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00:50 chris hiya pianohack
00:51 pianohack hi chris
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02:35 Genji hiya all.... to install koha on centos, do i really need to compile my own  yaz source, or can i just use the prebuilt 2008  rpm?
02:51 Genji reason being, the source rpm won't build.... the xslt library doesn't seem to be registering inthe build process.
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03:26 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:31 wasabi Genji: pass, ask amit, he's the centos whizz
03:31 Amit heya mason, Genji
03:31 wasabi hiya amit
03:32 Genji hey Amit... yeah... yaz wont build... help?
03:32 wasabi genji needs help with yaz stuff on centos
03:32 Amit Genji download yaz src then compile
03:32 Genji done that, won't finish compile.
03:33 Amit what error r u getting
03:33 Amit ?
03:33 Amit Genji: which version of centos are u using?
03:33 Genji missing functions.. specifially those that should be resolved via xslt-devel and xml-devel, but they're not.
03:34 Amit Genji: first install libxslt and libxml by yum
03:34 Genji done that
03:34 Amit then compile yaz src
03:35 Genji and the devel for them.
03:36 Amit your yaz vrsion
03:36 Genji latest
03:37 Genji of the source rpms i mean.
03:37 Amit
03:37 Amit download yaz-3.0.49-1.src.rpm
03:37 Amit i m using this version
03:38 Genji /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `xmlXPathContextSetCache' is the first error....
03:38 Amit hmm
03:39 Genji ah!
03:39 Genji old rpm
03:39 Genji huh....
03:39 Genji i was trying 3.0.32....
03:39 Genji lemme try 3.0.49
03:39 Amit k
03:40 Genji whats -ba as opposed to -bb?
03:44 Amit -ba mean Build binary and source packages  and --bb means Build a binary package
03:45 Genji /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `xmlXPathContextSetCache'
03:45 Genji coming from libtool: link: gcc -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -march=i386 -mtune=generic -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -o .libs/zoomsh zoomsh.o  ../src/.libs/ -lgnutls -lreadline -lncurses -lhistory /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ -lgcrypt -lgpg-error /usr/lib/ -ldl -lz -lm -lwrap
03:46 Amit wait
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04:25 Genji Amit solved my problem, note to all. reinstalling libraries sometimes helps.
04:27 Amit k
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07:56 kmkale good afternoon all
07:56 kmkale upgrading from 3.00.05 to 3.00.06 I get an error "ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 685: Table 'default_branch_item_rules' already exists "
08:02 chris 5 years!! wtf
08:02 chris kmkale: that's safe enough to ignore
08:03 kmkale in koha-3.00.06/installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql line 685 creates this table but it does not have a drop table if exists line before it
08:03 kmkale chris: its not allowing me to proceed
08:03 chris hmm that file isnt used in the upgrade
08:03 chris that is only used for the install
08:03 chris the upgrade is done by
08:03 kmkale tyen which is used for upgrade?
08:04 chris basically you just need to upgrade the code, then the web based upgrader kicks in (and runs
08:05 kmkale in line 685 is $dbh->do("ALTER TABLE `import_batches` ADD `matcher_id` int(11) NULL AFTER `import_batch_id`")
08:06 kmkale but above error reported corrospondes to line 685 in kohastructure.sql as in the table being altered
08:07 chris how are you upgrading?
08:07 chris because it shouldnt use the kohastructure
08:07 chris that will kill all your data
08:08 kmkale I got a dump from 3.00.05 mysql db, loaded it in a db on my laptop, and trying to install 3.00.06 as a dev install on it
08:08 chris ahh you dont want to do it that way
08:08 chris you want to do the install
08:08 chris then load the dump in to the db
08:08 chris then web based installer will go, oohh version is different
08:08 kmkale oohhh..
08:08 chris and run
08:09 kmkale right.
08:09 kmkale let me run along and do it right. Thank chris. As usual you are a gem..
08:10 kmkale btw this is to check the items shown Available problem we talked about yesterday..
08:11 chris ahh cool
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08:12 chris hi kf
08:12 kf hi chris
08:12 kf developers from germany? ;)
08:12 kmkale :(
08:13 chris yeah now you have to come, or i will be a liar
08:13 kmkale dropped the db; recreated a blank one; ran web installer; ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 685: Table 'default_branch_item_rules' already exists
08:13 kf chris: thought so :)
08:13 chris kmkale: weird
08:13 chris paul_: about?
08:13 chris paul_:
08:27 kmkale now I am sure I have gone over the edge. I have disabled all sites in apache. There is nothing in sites-enabled; I have even removed the simlinks from sites-available yet when I restart apache2 all my koha sites start up
08:28 kmkale I am sure the above error is because I am connecting to wrong koha
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08:28 kmkale so trying run only 3.00.06
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09:06 Amit heya kmkale
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09:58 Genji how many showstoppers are there for koha   3.2?
10:00 hdl[…]D&version=rel_3_2
10:01 Genji 13...hmmm...
10:01 Genji think ill stick to 3.0.6 for production install for now.
10:03 chris Genji: is running 3.2
10:03 chris most of the blockers are around upgrading
10:03 Genji ah... wow. cool. so, its fine for new libraries then?
10:03 hdl Genji: should be
10:04 chris its fine for upgrading if you know what you are doing too, its just not ready for everyone yet, pretty darn close now though
10:04 hdl Nimes who is going live soon will be on 3.2 code base.
10:05 hdl (Not 3.2 but 3.2 plus our patches.
10:05 hdl )
10:19 Genji indexdata no longer running their test z3950 server?
10:22 Genji nevermind.. just brought down the filewall and its  testing fine.
10:28 Genji memcache is a good  thing to install from the start, with koha 3.2?
10:34 Genji ... any automated way of installing cpan prerequisites?
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11:16 * jwagner snarls about updates requiring a reboot....
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11:36 Genji can't seem to  install ImageMagick
11:43 gmcharlt good morning
11:48 Genji okay... in trying  to install GraphicsMagick....
