so no problems..we can share branches..
09:51 savitra yes..sure..
09:52 hdl Would you be ok to have regular meetings around that... ?
09:52 savitra yes..weekly meetings may be a bit tough..all weeks..
09:52 savitra so we can have weekly meetings..but I may have to cancel sometimes..
09:52 hdl bi-weekly then ?
09:53 savitra bi-weekly sounds better, yes..
09:53 hdl Maybe we could sign off one an other... And add public remotes form oen another...
09:54 hdl We could announce that on koha-devel, share work and ask for feed back from the community.
09:54 savitra sure..sounds good..
09:54 savitra how many people will work on this from your side?
09:55 hdl 1,5 person... for 3 months.
09:55 hdl development is due for March.
09:55 hdl or April
09:56 hdl But there are many parts to that.
09:56 hdl Would you work on a Template::Toolkit base ? or HTML::Template ?
09:57 savitra hmm..I did not see this project to be that big..
09:57 hdl how many persons would be working on that from your side ?
09:58 hdl and what is your schedule ?
09:58 savitra I was thinking more like 1.5 person-month total for this..
09:59 savitra the schedule is not fixed yet..there has been some delay from the client side..
09:59 savitra so I think we will be ok with your March/
09:59 savitra April deadlines..
10:00 hdl (actually, the work also is on the orders and basket searches... So is a little be more global than just adding Payment)
10:01 savitra ok..
10:02 savitra I would like to see your documentation on this..
10:02 hdl I will send you that next week.
10:02 savitra and then we can work out scope of work for each side?
10:02 hdl sounds good.
10:04 hdl would you be able to share documentation too ?
10:04 savitra yes..sure..we have some mockups already..
10:04 hdl very nice.
10:05 savitra well, those are really screenshots from another LMS that is commonly used here..
10:05 hdl hehe...
10:05 savitra :>
10:05 savitra but I think useful to understand what is required..not necessarily how it work be designed on Koha..
10:06 savitra we will send additional documentation as well.
10:06 * hdl agrees
10:06 savitra on the template..
10:06 savitra I guess we use html:template..
10:07 hdl I was thinking that since Template::Toolkit was to be used in 3.4 maybe any new additional page should try and use that.
10:09 savitra hmm..ok, not a problem..
10:09 hdl But maybe it would be an over load in the process.
10:10 hdl feel free to comment
10:11 savitra overloading sounds ok to me..we will give it a try..
10:11 savitra I think you guys have much more experience with we will probably defer to you on such things..
10:12 hdl So next action is : sending you our documentation. waiting for yours. commenting on that via email.
10:12 hdl Posting all that on the wiki.
10:13 hdl And agree on how we share work.
10:14 savitra yes..we can target to do that by end of year I think..
10:15 savitra I will send over our documentation by end of next week.
10:16 hdl sounds good...
10:16 hdl same for us.
10:16 savitra all right..
10:16 hdl Then a meeting at the beginning of the year
10:16 savitra sure..
10:32 hdl savitra: Seeing all your RFCs, it would be quite the same scope that what we should work on.
10:33 hdl savitra: so really it could be very interesting.
10:34 hdl savitra: a quite important  change that would occur also for us would be that there would be a list of persons allowed to USE (spend or engage) on budgets.
10:34 hdl anyway, we shal send you all the things we will work on...
10:34 hdl We really would enjoy working with you.
10:57 magnus coopetition++ ;-)
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11:09 paul_p magnus: in this case there is no business competition, just developers cooperation. But i agree it's++
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11:13 Brooke Tēnā koutou
11:38 druthb joined #koha
11:38 * Brooke waves at Druthb
11:38 * druthb blinks, and waves back at Brooke.
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11:55 * Brooke waves at tcohen
11:55 tcohen hi Brooke
11:56 druthb hi, tcohen. :)
11:56 tcohen you'd be happy my flu want harm you on the distance
11:56 tcohen :-D
11:56 Brooke pfft
11:57 * druthb gets tcohen a mug of hot chicken soup.
