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00:18 Genji anyone going to respond to liblime and ptfs falling out?
00:18 chris respond how?
00:19 Genji unsure. no ones discussed it.
00:20 * gmcharlt strokes beard, says "It's all very interesting"
00:20 Genji its like no ones taken note of it.
00:20 gmcharlt Genji: there was some chatter on #koha, a small blizzard of tweets, a Library Journal article, and so forth
00:20 gmcharlt however ...
00:21 gmcharlt ultimately the truth of whatever happened is likely to be known only by the companies involved
00:21 chris yeah, it doesnt really concern us so much, its more for liblime clients
00:21 Genji how does this affect our bid of getting under community control?
00:21 chris its at the same place it was before, totally unknown
00:22 chris my current plan is let liblime and its customers sort themselves out, and lets just get back to working on koha
00:24 Genji and as for koha publicity driving traffic to liblime instead of koha-community?
00:24 gmcharlt Genji: that's a game for the long haul - whichever site is actually more useful for ordinary Koha users will get the Google juice
00:24 chris point people to koha-community when they ask
00:24 chris thats about all we can do
00:24 Genji Welcome to! � Koha - Open Source ILS - Integrated Library ...
00:24 Genji An open source library system for public libraries which includes catalog searches and member organizing.
00:24 Genji
00:25 Genji and fourth down...
00:25 Genji Koha Open Source ILS
00:25 Genji 2 Feb 2010 ... Staff Interface Demo site for the Staff interface of the Koha ILS. Username = bywater Password = bywater. Miss a post? ...
00:25 Genji
00:25 Genji eh.... needs some Search optimization...
00:25 chris 4th after only 2 weeks
00:25 chris doesnt seem bad to me
00:26 gmcharlt Genji: what search did you do, exactly?
00:26 Genji oh.. i searched for 'koha ils', btw.
00:27 braedon|work third page for "koha"
00:27 Genji ranks 1 through to  3 are liblime sites.
00:27 chris yeah, not too worried
00:27 chris like galen said, put up useful content and it will move up the rankings
00:28 Genji koha library .... our old savannah site pops up before any koha-community site.
00:29 chris well its about 6 years older, so bound to be more links to it :)
00:32 Genji 7th down, bywater gets a mention in 'koha library' .. its the first koha-community related link un liblime related.
00:33 gmcharlt Genji: yeah, need to ask wizzyrea to fix that so that ends up with a better summary in Google search results
00:34 Genji for 'open source ils' second page, four down it, the first koha-community link. first one was Evergreen, and when koha was mentioned, it was liblime site.
00:35 Genji so..... yes, some optimization might be good...
00:41 gmcharlt chris: please give my compliments to Will.  I've pushed his patches
00:41 chris will do :)
00:42 brendan @wunder 93117
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00:43 brendan wow was hot today
00:43 brendan :)
00:43 chris @wunder wellington nz
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00:43 chris yep, beating me
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01:53 Jo hola
01:54 Jo Chris / Russ : either of you about?
01:55 Jo I have to make the first payment for the kohacon venue today and $ are about to become an issue ...
01:55 Jo any idea how long we will need to bankroll KohaCon? ( afew days / weeks is fine)
01:57 russ ??
01:57 russ bankroll as in pay for?
01:57 russ or bankroll as in hold the account?
01:58 chris ill talk to biblibre tonight and see if they can hit the paypal button
01:58 chris we just need to pay a quarter at this stage eh?
01:59 chris how much is it jo?
01:59 * russ obviously misread
02:00 Jo $1046
02:00 Jo bankroll as in pay
02:00 chris cool, i think with the biblibre amount plus what libriotech donated, we should have that
02:01 chris ill talk to them tonight
02:01 Jo very good. I will pay by cheque and can cover it in the interim
02:01 chris thank you
02:01 russ thanks jo
02:01 Jo Next payment not until 25 Sept so plenty of time
02:01 chris *nod*
02:03 russ we will be a lot more organised by then :-)
02:06 Jo its good mate - just need to know we can cover it from donations
02:08 russ that reminds me - i need chris to proof something before irc meeting tomorrow
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03:09 * chris_n finds
03:24 Jo Brendan: Thanks buddy for the donation to KohaCon 2010 ( we are now solvent :)
03:24 brendan :)
03:25 chris yay brendan
03:25 chris bywater++
03:25 Jo when I grow I am going to get a job where I don't have to micromanage every dollar ... oh wait - that means I can't be a public librarian!
03:26 Jo bywater++
03:26 brendan so true jo
03:26 Jo libriotech++
03:26 Jo :)
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03:33 Amit heya brendan
03:33 chris_n fwiw: nice open source routable gps maps:
03:33 chris_n heya Amit
03:33 Amit heya chris_n
03:33 chris_n bywater++
03:47 brendan hi amit
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04:26 nod_ css is broken on mailman
04:26 nod_ it points at
04:26 nod_ which doesnt exist
04:27 nod_
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06:44 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:24 chris hi Ropuch
07:26 Ropuch Hi chris
07:28 chris nod_: should be better now
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08:09 nicomo hi all
08:09 chris hi nicomo
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08:16 nicomo hi chris
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08:27 kf good morning
08:28 chris hi kf
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08:35 kf hi chris
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08:52 kf oooh recommendations![…]biblionumber=1854
08:52 chris heh
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08:53 chris its all ready to commit for 3.4
08:53 kf always the same... 3.2 is not really here and I already long for 3.4
08:54 chris :)
08:54 chris it has a new table for the db, a module, some template changes and a cron job
08:55 chris so bit big to go in 3.2 at this point
08:56 kf I understand :)
08:59 Ropuch Hi kf
09:03 Amit heya Ropuch, kf
09:05 magnus wow, those recommendations look cool
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09:06 magnus anyone have any thoughts on the legality of using amazon stuff in the opac, re the message on the list?
09:07 chris last time anyone asked amazon they said it was fine
09:08 paul_p hello chris, magnus, kf & Ropuch
09:08 paul_p happy monday to all !
09:08 magnus thanks, same to you paul_p!