11:48 Genji RPM build errors:
11:48 Genji File not found by glob: /var/tmp/GraphicsMagick-1.3.12-root/​usr/lib/perl*/site_perl/*/*/Graphics
11:48 Genji File not found by glob: /var/tmp/GraphicsMagick-1.3.12-root/usr/l​ib/perl*/site_perl/*/*/Graphics/
11:48 Genji File not found by glob: /var/tmp/GraphicsMagick-1.3.12-root/usr/li​b/perl*/site_perl/*/*/auto/Graphics/Magick
11:48 Genji File not found by glob: /var/tmp/GraphicsMagick-1.3.12-root/usr/lib​/perl*/site_perl/*/*/auto/Graphics/Magick/*
11:48 Genji File not found by glob: /var/tmp/GraphicsMagick-1.3.1​2-root/usr/share/man/man3/*gz
11:50 gmcharlt hdl: note 3.0.x blocker I've assigned to you - bug 4914
11:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4914 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, henridamien, NEW, Last patch on C4/ has problem
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11:52 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug4929 - amended the instructions <[…]feb2b30f34c361660>
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12:08 jwagner Can someone point me to an OPAC running Amazon content?  Can't remember who's using it offhand. I want to compare some results.
12:08 owen
12:09 jwagner Thanks, owen!
12:13 jwagner Hrmmmm.  If some titles get content and others don't, but a title that doesn't has an ISBN that exists in Amazon (can search it & find the book) where do I look for the problem.  Amazon's end?  Does Koha send all the ISBNs or just the first in line?
12:14 owen Just the first in line
12:14 owen So you have to edit your records to put the 10-digit isbn first if you've got both
12:14 owen (pain in the butt)
12:16 jwagner That's what I thought.  Just edited the sample problem record to swap the ISBNs, and it's now retrieving the cover.  Different problem would be that Amazon doesn't have "A Look Inside" feature for all titles, correct?
12:16 owen Yes
12:17 jwagner OK, that clarifies things.  Thanks.  Does Amazon have any plans to accept the longer ISBN as a link?
12:18 owen Since Amazon is using those numbers as internal tracking numbers, I don't think they care much about whether it's causing us trouble
12:18 * jwagner sends a grumpy look in Amazon's direction
12:21 owen I've got grumpy looks for "four to five years" to integrate LEK into Koha
12:23 * jwagner notes that the message to the list is not entirely accurate in many regards. We will be clarifying things, I'm sure.
12:23 owen That's the trouble with not being the first source for information about your business
12:24 jwagner Yes, well, the person in question is rather noted for getting things wrong.  Sigh.
12:25 druthb The development group has been given much more...erm...aggressive goals...than four-to-five-years.
12:26 jwagner We're going to lock them into a room without food or water until they get it done :-)
12:26 jwagner (But chocolate is allowed....)
12:27 druthb Better be nice, jwagner; I'm planning homemade chocolate chip cookies for Tuesday.
12:27 * jwagner retracts the threat!!!
12:27 * jwagner will be very nice, for chocolate chip cookies :-)
12:27 druthb ah-hah.  thought so.
12:28 druthb First day in the office as myself; figured cookies makes everything easier...
12:42 gmcharlt testers for recently pushed changes to close blocker bug 4188 requested
12:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4188 blocker, P1, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Basketgroup print fails to generate a file
12:45 owen If anyone is around who uses Serials, I have a workflow question about receiving issues
12:48 owen Okay, crickets, it's all you: On the serial receive page (, you can add an item by choosing "arrived" from the select, or you can click a link to add an item
12:48 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4188: add note about hiding the OrderPdfTemplate syspref <[…]17a8f0d741a2dee59> / bug 4188: move PDF templates for printed purchase orders <[…]200120bfb29b562dc> / remove extraneous warns <[…]=commitdiff;h=b1c
12:49 owen Does it make sense to change the "click to add item" link automatically set the select to "arrived" ?
12:54 nahuel I have a question
12:54 nahuel what do you mean
12:55 nahuel about Stocktaking
12:55 nahuel to base it on holdingbranch
12:55 nahuel instead of homebranch ?
12:56 nahuel gmcharlt,
12:56 nahuel owen,
12:56 nahuel ?
12:57 owen Is this in reference to a bug report or message on the list? I don't understand the question
12:57 gmcharlt nahuel: at a guess, desire may be to make the inventory list report on the holding branch because that's were the items actually are to be found?
12:57 gmcharlt dunno; like owen, I need a bit more context
12:58 nahuel gmcharlt, yep
12:58 nahuel owen, no email or bug report
12:58 nahuel bug report from one of our users
12:59 nahuel Our user have more than one library
12:59 nahuel they "loan" books to the others libraries
13:00 nahuel lib1 loan to lib2 some books
13:00 nahuel during the stocktaking, the books are on the lib2
13:00 nahuel the lib1 can't check if the item is there
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13:01 gmcharlt nahuel: yep, sounds reasonable that they'd want to be able to get the list by holdingbranch then
13:01 nahuel so I can change it from code ? :)
13:01 owen I agree
13:01 nahuel cool thanks :)
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13:02 gmcharlt nahuel: yep, as always, would need to be an optino to pick either holdingbranch or homebranch
13:03 jcamins Good morning, #koha
13:04 gmcharlt is anybody running a small 3.0.6 (or 3.0.5) database who would be willing to lend me a copy of it?
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13:05 nahuel gmcharlt, we do :) but don't think I've the right to give you
13:05 nahuel gmcharlt, as a permission to paul
13:06 paul is now known as paul_p
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13:07 paul_p gmcharlt, hi
13:08 gmcharlt hi paul_p
13:08 paul_p what would be the use of this database ?
13:08 gmcharlt testing upgrades to from 3.0.6 to 3.2
13:08 paul_p would be in UNIMARC, isn't it a problem for you ?
13:08 gmcharlt that woudl be OK for my purposes
13:08 paul_p ok, then nahuel send a dump to gmcharlt ;-)
13:09 nahuel which one ?
13:09 paul_p you've y permission
13:09 nahuel gmcharlt, what kind ?
13:09 nahuel of library ?
13:09 nahuel on library ?
13:09 nahuel network library ?
13:10 gmcharlt library type doesn't matter too much, but one that uses catalog, circ, serials, and acquisitions would be ideal
13:10 gmcharlt i.e., a small database that uses all of the modules
13:10 nahuel hmmm
13:10 nahuel 2s
13:20 Genji Compiled against libxml2 version: 20626
13:20 Genji Running libxml2 version:          20702
13:21 Genji but all LibXML tests are okay... except the version check.
13:21 Genji is this a problem?
13:29 Genji hopefully not
13:31 jcamins gmcharlt: What is the proper way to fix bugs with branches in git? I understand how to create branches in git, but I'm not quite sure how to use that knowledge to fix bugs in the preferred manner.
