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12:33 slef hdl_laptop: does hiddenbranch exist or has it got another name?
12:33 hdl_laptop dunnow.
12:34 slef shame. sounds like an interesting feature
12:34 hdl_laptop I read sthg about that.
12:34 hdl_laptop But I can't remember where.
12:35 hdl_laptop I think it was on the wiki.
12:36 slef not interesting
12:39 Amit hi slef
13:08 slef hi schuster
13:09 slef so, if I'm not using the circulation rules, can we attach attributes to patron categories, or can someone suggest another approach?
13:10 slef schuster, owen and anyone else who's come in since: I have some items that I don't want a certain category of users to view (let alone borrow).
13:27 hdl_laptop it should be independant from circulation rules.
13:29 owen Thanks hdl_laptop. Your command of English is superior to mine :)
13:34 hdl_laptop owen: ??? I donot think it was comprehension.
13:57 wizzyrea slef did you ever figure out a graceful way to solve your "group of patrons" issue?
13:57 wizzyrea because we have items that a similar paradigm could be applied to
13:57 wizzyrea (book club sets, for example))
13:58 jdavidb wizzyrea:  Was hoping to see you around...I've got a bug I'm about to squash, and wanted to see what you think of the way I'm gonna lick it..
13:59 jdavidb @bug 3260    
13:59 wizzyrea ok, you just made me laugh
13:59 munin jdavidb: Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3260 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Adding bcc to email notices
13:59 jdavidb Why so?  You've got good sense, which is more than I can say for m'self this morning.
13:59 wizzyrea hehe
13:59 jdavidb Ah.  While mine is offline, along with most-of-the-rest of my skull.
14:00 wizzyrea ok, hit me with your solution
14:00 jdavidb My thinking here is to add a syspref, and if the syspref is non-null, use that as an address in a BCC for everything processed by process_message_queue.
14:01 jdavidb This is a feature for librarians who have nothing better to do with their time than obsess over whether an email notice went out...Unfortunately, I have one for a customer.
14:02 wizzyrea so... would there be a way to digest them?
14:02 jdavidb No, that's not in this.  The request that I got, believe it or not, was to BCC each-and-every one.  Crazy talk, I know.
14:02 wizzyrea yea, I can see that would get really annoying for librarians (but they have to learn about filters sometime
14:03 wizzyrea you're talking single branch?
14:03 jdavidb Making a digest of them would be a bit more complex, but not amazingly so--could use a similar mechanism to how non-emailable ones are done.
14:03 jdavidb In this case, yes.
14:04 wizzyrea well, hm.
14:04 owen It's hard to see how this change would be very widely useful
14:05 wizzyrea in order to be helpful for us it would have to pull the branch specific email address
14:05 jdavidb The clever way to do it would be to digest, and then deal with whether IndyBranch is on, and split 'em off, if so.  
14:05 wizzyrea (and digested)
14:06 wizzyrea yea, but the quick n dirty way you're suggesting would definitely fix it for your client
14:06 wizzyrea and since it's a syspref it won't bother folks too much
14:07 wizzyrea well we haven't had anyone ask for that, BUT I do think it would be helpful information
14:08 jdavidb K.  I'm gonna solve this the quick-and-filthy way, then leave the ticket open for a more-robust answer later.
14:09 wizzyrea sounds like a plan. :)
14:10 jdavidb Thanks, wizzyrea; you're a gem.  I knew there was some niggling problem with what I was thinking, but couldn't put my thumb on it.
14:10 jdavidb wizzyrea++
15:19 slef wizzyrea: which one? :)
15:21 slef I'm going to be here and there a bit - it's too hot to work and I don't want to sweat into the peripherals
15:27 wizzyrea slef: "schuster, owen and anyone else who's come in since: I have some items that I don't want a certain category of users to view (let alone borrow)."
15:27 wizzyrea I wondered if you had found a solution for that, we can see a use for it here as well
16:04 slef wizzyrea: no. I'm likely to bodge it for now by exposing the borrower categorycode to the templates and testing in there. Do you know any funding for a long-term solution?