09:09 magnus chris: when was that?
09:10 chris 2006
09:10 chris and 2008
09:10 chris but if a library is unsure they should ask
09:11 chris its not koha's place
09:11 * magnus agreed
09:11 chris its the library who signs up to AWS
09:11 magnus yup
09:11 magnus unless their vendor does it for them...
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09:11 |Lupin| hello there
09:12 kf happy monday paul (although I dont know whats happy about mondays)
09:12 chris well they shouldnt be using their vendors aws key, that certainly would be a violation of the TOS
09:12 chris hi paul_p :) and hi |Lupin|
09:12 paul_p hello |Lupin| Long time no see !
09:12 kf hi |Lupin|
09:12 |Lupin| paul_p: hi ! indeed :-)
09:13 |Lupin| guten morgen kf ! :)
09:13 |Lupin| (hi chirs)
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10:34 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | IRC meeting for organizing Koha 2010 @ 21:00 UTC+0, Monday, 15 February 2010
10:34 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | IRC meeting for organizing KohaCon 2010 @ 21:00 UTC+0, Monday, 15 February 2010
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10:55 kf "The recommendations feature only works for libraries who don’t anonymise  their patron data"
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10:55 kf why does it not work with anonymized data? will be a real problem here :(
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10:56 magnus yeah, that's not gonna go down well with the norwegian "Data Inspectorate"
10:56 kf same here
10:57 magnus i think i heard that it will be possible for patrons to choose whether to keep their reading history or not - is it possible to base this feature on the patrons who choose to keep their history?
10:57 kf dont know why it needs patron data
10:58 kf hm
10:58 magnus it's based on "people who borrowed this also borrowed...", i think?
10:58 kf the new feature is great but still not enough (thats what I have been told)
10:58 kf because you would need something to file that patrons wanted to keep their data, an email or something
10:58 kf if I understood correctly
10:59 kf there is a similar feature called bibtip you can integrate in your catalog here in germany
11:00 kf I think they work without patron specific data
11:00 magnus ok, got a link for that? commercial service?
11:01 magnus the norwegian "library laboratory" is thinking about creating a service for sharing things like this freely, so any examples are very interesting
11:01 kf
11:01 kf you have to pay for it, but it was developed at a university
11:02 magnus thanks for the link!
11:02 kf no problem
11:04 gmcharlt bbiab - starting a four-hour drive
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11:05 kf magnus: this might be interesting too: and
11:07 kf magnus: bibtip works with search - not with issues. its more: people who looked at also looked at...
11:08 magnus kf: ah, important difference
11:10 kf magnus: yes, but in dave patterns blog are some ideas for anonymizing data from issues and he has a web service
11:10 magnus kf: yeah, looks really interesting!
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13:18 hilongo gooooooddd moooorningggg ... Koha :)
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13:57 kf coldest :(
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13:58 magnus_away but hey, i just saw the sun shining on my windowsill for the first time this year! :-)
14:07 hilongo a shining sun is always welcome  :)
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15:22 ebegin Hi #koha!
15:28 kf hi ebegin
15:28 ebegin hi kf.  A quiet day, isn't :)
15:31 chris_n its a holiday for some in the us
15:32 ebegin Ah, that's why... :)
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15:50 ebegin chris_n, which holiday it is?
15:50 chris_n president's day... aka George Washington's birthday
15:50 brendan @wunder 93117
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15:51 ebegin ok, thanks.
15:51 ebegin and you are working? :)
15:51 * chris_n wonders if is really as buggy as he thinks
15:52 chris_n ebegin: somebody has to keep things going :)
15:52 ebegin hehe... right!
15:56 Colin chris_n I suspect is as buggy as you think
15:56 * wizzyrea wants a holiday, but traded it for the day after Thanksgiving
15:59 chris_n Colin: I'm doing a bit of work in it, but it seems it should be reworked entirely
15:59 chris_n heya wizzyrea
16:00 wizzyrea heya chris_n
16:00 wizzyrea good weekend?
16:03 chris_n yup... had snow saturday for all of 6 hour or so
16:03 chris_n made lots of snowcream :-)
16:04 chris_n toted the sled behind the 4 wheeler with the children
16:04 chris_n put the snow away and went back to work on Monday ;)
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16:27 brendan morning #koha
16:27 chris_n hi brendan && nengard
16:27 nengard hiya
16:28 brendan heya
16:28 chris_n is anyone actually using with any measure of success?
16:29 * chris_n wonders why LibLime would complain about the quality of community code after submitting such a mess as that script is :-\
16:42 * wizzyrea nods
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16:48 wizzyrea man, I keep trying to buy a sled, but the stores are all out
16:48 wizzyrea I want to tromp around with the spud on a sled, but no sleds to be found in my town
16:50 * ebegin is trying to figure out the best way to setup its git repo to allow an access to a daily version and latest stable version...
16:53 ebegin If I want them to be available all day long, do I need 2 differents repo on my server?
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16:54 chris_n ebegin: not necessarily... you can do two different branches
16:54 * chris_n assumes a public repo
16:54 chris_n ebegin: see;a=heads
16:54 ebegin chris_n, how can I have both running at the same time?
16:54 chris_n ahh
16:54 chris_n you want to run over git
16:55 chris_n is this for development
16:55 chris_n if so, I'd just setup two branches and change back and forth
16:56 wizzyrea bleh, where are the zebra logs kept?
16:56 chris_n if you actually want them to be up all the time, you'd need two repos
16:56 * wizzyrea thinks there really needs to be better zebra setup documentation
16:56 * chris_n agrees
16:56 chris_n om
16:56 * wizzyrea would write it, if she could ever get it to work
16:57 chris_n their in var/log
16:57 ebegin chris_n, ok, that confirms what I thought.  I won't need the stable version to be managed on git though... however, my clients one has to be on git, so is the daily one too...
16:57 chris_n the location of which dependes you your setup
16:57 chris_n depends eve
16:57 chris_n even, even :-P
16:58 wizzyrea interesting, the script completes with no errors, but there is no zebra log in /var/log or koha-dev/var/log
16:58 * wizzyrea mutters something about maybe zebra isn't running...