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13:31 kf hi #koha
13:32 druthb hi, kf! :)
13:32 gmcharlt jcamins: generally idea is that you start a new branch on master every time you have a distinct bug to work on
13:32 kf hi druthb :)
13:32 gmcharlt do your work in that branch, and when it is tested and ready to submit
13:32 gmcharlt you can submit the patches or send a pull request
13:32 gmcharlt so, for example, if you are working on two unrelated bugs
13:32 owen nahuel: Why does Bug 4931 have no version number specified?
13:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4931 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, Stocktaking must be based on holdingbranch instead of homebranch
13:33 gmcharlt you can have two branches to keep the work separate
13:33 jcamins Okay. Thanks.
13:33 nahuel owen, 3.2/3.0
13:33 kf gmcharlt: can you take at my patch for bug 4854? its really small and I think my last patch for 3.2 that is not pushed yet
13:33 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4854 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, katrin.fischer, NEW, Show same subfields for 245 and 880$6245 in OPAC's XSLT result list
13:33 kf take a look... sorry
13:35 gmcharlt kf: could you resubmit  - looks like another one that got managled by MTA
13:38 kf gmcharlt: will do. I think I sent it from work with outlook
13:39 kf ah I lost the branch... can I send you the patchfile as attachment?
13:40 owen That's why you should save all your branches until your patch is pushed :)
13:40 kf yes, but I killed the wrong snapshot in my virtual box
13:40 owen Oh, ouch :(
13:40 kf owen: you are right of course, but it was an accident
13:41 kf owen: its ok, all others were pushed so I think its the only one I really lost
13:41 gmcharlt kf: no worries, I'll do it manually and credit you
13:42 kf I just cant resend from git easily, but the file is in git. ... I will try to create a new branch and resend
13:45 Genji ack!
13:45 Genji im getting a weird koha make test response..
13:45 Genji says MarkIssueReturned isn't exported.. but.... it is..
13:46 Genji Failed test 'use C4::Serials;'
13:46 Genji #   at t/Serials.t line 7.
13:46 Genji #     Tried to use 'C4::Serials'.
13:46 Genji #     Error:  "MarkIssueReturned" is not exported by the C4::Circulation module
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13:48 kf previous rebase directory /home/koha/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply still exists but mbox given (?)
13:48 kf ah, --abort helped
13:50 kf resend
13:58 Genji kf:  any idea why this MarkIssueReturned could be failing?
13:59 kf Genji: sorry Genji, I m not the right person for this question
14:02 owen Genji: I've heard in the past that make test errors can be safely ignored
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14:02 Genji okay.
14:03 owen Genji: I hope I'm not telling you something incorrect, just passing on what I remember
14:03 Genji Okay! koha make install done! break time.
14:03 owen We should incorporate "break time" into the official INSTALL file, especially since zebra setup comes next
14:03 jcamins I hope I did that right.
14:04 jcamins (just tried sending a patch)
14:05 owen jcamins: To ?
14:07 jcamins Yup. If it doesn't show up in a half hour, I'll try again, I guess.
14:10 jcamins Do I change the Importance in bugzilla to PATCH-Sent after sending the patch to the list, or does gmcharlt do that if/when he commits the patch?
14:10 owen You change it to PATCH-Sent, and gmcharlt will add a comment when the patch is pushed
14:11 jcamins Thanks.
14:15 kf question: can I found out which version from git we have in production? I have the database version, but can I find out up to which commit?
14:15 kf can I find out... its really too warm the last days
14:16 owen I've wondered the same thing kf
14:16 kf we have a standard install
14:17 jwagner kf, are you talking about the latest patch/commit loaded?
14:18 kf yes, so I can get the same snapshot from git we used for our production system
14:18 jwagner doesn't git log show you the latest commit at the top of the display?
14:19 jwagner (May be misunderstanding the problem)
14:19 kf will ask my colleague, but not sure we did it with git
14:19 kf we know a lot more now than we did back then
14:20 kf will ask him on monday
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14:26 jcamins owen: is there any reason I can't rebase the proposed patch on bug 4422 and submit it as-is?
14:26 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4422 normal, P5, ---, camins, ASSIGNED, XSLT display incorrect for analytics (articles)
14:26 jcamins I can't quite remember why I didn't do that in the first place. Possibly I didn't know how to.
14:27 owen Meaning you attached the patch to the bug report but didn't submit it?
14:27 jcamins Right.
14:28 owen Yeah, rebasing it is the right thing to do
14:31 owen An interesting project for Ohio libraries:
14:31 owen I'd love to try it, but we'd need a way to send a different email notice just to SMS users
14:32 wizzyrea yea, it seems silly to me to use a SMS relay when most everyone's phone has an email addy
14:32 wizzyrea that development goes along with being able to define discrete hold notices
14:32 wizzyrea (per library, for example)
14:33 * owen didn't know most everyone's phone has an email address
14:33 wizzyrea it's usually <your number>
14:33 owen And such messages arrive as a text?
14:33 wizzyrea ya
14:34 wizzyrea Send and receive emails using your phone's email address. Your address is your 10-digit
14:34 wizzyrea for example
14:34 wizzyrea (from ATT's website)
14:35 owen Whaddyaknow, it works.
14:35 owen I wonder if the FRM, SUBJ and MSG all count towards the character limit
14:37 wizzyrea I think they do, but I'm not sure
14:37 wizzyrea which admittedly is a bit of a bummer
14:38 wizzyrea so the kicker for the sms -> email messages
14:38 wizzyrea would be to 1. be able to define a short from address: bad: circulation@williamsburgcommunitylibrary good:
14:39 wizzyrea 2. be able to define very short hold notifications, and have them tied to the mobile email
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14:39 wizzyrea 3. in general be able to define hold notices per library
14:40 CGI043 hello guys
14:40 wizzyrea hi there
14:40 wizzyrea er, 3 should read: be able to associate defined hold notices with specific libraries
14:40 jcamins I've figured out why I didn't submit the patch last time. git send-email doesn't work.