16:06 wizzyrea I don't... but you might put it out there and see if anybody grabs onto it
16:06 wizzyrea I can't say for sure, but it might be something NEKLS throws some bucks at
16:06 wizzyrea er, would throw. Monday morning English failure.
16:17 slef wizzyrea: oi, who are you calling a failure? ;-)
16:18 wizzyrea me :)
16:18 wizzyrea *sigh* English LANGUAGE failure.
16:18 wizzyrea specificity. I has it.
16:18 pianohacker en-US, not en-UK, slef :)
16:18 slef Ich hasse es
16:18 pianohacker Or is that en-GB ?
16:18 slef pianohacker: I didn't know the ukraine... drat
16:19 wizzyrea lul... Monday morning en-US language failure. *phew*
16:21 rhcl come on Liz, just speak American.
16:22 wizzyrea I do have a regionless US dialect. I'm from the midwest
16:22 wizzyrea :)
16:23 wizzyrea Eye Speek Amuricahn.
16:23 wizzyrea >.<
16:23 jdavidb whut meks yawl thank Texsuns tawk funny?
16:23 rhcl Is there a un-AM ? Maybe Armenian has that already?
16:24 rhcl sed s/en/un
16:24 pianohacker jdavidb: Mostly the fact that a good quarter of the people in my small Colorado town have a texan accent for no apparent reason
16:24 wizzyrea proximity.
16:25 jdavidb That wannabe redneck that got chased out of DC recently has the same disease, pianohacker.  He's no more Texan than he is Martian.
16:25 pianohacker I have read about his Yale education and whatnot, yes
16:25 jdavidb I got told in college *not* to take any foreign languages--I had enough trouble passing English.
16:25 rhcl He didn't get chased out, his quantum expired.
16:26 rhcl Compiler design class was really interesting way back when.
16:26 jdavidb rhcl:  He got chased out.  We on the National Mall that day were singing "Kiss Him Goodbye" as the chopper went away.
16:27 pianohacker Wow
16:27 rhcl Well my chopper is waiting to take me to install a telephone.
16:28 pianohacker rhcl: Parsing in general still is; one of the more mind-bending areas of computer science that you still have to deal with with any frequency
16:31 slef about schuster's marc export problem on koha-devel - why don't we just write tag$subtag?
16:52 gmcharlt slef: that syntax works for me
17:27 wizzyrea owen: you're right, I did say "home library" in my description... but after I wrote that I looked at all (that I could find) of the other labels, they were all "Library"
17:27 wizzyrea so went with that.
17:35 wizzyrea lol crap owen's away
17:48 thd gmcharlt, atz:  What features in Koha could currently be used by an experienced cataloguer to review the records created or imported by an inexperienced cataloguer before the records become visible to patrons?
17:49 gmcharlt OPAC suppression + lists
17:49 thd How are those invoked?
17:50 gmcharlt manually, for now
17:51 thd What are 'lists'?
17:51 indradg gmcharlt, any plans to make it a part of the regular accessioning workflow that can be defined through any "parameter" ?
17:52 gmcharlt thd: lists of bib records - see 'Lists' in staff-client menu in any 3.x database
17:52 schuster Question - slef and gmcharlt - MARC extraction - sorry I don't know perl well enough to understand "just write tag$subtag?"
17:52 thd thank you gmcharlt
17:53 slef schuster: as in at the moment you write 6509 for 650$9, right?
17:53 slef schuster: so would there be a problem writing simply 650$9?
17:53 schuster Yes but it still output the 650 with the $9.  So instead of 6509 try the 650$9 to see if it strips it off?
17:54 slef no, there is a bug (see email)
17:54 slef my fix wasn
17:54 slef my fix was also buggy
17:54 schuster OK just trying to figure out if there was a workaround or try and live with what we have for now.
17:54 slef what I was asking was: would you mind entering them as 650$9?
17:55 gmcharlt indradg: no specific plans that I know of
17:55 indradg gmcharlt, thanks
17:56 slef if not, try (\d*)\D?(\w) instead of (\d*)(\w) or (\d*?)(\w)
17:56 slef erm, wrong
17:56 schuster I wouldn't mind entering that in the extraction that way it actually made more sense to me.
17:56 slef (\d*)\D?(\w?)
