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00:13 ebegin Hi all.  What is the ETA for 3.2beta?
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00:14 chobbs OK, marclint is both cool and humbling :)
00:17 gmcharlt ebegin: 3.2 alpha2 by the end of th wekend
00:17 gmcharlt beta as soon as the blockers are closed
00:17 ebegin ok.  Thanks.
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00:38 brendan so year one birthday and my car treats me to a flat tire :)
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00:41 * chris_n hands brendan a virtual jack
00:42 brendan and new tire please :)
00:44 chris_n maybe fix-a-flat?
00:44 * chris_n finally coerces his zebra back to work
00:44 brendan for now pumping it up with a bike pump in a few hours
00:44 brendan a nice work-out for the arms
00:44 brendan tame that zebra
00:48 chris[…]fternoon-funnies/
00:54 brendan :)
00:58 gmcharlt atu clearly has a future as a very direct therapist
01:01 chobbs Is there a particular pastebin you all use for sharing code snippets in chat?
01:03 gmcharlt pastebot: help
01:04 gmcharlt chobbs:
01:05 chobbs Thanks!
01:06 chobbs Anyone know of a good way to pick out one marc record (by number) in a marc file of 90K records? I'm currently looping through all records and using a counter to locate the record of interest. It feels kinda ugly :)
01:08 gmcharlt well, that's pretty much the way to do it
01:09 gmcharlt if you need to do it repeated on the same set of records, you could load and index them, then retrieve the records of interest
01:10 chobbs Well ,the problem is that loading them isn't working, and I'm trying to figure out why :)
01:10 chobbs More accurately, loading seems to work, but indexing is breaking.
01:10 chobbs I've run marclint on the exported_records and it blows up on record 78552, so I'm trying to id what's wrong with that record.
01:11 gmcharlt is 78552 the biblionumber of the database or the sequence number of the bib in the original file?
01:12 chobbs Good question. It's the number zebra_rebuild squawked on.
01:12 chobbs Which would that be?
01:13 gmcharlt could you paste the specific squawk?
01:13 chobbs I knew you were going to ask that - it's scrolled out of my terminal buffer, so I'll need to re-run zebra_build :(
01:14 gmcharlt screen is your friend ;)
01:14 chobbs Actually, it ought to be in theirc log, since I showed it to Chris earlier - wait one.
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01:15 chobbs I'm actually in screen, but still no joy :)
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01:17 pastebot "chobbs" at pasted "zebra_rebbuild squawk" (4 lines) at
01:18 chobbs marclint is having trouble with the record as well - looks like I'm missing a record terminator of some sort
01:19 gmcharlt what do you get when you run yaz-marcdump the_record.mrc
01:19 chobbs let me wait and see - 90,000 records :)
01:20 chobbs well, no errors
01:21 chobbs but it stopped after 21,945 titles
01:22 chobbs (assuming this is a legitimate way of counting records: grep '^245 [0-9][0-9] \$a' out.txt | wc -l )
01:22 chobbs and it's not
01:22 gmcharlt indicator regex should be [ 0-9][ 0-9]
01:23 chobbs I have 90,589 records, which is pretty much right on
01:23 chobbs yup, figured that out :)
01:23 gmcharlt what does grep -v '^[0-9]' out.txt | grep -v '^$' show ?
01:24 chobbs 90616, which is correct
01:24 chobbs actually, it might be 10 over, if memory serves
01:24 chobbs I thought I had 90,606
01:27 pastebot "chobbs" at pasted "OK, there are errors in there:" (10 lines) at
01:28 chobbs found the 10 extra lines :)
01:28 chobbs found the 10 extra lines :)
01:29 gmcharlt ok - less out.txt and grep for ^( will show you the bad records
01:30 chobbs got it
01:30 pastebot "chobbs" at pasted "Bad record" (12 lines) at
01:31 chobbs So how would I go about finding the record in my source MARC file, and figure out what I did wrong while building it? I'm in the process of conversion, btw.
01:32 gmcharlt select biblionumber from biblioitems where marc like '1201666%';
01:33 chobbs sweet
01:34 gmcharlt or if that doesn't work
01:34 gmcharlt select biblionumber from biblioitems where marc like '%Vid22005-04-1150%';
01:35 chobbs grr. no results in either case.
01:36 gmcharlt try this
01:36 gmcharlt select biblionumber from biblioitems where marc like '%nam2208509%';
01:36 gmcharlt and
01:37 gmcharlt select biblionumber from biblioitems where length(marc) > 99999;
01:37 * chobbs wonders if biblioitems is indexed: 43 seconds to select count(*) ?
01:37 gmcharlt select(*) is always slow in InnoDB - it's just a quirk of that storage engine
01:38 gmcharlt select count(*), even
01:38 chobbs ah, ok. :)
01:38 chobbs OK, biblionumber 78852
01:39 * gmcharlt takes a wild guess that the lowest biblionumber is your DB is 301
01:40 chobbs select min(biblionumber) from biblioitems; 1
01:40 gmcharlt eh, oh well :)
01:41 chobbs select length(marc) from biblioitems where biblionumber=78852; 120239
01:41 gmcharlt could you paste biblioitems.marcxml for that bib?
01:42 chobbs how would i get that?
01:42 chobbs ne'er mind
01:43 pastebot "chobbs" at pasted "marcxml for 78552" (446 lines) at
01:45 chobbs that's not the right one :(
01:45 chobbs hold on
01:46 pastebot "chobbs" at pasted "marcxml for 78552" (89 lines) at
01:46 chobbs The new one is based on this url - is this the right way to access it? http://koha:8080/cgi-bin/koha/[…]iblionumber=78552
01:47 gmcharlt yep
01:47 gmcharlt is it biblionumber 78852 or 78552 that's the bad one?
01:48 chobbs grumble
01:49 chobbs holy crap we have a lot of those items :)
01:50 chobbs wow, an 8MB marcxml file :)
01:51 gmcharlt whee!
01:51 gmcharlt adding -x to causing it to process the bibs in thier MARC XML form
01:51 chobbs Yeah, it's 200K lines long - you sure you want me to paste it, or can we assume it's just plain not going to like it :)
01:51 gmcharlt let's not kill chris' pastebot :)
01:52 gmcharlt ... and that way, it would ignore the 99,999 byte limit of MARC record blob
01:53 gmcharlt but practically speaking, you'll need to duplicate that bib and spread its items around
01:53 chobbs OK, but looking at it, it seems broken.
01:53 chobbs the 952 fields seem to be run together
01:53 gmcharlt what does select count(*) from items where biblionumber = 78852 show?
01:53 chobbs 695
01:54 gmcharlt thought so
01:54 chobbs but that's way wrong
01:54 gmcharlt anyway, try rerrunning rebuild_zebra.;pl with the -x option
01:54 chobbs grep '<subfield code="p">3147' Downloads/bib-78852.marcxml | wc -l
01:54 chobbs 9961
01:54 chobbs 3147 being our barcodes
01:55 gmcharlt ah - is it a magazine?
01:55 chobbs nope, some ridiculous video adapter for computers.
01:55 chobbs tempted to just drop it :)
01:55 gmcharlt indeed
01:56 chobbs although we apparently got them fairly recently (03/2005)
01:56 gmcharlt did somebody really go to the trouble of barcoding over 3,000 video adapters?
01:56 chobbs no, they barcoded 9,961!