14:40 wizzyrea argle bargle
14:40 CGI043 i am looking for some help regading encoding problems which i am facing
14:40 wizzyrea shoot
14:40 CGI043 i am a complete newbie to this whole koha setup
14:41 CGI043 and library lingo
14:41 wizzyrea fair enough
14:41 CGI043 when i search for some keyword in OPAC
14:41 CGI043 I get result.. and when i click on it.. i get a details page
14:42 CGI043 which looks something like http://host/cgi-bin/koha/opac-[…]iblionumber=18162
14:42 owen We can't see that :)
14:42 CGI043 the text in the title seems to show up fine.. I mean with characters properly encoded
14:43 CGI043 yes.. true.. just wanted to share the URL
14:43 CGI043 :)
14:44 CGI043 but when I click on notes link on that page.. the text seems to be jumbled up.. not properly uncoded
14:44 CGI043 i went to the database to check the actual content
14:44 wizzyrea do you have a facility to cap the screen?
14:44 wizzyrea (jing/screencast is a popular one,
14:45 CGI043 i am not sure if I am allowed to do that.. it has production data
14:45 CGI043 sorry for that
14:45 wizzyrea well, the OPAC shouldn't have any particular sensitive data, but ok
14:45 CGI043 I know.. its like troubleshooting in dark for you guys
14:45 wizzyrea unless the contents of your catalog is top secret ;)
14:45 CGI043 :)
14:46 owen Secret Vatican library?
14:46 * wizzyrea goes down the rabbit hole
14:46 * owen doesn't want to know, wants to live!
14:46 CGI043 well coming to the point.. the content in database seems to be fine .. encoded properly
14:46 * wizzyrea scuttles back out once it's revealed that it might be the secret vatican library "I don't want to know!"
14:47 wizzyrea hmm
14:47 CGI043 I found that using this query select * from biblio where biblionumber=<somenumber>
14:47 wizzyrea is your database encoded in UTF-8?
14:47 jcamins owen: How would one send a pull request? Since git send-email doesn't work, I guess the best thing to do is ask someone who can use git send-email to pull it from our public repository?
14:48 CGI043 yes
14:48 CGI043 it is set to UTF-8
14:48 owen jcamins: I don't know. gmcharlt?
14:48 CGI043 Apache is set to UTF-8
14:48 wizzyrea I don't know if zebra has an encoding setting
14:49 wizzyrea you are using zebra right?
14:49 CGI043 somehow browser does not show it
14:49 CGI043 yes..
14:49 CGI043 I am using zebra-2.0
14:49 wizzyrea is your browser set to UTF-8?
14:49 CGI043 yep
14:49 jcamins CGI043: is the problem with accented roman characters, or other alphabets?
14:49 CGI043 one thing which I don't understand is that title text comes fine but not note text
14:50 CGI043 mainly accented roman characters..
14:50 wizzyrea where did you import the data from? Sometimes..
14:50 wizzyrea omg it *IS* the secret vatican library!
14:50 CGI043 :)
14:51 CGI043 you can say I am pretty close to it :)
14:51 wizzyrea >.<
14:51 wizzyrea owen, you are far too good at that
14:52 * owen just checked out the Angels and Demons DVD from his local library, is wise to all that now
14:53 wizzyrea is there anything in your logs about it 043?
14:53 gmcharlt jcamins:
14:54 kf have a nice weekend all :)
14:54 CGI043 nope..
14:54 wizzyrea later cait
14:54 kf :)
14:54 kf left #koha
14:56 munin New commit(s) kohagit: remove a bunch of unconditional debug warns <[…]9e523dfc6d5559814>
14:57 CGI043 i need to go now.. can somebody provide pointers on where to look to solve this issue?
14:57 wizzyrea you might try sending email to the list
14:58 CGI043 really apologize for the short visit
14:58 wizzyrea and you might be aware that the official website has moved
14:58 wizzyrea to
14:58 CGI043 oh yes.. thanks!
14:58 wizzyrea (I would really recommend a message to the list)
14:58 wizzyrea (lots of people will see it)
14:58 CGI043 will do that wizzyrea
14:58 wizzyrea excellent :)
14:58 CGI043 thanks
14:59 wizzyrea have a good one
14:59 CGI043 you have a good weeked
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15:06 * owen discovers the more_subfields_xml column in items for the first time
15:06 owen Sounds like the junk drawer of the items table
15:08 owen It's trivial to add public notes to to fix that aspect of Bug 4924. Should non-public notes be added as well?
15:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4924 major, P5, ---, oleonard, NEW, Public/Internal notes missing in staff normal view
15:08 owen Or are non-public notes typically of use only to catalogers?
15:09 gmcharlt could be circ notes as well, I say display both in the staff view
15:09 jcamins I would think that non-public notes should show up to all staff... they're often used for circ.
15:10 gmcharlt but noting something from the bug - more_subfields_xml != non-public notes, necessarily
15:10 owen ?
15:10 gmcharlt it is, as you suspect, a place to store item fields defined in the framework that aren't mapped to a specific column in the items table
15:11 owen So what you're saying is that all non-public notes are in more_subfields_xml but not all data in more_subfields_xml is a non-public note
15:12 gmcharlt it purely depends on what the particular library did
15:16 gmcharlt jcamins: your patch for bug 4928 got mangled
15:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4928 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, camins, NEW, With multiple 76x-78x fields, the font display gets progressively smaller
15:16 gmcharlt how are you emailing it?
15:16 owen jcamins: Can you give me an example of how you use a non-public note?
15:16 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Bug 4854: Show same subfields for 245 and 880$6245 <[…]210f555ffbbd67464>
15:16 jcamins I tried sending it through Thunderbird, but I guess that didn't work.
15:17 jcamins Okay. Pull request it is.
15:17 gmcharlt jcamins: right - if you can't use git-send-email directly for some reason, please attach your patches to the email
15:18 gmcharlt btw - one thing about sending a pull request - that assumes that you also have a git-daemon running to serve your git repo
15:18 gmcharlt if not, and you don't want to set that up, attach the patches to email
15:18 CGI267 I'm new to Koha.  I'm trying to import info on books from a library in South Korea but the Korean script doesn't show up.  Any suggestions?
15:19 jcamins I have github, but if attaching patches works, I'd just as soon do that. I'm still vaguely dubious about my github repository.
15:19 gmcharlt sure
15:19 gmcharlt but pulling from github is fine for me as well
15:21 paul_ left #koha
15:27 CGI267 No ideas on the issues with Korean script not showing up in Koha?
