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03:27 Amit heya chris
04:20 wasabi random perl Q...
04:20 wasabi eval {  our $callnum = $oldrecord->field('082','a'); };
04:21 wasabi print $callnum;
04:21 wasabi .
04:21 wasabi Variable "$callnum" is not imported at line 70.
04:21 wasabi at line 70
04:21 wasabi Global symbol "$callnum" requires explicit package name at line 70.
04:21 wasabi .
04:21 chris yeah
04:21 chris scope
04:21 wasabi shouldnt that just-work?
04:21 chris nope
04:21 chris you are declaring it inside the eval
04:21 chris my $callnum
04:22 chris { eval it };
04:22 chris if ($@){
04:22 chilts the eval makes a new scope
04:22 chris handle error }
04:22 chris else {
04:22 chris print it
04:22 chris }
04:22 chris if you are gonna trap potential errors ... handle them :-)
04:23 chris and yeah what chilts said :)
04:23 wasabi ah, i thought the 'our' made it global-scope
04:23 chilts if you want to assign to something (whether it's a my or an our variable) you need to declare it outside the eval :)
04:23 chilts our $callnum;
04:23 chilts eval {  $callnum = $oldrecord->field('082','a'); };
04:23 chilts then, do the checking as chris suggested
04:24 chilts (note, also review why you're using our, since generally my would be a better answer) :D
04:24 wasabi ive always done it using chris' example, but it takes 2 lines..
04:24 chris yeah theres no points for using less lines
04:25 wasabi i thought  'our' might be a correcter way
04:25 chris in fact in almost all cases, the temptation to try and use less lines should be resisted
04:25 chris perl golf is a fun game and all, but it makes maintenance miserable
04:25 chilts yep, more is explicit ... less is only more if the less is clear :D
04:26 * chilts should make that a rule of his
04:26 wasabi ahh, from RTFM ... "our associates a simple name with a package variable in the current package for use within the *current* scope."
04:26 chilts heh, that's pretty much on the ball :)
04:28 wasabi the short-answer is , i dont understand 'our' enuff to use it correctly , i'll just stick to 'my' for now... ;)
04:29 wasabi ok, thanks again guys
04:40 chilts good luck :)
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05:03 * larsw waves
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06:35 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:55 tryagain how to install specific koha version via git. i want version 3.00.06
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07:14 kf morning #koha
07:15 Pentarex hey guys i cannot find a2enmod in the terminal it says command not found
07:15 Pentarex what should i do
07:16 brendan try sudo
07:18 brendan "sudo a2enmod"
07:19 Pentarex brendan i am root
07:23 brendan what step are you trying a2enmod at?
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07:28 Pentarex a2enmod rewrite
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07:37 chris evening
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07:38 kf hi chris
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07:57 CGI855 helo can any bady help me on how to use ldapserver for koha 3.00.06
07:58 CGI855 helo?
07:59 CGI855 any body here?
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08:03 ama helo!
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09:53 chris hmmm havent seen hdl and paul in a few days, must be busy in the new offices
09:59 kf lunch
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11:19 Reformer hi all
11:20 Reformer I want to integrate any software with koha.. as peoples can submit abstract, research papers on it
11:20 Reformer could any one help me
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11:59 slef hi all.  Anyone seen "input_record_separator is NOT supported on a per-handle basis" when a self-issue is talking to Koha's SIP?  I didn't find a bug for that one.
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12:01 kf slef: we use SIP - but I don't understand your question :)
12:02 slef kf: that makes two of us.  The self-issue seems to be having some communication problem with the Koha.  It seems like it's not the book codes (which is what I want to fix) but on the patron cards (which I thought worked).  Koha puts that message out when the self-issue tries to talk to it.
12:03 slef strictly speaking, I'm trying to be more helpful than my contract again, so no worries if no-one knows
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12:05 kf slef: still not sure I understand the problem, we have onle library with rfid, check out and check in
12:05 slef OK, I've referred the library to their self-issue's support provider.
12:05 kf slef: I'm not aware of any bugs - there were some small problems that should be fixed in 3.2 now - an ugly error message and a problem with date formatting
12:06 Reformer I want to integrate any free-software with koha.. as peoples can submit abstract, research papers on it
12:06 Reformer could any one help me?
12:06 slef kf: underlying problem is that the self-issue doesn't work and this time it doesn't look like an RFID problem (which is our bit).  Immediate problem is the above-mentioned error message when it reads a patron card.
12:06 kf we will run some tests with the vendor at the beginning of august (at least thats our plan right now)
12:06 slef Reformer: I don't understand what you are asking.
12:07 Reformer I just want to people can submit research papers, articles, abstracts online
12:08 Reformer there is any facility in koha, or we have install any software
12:08 Reformer then we must save all these papers in koha also
12:08 kf Reformer: Koha is not a repository, you can not upload papers, pdf's etc.