01:56 chobbs 3147 is the start of our barcode tag number
01:57 gmcharlt ah right
01:57 gmcharlt what on earth did the poor slop who did it do to get that task? ;)
01:57 chobbs that was the year before I took over, so no idea :)
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01:58 chobbs alright, I appreciate your help identifying the problem. Now to figure out what to do about it.
01:58 * chobbs shakes head.
01:58 chobbs That's like 5% of our biblioitems table :)
01:58 gmcharlt more seriously, removing that bib and items for now would make sense - you can then munge that record to split it into a few dozen copies of the bib
01:59 chobbs is that as easy as delete from biblio, biblioitem where biblionumber=78852; ?
01:59 chobbs and items, of course
01:59 gmcharlt just deleting from biblio will cascade all the way
01:59 chobbs in mysql, or through koha?
01:59 gmcharlt in mysql
01:59 chobbs wow, real relationships :)
02:00 gmcharlt are they wonderful things?
02:00 gmcharlt then rerun rebuild_zebra
02:00 chobbs indeed
02:00 chobbs wilco
02:01 chobbs and thanks to screen, I can shut down my computer and head home. Really appreciate the help!
02:04 gmcharlt you're welcome
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02:07 brendan my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
02:07 brendan oh man sorry wrong window :)
02:07 gmcharlt it's *my* $dbh, I tell you
02:08 * brendan hits head on wall
02:08 brendan poor wall
02:18 chris_n hehe
02:18 chris_n it's Friday eve, brendan ;)
02:18 brendan heh
02:19 chris_n but it sure looks as though you have a handle on things... especially the db
02:19 * brendan feels like my head is stuck in this loop
02:19 gmcharlt time to unroll the loop and do something else for a bit
02:20 brendan not sure all I can think about is MFHD_ITEM etc.
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03:33 Amit_G heya brendan
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03:34 brendan heya Amit_G
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03:45 chobbs gmcharlt:  Rrbuild went smoothly this time. Thanks again!
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04:20 brendan success
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04:52 Nouman zebra process is not running
04:52 Nouman
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05:17 Nouman Ropouch r u there?
05:19 Nouman
05:19 Nouman could any body help me?
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05:29 Nouman could any body help me?
05:31 masonj Nouman: you have another zebrasrv already running, i think
05:31 Nouman Masonj: I am doing fresh installation, I have delete previous one
05:31 masonj $ killall zebrasrv
05:32 masonj $ ps -ef|grep zebrasrv
05:33 masonj make sure no other zebrasrv is running, before you start a new zebrasrv
05:33 Nouman I have applied these both
05:33 masonj '13:49:31-03/03 [fatal] Failed to bind to unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/authoritysocket [File exists]'
05:33 masonj cool
05:34 masonj now start zebrasrv....
05:34 Nouman o/p is
05:34 Nouman Mansonj: Im installing koha-3.00.05 on debian-lenny
05:35 masonj u didnt kill zebra
05:35 Nouman there are two options to start zebra, which one should I select
05:35 masonj # kill 3160
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05:36 masonj zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
05:36 masonj starts zebra ;)
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05:38 Nouman Masonj:
05:38 Amit_G heya Nouman
05:39 masonj # kill -9 3160
05:39 masonj still  didnt kill it :/
05:39 Amit_G heya masonj
05:39 masonj hiya amit
05:41 Nouman Masonj: is zebra now running  or not
05:42 Nouman ?
05:42 masonj on your box?, i dont know :)
05:43 Nouman ps -ef|grep zebrasrv root      3429  3413  0 14:40 pts/0    00:00:00 grep zebrasrv
05:43 masonj no, its not running - on your box
05:43 Nouman I dont recognize that whether zebra is running or not o/p is here
05:44 Nouman kill -9 3160 lumhs-b70715be2:/home/nouman# ps -ef|grep zebrasrv root      3429  3413  0 14:40 pts/0    00:00:00 grep zebrasrv
05:44 masonj .
05:44 masonj koha      3160  3128  0 13:49 pts/0    00:00:00 zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
05:44 Nouman Hey Amit
05:44 masonj .
05:45 masonj that shows that a zebrasrv process is running (id=3160)
05:45 masonj so.... start up a zebrasrv ;)
05:45 Nouman Masonj: Im not getting what is its mean?
05:47 masonj hmmm, i gotta go soon... :/
05:47 Nouman   is it runnig or not
05:48 Amit_G Nouman: not running your zebra
05:48 Nouman Amit_G: thanks. plz could u with me as I can complete installation
05:48 masonj no, its not running - on your box
05:49 Nouman ok should I give commands now
05:50 Amit_G Noumna: r u on which OS
05:50 Nouman Im installing koha-3.00.05 on  debian-lenny
05:50 Nouman still show same problem
05:52 masonj stop zebra, again.... then..
05:53 masonj EXPORT KOHA_CONF="/home/koha/koha3-pr​od/etc/koha-confxxxxxxx.xml";
05:53 masonj EXPORT PERL5LIB='/home/koha/git/koha3-prodxxxxxx'
05:54 masonj $ sudo zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xm
05:54 masonj l
05:54 masonj try running zebasrv as root, not koha user
05:55 masonj now i go.... bye
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05:59 Nouman he is the
05:59 Nouman zebra is running or not could any body tell me? if it is running, how can I stop it?
06:02 Amit_G Nouman: Your zebra is running
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06:06 Amit_G heya davi
06:12 davi hi Amit_G
06:12 davi How is it going?
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06:13 Nouman ps -ef|grep zebrasrvroot      3573  3413  0 15:10 pts/0    00:00:00 grep zebrasrv
06:14 Nouman Amit: is it stop now? if it stop then what should I go to complete the installation
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06:27 Nouman I need some help regarding zebra initilization
06:27 Nouman could any one help me
06:31 Nouman nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:/usr/share/koha/bin$ sudo -u $KOHA misc/bin/ sudo: no passwd entry for misc/bin/!
06:31 Nouman I have above problem
06:33 Nouman is any body there?
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06:41 Nouman ..
06:41 Nouman nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~/koha-3.00.05$ sudo -u $KOHA misc/bin/ sudo: no passwd entry for misc/bin/!
06:41 Nouman I have above problem
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07:09 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:15 Nouman joined #koha
07:24 Nouman Ropuch r u there?
07:24 Nouman could u help me
07:26 Ropuch Hello Nouman
07:27 Ropuch What's the problem?
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07:34 Nouman Ropuch:
07:34 Nouman nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~/koha-3.00.05$ sudo -u $KOHA misc/bin/ sudo: no passwd entry for misc/bin/!
07:34 Nouman this is the problem
07:36 Ropuch ok
07:36 Ropuch First thing: $KOHA is variable rather than value
07:37 Nouman so what should I do
07:37 Ropuch sudo -u koha misc/bin/./
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07:38 Nouman no it is not working
07:39 Ropuch What does it say?
07:39 Nouman
07:40 Ropuch You have koha up and running?
07:41 Nouman mean? Im not getting
07:41 Ropuch You installed koha?
07:41 Nouman yeah, koha-3.00.04_fixed was installed on this pc
07:42 Ropuch No, that's not what I mean
07:42 Ropuch Have you finished your 3.00.05 instaltion?
07:42 Nouman I remove it and installing
07:42 Nouman no Im still in step 5
07:43 Nouman when I want to install
07:43 Nouman http://<servername>:8080/
07:43 Nouman it is not installing
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07:44 Ropuch You've followed all steps?