15:28 jcamins owen: Sorry for the delay. Here is an example of how we use internal notes:
15:28 CGI267 Korean script shows up everywhere in Koha except when I use the z23.50 search to import bibliographic information.  Please help
15:29 jcamins 952$xThis book is on permanent loan to curator.$zPlease consult staff.
15:30 jcamins We tend not to put anything in the $z, though.
15:30 gmcharlt CGI267: what target(s) are you trying to pull Korean records from?
15:31 CGI267 The website for the National Assembly of was the only target I could find in Korea
15:32 rhcl_away Would it be correct to say, in a legal sense, that I (either me individually or an organization) can "own" code written on my behalf under a GPL license?
15:32 gmcharlt CGI267: ?
15:33 CGI267 That is correct
15:33 gmcharlt rhcl_away: in a situation where you pay somebody to write code for you, copyright in the code produced can belong to you or to contractor, depending on how you write the contract
15:33 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
15:34 CGI267 When you setup a new target server, koha asks for you to designate syntax and encoding standards to use...I tried various combinations but nothing worked.
15:34 rhcl copyright then, would be independent of the license, for example GPL2?
15:34 jcamins rhcl: it depends on the work-for-hire status of the code.
15:34 jcamins Yes, completely.
15:34 gmcharlt CGI267: I'll give it a try myself - one moment
15:34 jcamins (sorry, yes, copyright is completely independent of the license)
15:34 CGI267 Thanks, gmcharlt
15:35 gmcharlt (although the license is legally effective, at least in the case of the GPL and kin, because of underlying copyright law)
15:35 francharb left #koha
15:36 rhcl jcamins: just for clarity, the "work-for-hire" status wouldn't be in the code, right? That would be in the terms of the contract?
15:37 jcamins Right.
15:37 gmcharlt rhcl: correct, the terms of the contract
15:37 rhcl I just want to make sure that it is correct to say that "I" legally "own" the copyright on  GPL-licensed code.
15:37 gmcharlt for suitable definitions of "I", yes
15:37 rhcl OK, thanks all...
15:37 gmcharlt i.e., in your case presumably would be the library
15:37 rhcl yep
15:38 CGI267 You could try searching for a book using the following ISBNs: 8934920351 or 8980370202...both are correct ISBNs for books written in Korean...when I search for them the bibliographic information appears as ����� or ¸ð·¡ÀÇ Á. Thanks again, gmcharlt.
15:39 gmcharlt CGI267: thanks, I was about to ask
15:41 CGI267 The "������" may also appear as empty rectangular boxes depending on your web browser
15:48 Nate joined #koha
15:48 CGI267 Also, I know that the problem lies with the Korean script b/c numbers and English text show up without problems
15:48 wizzyrea question, how does one determine the mappable name for a patron authorized value?
15:49 wizzyrea example, we have one called LICENSE, and we want to map data into that
15:49 wizzyrea but in the patron add screen it's labeled as patron_attr_2
15:49 wizzyrea is that the field we map to?
15:49 gmcharlt CGI267: yep - none of the canned Koha settings work, so I'm now going to retrieve a raw record to figure out way the set is
15:50 gmcharlt wizzyrea: you mean for jquery processing?
15:50 wizzyrea no, for patron migration
15:50 wizzyrea so i have license data coming in from sirsi
15:50 gmcharlt ah, you'd use the attribute code in the patorn import CSV
15:50 gmcharlt LICENSE:foo
15:50 wizzyrea AH
15:51 wizzyrea ok thanks gmcharlt, that makes sense
15:51 wizzyrea (I was asked to cross reference the fields with the pretty labels this morning)
15:52 CGI267 gmcharlt, is there anyway that I could have you email me what you figure out?
15:52 gmcharlt sure - pm me your email address
15:53 laurence left #koha
15:53 gmcharlt CGI267: ah, I've figured out what the character set they're using is
15:53 gmcharlt it's euc-kr
15:55 CGI267 So what do I need to do so that I can read the info from them?
15:57 CGI267 Can you just email me the instructions and any other pertinent information at ""?
15:57 gmcharlt sec
15:57 gmcharlt CGI267: sure
15:57 CGI267 Thanks, gmcharlt!
15:57 wizzyrea gmcharlt++ for good helps
15:57 CGI267 left #koha
15:59 wizzyrea is there some global utility for this pseudo mapping document I just created mapping the koha patron field names to their pretty GUI labels?
15:59 owen In the template for MARCdetail.tmpl there is a check for <!-- TMPL_IF name="link" --> when displaying subfields
15:59 owen Under what conditions would something be "link" ?
16:03 owen I see a setting the marc subfield structure under "advanced constraints," "Link (e.g. Title or Local-Number)"
16:08 owen Must be a popular feature... the image used for the link is broken.
16:11 paul_p left #koha
16:18 gmcharlt wizzyrea: what do you mean?
16:19 zevlag joined #koha
16:19 wizzyrea i mean
16:19 wizzyrea I have a document that says which koha fields go with which pretty label in the gui interface
16:19 wizzyrea a la
16:19 wizzyrea
16:20 wizzyrea there are some that are not so straightforward
16:20 wizzyrea as those
16:20 pianohack joined #koha
16:20 pianohack Hello
16:20 munin New commit(s) kohagit: add EUC-KR to list of support Z39.50 character encodings <[…]85eb2dc055bc19b99>
16:20 wizzyrea (basically it's for helping staff understand which fields are which when presented with a list of db fields)
16:21 SJeffery joined #koha
16:22 CGI026 joined #koha
16:22 gmcharlt ah - well, one could probably write a script to try to parse memberentrygen.tmpl to build that automatically, but given that it would have to be reviewed manually, would be mostly a manual process to match up fields with lables
16:23 wizzyrea okies, I will go ahead and put it in the wiki then, since it seems like it might be useful
16:23 CGI026 Hi, I'm new to Koha, and I'm trying to configure the AutoLocation setting. I was wondering if it is possible to give a library more than one ip address, so I can work on it from home and at the library. Thanks!
16:23 wizzyrea and I"ll make it match 3.2, not our special labels ;)
16:25 pianohack CGI026: Yes
16:26 CGI026 So how would I do that, do I just put commas or semicolons between them, or do I have to do something else?
16:27 SJeffery Someone mentioned labels?
16:27 pianohack CGI026: Just something like this: (192.168|72.148)
16:27 CGI026 Great, thank you!