17:56 slef I think I've finally got that right
17:57 schuster Slef that looks like you are swearing at me...  LOL sorry don't even know where that would start...  I'm an end user more than a programmer.
17:57 slef there's no workaround - it's a bug in the code
17:57 slef can you edit the tools/ file?
17:57 schuster I possibly could do that... let me check what I have.
18:04 schuster /^(\d*)\D?(\w?)?$/; should the second ? come out after the w? or am I on the wrong line?
18:04 slef take the ? out from immediately after the w
18:05 slef so it reads /^(\d*)\D?(\w)?$/;
18:05 slef then that should work if you enter subtags as 650$9
18:06 slef but still work if you enter a tag like 942 (which was the mistake with the one I emailed)
18:07 slef aside - Getting a lot of spammy followers on twitter today :(
18:16 schuster hmmm I exported 20 records and some got stripped others not.
18:17 schuster Only difference that I can see in the bibs are that the ones that didn't strip from first glance had a . "period" at the end of the heading and left the $9
18:17 schuster The one without the period stripped the $9.
18:27 wizzyrea slef: what *is*  your twitter?
18:27 gmcharlt wizzyrea: in case slef actually plans on going to bed, it's mjray
18:28 slef gmcharlt: it's 7 in the evening
18:29 wizzyrea gmcharlt: ty :)
18:29 slef wizzyrea: is more foss-friendly
18:29 slef ;-)
18:29 gmcharlt slef: bah, I should know better than to convert TZ in my head
18:29 slef do /ctcp nick time
18:30 slef but thanks for getting the username right
18:30 gmcharlt cool
18:30 slef I didn't manage to get mjray on facebook - by the time I woke up, all good variations had gone
18:30 slef I must set up redirects like I keep threatening
18:31 gmcharlt slef: e.g., ?
18:31 wizzyrea slef: that's great but no one I know uses that lol. And, I can't use tweetdeck with it :)
18:31 wizzyrea but I shall keep it in mind
18:31 slef gmcharlt: that sort of thing
18:31 thd gmcharlt: a default value could be set for 942 $n in some MARC frameworks which would make opac supprtession somewhat automatic.
18:32 slef wizzyrea: there's a few koha and evergreen hackers on them
18:32 thd gmcharlt: What value is required?
18:32 gmcharlt thd: 1
18:32 slef wizzyrea: does tweetdeck not support OpenMicroBlogging yet?
18:32 wizzyrea I don't think so
18:32 wizzyrea re: slef
18:32 gmcharlt thd: though I think that such defaults get applied only when using the bib editor, not when importing records
18:32 slef wizzyrea: there's a network of compatible sites... and then there's twitter
18:32 slef wizzyrea: twitter is the skype of microblogging :-/
18:33 wizzyrea slef: ha. interesting that twitter gets all of the attention... what is OMB missing that twitter has? (except a compelling name)
18:33 thd gmcharlt: Just as I had presumed.  and of course records would need to be filtered when importing.
18:34 thd s/when/before/
18:34 slef wizzyrea: being the first to get VC.  I think at least one of the OMB companies has investment now, though, so maybe it will change.
18:35 slef wizzyrea: eventually twitter will do an AOL and open up, I think.
18:35 wizzyrea slef: ah. OMB came before twitter or after?
18:35 wizzyrea <- was a latecomer to tweeting, kind of
18:35 slef wizzyrea: not sure. Both existed when I started, too.
18:36 wizzyrea slef: the first time I used twitter I created my account and it crashed 5 minutes later, LOL, it's a lot better now
18:37 slef wizzyrea: ah, the twitter fail whale, OMB's greatest recruiting sargeant :)
18:37 slef being able to use IM clients to update it is quite cool too :)
18:37 gmcharlt to say nothing of RoR's second-worst anti-example
18:38 wizzyrea slef: you can do that with twitter ^.^
18:38 wizzyrea slef: you are too fun to argue with
18:38 wizzyrea slef: i must stop
18:38 slef wizzyrea: twitter has no XMPP does it?