07:44 Nouman Yeah, I followed each and every step
07:44 Nouman exactly
07:44 Ropuch Ok
07:44 Ropuch mysql -u root -p
07:45 Ropuch I have an idea what could be wrong
07:45 Nouman Now Im at MYsql>
07:45 Ropuch Ok
07:45 Ropuch create database koha;
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07:46 Nouman I have created already
07:46 Ropuch grant all on koha.* to 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' idetified by 'katikoan'
07:47 paul_p hello #koha
07:47 Ropuch Just add ; at the end of line
07:48 Ropuch Hello paul_p
07:49 Nouman I have done it already
07:49 Nouman when I want to run koha installer
07:49 Nouman it show
07:50 Ropuch Hm
07:51 Ropuch grep VirtualHost /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/koha
07:53 Nouman
07:55 Ropuch Hm. can you try
07:55 Nouman yeah Im trying this
07:55 Nouman it show
07:55 Nouman Not Found  The requested URL / was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) Server at Port 8080
07:56 Ropuch
07:56 Nouman I tried this also but it is also not working, it also show the same prolem
07:57 Ropuch It's odd
07:58 Ropuch Can you replace VirtualHost with VirtualHost
07:59 Ropuch In /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
07:59 Nouman My pc is on netting
08:00 Ropuch I'm not sure I understand
08:00 Nouman actual ip outiside this system is but on my pc it is
08:00 Ropuch Oh
08:00 Ropuch Nevermind
08:01 Nouman through same configuration, some one have installed koha on this pc
08:01 Nouman but when I tried to remove and install again 3.00.05 it show this problem
08:02 Ropuch What koha version was installed earlier?
08:02 Nouman 3.00.04_fixed
08:02 Ropuch And it was working, right?
08:03 Nouman all was right but catalgue search from my own system was not working even after completing fast index
08:03 Nouman but search from z39.50 was working
08:04 Ropuch Nouman: you're installing koha for testing,m right? The opac don't need to be accesible from outside?
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08:05 Nouman No I want to deploy koha in my organization..
08:05 Nouman opac as well as intranet search was not working even books were added. while z39.50 was workin. I have imported books via z39.50
08:07 Nouman I replace pwd 12 instead of katikoan of mysql
08:07 Nouman is it my mistake ot it is alright.
08:07 Ropuch It's ok
08:08 Ropuch I was sure you're doing insytall for test only
08:08 Ropuch And inthat case leaving default is better idea for troubleshoting
08:08 Ropuch And avoiding troubles in general
08:09 Ropuch Actually i strongly advice you to do local koha install, test it
08:09 Ropuch And then tune it to your need
08:10 Ropuch Problem with The requested URL / was not found... is not koha-related
08:12 Nouman Yeah! I kept each and every thing by default.
08:12 Nouman What should I do now
08:18 Ropuch I'm just average koha user, not apache expert
08:18 Nouman ok
08:18 Ropuch You replace VirtualHost with VirtualHost
08:19 Ropuch And have koha locally untill you'll figure out how to fix apache problem
08:20 Nouman locally? Im not getting
08:20 Nouman I installed at localhost
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08:22 Ropuch I mean: you can have working koha that will be anly accesible from local machnes (within 10.1.* network)
08:22 Ropuch You can add some record, configure it
08:23 Ropuch And by the time you decide it's time to go live, I'm sure you'l find the way to fix apache issues
08:26 Nouman but koha is not running
08:26 Nouman so how can I add and configure records
08:28 Ropuch Set VirtualHost to, restart apache and try
08:30 brendan joined #koha
08:31 Ropuch Hi brendan
08:32 brendan hi Ropuch
08:34 Nouman could any body help me  about apache server
08:34 Nouman I have problem
08:41 Nouman when I want to run koha installer or local host at my browser it show
08:41 Nouman
08:42 Nouman plz assist me
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09:10 Nouman joined #koha
09:20 Nouman I have some problem could any one one tell me
09:20 Nouman when I want to run koha installer or local host at my browser it show
09:20 Nouman
09:21 Nouman plz solve my issue
09:27 slef Nouman: your apache is misconfigured.  Check /var/log/apache2/error.log
09:27 slef also make sure the "apache2ctl -S" output lists koha-httpd.conf
09:28 slef I'll just check whether the INSTALL.debian-lenny is correct
09:29 slef So I assume you finished step "4. Configure and start Apache".
09:31 Nouman Slef: it show File does not exist: /htdocs
09:34 slef Nouman: Could you run "grep ServerName /etc/koha-httpd.conf" please?
09:35 Ropuch Hi slef
09:36 Nouman slef: it show grep /etc/koha-httpd.conf grep: /etc/koha-httpd.conf: No such file or directory
09:38 Nouman I need help
09:39 slef Nouman: want to give me access to your computer?
09:39 slef you can watch over my shoulder
09:39 slef (or boot me out, as you like)
09:39 slef if your connection is reasonably high-speed
09:40 slef Oh my mistake!
09:40 slef grep ServerName /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
09:40 slef it moved
09:40 slef retry with that command
09:40 slef hi Ropuch
09:40 Ropuch ;>
09:41 Nouman slef: how can I give u acces to my computer in debian-lenny.. I dont know the way. tell me as  I can give u access
09:41 Ropuch slef: Nouman seems to be behind NAT
09:41 slef Nouman: try the grep command above first
09:41 slef Ropuch: it won't stop me.
09:42 Ropuch heheh
09:42 slef Ropuch: everyone is behind NAT, even me.
09:43 Nouman I have given. it did not show any output just happen
09:44 Ropuch slef: it's just easier to explain someone to install ssh server, taht's what I meant
09:44 Ropuch ;>
09:44 Ropuch Ok, bbiab
09:47 Nouman
09:47 slef Nouman: ok, I'll send you connection details in private
09:47 slef erm, that is output
09:47 Nouman ok
09:48 Nouman output... mean?
09:48 slef OK, have you visited http://lumhs-b70715be2:8080/ ?
09:48 Nouman no
09:48 slef try that - that is where your Koha is installed
09:49 slef whether or not it can hear you - different question :-/
09:49 Nouman Im not getting what r u saying
09:49 Nouman koha was installed last time
09:50 slef Visit http://lumhs-b70715be2:8080/ and Koha may appear.
09:50 Nouman but now i removed and now trying to install koha it is now showing
09:51 Nouman When I want to put servername:8080 or localhost it show the problem
09:51 slef That is because Koha is listening at lumhs-b70715be2:8080, not servername:8080 or localhost.
09:51 Nouman I removed apache2 and installed it again but change
09:51 slef Removing apache2 will not change where Koha is listening.
09:52 slef Can you put the output of "apache2ctl -S" into pastebin, please?
09:53 Nouman
09:54 slef What happens when you visit http://lumhs-b70715be2:8080/ ?
09:54 Nouman it show networki time out
09:55 Nouman
09:56 Nouman I was accessing koha in past as
09:56 Nouman I just removed koha and starting fresh installation
09:57 Nouman after that it show this problem
09:57 slef OK
09:57 slef Open the file /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
09:58 slef below each ServerName line, add
09:58 slef ServerAlias
09:58 slef then save and exit, /etc/init.d/apache2 reload
09:58 slef then retry
09:58 slef What was happening was that Koha is only listening on an address that does not work.
09:59 slef The installer autodetected the address that does not work because your local DNS configuration is slightly broken.
09:59 Nouman
09:59 Nouman this is the already connection
10:00 slef Not enough to break most things, but enough to break autodetection.
10:00 slef OK, that is interesting.
10:00 Nouman is it right or not?