16:58 * chris_n is not surprised
16:58 chris_n which script?
16:58 * wizzyrea mutters some more
16:58 wizzyrea
16:59 chris_n are you running it as your koha user?
16:59 chris_n a point missed in the documentation iirc
16:59 wizzyrea a good question, see, that really isn't in the docs
16:59 chris_n try
16:59 ebegin run it with -v options.  You may get more info
16:59 chris_n su koha
16:59 ebegin -v : verbose mode
16:59 chris_n and enter your koha user's password
16:59 wizzyrea ebgin: good call
16:59 chris_n then run it
16:59 wizzyrea they sort of talk about it during the install script
16:59 wizzyrea kind of
16:59 chris_n otherwise it will probably not work
17:00 wizzyrea chris_n I'm sure that will fix it
17:00 wizzyrea seems logical
17:00 * chris_n thinks a bit of documentation would go a long way towards demystifying zebra
17:01 Colin It writes to koha-dev/var/lib/zebradb
17:02 wizzyrea ah, and colin, that needs to be owned by <kohauser>
17:02 wizzyrea right?
17:02 ebegin yep that is correct
17:02 wizzyrea kool beans
17:02 ebegin all files in /var/lib/koha/zebradb/
17:02 kf chris_n: i have a lot of problems with notices :( but the problem is in combination with
17:02 wizzyrea very very close now, I can smell it
17:02 wizzyrea ty
17:02 Colin the rebuild-zebra script doesnt give much (useful) output even in verbose
17:03 ebegin you get the Permission denied info, as far as I can tell
17:03 chris_n ownership should be taken care of by the installer
17:03 chris_n another fix which would help
17:04 ebegin chris_n, it does if you install it using the koha user
17:04 chris_n wizzyrea: you'll still have to run the script as kohauser from the shell
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17:04 wizzyrea right
17:04 wizzyrea but ahem, the docs don't direct you to do that
17:04 chris_n ebegin: that doesn work too well for dev installs
17:05 wizzyrea install as the koha user, at least, I missed it
17:05 wizzyrea and that
17:06 chris_n the installer should probably check to see what user it is being run as and warn or make decisions based on that
17:06 ebegin chris_n, there are effectively some flaws in the installation process
17:06 wizzyrea should probably do several things: prompt you/help you create the koha user
17:07 chris_n however, the installer is much better than it used to be
17:07 wizzyrea i mean, speaking from a pure newb perspective
17:07 chris_n gmcharlt has really fixed it up
17:07 gmcharlt joined #koha
17:07 chris_n gmcharlt: snap
17:07 wizzyrea (thinking of the poor librarians who just do tech because their director has told them to)
17:07 gmcharlt 'ello, 'ello
17:07 chris_n the very mention of his nick brings him up :-)
17:07 wizzyrea it's like he's psychic
17:08 ebegin This is really cool...
17:08 chris_n we were just dissing the installer and zebra a bit
17:08 kf hi gmcharlt
17:08 wizzyrea though the installer is way better than it used to be
17:08 wizzyrea and the docs are way better than they used to be
17:08 chris_n but had to give you credit for the great improvement over what it used to be :)
17:08 ebegin gmcharlt, the line before gmcharlt joined #koha was "gmcharlt has really fixed it up"
17:08 wizzyrea always room for improvement
17:08 gmcharlt thanks
17:09 gmcharlt and wizzyrea is right, always room for improvement
17:09 * gmcharlt hopes that the Debianization happens for 3.4 as planned
17:09 * chris_n too
17:10 wizzyrea so, if someone wants to write up how they do it (the right way, or the usual way, or the best way, whatever) I'll be happy to nubify it
17:10 kf gmcharlt: I finally finished translation of the default bibliographic marc framework and authority frameworks.
17:10 wizzyrea make it pretty and all that
17:10 wizzyrea because I'm following the steps and I haven't gotten it to work without help
17:10 kf gmcharlt: can I just create a directory for DE-de with those 2 files or will it need all files translated for the installation process?
17:10 * chris_n goes back to
17:10 ebegin kf, for which language?
17:11 kf german :)
17:11 gmcharlt kf: you'll need to translate or bring over the sysprefs SQL scripts as well
17:11 gmcharlt and the userpermissions stuff - pretty much everything in the en mandatory directory
17:11 kf gmcharlt: ok, I saw there is a way to gernate .po-files now
17:12 kf gmcharlt: uh, so still a lot of work. is this something that could be added for 3.2 or will it be 3.4?
17:12 gmcharlt right, but for now, the sysprefs SQL also needs to be brought over in order to initialize the sysprefs in the DB
17:12 gmcharlt kf: I'll accept translations whenever they appear
17:14 kf gmcharlt: thx, so I will get to work later. Is there something more that I need to know? I was not sure about new files/directories in git
17:14 gmcharlt adding new files is easy - just put them in place in your git tree, then git add the new files, then commit
17:15 gmcharlt any new directories will get taken careful when you git-add the new files in them
17:16 paul_p joined #koha
17:16 kf gmcharlt: thx - I will try and you can make me resend the patch until its right :)
17:19 wizzyrea it works :)
17:19 * wizzyrea does a bit of a happy dance
17:20 * chris_n reminds wizzyrea to keep her zebra fed and watered
17:20 wizzyrea going to set up the cron jobs now ;)
17:22 * gmcharlt mixes metaphors and points wizzyrea to collum_ if the zebra needs stripes
17:22 wizzyrea you guys are funny
17:23 wizzyrea i like it
17:23 kf :)
17:23 kf bye koha :)
17:23 kf left #koha
17:24 chris_n did anybody checkout the cool embedded viewer api by google mentioned on the list?
17:35 Colin chris_n: just took a look the api looks nice. easy to use
17:36 wizzyrea collum_: I love you, thanks for doing that to the saved reports page
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17:43 ebegin chris_n, i'm trying to find which viewer you are referring about... :(
17:45 wizzyrea oh squee, whoever reorganized very nice job
17:46 wizzyrea all sorts of goodies in here!
