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00:00 hdl Going to bed.
00:00 hdl Have a nice evening.
00:00 Brooke night
00:00 daniel bonne nuit!
00:11 jcamins daniel: my solution to the circular dependency issue was to not think about it.
00:12 Brooke that breaks a cycle. I'm for that.
00:13 daniel jcamins: i like that. unfortunately, i have enough lingering interest in recursion that i couldn't resist looking
00:14 daniel had i known it would me to have nightmares....
00:14 daniel cause
00:15 Brooke lee can get you a heck of a dreamcatcher ;)
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00:15 Brooke or I can send you one from mah wedding
00:16 Brooke hi yhager
00:17 daniel Brooke: your wedding????
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00:26 Brooke Hi Reed
00:26 reed howdy!
00:27 reed so, I'm finally making head space for really poking around and getting my home koha set up -- and so doing some fairly random things -- and making little things break even
00:28 reed how important is control number?
00:28 Brooke not
00:28 Brooke (though I suppose large Libraries would disagree with that assessment.)
00:28 reed C4/ wants it
00:28 reed or will break
00:29 reed if ($marcflavour eq "MARC21" || $marcflavour eq "UNIMARC") {
00:29 reed $controlnumber = $record->field('001')->data();
00:29 reed }
00:30 reed so, I'm guessing the flaw is there and not that the record was allowed to not have a value?
00:30 Brooke
00:31 reed ah, so is for record mgmt not item mgmt?
00:32 * Brooke is scairt to comment lest imprecise terminology impact the discussion for the worse.
00:32 reed and given this was a pretend record I invented to play with asset mgmt that makes sense
00:32 reed - oh, don't worry, I'm just making words up myself
00:32 Brooke it makes more sense to me, yes
00:32 Brooke because in the "real world"
00:32 Brooke people usually copy catalogue
00:32 reed right
00:32 Brooke so that garbage is already in the record
00:33 Brooke so unless you've someone mischevious, like say me
00:33 reed hehe
00:33 Brooke that gets a hold of a useless bib
00:33 Brooke and revamps it
00:33 Brooke because I've no shame
00:33 Brooke and then changes that field
00:33 Brooke generally doesn't come up.
00:33 reed cool, so worth a little patch then probly
00:34 Brooke (it's more so that *I* would get yelled at for being a bad cataloguer, and not because I was looking to rip someone off.)
00:35 reed i hear ya
00:37 Brooke as always, Nicole knows better than me if ye can catch her.
00:38 jcamins reed: what line is that?
00:39 reed 1272
00:39 jcamins Thanks.
00:39 reed is also reminding my how much I kind of hate perl
00:39 jcamins That's weird.
00:39 jcamins I can't find it.
00:40 reed is from master checkout as of last night
00:40 jcamins Wow. It must've been a change from the last two days.
00:40 jcamins Wait... last change was three days ago.
00:40 * jcamins doesn't *remember* messing with that.
00:41 jcamins And there it is.
00:41 reed git blame sez-
00:41 reed 703156da (Katrin Fischer       2010-11-24 11:35:43 -0500 1272)
00:41 jcamins Oh, kf.
00:41 jcamins Yeah, that needs to fail gracefully.
00:42 reed what's the correct procedure here - should I just drop her a note since that's pretty recent?
00:45 jcamins Actually, possibly best to just send a message to koha-devel.
00:45 reed ok
00:50 daniel hi reed
00:51 daniel i've been living on appbrain for the last week and see you have an app
00:51 reed hey
00:51 reed yeah, that's what we were using to check people in at the conference
00:52 daniel ahhhhh
00:52 reed but the idea is to make it more useful and general
00:52 daniel cool
00:52 reed so you can get your handheld koha with scanning
00:52 daniel any tips for getting started with android developing
00:52 daniel ?
00:52 reed yes..
00:54 reed[…]-tutorial-series/
00:54 jcamins reed: do you still have the installation?
00:54 jcamins I mean, the Koha installation with the data that causes the problem?
00:54 reed jcamins, yes
00:55 jcamins If you put the following around the line $controlnumber = [...] does that fix it: if ($record->field('001')) { }
00:55 jcamins Wait.
00:55 daniel reed: great! thanks!
00:56 jcamins I mean, please let me know if that fixes it, but I think there's a line missing.
00:56 * Brooke suggests using that paste thingamajigger.
00:56 jcamins No, nothing missing. There's an implicit return?
00:56 jcamins Brooke: good call.
00:57 pastebot "jcamins" at pasted "GetMarcControlnumber" (11 lines) at
00:58 reed jcamins, yes, that fixes it
00:58 reed I had tried add && $record->field('001') to the if expression but that didn't for some reason..
00:58 jcamins Okay. Any chance you could submit the patch, since I don't have my development machine on, and I don't want to mess with my remote server at the moment.
00:59 Brooke collaboration ++
00:59 jcamins reed: order of operations.
00:59 jcamins (and by remote server, yes, I mean I regularly do development on my production system)
01:00 reed reed hates perl
01:00 jcamins reed: Anyway, to finish that thought, I remember discovering that Perl's order of operations is not the same as in every other language I've ever used.
01:00 reed why is if ($marcflavour eq "MARC21" || $marcflavour eq "UNIMARC" && $record->field('001')) {
01:00 reed not right?
01:00 jcamins Perl is right associative, I think.
01:00 reed !
01:01 reed missing ('s
01:01 jcamins Yup.
01:01 reed if (($marcflavour eq "MARC21" || $marcflavour eq "UNIMARC") && $record->field('001')) {
01:01 reed works
01:02 jcamins Ooh, without parentheses around $record->field('001')? Interesting.