11:58 tcohen yeees
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11:58 kf hi #koha
11:58 tcohen here at office i only have coffee, perhaps some green tea
11:58 * Brooke waves at kf
11:58 kf hi Brooke - still here?
11:58 kf :)
11:59 Brooke I slept enough :)
11:59 kf hm. ok, ruth is here too, shoudl be a normal time for you then
11:59 Brooke hehehe
11:59 * Brooke highfives druthb
11:59 druthb :D
12:14 tcohen hdl: ++Controller
12:14 hdl tcohen: This is what I think too...
12:15 hdl But would like more feedback...
12:15 hdl Pls answer onlist and share ideas...
12:15 hdl Maybe we could have some kind of "abstraction" for that.
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12:18 * hdl highfives Brooke
12:18 * Brooke smiles at hdl
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12:36 HarryH We get the following error after upgrading from 3.0 to 3.2
12:36 HarryH Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4 at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/ line 214.
12:36 HarryH anyone know whats wrong?
12:43 kf sorry HarryH- no idea. Perhaps try again a bit later if you don't get an answer now - people here change according to the time zones.
12:43 * Brooke pokes druthb.
12:43 Brooke curious, finger must have slipped.
12:44 * druthb pokes Brooke back.
12:46 druthb HarryH:  What were you doing just before that error?
12:46 hdl joined #koha
12:48 druthb That error is pretty deep in the network layer, but perlmoks ( ) suggests that it's looking for an IP address, and not getting one.
12:49 druthb Just guessin', but somewhere in settings is looking for an internet address, and not finding one.  a Z39.50 target with no address in the box might do that, if it wasn't caught sooner than that.
12:51 HarryH druthb: after upgrading I have started the admin web. This ended with this error message
12:52 druthb Hrm.  Keep checkin' with folks.  It's early yet; usually in a couple or three hours, most of the US folks are on, and there might be someone with a better idea then.
12:52 kf magnus++
12:52 magnus um, thanks? ;-)
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12:55 HarryH druthb: thanks
12:55 druthb HarryH: sure thing...sorry I can't be more help with that!
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13:00 kf @wunder Konstanz
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13:01 druthb @wunder 20852
13:01 munin druthb: The current temperature in Woodley Gardens, Rockville, Maryland is -4.7�C (8:00 AM EST on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Steady).
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13:12 magnus @wunder bodo norway
13:12 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0�C (1:50 PM CET on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 60%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Rising).
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13:20 * Brooke waves at own
13:21 owen Hi #koha
13:22 druthb hi, owen! :)
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13:24 wasabi joined #koha
13:26 magnus hi wasabi
13:30 kf hi wasabi :)
13:36 BobB left #koha
14:16 owen I'm trying to sign off on a patch, but I see a minor change I think should be made
14:17 owen Can I make the change and sign off at the same time? What is the proper procedure?
14:18 gmcharlt owen: six of one, half dozen of the other
14:18 gmcharlt for a minor typo fix, making the changing and signing off is OK
14:19 gmcharlt but some contributors may prefer that you not do that so that they can merge back with the public repo more easily
14:19 gmcharlt depends on how they handle their patches - if you were signing off one of mine, I wouldn't mind
14:24 owen Thanks gmcharlt
14:27 * druthb ponders how to reuse/repurpose the little crate that the clementines came in.
14:27 Brooke puppet stage, obviously.
14:27 Brooke give it to a children's Librarian
14:30 druthb It's not-quite letter sized, or it'd make a nifty inbox.
14:31 druthb The bottom of it is not very sturdy...could use it to capture doodads in my workshop that end up scattered around.
14:32 owen Send it back in time 15 years to be a CD box?
14:33 druthb The dimensions are kinda questionable for that.
14:33 jcamins_a is now known as jcamins
14:33 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:34 Brooke Good Morning, Mr. Camins.
14:34 druthb hm.  It's about the right width...maybe it'd fit on a shelf in the bedroom.  I could re-decorate it, and use it to capture all the hair doo-dads we girls can accumulate.
14:34 * druthb waves at jcamins.
14:35 owen My house has half  a dozen of those boxes and doo-dads are still everywhere
14:35 * Brooke drools at the thought of the container store.
