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17:13 owen rough night newlogbot?
17:29 joetho Les Paul died
17:29 jdavidb I saw that!  
18:11 wizzyrea such a bummer about les paul
18:12 wizzyrea he was 94 though, so a good long life
18:13 jdavidb yup.
18:13 jdavidb I'm trying to imagine how *much* good music he got to play and listen to in 94 years.  A Lot, to be sure.
18:17 wizzyrea yes, I can't even imagine
18:19 jdavidb From the sounds of the articles I'm seeing, he was not only a wizard technologist, but also a really neat person.  Definitely a "life well-lived," from the sound of it.
18:20 wizzyrea les_paul++
19:19 chris morning
19:20 wizzyrea oh hai!
19:20 Sharon Happy Friday to ya...I'm jealous
19:21 wizzyrea yea, me too
19:22 chris hehe
19:23 chris i had a sleep in thus mornng too
19:23 chris 7.10am !!!
19:23 chris (kahurangi slept over at his grandparents)
19:24 wizzyrea ohhhh lucky
19:24 chris yep, meant i got to go see district 9 last night
19:31 chris was really good owen
19:32 chris and one of the few times nz gets a movie first :)
19:32 mason heya owen / chris
19:32 mason i just read bout d-9 last nite too
19:34 mason from a bunch of articles at
19:34 mason[…]e/17-08/pl_screen
19:34 chris_n heelo chris
19:39 mason /me waves at liz and chris_n too :)
19:47 pianohacker Hello, chris, mason, chris_n
19:48 wizzyrea mornin' mason
19:48 chris_n hey pianohacker
19:48 chris_n and mason
19:55 chris time to go catch my bus, chat wif ya's in about 40 mins
20:21 hdl_laptop mason hi
20:47 chris back
20:49 chris talk people!!
20:52 hdl_laptop hi
20:53 hdl_laptop hi nengard
20:53 nengard hi hdl_laptop
20:53 chris  <--- congrats brendan
20:54 chris hi hdl_laptop, you are awake late, and hola chica (nengard i read that on facebook :))
20:54 nengard chris that was probably a message between my carmencita :) he's my best bud and that's how she says hi to me and I say hola cita
20:56 brendan heya chris -- thanks
20:56 chris it was in your 3 nicknames :)
20:56 brendan just noticing a few typos right now -- good thing I did write it :)
20:57 wizzyrea[…]e=player_embedded
21:01 brendan whoops good thing I didn't write it -- (hence the silliness about typos) :)
21:02 chris :)
21:15 nengard hey chris or anyone - i just added some help files and created a patch - but i don't think the added files were in the patch - only the updated files
21:15 nengard what do i do to send new files as a patch?
21:15 chris make sure you do a git add
21:16 chris then git commit
21:16 chris then make your patch
21:16 chris git add newfile
21:16 nengard ahhhh
21:16 nengard so when i do the add do i need the full path for the file?
21:17 nengard example i created this file : /home/nce/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/pro​g/en/modules/help/labels/spinelabel-home.tmpl'
21:20 chris type git status
21:20 chris it will say
21:20 chris # Untracked files:
21:20 chris then a list of them
21:20 chris just cut and paste the one you want from that list
21:28 nengard gmcharlt i made a boo boo with that last patch
21:28 nengard i put the files in the wrong directory - i'm working on figuring out how to reverse my error and re-submit
21:28 gmcharlt nengard: ok
21:29 chris git mv might be your friend
21:31 chris its the updated help files one nicole?
21:31 chris or was there another one after that?
21:31 Jo morning all
21:32 nengard it's the udpated help files
21:32 nengard i put the files in the wrong directory
21:32 nengard chris - when i do git status - how the heck do i get out of it? I tried esc, ctrl+d, return
21:32 chris q
21:32 chris normally it drops you straight out
21:33 chris you could do
21:33 chris git mv /wrong/place/file /right/place/file
21:33 chris then send a follow up patch
21:34 nengard chris gmcharlt helped me - it wasn't the new files i did wrong - it was the updated help files - i put them in the wrong place overwriting good files - but i'm all a-ok now ;)
21:34 chris cool
21:38 nengard there - submitted right patch
21:38 nengard now time to eat
00:03 chris_n2 neat...
00:04 chris_n2 it really shows how badly IE renders
00:46 brendan is wondering if anyone has modified bulkmarcimport to pull the itemcallnumber from the 050 field instead of 952$o
00:46 brendan if so anybody got an example?
01:02 chris does 050 have subfields?