10:00 slef I think its address is
10:00 slef Try changing line 6 to say
10:00 slef <VirtualHost *:80>
10:01 slef and the similar line later on to say
10:01 Nouman My computer is on netting by Network administrator
10:01 slef <VirtualHost *:8080>
10:01 slef then save&exit, then /etc/init.d/apache2 reload
10:01 Nouman from my computer and network it will be accessed while outside it will be accessed 121.52
10:03 slef so you need to have * in the VirtualHost lines I think
10:03 slef to listen on multiple addresses
10:04 slef I think most servers don't need that, so it isn't the default
10:04 Nouman should I write this way <VirtualHost*:8080>
10:06 Nouman or <VirtualHost *:80> only
10:09 slef <VirtualHost *:80> only
10:17 Nouman slef How can I save file
10:17 Nouman I have open this via vi
10:17 slef ZZ
10:17 slef (shift-z twice)
10:23 Nouman slef: I cant do it
10:24 Nouman when I try to do vi  /etc/koha/koha-httpd.conf
10:24 slef why not?
10:24 Nouman it is opening  but When I want to edit there become error
10:24 Nouman editing is not happeing
10:25 Nouman gedit also open the file but it cant save
10:26 Nouman shift+z twice is not saving the file
10:26 Nouman I think it is read only file and changes could not be happeing
10:31 Nouman changes are  not saving
10:34 slef yes, you maybe need to "sudo vi /etc..."
10:34 Nouman even I type to localhost  it show same msg
10:39 Nouman slef: I have changed but still show message
10:40 slef what is exact message?
10:41 Nouman
10:41 Nouman on top of browser it show 404 not found
10:47 Nouman slef: r u ther?
11:01 slef back
11:01 slef ah, you mean you saved the file?
11:01 slef Did you /etc/init.d/apache2 reload ?
11:05 Amit_G heya slef
11:07 Nouman left #koha
11:10 slef Amit_G: hi
11:16 Nouman joined #koha
11:16 Nouman slef: it show error
11:17 magnus am i overdue for a bit of lunch or does[…]ha-3-2-available/ imply that[…]ranslator;hb=HEAD is missing a script called
11:19 Nouman Slef It now show another error
11:19 Nouman
11:20 slef magnus: it is in[…]7eb20ee5a7b7be130
11:20 slef Nouman: can you try mysql -u kohaadmin -p koha with the password you gave the installer?
11:21 saorge joined #koha
11:21 Nouman No I have give different password to installer and give here different
11:21 Nouman bz same password is not working
11:21 slef Nouman: if that fails, then you need to repeat step "2.2 Create the Koha database"
11:25 magnus slef: thanks, definitely time for lunch then...
11:26 Nouman Slef: I already create this  but password to mysql -u kohaadmin -p is changed with the installer
11:27 Nouman so is it necessary to keep same password as I given default in Makefile.PL
11:27 Nouman while  '12' in katikoan
11:27 Nouman sorry '12' in mysql
11:27 Nouman what should I do now
11:28 saorge_ left #koha
11:29 slef You could edit /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml to include the new password.
11:32 Nouman Slef: couple of thanks.. installation is in working.
11:32 Nouman I cant explain my feeling
11:32 Nouman Slef: lot of thanks again
11:33 slef It's OK.  I do this stuff all the time for
11:33 slef usually rather quicker than 3 hours ;-)
11:33 slef but then people need to pay the co-op.
11:34 Nouman IM engaging koha since last 3 months
11:34 Nouman Actually since last 6 months
11:34 Ropuch Nouman: you should have try irc earlier ;>
11:35 Nouman Yeah offcourse
11:35 Nouman what a tremendous acheivement.....
11:35 Ropuch Glad to hear you have your Koha :)
11:35 Nouman Thanks Ropuch
11:36 Nouman one error is still there so should I skip it or fix it
11:36 Nouman
11:37 slef That looks to me like $KOHA is not set.
11:37 slef try replacing it with the name of your koha system user account
11:38 Nouman I kept every thing default so what should be my koha system user a/c
11:40 Nouman left #koha
11:40 Nouamn joined #koha
11:41 slef checking INSTALL
11:41 Nouamn mean?
11:42 Amit_G left #koha
11:42 slef "it's also recommended that you create a Koha system user, which you will have specified during the install process."
11:42 slef So I think it was up to you.
11:43 Nouamn Im not getting
11:43 Nouamn if i write su koha  then it show koha@lumhs-b70715be2:/home/nouman$
11:43 Nouamn u mean it?
11:44 Nouamn Im not getting ur point
11:47 Nouamn Slef: r u there?
11:47 Nouamn Im in so hurry to populate web installer
11:48 slef I think that means: sudo -u koha misc/...
11:51 Nouamn it also show same message
11:51 Nouamn I tried it also several times
11:56 Nouamn Slef: r u there?
11:56 Nouamn and should I continue installation without it or first I must fix it
12:01 Nouamn Ropuch
12:01 Nouamn r u there?
12:03 nengard joined #koha
12:03 Ropuch Nouamn: try
12:03 Ropuch sudo -u koha misc/bin/ &
12:03 Ropuch Hello nengard
12:03 nengard hiya
12:05 Nouamn Ropuch: its output show
12:05 Nouamn [1] 6724
12:05 Nouamn mean it is working? should I go for installation
12:06 Ropuch ps a | grep zebra
12:06 Ropuch If ist shows line with /usr/bin/perl misc/bin/
12:06 slef There is no way it will show the same message
12:06 slef "[1] 6724" just means it went into the background
12:07 slef ps 6724 to see its details
12:09 Nouamn it is hanged message is below
12:09 Nouamn sudo -u koha misc/bin/ & [1] 6754 nouman@lumhs-b70715be2:~$ sudo: misc/bin/ command not found
12:09 Nouamn and it is still in process
12:11 Nouamn
12:11 Nouamn is it successful or not?
12:13 Nouamn Ropuch
12:13 Nouamn ??
12:16 slef Hi.  I'm stopping answering here because it's all being sent to the email list anyway.  BBL.
12:17 Nouamn Slef: plz solve this problem as I can go with installation
12:21 Nouamn Ropuch: plz check it
12:34 jwagner joined #koha
12:34 Nouamn left #koha
12:42 collum joined #koha
12:46 Nouman joined #koha
12:47 jdavidb joined #koha
12:47 Nouman
12:48 Nouman plz solve my problem
12:48 Nate joined #koha
12:52 slef Your problem is that your database is not installed.
12:52 slef Have you run the web installer?
12:53 slef "Note: if you are running in this mode, you may wish to defer starting the
12:53 slef zebraqueue until you've run the web installer (see below)."
12:54 Nouman left #koha
12:58 NOuman joined #koha
12:58 NOuman But database is already exist when I want to create it show already exist
13:00 juan-xercode left #koha
13:02 slef But there is nothing in it
13:02 slef You need to run the web installer to put things in it.
13:04 slef nengard: please don't post just to agree with your boss :-(
13:04 nengard slef - he's not my boss
13:04 slef nengard: I thought you worked for both biblibre and bywater?
13:05 nengard i'm an independant contractor who works for several companies and several libraries and several individuals
13:05 nengard my primary company is bywater
13:05 nengard and so my boss is brendan
13:06 nengard and yes bywater has a deal with biblibre and i do work for them
13:06 nengard and bywater has a contract with equinox and i do work for them
13:06 nengard and bywater has a contract with ptfs and i do work for them
13:07 slef but you have no contract with, so I'm unhappy you take sides without making your affiliation(s) clear.