14:35 * druthb lubs the container store.
14:35 Brooke If number of boxen = n then doodads = n + 12
14:36 jcamins Brooke: that doesn't sound quite right.
14:37 jcamins I think you meant doodads = boxen * 12
14:37 * owen is horrified at the disaster that is Bug 5513
14:37 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5513 normal, P5, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED, staff client display all screwy if you don't have all permissions
14:37 Brooke nope, you have too many doodads.
14:37 druthb The formula at my house used to be doodads= boxen ^ 4, but I've weeded it down to a little better function.
14:38 Brooke Ah!
14:38 * Brooke trembles in fear at the sight of bug 5513
14:39 Oak left #koha
14:39 druthb oh, my...
14:39 * owen is relieved to find it is the result of a recent commit, not a long-standing undiscovered issue
14:45 HarryH left #koha
14:46 * jcamins might be a geek... he laughed at today's xkcd.
14:46 * druthb is a geek; she laughed at it.
14:46 Brooke >.>
14:47 * Brooke thinks it's clearly not a genetic tree.
14:52 wizzyrea jcamins: lol
14:52 * wizzyrea laughed too
14:53 * druthb is astonished by the cleverness that is Google Labs' Body Browser.  (Requires newest Chrome beta)
14:55 wizzyrea i loved this show when I was a kid:
14:55 wizzyrea it's slow, and it makes no sense, but it's germane, I swear
14:56 Brooke heresy! They cut the intro!
14:56 jcamins I loved mathnet!
14:57 wizzyrea well, to be fair, it's part 2
15:01 owen Hi wizzyrea
15:03 sophie_m joined #koha
15:03 * Brooke waves to sophie
15:13 jcamins ORM?
15:14 jcamins I'm thinking that's probably not "Operations Research Management" in this context.
15:16 gmcharlt object-relational manager
15:17 wizzyrea gmcharlt is it safe to point the website to koha-latest.tar.gz, the symlink will get updated as new versions come out?
15:17 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yes
15:19 wizzyrea cool
15:20 hdl hi gmcharlt
15:21 gmcharlt hi hdl
15:23 wizzyrea I didn't see a reason to list anything other than current stable.
15:24 wizzyrea and link to the list of all releases
15:24 nengard joined #koha
15:24 owen Hi nengard
15:24 * Brooke waves at nengard
15:24 nengard hiya all
15:24 owen nengard++ # for heroic bug-wrangling
15:24 nengard hehe
15:25 nengard i was bad - it's been 3 months since I read anything in my bugs folder - so it wouldn't have been so heroic if I had just done my job :)
15:25 Nate joined #koha
15:26 * Brooke slaps Nate on the back.
15:26 Nate Heya Brooke!
15:28 jcamins Greetings, Nate and nengard
15:28 Nate why hello jcamins!
15:28 drotsk joined #koha
15:29 Nate and hello to you nengard!
15:29 Nate and everyone else out there :)
15:29 * Brooke waves to drotsk
15:29 drotsk o/
15:29 drotsk when's the big day Curulla?
15:30 nengard Hiya Nate and all
15:31 Nate the big day is 9/10/11
15:31 Nate seems a bit close...
15:31 drotsk awesome, it will be here before you know it
15:31 Nate that's what terrifies me :)
15:32 nengard run away and elope - i so did not need the wedding day
15:32 * Brooke got married on the res and has never once regretted it.
15:33 jcamins Nate: you're not far from NYC. The Manhattan marriage bureau is very classy. :)
15:33 Nate yeah but I would need to chloroform Libby and have her wake up getting married to sell that one
15:34 Nate ooooh I can say, "honey lets get married in Manhattan"
15:34 jcamins And you can go for Chinese food after!
15:34 Nate no the bride to be is way to far into teh planning stages to stop that train now
15:34 * Brooke shivers.
15:35 * drotsk asks, does this handkerchief smell like chloroform to you?
15:35 jcamins (actually, we went to a really nice Italian restaurant in Astoria)
15:35 * Brooke laughs at drotsk
15:35 paul_p hi Nate  !