18:38 slef schuster: sorry, overlooked that.  rereading the
18:39 wizzyrea slef[…]ng-from-fire.html
18:39 slef schuster: I can't see any reason for that :-(
18:39 wizzyrea since july 08
18:40 slef wizzyrea: only a special real-time feed for services, not service for users
18:40 slef wizzyrea: unless I've misread it
18:41 wizzyrea slef: yea, idk, I'm not really a twitter expert
18:41 wizzyrea slef: I kind of use it sometimes (hehe) and I have enough distracting streams of input ^.^
18:56 schuster slef - /^(\d*)\D?(\w)?$/;  if I do this it strips the 9 out of the first 650 but leaves the rest..
19:17 slef schuster: hrm, looking again (sorry, was distracted by getting to inboxzero :) )
19:19 slef schuster: first 650 in the record or first 650 in the batch?
19:22 slef if first 650 in the record, I think I can see why... calls MARC::Record::field() which returns "just the first matching tag" if called in a scalar context
19:24 slef try replacing the line after "if( $subfield ) {" with "map { $_->delete_subfields($subfield); } ($record->field($field)); "
19:24 slef I'll be surprised and impressed with myself if that works.
19:29 schuster replace  if( $subfield ) { - the section that starts like this with what you have noted here?
19:29 thd slef, wizzyrea: have you tried ,, or Laconica, , in any form?
19:30 slef thd:
19:30 slef schuster: the line after that...
19:30 slef schuster: the line that included delete_subfields
19:31 slef schuster: with the map command I wrote above.
19:36 thd slef:  Very nice.   I have only recently started to appreciate some actually useful purposes for micro-blogging.
19:37 thd slef: Yours is a fine example.
19:37 chris im on identica too, the thing is it can post to twitter too wizzyrea
19:38 slef and facebook and probably other stuff if I configured it right
19:38 chris (like i just did)
19:40 gmcharlt morning, chris
19:44 gmcharlt hi moodaepo
19:45 wizzyrea all right, you win
19:45 wizzyrea
19:46 chris right, kahu feed and dressed, time for me to catch th ebus to work
19:46 chris bb in 40 mins or so
19:46 wizzyrea chris: have a lovely commute :)
19:46 chris its the only time i get to read books anymore :)
19:48 schuster Hmmm I probably did something wrong as it got  an error... near "" with "map"
19:48 schuster I'm going to restore my "old" version that I setup before I started playing with it.
19:51 moodaepo gmcharlt: hey
19:54 thd What free software solution exists to control user bandwidth allocation on an open wireless network using something like OpenWRT?
19:56 thd Would this not be a problem for libraries such as HLT, chris?
19:57 thd I have only found non-free implementations such as
20:09 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: working on facet search with zebra.
20:10 hdl_laptop I have a question about koha configuration file :
20:10 hdl_laptop it seems that have retrieval facility on prevent us from using zebra::facets
20:11 hdl_laptop elements.
20:11 hdl_laptop But I can see no reason why we should expose data in various formats internally.
20:12 hdl_laptop In my opinion, retrieval facilities should be on public servers, not on internal.
20:12 hdl_laptop Do you have any reason for that ?
20:14 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: as a first step, I don't think it's a big deal to expose zebra::facets
20:20 thd answering my own previous question:  the most recent versions of chillispot seem to have fixed user bandwidth problems.  
20:20 owen What is the use of the modification log if the contents look like "UPDATE borrowers SET firstname=?, gonenoaddress=?, categorycode=?, othernames=?, B_address=?, contactnote=?, dateofbirth=?, email=?, altcontactaddress2=?," etc.
20:21 thd s/bandwidth/bandwidth control/
20:24 hdl_laptop owen : good question indeed.
20:24 hdl_laptop should rather be a display of %$databorrower.
20:26 hdl_laptop logaction("MEMBERS", "MODIFY", $data{'borrowernumber'}, "$query (executed w/ arg: ".join (" ",@params).")")
20:26 hdl_laptop        if C4::Context->preference("BorrowersLog");
20:26 hdl_laptop like this
20:27 hdl_laptop can you test and send the patch pls ?
20:29 hdl_laptop mmm do we really need $query ? I think so... If we donot have this, then how can we use the values ?