16:27 pianohack That is, parentheses around all the choices, with each one separated by a pipe character
16:28 pianohack CGI026: You don't even have to put in the full IP
16:28 pianohack All Koha checks is that the start of your IP address matches
16:29 CGI026 Hmm... When I do that, Koha cuts the second ip address to the first number. Is that all it checks?
16:31 pianohack Hrm, no, there's probably just some silly length limit
16:32 pianohack What's the exact setting? You don't have to give out the exact IPs if you don't want, but what's the general format?
16:32 CGI026 Yeah, I put in just the first two numbers like you showed, and it worked. It was cutting it when I put in the full ip for both locations.
16:32 jwagner pianohack, if you're talking about the syspref, I believe I was told a long time ago it can only take one IP/range, not multiples.
16:32 CGI026 Jwagner: It just took two, I just had to scale them down a bit
16:33 jwagner We've always had to do the IP limiting through apache unless it was just one range.
16:33 CGI026 I'll make sure to look at that, thanks.
16:35 pianohack jwagner: All the check is is $ip !~ /^$domain/
16:35 CGI026 Great! I was also having problems with advanced notices. If I just turn the preference on, does Koha set up predue notices for me, or do I have to configure it somewhere else?
16:35 pianohack If $domain (which is set from branches.branchip) is, for instance, (10.1|, then the regex will work with both
16:36 pianohack CGI026: You have to run an extra cronjob
16:36 pianohack And do a little extra setup
16:36 CGI026 Sure, is there any sort of tutorial for this? I'm not the best at this stuff
16:36 wizzyrea the manual might help you
16:37 wizzyrea
16:37 wizzyrea idk what version you are on
16:37 wizzyrea so you may have to pick the 3.0 manual
16:42 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4422: add AR (article) format icon to staff interface <[…]66a168c00e8e6d4e6> / bug 4422: Show article icon with DisplayOPACiconsXSLT <[…]bb8c754342325e3b3> / Fix for bug 4928, problematic 78x display in OPAC <
16:43 CGI026 ... Those links don't seem to work, just so you know.
16:44 wizzyrea which links
16:44 CGI026 Munin's
16:44 wizzyrea they work for me
16:44 SJeffery Hey Jane, how's it going?
16:44 wizzyrea well the very last one doesn't but the others do
16:45 CGI026 Must just be me, I'm getting an error...
16:45 wizzyrea you *are* coming in through a CGI irc client
16:45 wizzyrea by the way
16:45 wizzyrea the official website has moved to
16:45 wizzyrea isn't affiliated with the community at the moment.
16:46 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_lun
16:46 wizzy_lun is now known as wizzy_nom
16:46 CGI026 I guess I missed that...
16:47 owen CGI026: The owners of don't want you to know
16:47 CGI026 Now I'm really confused. is the official site, but for documentation, it still links to
16:48 wizzy_nom for 3.0 documentation yes
16:48 owen The owners of also own the copyright to the 3.0 documentation
16:48 owen And they don't want to share.
16:48 CGI026 So I should be using the koha community site?
16:50 owen Yes, with the exception of the 3.0 documentation on, if necessary
16:50 CGI026 And I'm using Koha 3.0... so I have no other choice?
16:51 owen It's fine. Just be sure to visit for up-to date offical Koha news and releases
16:52 CGI026 Got it. So who owns if it isn't official?
16:52 owen PTFS/Liblime
16:52 munin New commit(s) kohagit: Fix for Bug 4934 - Image missing for linked subfields in MARC display <[…]17a25cfaf236f9298> / Fix for Bug 4932, Serial Enumeration / chronology not populated on receive <[…]6add496585c2ffab8>
16:53 owen munin: Gesundheit.
16:53 munin owen: Error: "Gesundheit." is not a valid command.
16:55 CGI026 Ok, I think I usderstand that... But back to predue notices, is the cron job what I need?
16:55 gmcharlt correct
16:56 CGI026 and if I turn on the advanced notices preference, is it configured and ready?
16:57 CGI026 -- Clarification-- I'm basically asking you how to set up predue notices. If I turn on the preference, what else do I need to set up?
16:59 gmcharlt CGI026: another thing to do is (under Tools | Notices) is set the PREDUE message to your liking
17:03 CGI026 I did that, and the advanced messaging preference is on. How do I set up the sending of the emails?
17:04 owen Oh I get it, the "4 of 5 years" is an insult directed at non-PTFS Koha developers. Nice.
17:05 owen So after their customers have been using a development for six months, PTFS releases the out-of-date code and waits for the rest of us to integrate it into Koha
17:06 pianohack CGI026: You need to run the and cronjobs, yes
17:06 * owen will get some lunch instead of fuming about that
17:06 owen is now known as owen-away
17:06 CGI026 And that's it?
17:06 CGI026 It'll send them out for me then?
17:09 blu_23m joined #koha
17:09 gmcharlt another blocker bites the dust
17:12 SJeffery Has anyone set up Koha to print labels and barcodes to something like a high-end Zebra printer?
17:12 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 3916: set final "no change" dropdwon in batch item modification <[…]54e0739d0dd198869>
17:14 blu_23m left #koha
17:16 pianohack gmcharlt: Not sure if you particularly care, but spelling mistake in the last commit message
17:17 gmcharlt pianohack: my plot to subvert the English language has been uncovered!
17:17 rhcl russian spy!
17:17 gmcharlt anyway, can't fix commit messages after they've been pushed
17:17 gmcharlt obviously, typos in source files themselves can and should be correted
17:19 pianohack I shall corret any I see, sir
17:20 pianohack Bah, I'm in nitpick mode from too much lang-8
17:20 gmcharlt lang-8?
17:26 CGI026 left #koha
17:30 zevlag left #koha
17:30 zevlag joined #koha
17:34 wizzy_nom 026: afaik, nothing, does this help you at all:[…]3.0/tools/notices
17:36 wizzy_nom is now known as wizzyrea
17:36 wizzyrea wow, i really ought to make sure I'm scrolled all the way to the bottom
17:37 pianohack gmcharlt: Site where you nitpick people's foreign language entries and they nitpick yours
17:37 pianohack Almost a perfect fit for me
17:37 wizzyrea sjeffrey: what kind of problem are you running into with the Zebra printer?
17:38 wizzyrea because, in truth, if you can print to it from firefox, you can print to it from koha
17:38 wizzyrea where firefox=your browser of choice
17:38 SJeffery Nothing yet. I am in the process of getting Koha and having to purchase a printer at the same time. The higher-end Zebra printers are not the type that libraries commonly use.