15:35 Brooke bonjour paul.
15:35 paul_p congrats for 9/10/11 !!!
15:35 Nate Hiya paul_p
15:36 paul_p hi Brooke  nengard and al)
15:36 Nate how's the weather across the pond?
15:36 nengard @wunder 19030
15:36 munin nengard: The current temperature in CWOP # AR939, Penndel, Pennsylvania is -1.8�C (10:38 AM EST on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Steady).
15:36 paul_p Nate: did you read that it's my wedding birthday today ? 16 years. You'll be almost 17 behind me :D
15:36 nengard freezing just a few states south of you :)
15:36 paul_p young boy ;-)
15:36 nengard congrats paul_p!!
15:36 Nate Congratulations!!!
15:36 Brooke happy Anniversary paul.
15:37 Brooke now get the hell off of IRC before she kills ye.
15:37 paul_p I wen to the restaurant for the lunch, while kids are at school ;-)
15:37 Brooke not a jury in France would convict.
15:37 Nate @wunder 06516
15:37 munin Nate: The current temperature in Third Avenue Park, West Haven, Connecticut is -2.1�C (10:39 AM EST on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Rising).
15:37 paul_p 4:40 PM Brooke, still 1 hour or 2 are OK ;-)
15:38 Brooke Okay, but you don't *have* to get home early to surprise her. ;)
15:41 jcamins excavations at ancient nabratein meyers
15:41 jcamins Wrong window.
15:41 jcamins Sorry about that.
15:42 owen Wow, I was just thinking about excavations at ancient nabratein meyers
15:42 paul_p Brooke: very dangerous: imagine I found her with another man :D :D [well, no danger in fact, she will be with 4 other men ... our 4 sons :D ]
15:43 kf happy anniversary paul_p
15:43 Brooke S'il vous plaît
15:43 kf ok, starting weekend now :) - bye all!
15:44 Brooke see you Cait.
15:44 kf left #koha
15:46 jcamins paul_p: four sons?
15:50 paul_p jcamins: yep, we've 4 boys : 15, 10, 6, 3.5 years
15:50 * jcamins is the oldest of four boys
15:51 jcamins paul_p: about the same distribution between me and my brothers.
15:52 paul_p Nate: about being terrified, there are 2 options : either you'll be terrified BEFORE [hey, i'll get married, am I mad or ?], or AFTER [hey, i'm married ! and it's forever...]. Personnally, it has been before, and it's much better I think ;-)
15:52 paul_p jcamins: really, you're 15 ? :D
15:53 jcamins Same distribution, not same ages.
15:53 Brooke the secret is not to promise forever ;)
15:57 paul_p jcamins: I was joking.
15:57 jcamins paul_p: I know. I'd be quite a precocious 15yo, wouldn't I?
16:08 Oak joined #koha
16:09 Oak \o
16:09 Brooke o/
16:10 Oak what's up Brooke
16:10 Brooke not much, you?
16:10 Oak not much
16:11 Oak will watch 'The Town' tonight ...
16:15 druthb must......resist.....[…]of-COBOL?from=rss
16:16 sophie_m left #koha
16:17 Brooke Janet Napolitano was a FORTRAN programmer.
16:19 drotsk left #koha
16:20 ivanc joined #koha
16:21 ivanc left #koha
16:28 ronald joined #koha
16:29 ronald hi, anybody can help me?
16:29 owen Ask away ronald
16:29 ronald i have a problem whit de renewalls
16:30 ronald well...i do a book loan
16:31 ronald and this generated a return date
16:31 ronald but i try renewall
16:32 ronald but this not generated a return date
16:32 ronald why?
16:32 owen ronald: After you renew a book it no longer has a due date?
16:33 ronald yes
16:33 owen What version are you using?
16:33 Brooke hmm wonder if that only happens if you try and renew on the day you checked it out.