13:07 Ropuch :)
13:07 nengard i'm not taking any sides
13:07 nengard that is my own opinion
13:07 nengard i enjoy seeing which companies are doing what with which libraries
13:07 nengard am i not allowed to have my own opinion because i work for a company?
13:08 slef You are allowed to have an opinion, but I think it is naughty to +1 someone you have a commercial relationship with when that isn't obvious to the most causal observer.
13:09 nengard oh please!!!
13:09 slef Why does seeing which companies are doing what with which libraries mean that it should be reposted to and not simply linked?
13:09 slef I don't see that at all.
13:10 slef I also don't understand why I'm locked out of, but I want time to try to regain access and/or talk to wizzyrea before getting too upset with that.
13:11 slef (In case anyone else can look: I got "ERROR: Incorrect password" and I've tried the "Lost your password" but it hasn't arrived.)
13:11 nengard just cause you don't agree doesn't mean you can just assume we all have anterior motives - promoting that libraries are switching to Koha is necessary to further the popularity of Koha - and if that means having the library linked to a vendor so be it - i read these releases way before i worked for any support vendor and i know many libraries that do - it's koha news as much as it's vendor news
13:11 nengard and on that note i'm going to stop this discussion cause i've had one hell of a week and i'm not in the mood to fight with anyone else
13:12 nengard left #koha
13:12 gmcharlt slef: I'll reset your password and pm you
13:13 slef gmcharlt: thanks.
13:14 slef On the context: I think nengard has a clear conflict of interest as several of us do, but new readers would not know that.
13:15 slef On the substance: I think that company X has persuaded company Y to sign a contract for koha is more often news about how persuasive the vendor sales team is and does not say much about koha.
13:16 slef I'm a bit unhappy if becomes simply like but shared between more companies than liblime.
13:16 gmcharlt thought the PRs do give users one piece of information when they're evaluating vendors - customers of that vendor who have not necessarily been vetted by the future as "good references"
13:18 davi They can evaluate vendors by other methods
13:19 gmcharlt doesn't mean that any possible source of information should be removed
13:20 slef How would a link to the announcement on a company site not acheive the same?
13:21 gmcharlt slef: I apologize - WP-MU is fighting with me on getting your password reset - I'm sure wizzyrea will help once she's online
13:22 gmcharlt also, it's possible the email got caught up in a spam filter
13:22 slef gmcharlt: thanks for trying.
13:22 Nate slef: this is Nate from ByWater...
13:22 slef Yes, I keep strumming the mailbox to make sure, but it's coming into one that I don't control 100%.
13:22 Nate we in no way intend our prs to be proclimations of who we sign
13:23 Nate we dont say X signed Y
13:23 Nate we say Y is using X to get Koha
13:23 Nate we title the release that way to avoid that
13:23 Nate if it is taken another way we apologise
13:24 davi Just say "Y is using Koha"
13:24 davi if you want
13:24 slef Point remains - if it has "is using X" then it should be on your site and linked, not reposted.
13:24 Nate until the community has decided which way to post releases we will hold them
13:25 Nate we will wait for the community at large to decide which semantics are appropriate adn proceed from theere
13:25 Nate we in no way intend on making this a big issue, and will do whatever we all decide is appropriate
13:26 Nate ByWater does not look at teh community site as a way to promote our company.
13:26 slef ok, but I'm not convinced that neutral point of view will prevail because I think most of koha-community are still vendor-linked, so it may need some very persuasive brass-necked people :-/
13:26 Nate If the community decides that it is appropriate to use it as such an outlet, we will graciously accept, otherwise we will refrain
13:27 slef Nate: on a related note, do you have a social media policy for your workers?
13:28 Nate I can get back to you on that
13:28 slef ok, np
13:28 NOuman left #koha
13:30 slef Mainly I wondered if you always have a sig like Brendan's if it's on company time, or if that is only the directors.
13:30 slef no worries
13:31 ebegin left #koha
13:31 slef munin: do you ever tell people the later messages?
13:31 munin slef: Error: "do" is not a valid command.
13:31 slef munin: hello
13:31 munin slef: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.
13:32 slef hmm
13:32 owen joined #koha
13:32 jdavidb Mornin'. owen.
13:32 owen Hi
13:33 jwagner Hi owen.
13:35 tekonivel left #koha
13:36 tekonivel joined #koha
13:36 slef hi owen - I think I'm having interesting times again :-/
13:36 owen Victim of a Chinese curse?
13:36 slef seem to be
13:42 slef gmcharlt: I think knows that I want to try to change its title to something like "Koha Library Software Community" and that is why it is resisting - it's gone Artificially Intelligent ;-)
13:43 gmcharlt aye, the problem of the days - turn your back for a second, and your software starts racing towards the Singularity
13:43 slef (we call Koha an LMS more than an ILS, and we call it free software not open source)
13:43 slef gmcharlt: in 12 minutes time, it will invent Skynet.
13:43 adegroff joined #koha
13:44 slef biab
13:56 chris_n well, the scroll back buffer is hot this morning ;-)
13:56 adegroff happy Friday all
13:59 biglego left #koha
14:05 jwagner @wunder 20740
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14:10 jwagner @quote random
14:10 munin jwagner: Quote #47: "pianohacker bah, go collision attack the front of a moving car" (added by brendan at 05:15 PM, November 16, 2009)
14:10 magnus ouch
14:11 jdavidb @quote random
14:11 munin jdavidb: Quote #52: "<wizzyrea> Ahh, it's like putting on your slippers" (added by gmcharlt at 03:50 PM, January 28, 2010)
14:15 chris_n @wunder 28334
14:15 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 2.0�C (8:42 AM EST on March 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Rising).
14:22 chris_n does the catalog search in the staff interface not rank results by relevancy?
14:22 chris_n or rather
14:22 chris_n it says it does, but does not appear to?
14:27 adegroff left #koha
14:27 CGI149 joined #koha
14:28 CGI149 hello
14:28 CGI149 left #koha
14:30 owen chris_n: A bug was filed recently about search results being different in the staff client
14:30 magnus chris_n: i get the results in the same order both in opac and staff (running HEAD)
14:30 owen I wonder if it's the same issue
14:32 magnus bug 4116
14:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4116 critical, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, results from cataloging search is different from advanced search results
14:33 owen Oh, no, I guess that's different.
14:33 owen Cataloging search has always been different than regular search
14:34 chris_n it appears that if I search for "An Exact Title" and I have an item by that title, it appears near the bottom of the list rather than the top
14:36 owen title or keyword search?
14:36 chris_n
14:37 chris_n keyword
14:37 chris_n but it still should rank at the top
14:37 chris_n I'd think
14:37 chris_n # less clutter
14:39 chris_n owen: same ranking search both by title and keyword
14:40 owen I get a similar result, which I can't even explain by pointing to additional keyword hits in subject or notes fields
14:41 * chris_n wonders if the ranking algorithm is sorting backwards
14:41 chris_n try a title search
14:42 chris_n of course, if it is like most "problems," I'm simply missing the obvious ;)
14:43 owen What do you mean?
14:44 chris_n owen: the problem I'm seeing occurs when searching by title as well
14:45 chris_n hence, my thought that maybe the sorting is backwards (ie. from least relevant to most relevant)
14:46 wizzyrea slef: it won't become like if I can avoid it
14:47 chris_n can anyone else running or greater confirm the problem with relevance ranking?