17:47 wizzyrea gmcharlt: rotating collections is coming out?
17:47 wizzyrea er, being removed?
17:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yep, I'll be moving it to future
17:47 wizzyrea k cool
17:47 Colin ebegin:
17:48 wizzyrea it's a good idea but doesn't work :(
17:48 collum_ wizzyrea: just came up stairs from lunch.  You're welcome.
17:49 gmcharlt nengard: shall we get all fancy and register an ISSN for the Koha newsletter?
17:49 wizzyrea the only thing left is to make the "Report Saved" page have a link to "Run this report now"
17:49 nengard gmcharlt - considered it .... on a conference call now - will do it later
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18:06 wizzyrea @later tell owen dk if this interests you: Bela Fleck will be in Athens on Feb. 18. Saw the show here, it was awesome
18:06 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
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19:01 cait hi brendan
19:01 brendan hi cait
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19:16 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:16 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is -7.7�C (8:11 PM CET on February 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Steady).
19:17 imp @wunder hannover germany
19:17 cait ok, it is really getting colder :(
19:17 munin imp: The current temperature in Hannover, Wedemark, Germany is -5.8�C (7:59 PM CET on February 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007.0 hPa (Falling).
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19:29 chris_n @wunder 28334
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19:29 * chris_n tries to catch brendan
19:29 brendan keep coming :)
19:35 ebegin @wunder montreal, canada
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19:39 chris_n ebegin: I'll be in Toronto next week
19:42 ebegin @wunder toronto, canada
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19:43 cait1 joined #koha
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19:43 slef evening all - can someone just confirm that bug 4189 isn't local to us?
19:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4189 minor, P5, ---,, NEW, Searching z39.50 without selecting any servers results in error message
19:46 wizzyrea slef:
19:46 wizzyrea is that what you saw?
19:46 wizzyrea[…]24d3/00000137.png
19:47 wizzyrea if you don't like the screencast wrapper
19:48 wizzyrea slef: i was able to reproduce
19:49 slef @tell pianohackr it seems to be equivalent and means you can avoid installing dselect on newer systems, so please patch away.
19:49 munin slef: Error: I haven't seen pianohackr, I'll let you do the telling.
19:49 slef @tell pianohacker it seems to be equivalent and means you can avoid installing dselect on newer systems, so please patch away.
19:49 munin slef: Error: I haven't seen pianohacker, I'll let you do the telling.
19:49 slef damn, what's his nick
19:49 slef wizzyrea: yes, that's it, thanks.
19:50 wizzyrea @seen pianohacker|work
19:50 munin wizzyrea: Error: 'pianohacker|work' is not a valid nick.  That nick is too long for this server.
19:50 wizzyrea @seen pianohackr|work
19:50 munin wizzyrea: pianohackr|work was last seen in #koha 1 day, 23 hours, 39 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <pianohackr|work> You're welcome
19:50 wizzyrea @seen pianohacker
19:50 munin wizzyrea: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 1 week, 3 days, 0 hours, 34 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <pianohacker> brb work
19:50 wizzyrea probably pianohackr|work
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19:51 slef @tell pianohackr|work it seems to be equivalent and means you can avoid installing dselect on newer systems, so please patch away.
19:51 munin slef: Error: I haven't seen pianohackr|work, I'll let you do the telling.
19:51 wizzyrea oh, it's @later tell
19:51 slef ah!
19:52 slef @later tell pianohackr|work it seems to be equivalent and means you can avoid installing dselect on newer systems, so please patch away.
19:52 munin slef: The operation succeeded.
19:52 wizzyrea there we go :)
19:52 slef thought I was going blind
19:52 slef thanks a second time in 10 minutes :)
19:52 wizzyrea yvw
19:55 chris_n well, is a bit better behaved now
19:56 * chris_n will now attempt to allow inserting fine totals in notices
20:01 cait1 chris_n: I dont have words for how happy this would make me! :)
20:01 richard joined #koha
20:03 chris morning
20:03 cait1 morning chris
20:03 chris_n g'morning chris
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20:07 brendan morning chris
20:08 chris hiya brendan
20:09 chris hi cait and chris_n
20:09 Genji joined #koha
20:10 wizzyrea mornin chris
20:11 chris hi wizzyrea, not on holiday?
20:11 wizzyrea nope, bummer eh?
20:14 chris yep
20:14 gmcharlt hi chris
20:14 chris but now you can come to the kohacon meeting :)
20:14 chris heya gmcharlt
20:15 collum_ left #koha
20:20 wizzyrea truth!
20:25 wizzyrea ok, strange operational question
20:25 chris todays song of the day[…]g+Way+Home/2wcdE9
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20:27 wizzyrea and one from me too:
20:28 chris oh that is nice
20:29 wizzyrea brb
20:30 wizzyrea back, flash 10. bleh.
20:30 chris heh
20:30 cait1 @wunder Konstanz
20:30 munin cait1: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is -8.3�C (9:21 PM CET on February 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Steady).
20:31 cait1 brrrr :(
20:31 wizzyrea[…]Jazz+Dance/2yg1OU
20:31 wizzyrea also good one
20:32 nengard joined #koha
20:37 wizzyrea saw this guy with Bela Fleck on Saturday, I'm not usually so keen on bluegrass fiddle, but he's... different.
20:38 wizzyrea was a fabulous show
20:40 brendan yeah I've seen bela fleck he puts on a fun show
20:40 brendan saw him in Santa Fe, NM
20:40 wizzyrea oh man, he was with the Africa Project, and those guys can PLAY. Holy cow.
20:41 francharb left #koha
20:42 wizzyrea (the Bela Fleck tix were my hubs xmas present from me :))
20:42 wizzyrea i just got lucky enough to be the one he chose to take with him ^.^
20:51 wizzyrea vague procedural question: there must be a reason that the example crontabs have the hold queue running every hour
20:51 wizzyrea is that because running it less often causes anomalies?
20:52 wizzyrea and is it better to run it more often, and have the librarians print it right before they do their picks?