17:39 SJeffery It just makes me wonder if anyone else has ever done it or knows of any problems.
17:40 wizzyrea I haven't heard of any problems
17:41 wizzyrea we use epson TMT88III's
17:41 wizzyrea and 4's
17:45 SJeffery For example, just looking at label templates/profiles/fields, what would you put in the template page height field when using rolls of labels?
17:46 wizzyrea oh you are talking about for labels, not receipts
17:46 SJeffery Also, is it an option to configure how a call number would print out (such as each element of a LC call number printing on a separate line)?
17:46 wizzyrea chris_n is the one to ask about such matters
17:46 SJeffery Yeah. We will print barcodes as well, but I think I will have to go with using an outside app for that.
17:47 wizzyrea and the labels documentation
17:47 jwagner Gonna head out now (will be working this evening, sigh).  USians, have a good holiday weekend!
17:47 wizzyrea later jane! have a good weekend!
17:47 SJeffery Have a good one!
17:47 SJeffery Chris_n is afk, isn't he:P
17:47 wizzyrea possibly :)
17:47 jwagner left #koha
17:48 SJeffery Likely left 10 minutes ago for a two week vacation with my luck.
17:49 Genji left #koha
17:50 imp left #koha
17:52 munin New commit(s) kohagit: (BUG #4804) fix following bug: in, Click on minus sign in a item... <[…]d23d344265328c488>
17:53 wizzyrea gmcharlt is a machine today
18:04 owen-away is now known as owen
18:09 tomascohe left #koha
18:11 nahuel left #koha
18:11 imp joined #koha
18:12 wizzyrea bug 3916 from my testing it looks like the Koha Item Type dropdown still needs to be fixed?
18:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3916 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, ASSIGNED, Batch Modify tool overwrites dropdown fields - no option for "no change"
18:13 wizzyrea it defaults to (Unclassified)
18:13 gmcharlt do you have an item type whose code is the empty string, by any chance?
18:14 wizzyrea I don't
18:14 gmcharlt please paste the HTML source of that dropdown
18:14 wizzyrea yep, sec
18:16 pastebot "wizzyrea" at pasted "batch mod koha itype dropdown" (24 lines) at
18:16 wizzyrea we obviously don't have an empty itype
18:16 gmcharlt XXX in the library?  oh noes!
18:16 wizzyrea HA
18:16 wizzyrea ;)
18:16 wizzyrea perhaps there is one installed by default and we deleted it?
18:17 wizzyrea fwiw, the rest of the dropdowns are golden
18:18 gmcharlt wizzyrea: ok, try this
18:18 gmcharlt change line 287 of tools/ to
18:18 gmcharlt push @authorised_values, "";
18:18 wizzyrea aha
18:18 wizzyrea 1s
18:19 gmcharlt and add, after line 293
18:19 gmcharlt $value = "";
18:19 zevlag left #koha
18:20 zevlag joined #koha
18:21 wizzyrea outside the bracket?
18:21 gmcharlt yep
18:21 wizzyrea k just making sure
18:23 nahuel joined #koha
18:24 pianohack brb
18:24 pianohack left #koha
18:24 wizzyrea ya, that fixed the problem
18:24 wizzyrea let me make sure that it's still working
18:25 wizzyrea urgle lol, yea, it works
18:25 wizzyrea but what I was trying to do
18:25 wizzyrea was clear lost status
18:25 wizzyrea and while I could change it to another lost status
18:25 wizzyrea I couldn't unset the lost status
18:25 druthb left #koha
18:26 wizzyrea i.e. setting it to blank didn't clear the lost status
18:26 wizzyrea I'll take a video
18:27 gmcharlt wizzyrea: right, but no need
18:27 gmcharlt the tool currently doesn't have a mode for clearing values
18:28 wizzyrea ah, so I'm using it wrong
18:28 wizzyrea or
18:28 gmcharlt that would be useful, of course, but would probalby require adding, in addition to the inputs
18:28 gmcharlt a set of checkboxes that you'd tick to explicitly clear/zero/empty the field in question
18:28 jcamins wizzyrea: Don't you have to add a "Not lost" setting with value 0?
18:29 wizzyrea that (I think) would come with its own set of wierdnesses
18:29 wizzyrea then, in that case
18:29 wizzyrea yes, thank you, that patch fixed it
18:29 jcamins Uh-oh... what weirdnesses did I loose on my unsuspecting catalog?
18:29 wizzyrea the itypes are no longer overwritten
18:30 owen gmcharlt: Is it appropriate to mark Bug 2598 as "wontfix?"
18:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2598 major, P3, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Pay Fines allows payment against accruing fine.
18:30 owen Sorry, wrong number
18:30 owen Bug 3598
18:30 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3598 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, isbn and import from z39.50
18:31 wizzyrea jcamins: I'm wondering what happens if you have an authorized value that matches a default value
18:31 gmcharlt owen: yep, and I've done so
18:31 wizzyrea maybe nothing
18:31 wizzyrea maybe something
18:31 wizzyrea idk, which is why I hesitate
18:31 wizzyrea BUT
18:31 wizzyrea I will try it
18:31 wizzyrea just for you ;)
18:32 jcamins :)
18:32 wizzyrea because I think this tool should be able to clear lost statuses
18:32 wizzyrea and if that's all that has to happen to make it work, then I'm for it
18:33 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 3916: set another "no change" dropdwon in batch item modification <[…]c5573ed652d1e925c>
18:35 wizzyrea aha
18:35 wizzyrea we had the value, but it had no description
18:35 wizzyrea going to test and see if setting a description makes a difference
18:36 owen Does anyone know what problem Bug 3281 was designed to fix?
18:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3281 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---, nahuel.angelinetti, ASSIGNED, Item's summary parsing should be different
18:38 wizzyrea bummer, that didn't work
18:38 wizzyrea though now it shows up in the list as an option
18:38 owen Supposedly something to do with itemtypes.summary, which is empty or null in my system
18:40 gmcharlt right - I'm fuzzy on how that's used myself, but it's mostly used by the French libraries, I beliee
18:40 gmcharlt I *think* it's a way to have add-hoc templates for munging the bib display
18:40 gmcharlt back when item types were bib-level
18:42 wizzyrea would you like me to add the fact that you can't "un-set" as a new bug
18:42 wizzyrea since the original bug is fixed and can be closed?