14:48 chris_n g'morning wizzyrea
14:48 wizzyrea morning koha peeps
14:48 chris_n how's the battle with the docbook format going?
14:51 slef wizzyrea: yo! Any idea what's with the password resetter? I'll go check my mailbox again.
14:52 wizzyrea I can't put any SPF records for the domain on until the DNS situation is resolved :(
14:52 wizzyrea so it's likely getting flagged/dumped as spam
14:54 slef I'm pretty sure we don't use SPF, which is broken by design.
14:54 wizzyrea oh, and there's no reverse DNS
14:55 wizzyrea yet
14:56 wizzyrea which is probably the more problematic situation of the two
14:57 slef That's more likely a problem, yes.
14:58 owen chris_n:
15:00 owen chris_n: And the title search:
15:05 chris_n hmm
15:05 chris_n it appears to be an issue with the one title I mentioned
15:05 chris_n other titles appear to sort correctly
15:06 * chris_n scratches his head
15:06 slef Do I need to ask on the mailing list or at a community meeting about fixing the site name?
15:07 slef Or how best to approach it?
15:07 wizzyrea what do you want it to be?
15:07 slef I was trying to come up with a globally-acceptable one... my best so far is "Koha Library Software Community"
15:07 owen I think it needs a discussion and a vote.
15:08 slef If it gets taken to a first-past-the-post vote, the US view will simply outnumber all.
15:09 wizzyrea well I actually like your suggestion, fwiw
15:09 wizzyrea not a great deal of brain cycles went into the current title
15:09 wizzyrea great number*
15:09 slef Well, I'll email it and we'll see, but I expect some flaming because we're unhappy about "open source" and "ILS" again.
15:10 slef as in "there's nothing wrong with open source" which isn't a discussion I enjoy having, as someone who was involved with the Open Source Initiative before it failed ;-)
15:10 slef having one's nose rubbed in one's mess is never fun
15:10 wizzyrea hehe
15:11 wizzyrea my thought is: it's so new, if we change it... no one will care.
15:11 wizzyrea the software is Koha, we are it's community
15:11 wizzyrea we can say it's free software and and ILS somewhere else
15:12 * wizzyrea is a beg forgiveness rather than ask permission type
15:12 collum I like your suggestion, as well.  I think the terms "open source" and "ILS" will eventually become dated.
15:12 slef let me post a "does anyone mind..." sort of thing then
15:12 wizzyrea there was literally no thought involved in titling the page
15:12 gmcharlt +1 "Koha Library Software Community"
15:13 wizzyrea nah I say don't even ask we'll just change it and ask forgiveness
15:13 wizzyrea if someone complains
15:13 wizzyrea (which I don't anticipate)
15:13 CGI133 joined #koha
15:13 CGI133 left #koha
15:13 * owen will not complain
15:13 gmcharlt +1 to just making that change
15:14 wizzyrea done and done
15:14 tomascohen hi, is there a consensus between koha devs
15:14 tomascohen on how to deal with XML within the project?
15:15 tomascohen I've made some examples for patron import
15:15 tomascohen using XML::Simple
15:15 tekonivel left #koha
15:15 tomascohen and, before integrating it to koha, i'd like to ask
15:16 tomascohen perhaps XML::SAX is more suitable for large data sets
15:16 tomascohen ideas? thoughts?
15:16 gmcharlt Koha uses XML::Simple in several places, but I have a slight allergy to it
15:16 owen wizzyrea: Did you see the unapi example I msged you the other day?
15:17 tomascohen nope
15:17 tomascohen wizzyrea: no
15:18 wizzyrea yes I did
15:18 wizzyrea tomascohen: ?
15:18 tomascohen gmcharlt: You prefer not to use a DOM based lib?
15:18 tomascohen wizzyrea: sory, it was a mistake, not a good IRC user yet
15:18 wizzyrea oh ;) np np
15:19 wizzyrea tomascohen: we were talking about things that were ever so slightly controversial earlier, I thought you might be voicing an opinion ^.^
15:20 gmcharlt tomascohen: didn't say that - it's more that XML::Simple can sometimes need an undue amount of fiddling to produce a consistent data structure that doesn't break on certain legal variations in the input
15:21 gmcharlt XML::LibXML or XML::SAX I think would be better for heavy-duty parsing
15:21 gmcharlt and I think it would be worth trying XML::Twig
15:22 tomascohen gmcharlt: as we provide a example csv, I plan to provide a proper xsd for checking xml consistency and help other apps devs to test their output
15:25 magnus wizzyrea: still says "open source" and "ils"...
15:25 wizzyrea um... yes, it does
15:25 gmcharlt and now it doesn't
15:26 magnus great!
15:27 tomascohen wizzyrea: anything that contributes to integrate the community efforts will have my support
15:28 tomascohen that was our goal when creating the spanish-speaking koha community
15:31 magnus is now known as magnus_away
15:38 paul_p hi world
15:38 moodaepo @wunder 56001
15:38 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -0.6�C (9:36 AM CST on March 05, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 64%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 30.26 in 1024.6 hPa (Falling).
15:38 paul_p does anyone know how you could configure mysql to avoid a sql query taking all ressources ?
15:40 collum left #koha
15:40 moodaepo paul_p: maybe by user is the only option?
15:41 paul_p what i'm looking for is avoiding a mySQL crash if someone does something silly like "SELECT * FROM biblio JOIN items" in the SQL reports
15:41 paul_p atm, if you do that, mysql builds a result set that is biblio*items large.
15:42 paul_p on a 180 000items DB, that means consume more than 8GB of data, and kill the myslq
15:42 paul_p (tested yesterday :\ )
15:42 wizzyrea oh my
15:42 moodaepo I'd look into setting a decent query timeout (?)
15:43 wizzyrea
15:43 wizzyrea is it #2 for anyone else?
15:43 wizzyrea (the title hasn't been spidered yet, don't freak)
15:43 paul_p wizzyrea: nop, for me it's the last entry of page 1
15:43 gmcharlt #9 for me
15:44 moodaepo wizzyrea: seems to be #4 for me on that link.
15:44 wizzyrea how weird
15:44 owen #7 for me
15:44 moodaepo we are talking about koha-community right?
15:44 wizzyrea yea
15:44 wizzyrea signed into google?
15:44 wizzyrea or no?
15:44 wizzyrea (maybe it's some magic of weighting searches based on your history)
15:44 paul_p signed, it's 1st, as I "upped" it.
15:44 * moodaepo heh koha hockey is #2
15:44 * owen is happy to see my Koha blog beating in that list :P
15:45 paul_p unsigned, it's last entry of page 1
15:46 moodaepo paul_p: max_execution_time and memory_limit might be something to check for you
15:46 wizzyrea unsigned in on mine it's #2
15:46 paul_p owen: for me, you blog isn't on page 1 (sorry for that)
15:46 gmcharlt #9 if I do it via lynx and reject Google's cookies
15:46 moodaepo unsigned in #5
15:47 tekonivel joined #koha
15:47 wizzyrea welp... so we can say "on the first page"
15:47 gmcharlt seems like it
15:48 wizzyrea I was excited about it showing up #2, now I'm not as excited
15:48 wizzyrea will give the spider a few more days to work... going to check to make sure our links are pointing to the right thing
15:49 chris_n #7 here also
15:51 paul_p moodaepo: /me blind, but can't find "max_execution_time" on mysql doc
15:51 tekonivel left #koha
15:51 tekonivel joined #koha
15:53 moodaepo paul_p: I just had google mention that to me so it could be an older setting
15:54 moodaepo sql_select_limit then (?) >[…]em-variables.html
15:55 * owen thinks Google is good at showing me what I want to see
15:55 biglego joined #koha
15:55 schuster joined #koha
15:56 mib_fp8zkg left #koha
15:57 wizzyrea owen: isn't it crazy that they know you so well. Scary.