20:52 chris i suspect an hour was just a random thing
20:53 chris i doubt much thought went into it
20:53 chris running it less would mean it would get out of date
20:53 wizzyrea seems like there is an awful lot of coincidence of timing when you run infrequently
20:53 chris faster
20:53 braedon|work does anyone know what permission an account needs to renew books from the staff interface?
20:54 wizzyrea I went through the holds process while looking at bug 3595
20:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3595 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Items seen at checkin should always go to 1st priority hold
20:54 magnus left #koha
20:54 wizzyrea it's still "broken" but I wonder if it could be mitigated by running the hold queue more often
20:55 wizzyrea oh and i found something else
20:55 wizzyrea sort of related
20:57 gmcharlt wizzyrea: the holds queue is really meant to be run as frequently as you send out staff to pick items from the stacks
20:57 chris braedon|work: i think circulation
20:57 wizzyrea 4 libraries, a b c and d, 1 book, 4 copies, 4 patrons, 1,2,3, and 4: patron 1 places a hold on title A. Hold queue runs, item 1 is assigned. Item is checked in, hold is IGNORED. Item 2 then is checked in, the system prompts to send the item to patron 2, who is 2nd on the list.
20:58 wizzyrea ignoring patron 1, who is still first on the list
20:58 wizzyrea until you run the holds queue again
20:58 wizzyrea that is good to know, gmcharlt
20:59 russ kohacon volunteers meeting starts in 10 mins
20:59 russ oops
20:59 wizzyrea item 3 is checked in, it goes back to patron 1
20:59 russ 5 mins :-)
20:59 russ more caffiene required
20:59 nod_ 4 min?
20:59 wizzyrea it just seems like, no matter what, the 1st person on the list should always get the first available item.
20:59 wizzyrea and that doesn't happen
21:00 braedon|work chris: doesn't seem to work with circulation(3.00.05).
21:01 wizzyrea gmcharlt: so, say you have 30 libraries, all sending people out at varying times of the day
21:01 wizzyrea you should run the hold queue more like hourly instead of 2x day
21:01 wizzyrea and they should print it before they walk into the stacks
21:02 chris braedon|work: must be a diff one then
21:02 chris is deprecated?? since when?
21:02 braedon|work chris: the patron we are trying to enable renewing for has circulate and catalogue privileges. Can't see anything else that looks related
21:02 BobB joined #koha
21:03 russ ok lets get started
21:03 gmcharlt wizzyrea: yep
21:03 Jo joined #koha
21:03 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
21:03 Jo morning all
21:03 chilts hello everyone :)
21:03 BobB Good morning all
21:04 russ KohaCon10 meeting - agenda[…]on2010:volunteers
21:04 russ apologies from Rosalie Blake
21:04 russ who is here
21:04 wizzyrea /msg gmcharlt one more question so as not to interrupt their meeting: is there any weighting of the holds system to attempt to match patrons with books from their own branch? besides the local holds stuff, of course.
21:04 Jo Joann Ransom, HLT
21:04 wizzyrea doh
21:04 * chilts puts his hand up
21:04 wizzyrea lol
21:04 Jo Deborahh Macdonald HLT
21:04 * russ -> Russel Garlick, Catalyst IT
21:04 IrmaCalyx Irma from CALYX
21:04 chilts Andy Chilton, Catalyst IT
21:04 BobB Bob Birchall, Calyx in Sydney
21:04 brendan brendan gallagher bywater  solutions
21:05 Jo is now known as DebJo
21:05 * wizzyrea -> nekls, just sitting in
21:05 chris chris cormack, catatlyst IT
21:05 richard richard anderson, katipo
21:05 * chris_n chris Nighswonger FBC sitting in
21:06 * gmcharlt Galen Charlton, sitting in
21:06 chilts I think Don is coming soon :)
21:06 russ :-)
21:06 * nengard Nicole Engard
21:06 Ropuch Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE
21:07 russ ok so sounds like a couple of people who would like to volunteer have been unable to make it, nvm we'll roll on
21:08 nod_ donovan jones, Catalyst IT
21:08 russ ok so point of today's meeting is just a kick off, not too much detail.
21:08 russ Chris and I have worked up a base plan of attack[…]010conferenceplan
21:09 russ thanks to those sponsors who have contributed already
21:09 chris yep, thanks to bywater and libriotech we are able to pay the deposit on the venue
21:10 chilts looks like a good outline as a start :)
21:10 chris and thanks to HLT for getting that done
21:10 DebJo nw
21:10 russ so as i see it there will be 2 streams of work for the moment
21:10 DebJo I think a blogpost on the koha-community site about donations now being accepted wouldbe timely
21:10 chris would you be able to do that DebJo ?
21:10 DebJo sure
21:11 chris the nice thing about that site, is we can edit it !!!
21:11 chris :)
21:11 wizzyrea ^.^
21:11 brendan koha-community++
21:11 DebJo moving along now kids ...
21:11 russ there are two streams of work 1)logistics 2)programme/theme
21:11 russ so i'll be looking after most of the logistics/operational side of things
21:11 DebJo go Russ
21:12 russ as for the programme side we need some people who can review paper submissions
21:12 russ maybe come up with a theme etc...
21:12 chris nicole is free from the end of feb
21:12 russ :-)
21:12 chilts russ: theme?
21:13 DebJo i seconf nicole :)
21:13 nengard russ - i'll manage the program if you guys are okay with that
21:13 nengard but I don't want to make people submit 'papers'
21:13 chris we want to have probably 4 or 5 ppl
21:13 nengard short proposals are a-ok
21:13 chris with nengard coordinating
21:13 nengard chris- oh heck yeah- i want help
21:13 BobB I'm happy to help there.  Busy till mid March but can still do stuff
21:13 chris cool
21:13 russ sweet
21:13 richard i can help with that one
21:13 DebJo I'm happy to be one of the readers of the papers, but as a last choice preferably
21:13 chris i second short abstracts too
21:14 * russ is going to hit up rosa as well to help with that
21:14 DebJo seriously - last choice - make me 10th choice :)
21:14 brendan I can help nicole with reviews of proposals
21:14 russ but i am not sure how busy she is these days
21:14 DebJo just checking with Rosalie now
21:14 DebJo Rosalie said yes
21:15 DebJo (she in a meeting at the library now)
21:15 russ :-)
21:15 chris i wonder if someone at nekls would like to help out with that too?
