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12:04 ebegin what is the best git tutorial you ever read? :)
12:45 schuster Morning all!
12:46 jwagner Morning schuster!
13:12 hdl_laptop ebegin: about git....
13:12 hdl_laptop
13:12 ebegin great!  merci!
14:29 wizzyrea hdl: thanks for the git tips, and for the help a couple of days ago was just what I needed to know
14:51 rhcl Hi Paul
17:43 ebegin what are the differences between 3.00.01 stable, stable-update , .005?
17:44 gmcharlt hdl learning how to tag releases :)
17:44 gmcharlt seriously, v3.00.01-stable_update is the true tag for 3.0.1
17:45 gmcharlt v3.00.01.005 amounts to the beta for 3.0.1
17:45 gmcharlt v3.00.01-stable is essentially an oops
17:45 ebegin :)
17:46 ebegin thanks
17:57 pianohacker I wonder if there's a name for the feeling of discovering that 12-point Times New Roman is much smaller than 12-point DejaVu Serif when trying to hit three pages on an essay
18:08 gmcharlt pianohacker: use longer words
18:08 pianohacker heh
18:13 ebegin I'm looking for the page telling how to upgrade from a version to another when using the single install mode.  Is thatan existing page? :)
18:15 gmcharlt perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
18:15 gmcharlt make
18:15 gmcharlt make test
18:15 gmcharlt sudo make upgrade
18:16 ebegin thanks.  I'll try to find a place to write that down on the wiki...
18:17 ebegin I guess that it's the same for the standard install?
18:17 ebegin Is there any performance drawback when we use the dev mode?
18:18 atz ebegin: no, it's the same code
18:19 ebegin so their notsignificant hit incured by the symbolic links?
18:27 ebegin Does the upgrade process can go from 3.00.00 to the soon to come 3.00.02 or it is suggested to do the upgrades one after the other?
18:42 gmcharlt the upgrade should be able to handle 3.0.0 -> 3.0.2 directly
18:45 pianohacker brb
18:50 wizzyrea oh poor pianohacker
18:53 gmcharlt well, now that he's away, we can go ahead and talk about the *reams* of writing one has to do *after* one leaves school ;)
18:58 wizzyrea gmcharlt: *swoon* over the messaging stuff
18:58 wizzyrea just so you know, you won't get any hassles about it (in terms of if we find any bugs) until next week
18:58 wizzyrea there are a couple of template changes I might suggest/make, but so far <super awesome thumbs up>
18:58 gmcharlt you mean nobody is devoting their weekend to testing it? ;)
18:59 wizzyrea lol, it's the 'give poor gmcharlt a break from one small source of hassle for a couple of days' sentiment
19:47 chris morning
19:47 ebegin hi chris!
19:48 ebegin What a time to get out of bed.  It's mid afternoon over here :)
19:50 chris im not out of bed, im typing quietly on the laptop so as to not wake the rest of the family early on saturday morning :)
19:55 rhcl Hi Chris
20:08 thd Are any tables using authorised_value filled as part of the installation process?
20:11 ebegin Framework are using them
20:12 thd ebegin: yes, but for the frameworks to use them they must be populated
20:12 thd ebegin: What populates them on installation?
20:13 ebegin The default Framework is using authorized_value
20:14 thd ebegin: The authorised_value identifies a particular authorised value list.  How are the lists populated on installation?
20:18 ebegin They are populated by the auth_val.sql file located in the <koha_installer>/installer/data/mysql/en/optional dir
20:19 ebegin This file can be choosen or not during the web installer, one of the optional component
20:20 thd ebegin: Have you done any UNIMARC installations?
20:22 ebegin nope.  the unimarc version of this file should be in data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obligatoire/authorised_values.sql
20:22 ebegin well, the french one, though
20:23 thd ebegin: Yet there is no such file that I found in git
20:25 gmcharlt installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/marcflavour/unimar​c_lecture_pub/Obligatoire/framework_DEFAULT.sql
20:25 ebegin[…]ec275e00a;hb=HEAD
20:30 ebegin thd, note that this is in the installer, not the installed version.
20:33 thd gmcharlt, ebegin: thank you. There is nothing for authorised_values in  the unimarc_complet framework.
20:37 thd the unimarc_complet framework calls some authorised_value lists which are never populated unless the user adds them
20:37 thd fredericd: are you there?
20:39 ebegin thd: 995$o uses the ETAT authorised_value
20:40 fredericd thd: yes
20:40 thd fredericd: the unimarc_complet framework calls some authorised_value lists which are never populated unless the user adds them
20:40 fredericd I'm afraid you're correct
20:40 thd fredericd: We should fix that
20:41 fredericd UNIMARC frameword and linked data (authorised values) are not at the same level as MARC21 framrwork
20:42 thd I also noticed some value builder scripts which are not being called in any French UNIMARC framework
20:42 ebegin Aren't authorised_value added by by the Web Install, IF the user selects it?
20:42 thd ebegin: yes, but none are added for  unimarc_complet
20:43 fredericd ebegin: There is no .sql file for authorized values
20:43 fredericd You have to populate them by hand
20:44 gmcharlt fredericd: is that desired by your users for some reason?