16:33 * magnus wishes everyone a good weekend
16:33 magnus left #koha
16:33 ronald
16:35 ronald yes broke
16:35 ronald same day
16:35 ronald i not try in other days
16:35 * wizzyrea can check that
16:35 ronald ok
16:36 wizzyrea though I'm probably a touch further down the line re: patches than you are
16:39 wizzyrea lol the book I randomly picked has stupid rules and I have to fix it before I can test, sorry for the delay
16:40 Brooke karma :) You fix summat for someone else, you find your own problem that would have blissfully gone undetected.
16:40 ibot :) you fix summat for someone else, you find your own problem that would have blissfully gone undetected. has neutral karma
16:40 * Brooke laughs at ibot.
16:40 ronald i need a patches?
16:41 wizzyrea no, just a minute
16:41 francharb joined #koha
16:41 ronald ??
16:41 wizzyrea i'm only saying that the server I'm checking on has patches beyond your version, so if it works in mine, then you might want the next version (due very soon) but if it doesn't it's likely a bug we'll need to report
16:41 wizzyrea or it's something else
16:42 owen Doesn't = 3.0.2 ?
16:42 drotsk joined #koha
16:43 cait joined #koha
16:43 ronald
16:43 cait it's weekend :)
16:43 cait hi #koha
16:43 Brooke hi :D
16:46 jcamins Hello, cait.
16:46 ronald ??
16:46 drotsk hi cait
16:47 wizzyrea ronald: i'm still checking
16:47 ronald ah ok
16:47 cait hi jcamins, Brooke, liz and drotsk
16:48 cait trea is now drotsk?
16:48 drotsk right
16:48 jcamins Since you're here, what does "verzeichniss" mean?
16:49 * druthb waves to cait, and the-being-formerly-known-as-trea.
16:49 cait uh
16:49 cait context?
16:49 cait normally something like a directory
16:49 cait modern writing: verzeichnis
16:49 Brooke left #koha
16:50 jcamins "Verzeichniss verkaeuflicher Muenzen und Medaillen von Edmund Rappaport Bankgeschaeft und Muenzenhandlung."
16:50 cait yay
16:51 cait directory of coins and medals on sale from edmund Rappaport banking something and coins shop
16:51 cait sorry for bad translation
16:51 jcamins Ah-ha. Thank you.
16:52 laurence left #koha
16:52 cait :)
16:53 wizzyrea ronald: I can't duplicate your issue, but I have several of my own, maybe someone else can test
16:54 miguelxer left #koha
16:55 ronald -.
16:55 ronald :s
16:55 wizzyrea (I'm still working on it though)
16:55 wizzyrea (but I might not be as fast as you would like an answer)
16:56 wizzyrea AHA
16:56 wizzyrea one moment (my rules were wrong)
16:56 wizzyrea (and an illuminating discovery)
16:56 wizzyrea ronald: I am not seeing your issue on my installation
16:57 wizzyrea you say that the date due disappears when you try to renew?
16:57 ronald yes
16:58 ronald in white
16:58 wizzyrea what page are you renewing from? (Check Out, Details)
16:58 ronald :s
16:58 ronald i dont under...
16:59 wizzyrea example: I can renew an item on the same day from both and from
16:59 wizzyrea and the date shows up
17:01 owen ronald: I can't reproduce your problem in a test installation of version (renewing on the same day as checkout)
17:01 owen ronald: Your Koha version is quite old, though, so you should think about upgrading
17:02 ronald not work in other days
17:03 ronald i try the same day and not, and other day not
17:04 * wizzyrea kind of remembers a very old bug for that, but was fixed in later 3.00.x versions
17:09 ronald but in your koha, the renewall work fine?
17:10 hdl wizzyrea: blame it on 3.0 Release Maintainer... who did his job without sending patches for master
17:10 wizzyrea aw
17:10 wizzyrea not the point :/
17:10 wizzyrea <3 hdl
17:11 jcamins hdl: but didn't this fix get into Master? It works fine for wizzyrea.
17:13 paul_p ok, time for ... ... holiday now !
17:13 cait have a nice holiday paul_p
17:13 * paul_p closed 14 customers questions/bugs today.
17:13 wizzyrea paul_p: happy holidays! See you after!