21:15 chris :)
21:15 wizzyrea ^.^ sure
21:15 nengard wow - how many people do we have now?
21:15 DebJo drop me off
21:15 wizzyrea like jo though, down the list >.>
21:16 wizzyrea but you can put me above her ;)
21:16 chris IMHO id like the conference to be not techy
21:16 chris we have the hackfest to get techy
21:16 russ nengard coordinator, rosalie, brendan, BobB is what i have
21:16 chris ideally librarians presenting 90% of it would be awesome
21:16 chris thats just my thoughts tho
21:16 nengard okay - here was my vision - I put up a form for people to submit proposals - short proposals - not long papers - then we review them and fit them into a schedule - i can tell you with KohaCon this year we didn't have enough people submitting ideas - so i don't know that there will be much to read
21:17 russ nengard: sure :-)
21:17 russ we have a couple of people lined up to give some talks
21:17 DebJo would be nice for someone to write a blog of a dreamlist of presentations - themes, ideas, what they'd like to see.
21:17 chris right, but i think we can make a bigger effort to get ppl to submit talks too
21:17 BobB Proposals should be 150 words, no more
21:17 nengard chris we need to push the "non techy" thing and see if we can get more speakers
21:17 russ i think it would be good if we can nominate say one day as being of more interest to people new to koha
21:17 nengard cause I did like 6 sessions last year and was exhausted :)
21:17 chilts nengard: we can now put up a form on the KohaCon website (with whatever fields you want) and it'll get emailed to Chris
21:17 chris yeah, i think ppl are scared that they need to be techy
21:17 wizzyrea I want to see something about reports, something about customizing the interface (in all of it's myriad forms), something about SOPAC...
21:18 nengard yes - sopac!!
21:18 nengard :)
21:18 chilts if you want something more funky that just a plain old form, we'll have to sort it out a different way (the website just does generic forms)
21:18 wizzyrea tying koha to your website in general
21:18 chris chilts: it could save it the same way it does the rego's eh?
21:18 nengard chilts i was thinking more like a google form that puts it into a spreadsheet we can all share and then organize into a schedule
21:18 chilts yep
21:18 nengard still public - but not dealing with emails!! :)
21:18 chilts nengard: ah, good idea :)
21:18 russ chilts: i have some ideas there so maybe i will work in with nengard and get it sorted
21:18 russ but yeah submitt to google docs all good
21:19 chilts sounds like a Google Form might be better already
21:19 russ ok so it think that is enough on the programme already - thanks nengard for heading that up
21:19 nengard no prob
21:19 nengard i'll put a form together at the end of the month
21:19 nengard and we can put out a call
21:19 russ sweet
21:20 russ ok so sponsorship
21:20 wizzyrea an open session about what we could do if we had all the money in the world to develop would be cool
21:20 wizzyrea always good ideas come out of that
21:20 nengard LOL
21:20 nengard that would be useful pre-hackfest
21:20 nengard to give hackers ideas
21:20 darling joined #koha
21:20 Ropuch ;>
21:20 russ i plan to start recording that in a more private google doc
21:20 chris speaking of the hackfest, there probably isnt going to be much hacking done
21:20 Genji left #koha
21:21 chris think of it more as a developers unconference
21:21 chris talking in person is so much more productive than us all staring at our screens ;)
21:21 chris we can get all excited and share ideas, then go home and code them
21:22 russ sounds good to me :-)
21:23 russ we have venue sorted for that, has 3 rooms so all can be together
21:23 brendan also do a little bit of education for the amateur hackers
21:23 russ or break out into smaller groups
21:23 chris brendan: yup
21:24 DebJo sounds good
21:24 wizzyrea a "get into Git" session would be cool :P
21:24 chris yeah we have some git gurus in the building
21:24 chris so i will be tapping them to come give a talk
21:25 DebJo maybe one of kete - koha integration
21:25 chilts yeah, nod_ and I will try and tap into some Catalyst expertise :)
21:25 chilts or Chris :D
21:25 nod_ wizzyrea: noted
21:25 brendan any ideas for a keynote speaker ?
21:25 nod_ Im gooing to be co-ordinating the hackfest with chilts
21:25 russ brendan: we have one
21:25 russ but are yet to sort that out
21:25 brendan cool
21:25 russ watch this space :-)
21:26 DebJo would you like sharon to do a anything from HLT?
21:26 russ ok if we can get back to budget stuff for the moment, and sponsorship
21:26 * brendan finds that I watch it too much ## at least my wife tells me that
21:26 chris actually yes, sharon would be a great speaker
21:26 DebJo and nice for HLT to welcome our comrades to NZ
21:26 chris yep
21:27 russ DebJo: I need to work in with you guys to manage how we are getting on with that
21:27 nod_ any other suggestions for hackfest topics?
21:27 irma joined #koha
21:27 russ nod_ can we differ that to later please
21:27 nod_ ok
21:27 russ i'd like to just talk about the budget
21:27 russ our needs are modest and we have 2 targets
21:27 chris should we add to the wiki how much we have raised so far?
21:28 DebJo would be nice and transparent
21:28 russ chris: yep
21:28 brendan that would be helpful chris
21:28 DebJo could show incomings and outgoings as the happen
21:28 brendan that way we know if we need to do more
21:28 chris DebJo: if you could let me know after the meeting, ill update the wiki (or you can either/or)
21:28 DebJo we'll teach deb how to edit the wiki - good learning curve
21:28 russ the base level gets us a room, the target (10kNZD) gets us some niceties
21:29 DebJo (she loves me really)
21:29 BobB It would be great if budget allowed for a Maori welcome.  Our indigenous people would call it 'welcome to country'.  I don't know what you call it.