15:58 moodaepo wizzyrea++ omniscient_google+-?!
16:00 schuster so did my eyes deceive me or did I see that 3.2.beta may be out next week?
16:00 paul_p moodaepo++
16:03 tomascohen gmcharlt: XML::Twig looks great, I like $twig->purge;
16:04 tomascohen Do u think i'd be ok to put XML::Twig as a dependency?
16:05 gmcharlt not for 3.2, I think, but should be fine for 3.4
16:09 gmcharlt but I'd see great potential for moving more XML processing over to XML::Twig in 3.4
16:17 CGI702 joined #koha
16:17 tekonivel left #koha
16:20 CGI833 joined #koha
16:20 tekonivel joined #koha
16:20 CGI833 hi
16:21 schuster ;)
16:22 CGI702 left #koha
16:25 tekonivel left #koha
16:26 tekonivel joined #koha
16:27 CGI833 does anyone one
16:28 CGI833 know if it is possible to insert cartography in to koha ?
16:29 slef definitely possible
16:30 slef wizzyrea: can we install a table sorter plugin on please?  thd suggested it yonks ago and I think I researched it around the time the new site launched.  Let me know if I should dig up links.
16:30 adegroff joined #koha
16:41 wizzyrea we have tables to sort? lol
16:41 wizzyrea j/k, I'll look :)
16:41 owen slef: do you mean for the vendor list?
16:43 wizzyrea actually, I suppose it would be good to know what we need it for
16:43 slef yes
16:43 wizzyrea what if we did something different than table sorting
16:43 wizzyrea can you give me a couple of days to think about the ultimate goal of the support company pages?
16:44 owen Links to different views perhaps?
16:44 wizzyrea I'm thining that a post category + tags would be a better way to handle it
16:44 slef wizzyrea: I think thd-away did a long analysis when launched
16:44 wizzyrea (excluding the cat from the main timeline, of course)
16:45 wizzyrea I will look back through the list for his comments
16:45 * wizzyrea can see a way it could work in her mind
16:46 slef I'll take a look for it in a mo
16:46 wizzyrea okies
16:46 chobbs joined #koha
16:46 * wizzyrea is also working on a quite huge other project today, and is grateful for help :)
16:47 slef me too
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16:54 chobbs Conversion question: what's the appropriate value to put in 952_q to reflect that an item is checked out?
16:54 mib_30qiay joined #koha
16:56 chobbs Or will that become populated when I import into 'issues'?
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16:57 slef chobbs: it should be the due date, I think.
16:58 slef[…]ds-data-migration
16:58 slef I'm not sure what "Display only field" means there.
16:59 chobbs That's what I thought, but it isn't showing them checked out. That may be because I 've not yet imported into the issues table yet - I've only imported MARC records (with 952 fields attached).
16:59 chobbs Guess I'll work on loading the issues and see if that clears it up.
17:01 gmcharlt chobbs: you'll need to both load issues and set the 952$q value to the yyyy-mm-dd due date
17:02 gmcharlt you can do the latter by using sql item update items.onloan, then running the script
17:02 chobbs good deal, thanks for the info. at least I know I have the 952$q qorking correctly in my conversion script.
17:02 chobbs cool!
17:03 slef wizzyrea:[…]14.html#a23447686
17:03 wizzyrea sweet ty
17:08 wizzyrea i've already stated that the demos should be handled differently... I'm curious about this map bit, that would be neat to include, and I think the cat/tags would clear up the support company page organization
17:08 wizzyrea localization is another issue, but patience will be required there as I'm new to WP+localization (perfectly happy and willing to learn though)
17:09 wizzyrea as it stands, I'll link to
17:09 wizzyrea which needs to be done anyway
17:10 slef I don't really see how cat/tags will clear up the support company page organization because there would still be a sort order, wouldn't there?
17:11 wizzyrea mm not necessarily
17:11 wizzyrea every vendor has a post, every post has multiple tags
17:11 wizzyrea click the tags, you get only things relative to that
17:11 wizzyrea so list just the tags, only see the relevant posts
17:12 wizzyrea seewhatimean?
17:12 wizzyrea no sort
17:12 wizzyrea only tags
17:13 slef so we still have someone always top and someone always last?
17:13 cm joined #koha
17:13 wizzyrea I suppose within tags
17:14 wizzyrea but you would have a lot fewer within each tag listing
17:14 slef I think what will happen is the seller listed last on the "view all" would still be last on each tag.
17:15 cm greetings!  has anyone here tinkered with facets?  I've added the collection code to mine, but I can't figure out how to get it to display the description instead of the code.
17:15 wizzyrea I can look into randomizing the order of posts, dk what else to tell you
17:15 slef I think there are basically two good solutions: random and user-sortable.
17:16 slef I tend to think that user-sortable table and trim down the info on the community site as much as possible (almost all vendors have their own sites anyway) is the better of the two, but if you don't want me to code it, I don't mind it being something else.
17:17 wizzyrea if you have the time and the desire to code it, we can leave that as an option
17:18 * wizzyrea has something tickling her mind about a plugin that handles this kind of thing...
17:18 slef I think I looked up one plugin... I can make a table sortable with javascript, but I can't randomise the starting order or handle non-JS browsers without a plugin IIRC.
17:19 wizzyrea slef: can you give me a few days to think about the vendor page problem? I have a couple of thoughts and I'd rather not go all balls out crazy until I have a chance to think about it a little more :)
17:26 slef wizzyrea: sure.
17:27 slef wizzyrea: I think you have 85% of the info I have on it now.
17:27 wizzyrea okies cool beans
17:27 slef wizzyrea: but I have no idea what I'm doing tomorrow, so if I don't do this now, I'll probably not get time for a week!
17:51 tomascohen left #koha
18:02 CGI306 joined #koha
18:03 CGI306 hello.. Can anyone tell me How can I find a last borrower of deleted item book
18:03 ebegin joined #koha
18:06 CGI306 hello.. Can anyone tell me How can I find a last borrower of deleted item book
18:08 jdavidb If you still know the barcode, it should be in the statistics log, as an "issue" transaction.
18:08 brendan looking the old_issues tables
18:09 brendan whoops -- misread the questions :)
18:09 CGI306 yes but item no is not present in old
18:09 CGI306 issues tabe
18:09 CGI306 I have barcode
18:09 CGI306 and I want to know the person who had that book last
18:09 CGI306 From Barcode I got Item number from DeletedItems table
18:10 jdavidb The item number and borrowernumber would be in the statistics table.
18:10 brendan if the item was checked out before and returned -- I'm sure that it should appear in the old_issues
18:10 CGI306 yes it is appearing but Item number is missing
18:10 brendan ahhhh
18:10 CGI306 Let me check the statistic table
18:10 brendan make sense
18:10 brendan hi jdavidb :)
18:11 brendan good day to you
18:11 jdavidb Howdy, brendan! :D  you too.
18:12 wizzyrea slef: still around?
18:16 CGI306 Can I have Same Item number for different ItemType?
