IRC log for #koha, 2009-02-15

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11:16 kmkale hello all, I am just starting off with Marathi translation. This is the first time I am attempting a translation of anything. I have a few basic questions. Can some one help?
13:18 kmkale helo
14:01 gmcharlt kmkale: hello
14:05 kmkale I was looking for some help in getting started on translation
14:05 kmkale basic stuff for first time translator
14:05 gmcharlt right
14:05 gmcharlt starting point is going to
14:06 kmkale yes
14:06 kmkale i have registered and started off
14:06 kmkale did about 350 strings
14:07 kmkale one query is what happens to these translations when the next version comes along?
14:07 gmcharlt they'd get imported over
14:07 kmkale and marked as fuzzy?
14:07 gmcharlt yes
14:07 kmkale ok
14:08 kmkale now I am trying to use kbabel
14:08 gmcharlt I'd guess at least 50% of a 3.0 translation would carry over into 3.2 without modification, maybe more than that
14:09 kmkale one thing suggested in kbabel's intro is to use po databases from already translated apps and use that to do a rough translation
14:09 kmkale is this a good approch?
14:10 gmcharlt I'm no expert, but that sounds reasonable
14:10 gmcharlt depends on how well kbabel can do merges
14:11 kmkale I got the kde compodium for marathi and trying to use that but it seems way too slow
14:11 gmcharlt there is a lot of library-specific terminology though that may not be represented in other apps
14:11 kmkale true
14:11 kmkale so any tips n tricks to make it faster?
14:13 gmcharlt not really, chris may have some ideas when he's on
14:13 gmcharlt (chris is the translation manager)
14:14 kmkale does he use nick rangi in freenode?
14:15 gmcharlt yes
14:15 kmkale I met him there yesterday and he actually started me off
14:15 gmcharlt cool
14:15 kmkale so you can say these are 2nd day questions:)
14:15 gmcharlt :)
14:17 kmkale do i leave a msg/request for chris here that I would like to chat? is that acceptable behaviour?
14:17 gmcharlt sure, that's fine
14:17 gmcharlt we don't have a bot in channel that would deliver it to him
14:17 gmcharlt but I believe he reads scrollback regularly
14:18 kmkale right. not much traffic right now
14:18 kmkale any idea of his time zone?
14:18 gmcharlt he's in New Zealand
14:18 kmkale oh
17:25 kmkale chris: when you have a min can we chat about translation?
19:34 SelfishMan 8 hours left to go!
19:59 chris kmkale: im around now

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