20:29 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I think old values => new values as hash or JSON is fine
20:30 hdl_laptop ModMember doesnot know anything of "oldvalues".
20:31 hdl_laptop we can dump hash as json provided json is a requirement now for koha.
20:33 gmcharlt I don't think JSON is requirement per se
20:38 chris back
20:39 chris thd: you can do it by putting the wireless machines on a subnet
20:40 gmcharlt gmcharlt: but JSON or a Data::Dumper output would have the advantage of making action_log data actionable
20:40 chris then using your router to handle it
20:40 chris hlt run an openbsd box as their router/gateway
20:41 chris they also have the benefit of one of nz's networking guru's looking after said box
20:41 moodaepo thd:
20:47 chris hmm mono lib is persistent, send the same message twice a day
20:50 chris slef: still awake?
20:50 chris[…]95.html#a24249495
20:50 chris someone else wants your hidden records feature too
20:51 thd chris:  The firewall rules need to be carefully designed for the WiFi subnet.
20:52 chris yep
20:52 chris so the answer is, hlt have the skills to do it themselves, so dont use some other system
21:17 slef chris: yep. was at the beach.
21:18 slef chris: *$£*$(£*$( nabble and its javascript requirement
21:18 chris i can find it in the main archive if you want
21:18 slef got it at gmane
21:18 slef ta
21:20 slef seems to be only one article, no thread?
21:21 chris yep, just came through
21:21 slef serendipity
21:21 chris *nod*
21:31 thd moodaepo:  Coova appears not to have per user bandwidth control yet.
21:39 moodaepo thd: I really didn't look too hard : ) although it was suggested by  a colleague that with bandwidth control if there are no other users the few who are using it should be allowed to use it even if they go over.
21:40 thd moodaepo:  The problem is that a few high bandwidth service such as streaming media can spoil the fun for the rest of the users in the library.
21:41 thd oh let me write that correctly
21:41 thd moodaepo:  The problem is that a few users of high bandwidth service such as streaming media can spoil the fun for the rest of the users in the library.
21:46 moodaepo true true...but it would be nice if whatever system you find/setup it can make available an averaged amount of current bandwidth among current users at any given time, instead of 1000mb/hr or some preset rigid amount.
21:46 moodaepo thd: then you don't really care what type of traffic they are using keeping true to an open library mantra : )
21:47 chris hey there jo, sad day today eh
21:47 chris sad but nice too
21:48 thd moodaepo:  Exactly, I have been asked to provide an answer but I am not going to recommend restricting use of any particular services.
21:50 Jo Hiya Chris
21:50 Jo yep - sad but nice.
21:50 thd moodaepo:  ChilliFire may not really be very openly developed but it is in fact GPL and appears as if it would be an easy solution for a library to implement.
21:51 Jo She has been so happy for the last month - like a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.
21:52 Jo For those who don't know, Rosalie Blake, the librarian who championed and sponsored and made the decision to develop Koha is retiring today, after 30 years of service to public libraries.
21:52 thd chris: The developers of the ChilliFire version of ChilliSpot are based in NZ, .
21:53 moodaepo thd: yea I saw this comment "For non-commercial users Chillifire is free of charge; a non-commercial user is defined as a user with only one deployed router."
21:53 moodaepo here >[…]l-payment-gateway ||
21:55 thd moodaepo:  The software is freely available but if you provide fee based access to WiFi then there is a remote network service which charges fees for commercial use.
22:12 hdl_laptop slef: still around ?
22:12 hdl_laptop If yes then you might want to take a look at OpacSuppresion syspref
22:12 hdl_laptop and the OpacSuppression thread on koha-devel list.
22:14 hdl_laptop owen opac suppression can be a start for hiding some collection at OPAC is it not ?
22:14 hdl_laptop But it hides regardless of the borrower status or category
22:15 slef hdl_laptop: intermittently
22:16 hdl_laptop have you seen  ?
22:17 hdl_laptop I was wrong in the name.
22:17 slef yep
22:17 hdl_laptop But I knew something existed there.
22:17 slef I'll look at it.  Thanks!
22:17 hdl_laptop It really IS basic 0|1 but maybe it is enough for your needs.