18:17 CGI306 because I am getting the results from statistics table but there are so many records for that.. and none of that have a borrowernumber that I am looking for
18:18 jdavidb W?HERE type = "issue" SORT BY datetime DESC might be useful
18:40 biglego joined #koha
18:43 schuster left #koha
18:47 CGI306 hey guys thanks a lot.. I got the result that I want..
18:47 CGI306 left #koha
18:49 * jdavidb has done his good deed for the day, can safely revert to grumpy-mode.
18:53 chris :)
18:54 biglego left #koha
18:54 jdavidb Howdy, chris. :)
18:55 chris craft2.0 today
18:56 chris
18:56 chris laurel is selling her tshirts there, so im on kid duty
18:57 jdavidb ooooo...
19:08 slef wizzyrea: yes
19:08 slef oic
19:38 * owen wonders how the Koha-list poster could be connecting to his virtual machine via ssh but not be able to SFTP
19:38 owen Aren't they the same protocol?
19:40 wizzyrea he could probablty scp
19:41 adegroff left #koha
19:42 gmcharlt owen: same protocol, but it is possible to have a server accept ssh login but not sftp
19:45 slef and the other way around
19:46 slef the ssh connection starts up and then there is a subsystem requested
19:51 nicomo left #koha
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19:58 tekonivel joined #koha
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20:40 CGI833 not the same protocol, sftp is an extension of ssh
20:41 CGI833 will someone be kind enough to indicate in what way can I associate an image with a new record?
20:42 CGI833 I can't seem to find any field that allows image upload in the new record interface :P
20:42 owen There isn't.
20:42 owen What kind of image do you want to add?
20:43 CGI833 regular jpeg ou png... actually a map. the image format would be irrelevant
20:44 owen There's always the 856 tag, you could put in the URL to the location on your server where the image was stored
20:49 CGI833 thanks for the reply :) but the client wants images to be displayed along with the reference info.. since it intends to use it to catalog cartography. So I guess I'll have to search for a new system
20:50 owen It sounds like you want a digital library rather than a library catalog
20:52 CGI833 well.. the client wants a ILMS  that has images ... you know clients... they can't understand why though they can see the sun, they can't reach it :P
20:52 CGI833 thanks for the help :)
20:53 chris_n CGI833: there is some image storage functionality in Koha
20:53 chris_n but not inside marc records
20:53 chris_n we store images for patrons
20:53 CGI833 I've read in the manual
20:53 chris_n and also images for patron cards
20:53 CGI833 yes
20:53 CGI833 but I needed it to be associated with a record
20:54 chris_n the short is this: it might not be hard to take that and do some additional coding to do what you want
20:54 chris_n the db could get quite big, however
20:57 CGI833 that woud not be an issue though I truelly would rather not to have the images in the database. If I where to code it, I'd place it somewhere on the web server. they're as public as it gets anyway
20:58 CGI833 problem is the system is cgi. and i'd have to learn it
20:58 CGI833 well.. perl
21:01 CGI833 left #koha
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22:00 chobbs Here's a UI question: in our current ILS, when a patron card is scanned whiel checking out the prior patron, it loads the new patron and you can immediately scan items. How tough would it bne top get similar functionality in Koha?
22:01 * chobbs marvels at his typing...
22:01 chobbs I'm envisioning somethink javascripty that matches a regex for our patron barcodes and submits the proper form if it sees one.
22:03 gmcharlt would be easy to do it exactly like that
22:04 chobbs So when can I get a copy of it ;-)
22:04 gmcharlt can you program in javascripty? ;)
22:05 chobbs Not so much... not to say I couldn't learn (just) enough to figure this one out.
22:06 chobbs Assuming I got something hacked toegther, how easy is it to extend Koha so that I could enter the regex through system adminsitration
22:06 gmcharlt fairly straightforward, though a bit fiddling
22:06 chobbs iow, to make something portable enough for others to use
22:06 gmcharlt in the simplest case, you'd make a system preference
22:06 gmcharlt however, since a number of Koha users run multiple libraries in a single database
22:07 chobbs yikes, I see where that leasds :)
22:07 gmcharlt yeah ...
22:07 gmcharlt but if you want to get your feet wet, doing it as a global system preference would be a good start
22:08 chobbs But in theory, I could use a system preference for the regex and somehow incorporate the info from that into a js script and I'm off and running
22:08 chobbs Cool, somethign to do this weekend then :)
22:09 brendan wow I don't have a clue what you said or asked up their chobbs
22:10 chobbs btw, did get my issues imported and it looks pretty good. The only oddity is that OPAC shows all items checked out in the search, but the detail for a biblio looks right
22:11 chobbs brendan:  imagine a librarian checking out student after student (we're at a school). The way koha works now, they have to mouse to the patron field to process the next kid. What I'm sugegsting is that the item field would have a script attached that recognizes patron cards and lets them scan right into the book field.
22:12 chobbs So instead of scan card, scan book, scan book, click in patron field, scan card, scan book - instead they scann card, scan book, scan book, scan card, scan book, scan card, scan book, scan book, etc...
22:12 chobbs would elimiate a lot of mousing and clicking
22:13 * chobbs still marvels at his typing. Must be Friday.
22:13 brendan that's how I use the system though?
22:14 brendan i.e you wand the patron card number into checkout spot -- it loads the new borrower...  right?
22:14 chobbs only if the cursor is in the top field on the page. Once that happens, the focus moves to the item field and you have to click back to the top field to wand the next patron.
22:15 chobbs my sugegstion allows you to wand the patron card into the item box and it would automatically load the next patron. Right now you get a "The barcode was not found" error if you try that.
22:15 brendan right...
22:15 gmcharlt one barcode input field to find them ...
22:16 * brendan was thinking wrong box....
22:16 chobbs no worries - it's a bit visual to describe in irc :)
22:16 brendan :)
22:16 brendan I think we are on the same page now
22:16 chobbs now i just need to write it :)
22:17 brendan yup would be a nice improvement and greatly appreciated
22:19 chobbs gmcharlt:  any idea why opac would be showing all items checked out? See here for ex:[…]orcerer%27s+stone
22:20 brendan gmcharlt - RE: wiki  - how much of the old info are you looking to bring over?  or just assign someone to be responsible for porting a page/section on old wiki --> to new_update_awesome_koha_community wiki...
22:23 gmcharlt chobbs: you may need to reindex
22:23 chobbs i'll give that a shot
22:23 chobbs at least it won't blow up with my thousands of adapters again :)
22:24 gmcharlt brendan: I'm neutral on that question, really
22:24 brendan yeah it seems that parts are useful and others...  I could care less about
22:24 gmcharlt I'm happy to bring over old content if we can get a recentish dump
22:25 gmcharlt or reconstruct it from the various crawls that people have been making
22:25 gmcharlt but there's a lot to be said for start with a blank slate and just manually copying over the good bits
22:26 gmcharlt and of course, the answer to that question may well be different for en vs ua vs es vs fr, etc.
22:26 brendan yup, that's the big key there
22:45 collum joined #koha
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23:11 chobbs Is there any magic for creating authority records from MARC records? This is one area I've not spent much time looking at yet.
23:12 SelfishMan ha, perfect timing since I was about to ask the same thing
23:13 chobbs I'm wondering if I need to build the authority marc file separately as my conversion script loops through my bibliio marcs.
23:13 chobbs I don't have any real idea what I'm talking about tho :)
23:15 * chobbs isn't exactly sure what an authority record actually is
23:23 davi left #koha
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23:26 tekonivel joined #koha
23:44 braedon|home joined #koha

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