17:13 wizzyrea that is made of win, paul_p
17:13 paul_p thx, see you all on 27th, or maybe sooner for a small "hello" and a virtual greeting card ;-)
17:14 nengard is now known as neng_chow
17:14 paul_p left #koha
17:18 francharb left #koha
17:19 Oak left #koha
17:20 ronald left #koha
17:30 neng_chow is now known as nengard
17:53 bigbrovar left #koha
18:13 hdl left #koha
18:32 druthb is now known as drb_away
18:35 tcohen left #koha
19:27 jwagner left #koha
19:41 drb_away is now known as druthb
19:45 owen Looks like it was three-martini lunches for everyone.
19:45 druthb heh
19:45 cait hm?
19:46 ronald joined #koha
19:46 * owen apologizes for waking cait
19:46 ronald hi every....
19:46 cait I was awake!
19:46 cait :)
19:47 * wizzyrea wishes there had been martini's involved. I had the chance at beer but hadn't eaten for 24h so thought it might be best to avoid the booze :P
19:48 owen 24h?!
19:48 wizzyrea since lunch yesterday
19:48 wizzyrea long story
19:48 ronald i try to do a reserve, but shows error 404
19:48 ronald by opac
19:49 owen ronald: Have you tried upgrading?
19:51 ronald
19:51 owen ronald: By downloading the most up-to-date version of Koha from
19:53 ronald but i cant now...because these koha is working in a university
19:54 ronald whats mean this error?
19:55 cait has is it worked before?
19:55 cait have you changed something in the configuration?
19:56 ronald yes
19:56 ronald nop
19:57 cait but something must have changed
19:57 cait can you reserve other titles?
19:57 cait what does koha-error.log say?
19:57 ronald no, any titles
20:00 ronald but in the intranet i can reserve
20:00 ronald by in the opc not
20:01 ronald so, in koha-error.log, dnt shows nothind
20:02 cait do you use the en tempates?
20:03 cait english?
20:07 ronald log visor?
20:08 owen ronald: Where are you located?
20:38 Nate left #koha
20:47 Nate joined #koha
21:01 mib_fwq1o joined #koha
21:02 mib_fwq1o could someone briefly explain to me the process to do a bulk marc import?  i've tried using the stage marc records tool but it doesn't add any items (even though it says items were added)
21:03 cait do you have your items in field 952?
21:03 mib_fwq1o cait: yes
21:03 cait the bulk import exects the same data format
21:03 cait if you don't get the items in, the problem is probably in your data
21:04 cait do you have $a and $b fields with your branchcode?
21:05 mib_fwq1o yes
21:05 cait hm. can you post an example line on
21:06 jcamins mib_fwq1o: are the bib records showing up in your search results after importing?
21:08 owen left #koha
21:09 mib_fwq1o oh bother, i've just found the rebuild instructions on the faq, sorry about that guys.  although i should note the faq wasn't the easiest to find on the site, perhaps a link on the top banner might be good?
21:09 wizzyrea heh
21:09 cait mib_fwq1o: have you staged them and managed them afterwards? there are 2 steps for import from tools in koha.
21:10 * wizzyrea notes that it's getting crowded up there
21:10 cait the more the merrier? :)
21:10 cait ah, on the page
21:10 cait yep, I have problems with some navigations in firefox
21:18 HBankhead joined #koha
21:19 cait bed time
21:19 cait bye all
21:19 cait left #koha
21:20 nengard left #koha
21:41 mib_fwq1o left #koha
21:44 jcamins Good night, #koha
21:44 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
21:50 ronald left #koha
21:54 saorge left #koha
21:55 saorge joined #koha
22:42 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:42 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in MSU Physics Dept, Mankato, Minnesota is -9.5�C (4:44 PM CST on December 17, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -12.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Steady).
23:32 * chris pops in from the car while the boys sleep
23:35 chris @wunder upper hutt nz
23:35 munin chris: Error: No such location could be found.
23:35 chris @wunder wellington nz
23:35 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 20.0�C (12:00 PM NZDT on December 18, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
23:37 druthb hi, chris!

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