01:07 chris personally what i would do, is use marcedit to move/copy whats in 050 to 952$o
01:14 brendan that's a thought
01:14 brendan just copies to the first item ....  so I guess I need to use the RegEx in marcedit
01:15 brendan oh yeah -- its 050$a$b
02:22 chris_n g'evening koha
02:22 chris hiya chris_n
02:23 chris how was your thursday?
02:23 chris_n great!
02:23 chris good to hear :)
02:23 chris_n I'm just about finished the labels code
02:24 chris excellent
02:24 chris do you have a public git repo?
02:24 chris_n and I'm headed out for the weekend to take my wife to the Outer Banks for our last week anniversary :-)
02:24 chris_n yup
02:24 chris im all about adding remotes and playing with stuff
02:24 chris ohhh even better :)
02:24 chris_n[…]a.3.0.x;a=summary
02:25 chris awesome
02:25 chris_n I've modified the sql, but not yet created a "migration" script to port data across the table changes for an existing install
02:26 chris_n I've also yet to try an install from scratch, so be warned
02:26 chris_n next week I hope to do some testing in that direction and then migrate our production koha to the new code and let my catalogers hammer it for a few days
02:27 chris hmm is that clone-able ?
02:27 chris_n should be
02:28 chris_n afaict
02:28 chris_n did you have a problem cloning?
02:29 chris_n it is a bit unorthodox repo as I discovered after setting it up
02:29 chris yeah it takes a little while
02:29 chris hmm so what url should i use git:// ?
02:30 chris_n ahh git://
02:30 chris ta
02:30 chris i missed the pub bit
02:31 chris_n unfortunately the master is my dev branch...
02:31 chris_n I haven't had the time or inclination to fix it
02:31 chris yep
02:32 chris [chris@ubuntu koha.git{master}]$ git remote add foundations git://
02:32 chris [chris@ubuntu koha.git{master}]$ git fetch foundations
02:32 chris its just sitting there ...
02:33 chris_n hmmm
02:33 chris but don't spend time on this if you are heading out
02:33 chris_n no problem, I have until 0400 gmt
02:35 chris_n git protocol uses what port?
02:36 chris 9418
02:36 chris_n that's the problem
02:36 chris ahh
02:36 chris_n
02:36 chris firewall?
02:36 chris_n but not git
02:36 chris_n two
02:36 chris ah
02:36 chris cool ill switch it to http
02:36 chris_n I can setup a rule, but it will take a minute or two
02:37 chris_n http will be simpler for now... I'll make it a point to setup 9418 next week
02:40 chris_n you might want to fetch and rebase as I just pushed todays work up
02:41 chris_n cron usually does it @0600 gmt but I thought you might want to see the latest
02:41 chris ta
02:42 chris ah ha
02:42 chris
02:42 chris_n did it work for you?
02:42 chris nope, end up at gitweb
02:42 chris_n ?
02:43 chris_n wow, http clone seems to be broken here as well
02:44 chris_n git clone works fine from the back side
02:44 chris *nod*
02:44 chris_n am I missing something to allow http cloning?
02:44 chris im guessing so
02:44 chris_n cnighswonger@cnighswonger-lt:~$ git clone test.repo
02:44 chris_n Initialized empty Git repository in /home/cnighswonger/test.repo/.git/
02:44 chris_n error: File 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ([…]0000000000000000) corrupt
02:44 chris yeah
02:45 chris_n I'll work up a rule for the firewalls, bbiab
03:02 chris_n chris: does git have a protocol preference...  tcp or udp?
03:03 chris_n google seems to think both
03:03 chris i think tcp
03:06 chris_n chris: try git protocol now
03:11 chris yep working now
03:11 chris_n great
03:12 chris pianohacker uses github
03:12 chris i use it as a backup
03:15 chris there is gitorious also
03:38 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:38 Amit good morning #koha
03:38 brendan heya amit
03:39 chris_n hi Amit
03:39 Amit hi chris_n
04:13 chris_n off to bed... g'night koha
04:14 chris night chris_n
05:46 brendan goodnight #koha
06:59 kf good morning :)
07:00 kf chris: here?
07:42 chris am now
07:46 kf oh hi .)
07:48 kf translation questions .)
07:51 chris :)
08:17 Amit hi kf
08:25 kf hi Ami
08:25 kf t
09:16 kmkale hi all
09:38 Amit hi kmkale
09:55 gmcharlt good morning
09:57 Amit hi galen
09:58 chris hi kmkale and gmcharlt

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