22:19 hdl_laptop If it meets your requirements, or plan improvements you may want to tell Michal Leung
01:17 wizzyrea-home so who wants to explain (or point me to the explanation of) adding sysprefs?
01:18 chris right
01:18 chris there are a few things you need to do
01:18 chris the first one, is you can use the admin interface to add one to your test koha, then write the code to use it
01:18 chris thats phase 1
01:19 wizzyrea-home okies
01:19 chris once you have it working
01:19 chris or even before then
01:20 chris[…]%3Adbrevs%3Astart
01:20 chris you want to add it to this page
01:20 wizzyrea-home Ah, ok
01:21 wizzyrea-home in your opinion, what's a simple one that would be a decent example?
01:21 chris (anything that involves a database change, like a new syspref, will mean the version number needs to go up)
01:21 wizzyrea-home (I wondered how that worked)
01:22 wizzyrea-home I'm thinking of one that is kind of like the OPAC Nav syspref, a text entry box
01:22 chris when you are ready to submit your patch (ie you have your code written to use your new syspref)
01:22 chris there are a few files you need to change
01:23 chris is one, that needs to have the new version number
01:23 chris the next one is
01:24 chris installer/data/mysql/
01:24 wizzyrea-home slightly dumb question: what if your next number is already taken?
01:24 wizzyrea-home go up one more? or will it be fixed before inclusion?
01:24 chris galen will fix it before inclusion
01:24 wizzyrea-home ok i see
01:25 chris if he needs to
01:25 chris installer/data/mysql/en/mandatory/sysprefs.sql
01:25 chris will need to be edited too
01:25 wizzyrea-home ah to add the new syspref to the install, right?
01:25 chris *nod*
01:26 chris and finally
01:26 chris admin/
01:26 chris to tell it which tab to show the syspref under
01:27 wizzyrea-home ok I think I kind of see the framework, sort of
01:27 wizzyrea-home i'm sure I"ll hose lots of things working this out ^.^
01:27 chris the most important thing is to get the code actually using it going first
01:28 chris once you have that, we can talk you through updating hte rest of the things
01:28 wizzyrea-home yea, the rest is really more like frosting on the cake :P
01:28 wizzyrea-home important, but not so good if you don't have cake
01:29 wizzyrea-home er, maybe will... i'm a terrible nub.
01:29 chris heh
01:30 wizzyrea-home anyway, ty much for the explanation
01:30 chris no worries
01:31 chris when you get ready to do the kohaversion etc
01:31 chris jump on and we can talk you through it
01:31 wizzyrea-home k... it may be a while
01:32 wizzyrea-home <- a good cook but perlcake... a new recipe
01:32 chris its all good
01:32 wizzyrea-home that actually sounds kind of good.
01:32 chris it only gets easier
01:37 chris ok, gotta go grab something to eat, bbiab
03:17 Amit hi #koha morning
03:17 chris hi amit
03:17 Amit chris: my patch is not summit
03:17 chris not yet
03:18 Amit no
03:18 chris but it hasnt be rejected either, or you would have got email
03:18 chris can't stay away wizzyrea-home ?
03:18 Amit no i have not receive any mail
03:18 wizzyrea-home omg, no, I have serious kiwi love... 1s for link
03:18 Amit hi wizzyrea-home
03:18 wizzyrea-home[…]e=player_embedded
03:18 wizzyrea-home I lol
03:18 wizzyrea-home 'much
03:19 wizzyrea-home "Has there ever been a kiwi that has sounded mean or ominous? They're the most adorable English speakers in the world."
03:19 wizzyrea-home truth :)
03:19 chris hehe
03:20 Amit chris: my patch date is 30 june
03:20 Amit chris:[…]-June/003840.html
03:21 chris yes i saw it, it will be in the queue of ones for galen to check
03:21 Amit hmm i think date issue
03:21 Amit this is my system generated date
03:22 chris wizzyrea-home: seen this one?
03:23 wizzyrea-home do you know what I didn't even notice?
03:24 wizzyrea-home about the safety vid?
03:24 chris they werent wearing clothes?