21:29 russ if you are going to approach people for sponsorship
21:29 russ can you please let me know, so i can track it
21:29 DebJo 'Rent a Maori' you mean ..
21:29 russ sorry people can we get off content for a moment
21:29 russ and on to operational stuff
21:29 DebJo the powhiri can be purchased at Rotorua
21:29 russ i know it is boring
21:30 russ but i just want to get this stuff sorted so we have a base to build on
21:30 BobB Ok to be bored:)
21:30 DebJo imp too
21:30 brendan would be nice to have a list of cost and what you are targeting for them
21:30 brendan or I may have missed that
21:31 russ[…]erenceplan#budget
21:31 DebJo i view a donation as a voluntary registrtaion fee so maybe we market it that way to - so those who can afford to pay do
21:32 russ DebJo: i agree - chilts we should talk about how we can intergrate that into the form
21:32 brendan russ if possible list the cost of the venue, etc.
21:32 DebJo realistically, we'd pay a regis fee for any other conference, why would we not pay for this one
21:32 chilts russ: might be a nengard thing if it's on Google Spreadsheets (rather than the KohaCon website)
21:32 DebJo but allows for those who can't afford to pay to partciapte anyway
21:32 chilts I figure people could just register and then go and donate :)
21:32 nengard i just need to know what fields you want
21:32 chilts two separate things
21:33 chris im with chilts
21:33 DebJo yep - 2 seperate
21:33 russ err
21:33 DebJo 1 is registration (another field - and clcik here to donate)
21:33 chris id much rather do it with sponsorship
21:33 chris than get librarians paying out of their pocket
21:33 russ sure - and i think that is doable
21:33 chris specially if they are paying 2k to get her
21:33 chris e
21:33 russ certainly to get the min amount
21:34 russ we need to firm up the estimates on some of this stuff
21:34 chris so id like us to not push the donations to much, until we have exhausted sponsorship options
21:34 russ DebJo: who do i talk to about tracking the monies at HLT?
21:34 chris every other kohacon has been free for attendees
21:34 chilts certainly the Donate button is already in good view, so it's definitely there for people wishing to see it :D
21:34 DebJo Deborah
21:34 russ DebJo: ta
21:34 chris yeah, i think thats all that it needs
21:34 DebJo
21:35 IrmaCalyx left #koha
21:35 russ righto - sponsorship first, we will see how that goes
21:35 DebJo what grant applications
21:35 russ DebJo: i have started looking into that
21:35 DebJo what about (i meant)
21:35 DebJo cool
21:36 brendan one  thing that would be good for those looking to do sponsorship would be a list of things to sponsor -- i.e coffee break, or projector, something like that
21:36 BobB chris:  I agree to focus on sponsorship first.  Donations should be anonymous to not embarrass people who can't afford to contribute
21:36 russ brendan: yep good idea
21:36 russ we will firm up costings and get them in there
21:36 collum_ joined #koha
21:37 irma left #koha
21:38 russ but to summarise, we want to do this with sponsorship if we can, we will do a break down for the wiki page, add a list of how much and who has contributed so far, and sponsorship coordination to go through me
21:38 Joann joined #koha
21:38 chris souds good
21:38 chris +n
21:38 brendan +1
21:38 russ is anyone from ashs here at the moment?
21:38 chris nope
21:39 * russ makes a note to contact them later
21:39 chris during school hours, is unlikely they can get away
21:39 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
21:39 russ sure
21:39 IrmaCalyx back again...
21:39 chilts :)
21:39 russ ok next point - Website Content
21:39 russ we need a couple of things there
21:40 chilts anyone who wants to be able to edit the site, let me know your Gmail address and I'll add you in
21:40 russ if we could get some volunteers from outside NZ to write up some tips on the best way to get to NZ etc
21:40 russ that would be great
21:40 russ suggestions for travel sites etc
21:40 IrmaCalyx we can do from Australia
21:40 chris sweet
21:40 russ my advice for our nth america friends - fly out of SFO :-)
21:40 brendan I can suggest somethings from Los angelos
21:41 brendan or SFO
21:41 chris cool brendan
21:41 russ thanks brendan
21:41 chilts it seems the /2010/travel/ section is more about getting around Wgtn, do we want something else for actually getting here?
21:41 nengard russ - i looked as SFO cause I hate LAX - but LAX was way way cheaper
21:41 nengard :(
21:41 russ nengard: right
21:41 brendan chilts what's your email again
21:42 chilts pm
21:42 brendan if you want to send it to me --
21:42 brendan ah cool
21:42 russ nengard: did you check AirNZ ?
21:42 nengard I forget - wasn't checking too closely yet - just wanted an idea so i could start budgeting
21:42 nengard will check though
21:42 russ i know around that time they start putting on flights for the winter ski season
21:42 brendan chilts I'd say a section for getting there would be important
21:43 russ they quite often do some special through vancouver as well
21:43 chilts so /2010/getting-to-wellington/ ? or /2010/getting-here/
21:43 IrmaCalyx
21:43 russ Joann: did you contact any budget accom like backpackers?
21:44 russ there are a couple of good ones nearby
21:44 russ opps or should that have been directed to DebJo :-)
21:45 * russ will touch base on that later
21:45 IrmaCalyx What about enting a large appartment in town for a week?
21:45 IrmaCalyx Is that available in Wellington?