12:09 Reformer kf: then what should I do for repository.... could u suggest me?
12:09 kf there are a lot of open source options
12:09 kf but I have no experience with repositories
12:11 Reformer Im dull in this issue
12:11 Reformer could any one help me
12:11 slef I think some of the co-op's libraries use OJS and Greenstone but our involvement has been minimal so far.
12:12 slef (where the co-op is of course)
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12:13 Reformer ok, Im accessing
12:14 owen Hi #koha
12:15 slef Hi doctor nick^W^Wowen!
12:15 slef OJS is
12:16 slef Greenstone is
12:16 Reformer slef: ur url  OJS is not accessing
12:17 slef worksforme
12:17 Reformer greenstone is not related to me as I have koha
12:18 slef koha is a catalogue. It sounded like you needed a repository.
12:18 Reformer I want to another.. mean Conference management.. people can register for events, submit their papers, abstracts
12:19 slef I do not think I have used a good Conference management system yet. :-(
12:19 slef If you find a good one, I would be very happy to learn of it!
12:19 Reformer ok... I m rightfully thank full to u for giving ur precious time
12:20 slef uses one called pentabarf but I found it fairly confusing.
12:20 Reformer any suggestion from any body would be higly appreciated
12:25 owen jwagner, is Blue Hill Library one of yours?
12:31 * owen thought perhaps so because of the "Bookbag" label
12:37 jwagner owen, sorry, was on another screen. Yes, it's one of ours
12:44 owen I was just curious. The director emailed me with a customization question so I was poking around.
12:45 jwagner What's he asking?  He hasn't asked us anything about customization recently.
12:46 owen He was asking about what he should learn to get into doing customizations himself
12:46 owen Lucky you, there to pick up the pieces ;)
12:46 jwagner :-)
12:49 * owen back later
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14:30 cfrank487 is there a way to modify the frequency options field in the serial subscriptions page?
14:31 nengard not without updating the database and the code
14:34 cfrank487 forgive me for sounding dumb, but can the admin do that and is it hard to do?
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14:42 kf cfrank487: what do you want to change?
14:45 cfrank487 we want it to minimize the options to weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually, semi-annually and irregular
14:47 kf perhaps you can solve that with jquery
14:49 cfrank487 could i do that?
14:50 wizzyrea we might have to pound on it a bit. not sure we've done it
14:50 wizzyrea[…]s-and-tricks.html but I imagine that it will take some code from this page
14:51 wizzyrea if they are dropdowns you're selecting from
14:51 wizzyrea modified of course, those are only examples
14:51 wizzyrea cfrank, which version?
14:51 wizzyrea of koha are you using?
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14:56 cfrank487 gotta go...but i will follow up with u later..
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15:00 kf ah, thx wizzyrea, got distracted :(
15:04 kf ok, time to start my weekend :) bye all!
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15:11 wizzyrea now I have to go read owens posts thoroughly.
15:11 wizzyrea owen's
15:12 owen There's no quiz at the end
15:12 wizzyrea :) I didn't have time to devote the attention to them they deserved yesterday
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15:22 owen Arg, separate permissions fro "edit catalog" and "edit items" really makes constructing the catalog toolbar difficult
15:25 owen Hmmm....hence use of TMPL_IF EXPR in I suppose :|
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16:09 cait hi all
16:10 wizzyrea heya cait
16:10 wizzyrea do you know which dropdowns he was wanting to customize? I have a wild hair to look at somebody else's problems for a while.
16:15 owen I think subscription frequency options wizzyrea
16:15 wizzyrea Aha
16:15 owen Since he mentioned "weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually, semi-annually and irregular"
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16:16 wizzyrea so presumably any outside of those he doesn't want
16:16 owen That's how it sounded to me
16:19 cait wizzyrea: yep, I think he wanted to show only those
16:41 owen @wunder 45701
16:41 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 31.1�C (12:35 PM EDT on July 23, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Steady). Heat advisory in effect until 8 PM EDT this evening...
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16:55 jwagner I'm getting confused (nothing new there).  Unicorn had a setting so that if you tried to check something out to a user and it was already checked out, it would force a checkin of the first one.  I _thought_ I remembered something similar in Koha, but I'm not finding it.  Familiar to anyone?
16:56 cait hm I remember a box
16:56 cait a yellow message box
16:57 cait item already checked out to... want to check out to ...
16:57 cait in koha
16:57 jwagner That may be what I'm remembering, but I thought there was a syspref somewhere.
16:57 cait I dont think there is one
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19:31 chris morning
19:31 owen Hi chris, happy weekend to you
19:32 cait morning chris
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19:41 chris thanks owen
19:47 * owen can't believe it's the weekend already. Days are flying by.
19:47 * owen thinks it must be all the Koha bug-fixing.
19:48 chris hehe
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