20:45 thd fredericd: gmcharlt found that for unimarc_lecture_pub there is some code to add a few authorised value lists as part of the default bibliographic framework SQL file
20:45 fredericd gmcharlt: I wouldn't say that. We have to add those values for each installation. This could be seen has a feature for some authorized values list like ETAT (french version of NOTFORLOAN)
20:46 fredericd But for author function, it should be added to default installation
20:46 ebegin fredericd, there is one in my installer/data/mysql/fr-FR/1-Obligatoire directory...  weird... don't you have it? authorised_values.sql
20:47 thd gmcharlt: I think it reflected the thinking of paul at one time that configuration was largely a task for the librarian
20:47 thd gmcharlt: I do not think that paul believes that should be quite so true any longer
20:48 fredericd thd: You're correct.
20:49 fredericd /installer/data/mysql/en/marcflavour/unimarc is also obsolete and should be removed
20:49 gmcharlt as the number of Koha's config options grows, the need for well-chosen defaults increases
20:49 thd gmcharlt: actually, until mid 2006 the default French UNIMARC installation did much more for the user by default than MARC 21 but MARC 21 caught up
20:55 thd fredericd: does ETAT mean the 'state' of the loan?
20:59 ebegin thd, in the file, the different value of the ETAT are the same than the NOT_LOAN auth value of MARC
21:02 thd ebegin: In which file?
21:03 ebegin the authorised_value.sql file that, for an unknown reason, is on my machine but not in displayed in, even if I cloned it this morning... :-/
21:03 fredericd It's not populated by web installer.
21:04 fredericd Some fields in MARC21 framework have been linked to authorised value lists which have have no UNIMARC equivalent
21:05 fredericd I suppose that MARC21 'team' has introduced new item-level functionnalities without coordination with UNIMARC 'team'
21:06 chris i think the teams should play football and the winner becomes the ultimate MARC champion
21:06 ebegin Oh!  the authorised_value was removed sint 3.00.01 was released...  That why I have it
21:06 fredericd Those fields-authosied values: SUGGEST, LOST, CCODE, DAMAGED, WITHDRAWN, NOT_LOAN
21:07 ebegin s/sint/since
21:07 fredericd footbal vs soccer
21:07 fredericd I don't even know how to spell football
21:08 ebegin Try hockey, it's simpler :)
21:11 thd we need better coordination or documentation for programmers
21:12 chris both
21:12 chris always
21:12 chris for everything
21:12 chris :)
21:14 fredericd team spirit rather than individualism :)
21:14 fredericd good night!
21:15 chris have a good weekend fredericd
21:15 ebegin bye fred
21:19 thd good night fredericd
21:20 chris so heres a leftfield idea, the people have a neat idea where they run a partners/wives/husbands/kids programme alongside the conference programme
21:20 pianohacker That sounds interesting. What's involved?
21:20 chris i was thinking if we do do kohacon10 in NZ that we should organise the same kinda thing
21:21 wizzyrea chris: best idea ever
21:21 chris so that if you are gonna come all the way, bring the family
21:21 gmcharlt chris++
21:22 gmcharlt although my wife would just join the main program :)
21:22 chris that works too :)
21:22 gmcharlt btw, I just asked her, and she fully supports KohaCon10 in NZ :)
21:23 chris at 2006 in dunedin, they had organised things like buses to go visit the seal colony and albatross colony
21:23 chris those kinda things
21:23 wizzyrea for the record, so does Mr. Wizzyrea and Wizzyrea Jr.
21:23 wizzyrea though 18 hours on a plane with spud doesn't sound so appealing but I'd suffer through for NZ
21:24 chris hehe
21:24 chris the trick is timing the flight
21:24 chris the long one is la to auckland
21:24 chris 13 hours
21:24 brendan chris - I propose a bus trip to weta digital!
21:24 chris so try to get one thta takes off at round 7pm
21:25 chris then hopefully spud sleeps the flight
21:25 chris (its worked for us)
21:25 chris brendan: definitely, the weta cave would be on the list
21:25 wizzyrea b rendan ++
21:25 wizzyrea oh that's genius
21:25 brendan but then I wouldn't be at the conference - I'd be playing with golum
21:25 chris heh
21:27 chris[…]?event_id=5022809
21:27 chris there's usually something fun going on at the weta cave
21:27 chris ppl can do the walking tour of rivendell too, if they are lotr fans
21:28 brendan nice -- ok I already got my tickets and the bags are packed !
21:28 chris heh
21:30 wizzyrea LOL
21:32 chris http://www.penguinsvisiting.or[…]artners_programme
21:32 chris seeings i work with a bunch of people organising this
21:32 chris ill probably copy lots of their ideas :)
21:36 chris jo from hlt is keen to help out with organisational ideas, i might talk to her about us writing a proposal up
22:04 rhcl Weekend!
23:03 pianohacker 'night
09:48 chris hi hdl_laptop
09:48 hdl_laptop hi chris
11:20 eiro ok .. je vire la backup sauvage d'averroes sur descartes
11:20 eiro ca va soulager

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