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04:02 Genji Hello all. How do i add a field to the Zebra index?
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05:02 CGI361 It is not very obvious how to use thiss
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06:27 Genji hello? apparently, i need to map my new marc field to a CCL Z39.5 attribute?
06:55 chris nicomo: voting on bugzilla is too hard?
06:55 nicomo hi chris
06:55 nicomo yes, I think it is
06:55 nicomo as participation in IRC is
06:55 nicomo I think we have to make a better effort reaching out to people
06:56 nicomo in ways that are familiar to them
06:56 nicomo web sites
06:56 chris i think also people have to make a better effort of reaching back
06:56 chris it goes two ways
06:56 nicomo sure does
06:56 chris there are hundreds of people who have made the effort over the years
06:56 chris the problem i see with yet another website
06:56 chris is that who is going to pay attention to it
06:57 nicomo i didn't say another web site
06:57 chris following the 7 mailing lists plus bugzilla, plus git takes all my time already
06:57 nicomo a voting mechanism can be done in the "official" web site
06:57 chris who is going to maintain it?
06:58 nicomo you're right that many people have reached out in the past
06:58 nicomo but more the developer type than the librarian type
06:58 chris i disagree
06:59 nicomo let's agree to disagree then
06:59 nicomo :-)
06:59 chris ok
06:59 chris i can find you the numbers if you want :) but sure we can disagre
06:59 chris e
06:59 nicomo anyway, regardless of the means used
06:59 nicomo it can't be bad putting an effort trying to reach out to more librarians
06:59 nicomo if we can
06:59 chris sure, i just dont want it to be a timesink
07:00 nicomo indeed
07:00 nicomo but I don't feel like bugzilla is the place for that
07:00 nicomo we never managed to really use it that way
07:00 chris someone needs to then track the new site, and file enhancements in bugzilla as they are voted on then
07:01 nicomo yeah, maybe it's not a tool issue
07:01 nicomo just time
07:01 chris the worst thing that can happen is having multiple lists of features in different places
07:01 nicomo and responsability
07:01 chris *nod*
07:01 chris that was kinda the idea for the bugwrangler position
07:02 nicomo that sounds technically oriented to me
07:02 chris its not meant to be
07:02 nicomo ok
07:02 chris the job is keeping bugzilla up to date
07:02 nicomo I'd like it to be at the junction between community work and tech
07:03 chris Basically this is someone to keep an eye on bugzilla, make sure bugs are being looked at, closed when they are fixed, tested etc. It is a role a non developer could fulfill.
07:03 chris if there was a more friendly voting page the role could be expanded to keep the 2 places in sync
07:03 nicomo I'd like to then add to the "job description": work with librarians, developers, and the community to get feedback, development requests, etc
07:04 chris go for it, its a wiki :)
07:04 * nicomo headed that way
07:04 chris monthly reports would be neat
07:04 chris x bugs opened, x bugs closed, x new features requested
07:05 nicomo yes
07:05 chris could be a section on the website
07:05 nicomo yes
07:05 nicomo and voting (I'm stubborn)
07:05 nicomo ;-)
07:05 chris if the community ever get edit rights back
07:06 chris voting is fine, as long as someone does something with the things once they have been voted on :)
07:07 nicomo very true
07:07 chris that will be the key, people will get disillusioned fast if they vote on something, and nothing happens
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10:14 Ropuch Morning
10:14 Genji chris: whats the status with libLime and the wider koha community, anyhow?
10:15 Genji actually, that question should be "Any:"... feel free to pitch in.
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16:22 pianohacker Good morning
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16:58 brendan morning pianohacker
16:58 pianohacker hi brendan
16:58 pianohacker How was your thanksgiving?
16:58 brendan you have a nice t-day
16:59 brendan mine was very nice - went camping on the beach and smoked a turkey over a campfire
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18:23 CGI039 j
18:23 CGI039 hi
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19:38 chris nz vs france in marseille starting in 10 minutes (rugby)
19:38 chris i wonder if paul_p is watching
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20:19 paul_p chris about?
20:20 paul_p or looking at the match and not on the chat ?
20:20 paul_p all blacks will loose today: they are not all blacks : shirt is white :D
20:22 si paul: tell that to Scotland :-)
20:22 paul_p ??
20:22 si I'm guessing chris is absorbed in the rugby
20:22 paul_p hi si
20:22 paul_p 3 more points...
20:22 si paul: NZ often in white playing Scotland, it hasn't helped them in the past
20:22 paul_p ah, OK.
20:23 si and why aren't you at the game?
20:23 paul_p do you know the game is in Marseille, my city ?
20:23 si I did indeed
20:23 paul_p because I've 4 children, 3 of them (+me) was ill this week.
20:23 si ohh dear
20:23 paul_p s/was/were/
20:23 pianohacker|wor paul_p: what happened?
20:23 paul_p fortunatly, it was not the flu
20:24 paul_p mmm...
20:24 paul_p 5 more
20:24 paul_p NO !
20:24 * si grins
20:24 * si is listening on the radio
20:24 paul_p really great !
20:24 paul_p that's impossible to describe.
20:24 si it's about 60 seconds lag
20:24 paul_p the black was 30cm to the try. and got caught !
20:24 paul_p maybe just 10cm !
20:25 paul_p the referee asked for the video it seems. or is someone injured ?
20:25 paul_p no, someone injured. back to game.
20:25 paul_p this time yes : 5points
20:25 paul_p for NZ
20:26 si there you go, only 30 seconds lag :-)
20:26 paul_p 2 more
20:27 paul_p 9-22
20:27 paul_p NZers running very very fast today...
20:28 paul_p 3 for France
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20:42 chris its a pretty exciting game, its even more excitement trying to stop kahu reenacting every kick at goal
20:43 paul_p hi chris !
21:05 chris best game of the year i think
21:06 chris both teams trying to score tries
21:07 paul_p try !
21:07 paul_p NZ++ today
21:07 paul_p really a GREAT game !
21:07 paul_p but too tired, i'm going to bed now. Have a good sunday chris, the victory will probably be yours ;-)
21:09 chris :) sleep well
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