03:24 wizzyrea-home (they aren't wearing many clothes)
03:24 chris there are a whole series of them
03:24 chris play on tv here
03:25 wizzyrea-home that is effing hilarious
03:25 wizzyrea-home this is me "hey, there's something funny about her behi... OMG!"
03:25 chris hehe
03:26 chris   <--- this one is a classic
03:26 wizzyrea-home omg falwell
03:26 wizzyrea-home *gag*
03:27 chris yeah, he got totally owned
03:28 wizzyrea-home that is brilliant lol
03:31 chris he was a pretty gifted speaker
03:32 wizzyrea-home wow pwnt
03:43 brendan heya amit
03:43 Amit heya brendan
03:43 brendan good evening chris, wizzyrea-home
03:49 wizzyrea-home heya brendan
03:50 Amit hi <wizzyrea-home>
03:50 wizzyrea-home yo yo :)
03:52 Amit yo yo means?
04:06 wizzyrea-home hi :)
04:06 wizzyrea-home or a small wooden object that goes up and down on a string, depending on your usage (it's a toy) but as I used it, it's slang for hi
04:09 Amit l
04:09 Amit hi sab
05:24 wizzyrea-home alright, gnite/g'day ttyl :)
06:15 ghghg hello
06:15 ghghg anyone who can answer my question regarding KOHA>?
06:16 ron ask. don't ask to ask.
06:16 ghghg okay
06:16 ghghg how can i setup KOHA in a webhost
06:17 ghghg since we were hosted
06:17 ghghg and it does not support installation
06:17 ghghg of external software
06:17 ron that depends on your hosting environment
06:17 ron but I'm guessing you're not going to have much success with that restriction
06:17 Amit hi ghghg
06:17 ron you'll likely need a vps
06:18 ron ah, amit is the guru
06:18 ghghg ah okay
06:18 Amit hi ron
06:18 ron howdy amit. over to you. :)
06:18 Amit k
06:18 Amit tell ghghg what is your problem
06:18 ghghg whoa!
06:19 ghghg so i guess that would be another story (the VPS)
06:20 ghghg it means there is nothing i can do with our present hosting service
06:20 ghghg huh!
06:20 Amit k
07:11 Amit hi kf, kivutar
07:11 Kivutar hello all :)
07:11 kf hi all :)
08:10 chris evening
08:40 ron howdy chris, how's life?
08:44 chris not too bad, how bout you?
08:46 ron all good
08:46 ron the install and config of koha for the prison went smoothly, once we went with the dev release
08:46 ron it'll go live tomorrow
08:47 paul_p hello ppl
08:48 paul_p chris: lomu won't just play in France. He will play in ... Marseille (3rd division)
08:49 chris yep :) they hope to get to 2nd division
08:50 paul_p +[…]-a-craque-276140/ => Bastareaud in psychiatric hospital
08:50 chris ron: w00t excellent news
08:50 chris paul_p: yes i saw that, very sad, i new something weird was happening, his story didnt make sense
08:51 chris s/new/knew/
08:53 chris paul_p: does the Marseille team play near your house?
08:53 chris but i think that was for football
08:53 paul_p chris: to say the truth => I don't know at all ! Marseille is a soccer city... noone is interested in Rugby.
08:53 chris *nod*
08:54 paul_p when France plays in the large stadium, supporters comes from south-west !
08:54 chris i think with lomu playing you might get some fans come to visit to see him play
08:54 chris he wont be anywhere near as good as 95
08:54 chris but in 3rd division ... i think he will still be pretty good
09:00 chris ohh 2 ex all blacks
09:00 chris isitola maka also
09:03 chris
09:06 chris and then an nz vs france test in marseille too
09:07 chris nz has never won in marseille
10:14 |Lupin| hello everybody !
11:26 Amit hi davi
11:29 davi hi Amit
11:29 gmcharlt hi Amit, davi
11:29 Amit hi galen
11:29 davi hi gmcharlt
11:29 Amit galen: i have summit patch but no response
11:29 davi s/gmcharlt/galen/g
11:30 gmcharlt Amit: I've been testing it - should have comments later today
11:31 Amit ok
11:32 Amit thanks
11:47 |Lupin| back
11:48 Amit hi Lupin
11:57 |Lupin| hi Amit

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