01:02 reed so, actually is left associative
01:02 reed no was passing on the $marcflavour eq "MARC21" bit
01:03 reed if ($record->field('001') && $marcflavour eq "MARC21" || $marcflavour eq "UNIMARC") {
01:03 reed works
01:04 reed but the other way around is more readable as far as the intent of the clause
01:04 jcamins Yes.
01:04 reed also, I'm not a big fan of implicit returns
01:04 reed more thinking required to follow the logic
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01:05 reed but perl as performance art people seem to like it
01:05 jcamins No, I think that's just missing.
01:05 reed ah
01:05 reed cool
01:05 jcamins The standard seems to be to use return.
01:06 reed yes, I know it's something Chris and I have talked about a lot
01:06 reed keeping the level of expertise needed at a sane place
01:07 jcamins That would be good.
01:07 jcamins I try to avoid Perl black magic in my code.
01:08 jcamins Sadly, I'm not a Perl expert, so sometimes I end up with code that I don't know how to change.
01:08 reed heh
01:09 jcamins Like the bizarre hash-array-hash-array-scalar variables I somehow managed to get out of MARC::Field.
01:10 reed that kind of stuff breaks my head
01:10 jcamins Mine too.
01:11 reed laters everybody, got to do some whatever my sweety tells me to do now
01:11 reed something related to house cleaning I thnk
01:11 reed bye
01:11 jcamins So long.
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01:12 Brooke argh
01:12 Brooke damn you alt tab
01:12 jcamins Brooke: ?
01:12 Brooke missed saying bye to reed
01:12 jcamins Ah.
01:13 jcamins @later tell reed Brooke said "good bye."
01:13 munin jcamins: The operation succeeded.
01:13 jcamins Thanks, munin.
01:13 jcamins :)
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02:28 * Brooke waves at ronald
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03:18 jcamins In the unlikely event anyone with an opinion is around, does anyone have any thoughts on how to implement subjects in the simple cataloging interface?
03:18 jcamins I want the interface to automagically select the correct heading based on the authority type.
03:19 Brooke tell me more.
03:19 Brooke or alternatively screenshot!
03:19 jcamins Here's a mockup:[…]
03:20 jcamins Basically, the user should be able to click the ellipsis next to "Subjects" to look up subjects in the authority file.
03:20 jcamins If I knew how to do those nifty videos owen does, I'd show you what the authority look-up is like, but I don't.
03:21 jcamins So, picture something much simpler than the current interface.
03:21 jcamins You click the three dots, do your search, and it just presents you with a list of headings.
03:21 jcamins You choose one, and go on your way.
03:21 Brooke already did :
03:21 Brooke but I'm unwashed and talk funny.
03:21 Brooke will look at yers.
03:22 Brooke that sir
03:22 Brooke is a step in the right direction for sure.
03:22 jcamins Ooh, nifty! I didn't know we had this!
03:22 Brooke yeah
03:23 Brooke us Librarians give you what Rummy would refer to as unactionable intelligence
03:23 Brooke so uh
03:23 Brooke I got bored volunteering one day
03:23 Brooke and decided to do me best at actionable.
03:26 * jcamins loves his AJAX authority control
03:27 jcamins It just never gets old, clicking that little ellipsis and, bam, there are your options.
03:27 Brooke >.>
03:27 Brooke <.<
03:27 jcamins Uhh... right... back to the topic at hand.
03:27 Brooke can uh
03:27 Brooke *not in the face*
03:27 Brooke someone replace the dern ellipsis which is oh so sexy to CSI folks
03:28 Brooke with summat intelligible to the unwashed masses?
03:28 * Brooke looks at the floor innocently.
03:28 * jcamins hopes that someone with any sense of style will make his interface look decent.
03:29 jcamins But right now, my goal is just to write an interface.
03:29 Brooke *nod*
03:29 Brooke that's how the little mister goes at it.
03:29 Brooke on the other hand, Owen exists.
03:29 Brooke So I have faith.
03:30 jcamins Me too.
03:30 jcamins Anyway, my problem is that I want the correct tag for the subject to be automagically selected based on the authority type.
03:30 Brooke definitely try and catch JoAnn and Rosalie
03:30 jcamins Right now I'm just saying that any authority with a 110 should be translated into a 610 tag, etc.
03:30 Brooke they will expound upon the virtues of being able to catalogue in a simple fashion like it was in the before time
03:31 jcamins (at least, in MARC21)
03:31 jcamins This solution makes me ashamed to show my face in #koha.
03:31 Brooke my brain, feeble thing it is
03:32 Brooke goes to sleep about a half hour ago
03:32 Brooke (provided no entertainment, or the right level thereof.)
03:32 jcamins Heh.
03:32 jcamins Yeah, mine too.
03:32 Brooke (I can trick it into staying up later, but not the case here.)
03:32 Brooke so we should talk later
03:32 Brooke and preferably with more people
03:33 jcamins I'm only doing this now because my wife has told me that if I keep banging my head against my presentation she might throw me out the window.
03:33 Brooke cause more is better. (for emergence and innovation, enyway)
03:33 Brooke hehehehehe
03:33 Brooke that's code for "Cut it out."
03:33 Brooke so you better go
03:33 Brooke and I am certainly gonna go
03:33 Brooke but I shall think on this.
03:33 Brooke and thank you for what you put in so far.
03:34 Brooke also: see extensible catalogue for the cool automagic shtuff they do.
03:34 Brooke (Were mostly vaporware, started being more than that, not sure where they are now.)
03:34 * Brooke waves on the way out.
03:34 jcamins So long.
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04:11 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
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04:49 kmkale hi all
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09:49 kmkale @weather Mumbai
09:49 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai / Santacruz, India is 34.0�C (2:30 PM IST on November 28, 2010). Conditions: . Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.77 in 1008 hPa.
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10:27 cait good morning #koha

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