21:45 russ sure there are serviced apartments
21:45 DebJo left #koha
21:46 russ used a lot by government types
21:46 IrmaCalyx not serviced but short term stays
21:46 brendan maybe if we're overwhelmed by donations
21:46 russ brendan: i like your optimism :-)
21:47 IrmaCalyx I am happy to do a bit of investigation
21:47 russ IrmaCalyx: thanks
21:47 russ ok looking at agenda - I think we have the roles pretty much sorted - thanks to all for volunteering
21:47 nengard no prob
21:48 Joann left #koha
21:48 chilts new section :
21:48 nengard we need the NZ natives to volunteer as tour guides and sources for good info about where to eat etc :)
21:48 chilts will need to add a menu item to it later I'm afraid :)
21:48 chris i started doing that
21:48 russ nengard: no problem there
21:48 nengard :)
21:48 nengard figured
21:48 chris
21:49 nengard yeah - i don't want to read :) hehe - i want you to tell me :)
21:49 chris i need to keep adding to the map though
21:49 DebJo joined #koha
21:49 wizzyrea suggestions on where to park your kid might be helpful, but that's purely selfish
21:49 DebJo sorry - couldn't get back on
21:49 chris te papa :)
21:49 DebJo (will go check logs)
21:49 wizzyrea ;)
21:50 BobB chris:  ++
21:50 russ wizzyrea: ah good point - we can add some ideas about what hangerons can do during conference
21:50 wizzyrea yes, hangeron activities
21:50 BobB russ:  Like a partners programme
21:51 russ ok the last thing I want to do is set a time for the next meeting
21:51 IrmaCalyx also some "first aid" info (that won't be needed I hope)
21:51 russ given how far out we are, I was thinking a months time? does that seem reasonable?
21:52 chris sounds ok to me, we can discuss things before then if needed
21:52 * angela belatedly turns up
21:52 angela is now known as rach
21:52 chilts yep, 1 month sounds good
21:52 russ email traffic to general list, dev list or should we get a new one set up?
21:52 IrmaCalyx monthly meeting for March, April, May, June, then every 2 weeks?
21:52 russ IrmaCalyx: you read my mind - something like that sounds like the go
21:53 brendan i vote for general list
21:53 chris general list is fine i think
21:53 IrmaCalyx ++
21:53 * rach will volunteer for kid parking
21:53 chris one thing i dont need is another mailing list :)
21:53 russ lol - i hear that :-)
21:53 nengard +1
21:53 chris sounds good rach
21:54 russ cool - email traffic will be to general list - include KohaCon10 in the subject line
21:54 chris works for me
21:54 BobB Will stimulate interest
21:54 chilts KohaCon2010 I think is the tag we're directing at (for Twitter, Identica, Flickr etc)
21:55 chris kohacon10
21:55 chilts oh
21:55 chilts sorry
21:55 chris less typing :)
21:55 IrmaCalyx If the KohaCon logo could be made avaialble asap that would be good
21:55 russ IrmaCalyx: that is on the todo list for this month
21:55 russ ok so next meeting in a months time, i think we will try to go for a little earlier
21:56 russ 8am
21:56 chris nz time?
21:56 russ 8am NZST (if there are no objections)
21:56 chris ok for me
21:56 BobB Hallo?  we don't need it to be earlier
21:56 chris ah yeah, good point
21:56 russ right
21:56 chris that would be mental for aussie
21:57 chilts I apologise for not making next month's ... am in Thailand :D
21:57 BobB I like to be awake in meetings :)
21:57 russ right
21:57 brendan fine with me, but seems we are missing europe times
21:57 brendan for example if biblibre has anything to add
21:58 russ brendan: yeah it is a problem, but the core of volunteers are here in nz
21:58 brendan :) cool with me
21:58 BobB I guess there is no best time for the whole world.  Now is middle of the night in India, for example
21:58 russ so that was what influenced my thinking around the meeting time
21:58 russ ok we will stick with 10am for the time being
21:58 russ i will contact a couple of the people who have not been able to make it this time
21:59 russ and see if they can make it next time round
21:59 russ ok - little messy this time round - we are at the start of this so prolly to be expected
21:59 DebJo left #koha
21:59 russ i have covered what i wanted
22:00 BobB We haven't discussed the road trip.  Who's coordinating that?
22:00 chris mark osborne, from ashs
22:00 russ chris: we need to contact mark and see if there is a time he can make an irc meeting
22:01 chris yup
22:01 darling (got distracted w/work item here -- I can write up US to WLG travel tips have done that trip about 10 times in the past couple of yrs)
22:01 russ darling: cool
22:01 BobB OK.  Irma and I could fly into Auck and hire a car - so make 2 or 3 seats available if needed
22:01 chilts darling: PM me your Gmail and I'll add you to the KohaCon editors :)
22:02 chris BobB: awesome, did you get a chance to talk to mark at LCA?
22:02 BobB chris: Just briefly, but can contact him separately
22:03 chris sweet
22:03 nengard k - time to go start cooking dinner
22:03 russ in terms of organisation - the road trip is a side event
22:03 nengard talk to you all later - as always feel free to email or PM when I'm on :)
22:03 nengard left #koha
22:03 deb joined #koha
22:04 chris and i have a meeting now too
22:04 russ ok i have to get going
22:04 chris thanks for running the meeting russ
22:04 deb left #koha
22:04 BobB thanks all
22:04 brendan thanks russ
22:04 russ so to confirm next meeting will be at 10am Wed March 17 NZ time
22:04 chris cool
22:04 russ i'll post some minutes to the wiki later today
22:04 * rach will be san francisco
22:05 chilts we have lots of editors for the site now ... so that's cool
22:05 BobB St Patrick's Day!
22:05 debs joined #koha
22:05 chilts any suggestions for menu placements will have to come through me for the moment though (sorry, hope to fix that up soon) :D
22:05 BobB Wear green to the meeting!
22:06 russ ok thanks all - we will get a bit more structured as we move forward
22:06 * russ heads off
22:06 * chilts too
22:06 BobB left #koha
22:10 cait1 meeting over?
22:10 russ yep
22:11 cait1 ah ok
22:12 biglego joined #koha
22:16 Nate left #koha
22:18 IrmaCalyx left #koha
22:37 * brendan heads home
22:40 walter joined #koha
22:42 collum_ I was going to enable warnings in, but it doesn't seem to be used anymore.
22:43 collum_ Is that correct? or am I missing something?
22:44 chris collum_: doesnt appear to
22:45 collum_ Thanks chris.  It's done.
22:45 collum_ :)
22:47 brendan left #koha
22:51 darling left #koha
22:59 biglego left #koha
23:03 chris lunch time
23:07 hilongo left #koha
23:10 brendan joined #koha
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