18:42 gmcharlt yep, as a new enh
18:43 wizzyrea cool beans will do
18:49 wizzyrea I wonder if it would be better to remove the LOST field until it works like (I would) expect it to
18:53 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 4808: allow limited-permission circ operators to print receipts <[…]1fb8edf3f1725c8f7>
18:54 sekjal joined #koha
18:55 wizzyrea bug 4935
18:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4935 enhancement, P5, ---, gmcharlt, NEW, Batch Modify tool cannot "unset" options such as Lost status
18:55 wizzyrea does that make sense?
18:56 pianohack joined #koha
18:57 gmcharlt wait, it *can* set fields in an item record to a null vaue?
18:57 gmcharlt how?
18:57 wizzyrea no, it can set things FROM null to a value
18:57 wizzyrea so if you have an item that has no lost status
18:57 * gmcharlt reading comprehension FAIL
18:58 gmcharlt gotcha
18:58 wizzyrea and you tell it to change the bunch to missing
18:58 wizzyrea it'll do that
18:58 wizzyrea but you can't go back
18:58 wizzyrea (using the tool anyway0
18:58 gmcharlt anyway, to answer your question, bug report is fine
18:58 wizzyrea just wanted to make sure I'm not being obtuse. I am sometimes, as we all know.
19:03 pianohack left #koha
19:03 pianohack joined #koha
19:03 jcamins Thank goodness it's Friday and we have a long weekend.
19:04 jcamins Our catalog abruptly, and with no prior notice, stopped working.
19:04 wizzyrea urg
19:06 pianohack left #koha
19:06 jcamins Strangely, I wasn't even using it when it stopped functioning.
19:06 pianohack joined #koha
19:07 SJeffery left #koha
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19:09 pianohack joined #koha
19:13 munin New commit(s) kohagit: bug 3902: item class source can now be set during serials receiving <[…]85402892a0d36bdd1>
19:13 pianohac1 joined #koha
19:14 chris sheesh
19:15 pianohack left #koha
19:15 gmcharlt ?
19:15 pianohack joined #koha
19:16 collum chris must be reading his early morning email
19:16 wizzyrea ^^
19:17 chris you got it
19:18 pianohac1 left #koha
19:20 chris owen++
19:21 zevlag left #koha
19:21 owen Thanks chris
19:25 chris dont let the man get you down :)
19:26 owen It's the massive deja vu that's getting to me
19:26 * wizzyrea pats owen, it'll be ok chum.
19:27 owen Don't worry about me, I was getting bored with all the quiet anyway
19:27 wizzyrea haha
19:27 wizzyrea stacy's a spitfire, I like her.
19:28 chris apparently she is always wrong, if i read jwagner right last night
19:28 wizzyrea (i've talked to her on the phone)
19:28 chris personally, i think shes been on the button so far
19:28 wizzyrea well what she's heard and what they thought they said are clearly two different things
19:29 owen yeah, it's stacy's fault that she can't act as a conduit for the messages Liblime is trying to leak to the public
19:31 chris its not a fork its trunk ... thats going on my wall of quotes
19:31 chris have you ever see a tree with 2 trunks?
19:31 owen I have, but they're always on clearance at the nursery
19:31 wizzyrea just to be contrary:[…]17_92ccc2082d.jpg
19:31 chris heh :)
19:32 jcamins Yeah... sometimes if a tree's hit by lightning that'll happen.
19:32 wizzyrea <3
19:32 pianohac1 joined #koha
19:33 pianohack left #koha
19:41 collum I'm outta here.  Have a good weekend all.
19:41 collum left #koha
19:41 wizzyrea http://uddharan.files.wordpres[…]near-kesighat.jpg
19:41 wizzyrea perhaps a bit too poetic
19:41 chris awesome daniel is coming
19:42 wizzyrea a tree with two *intertwined* trunks
19:42 chris theres a decent contigent coming from the us now
19:42 * gmcharlt is heading out for a bit, to well, have a vacation day on his vacation day
19:42 chris gmcharlt++
19:42 wizzyrea bye! have fun
19:42 chris thanks for your hard work with the blockers
19:42 wizzyrea gmcharlt++ vacation++
19:42 chris have fun
19:42 jcamins gmcharlt++
19:42 wizzyrea gmcharlt_on_vacation++
19:43 wizzyrea i make myself laugh
19:43 zevlag joined #koha
19:43 * wizzyrea goes and raids owen's karma bucket and tosses +'s into the air
19:43 gmcharlt wizzyrea++
19:44 wizzyrea *giggle*
19:45 pianohac1 left #koha
19:45 pianohack joined #koha
19:46 gmcharlt question for the audience: is there any reason why aqbudgets.budget_period_id shouldn't be a 'not null' FK to aqbduget_periods?
19:47 chris no reason i can think of
19:47 owen Am I missing something or does this patch only delete a warn: http://lists.koha-community.or[…]ember/010421.html
19:48 jcamins If you're missing something, I am too.
19:49 gmcharlt owen: no, your eyes are not deceiving you
19:49 owen It is Friday afternoon after all :)
19:49 gmcharlt and whatever it is, it only seems relevant to 3.0.x
19:50 * wizzyrea shoos gmcharlt... I thought you were leaving
19:50 gmcharlt that patch wasn't applicable to HEAD
19:50 jcamins friday_afternoon++
19:51 * wizzyrea means that with all possible kind thoughts, of course
19:59 chris that print baskgroup pdf thingy is actually pretty cool
20:00 owen Alright, quitting time. Merry Independence day my fellow Americans. Thanks for putting up with our &%$# everyone else
20:01 owen left #koha
20:01 chris owen++
20:08 sekjal left #koha
20:17 zevlag left #koha
20:28 hdl left #koha
20:29 Nate Happy 4th of July Everyone! and i second Owen's thanks to everyone else :)
20:29 Nate left #koha
20:29 wizzyrea ^^ what they said. God we're hard to get along with.
20:29 wizzyrea ;)
20:38 wizzyrea left #koha
20:38 wizzyrea joined #koha
21:08 moodaepo left #koha
21:32 jcamins is now known as jcamins_a
22:41 davi left #koha
22:52 rhcl left #koha
22:52 Johnindy left #koha
22:52 pianohack left #koha

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