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16:34 slef just saw p t fs talk. Cheeky. more detail later
16:39 ryan cheeky as in 'offensively bold' ?
16:41 paul_p google translate tells me "cheeky" as translation for "cheeky"... I can say it's not a french word, so if someone is OK to help me understanding what it means, i'll be thankfull ;-)
16:41 paul_p more helpfull...
16:43 paul_p mmm... nahuel thought PTFS was spelling pityfs !!!
16:43 paul_p lol
16:47 nahuel
16:48 atz nice copy/paste job there
16:48 paul_p mmm... everybody : remember that newlogbot logs everything ;-)
16:49 nahuel atz, what's these : ?
16:49 nahuel U.S. Government Section 508 <= what's this ?
16:49 atz nahuel: that looks like chris' blog
16:50 nahuel héhé ;) bad virtualhost
16:50 paul_p not really. It look like joe ransom blog (Bob & Jo blog)
16:50 paul_p chris is bigballofwax (link on the right)
16:50 paul_p russ rants is probably russel
16:51 paul_p or a DNS mistake
16:51 atz nahuel: 508 is tax law defining types of corporations, nonprofit entities, etc.
16:51 nahuel ok thanks
16:52 owen "Section 508 requires that Federal agencies' electronic and information technology is accessible to people with disabilities."
16:52 owen
16:52 nahuel ok for people that have handicap
17:10 cait own: does koha opac meet accessibility guidelines? there is a law in germany about public institutions and accessibility, so i made a note to ask you about it :)
17:37 owen cait: while I've made every effort to follow accessibility guidelines, I haven't done any kind of "audit" to check specific issues
17:56 slef need power! damn rail stations!
17:57 owen They're still perfecting AC-over-IRC technology unfortunately
18:27 atz nahuel: sorry, ignore me.... i was thinking of 501
19:37 chris yeah thats just badly configured apache
19:38 chris is the real site, bob did the corporate serials module for koha, so its sorta related :-)
19:39 ricardo Hi everyone!
19:41 RicM Question: is git avhrough
19:46 RicM
19:46 RicM /quit
20:37 atz that was odd...
20:38 chris heh
21:50 RicM Hi again!
21:50 pianohacker RicM: Hello
21:50 pianohacker What was your question about git?
21:51 RicM pianohacker: Ah! :)  I wanted to ask if it would be possible to allow access to git clients though the http protocol (besides the already activated git protocol)
21:52 chris ricM
21:52 chris there is a mirror at gitorious using http
21:52 RicM Hi Chris!
21:52 chris 2 secs
21:52 RicM chris: OK, thanks. Waiting
21:53 chris also one at repo
21:53 chris that one is better, ill just get hte url
21:54 RicM Cool  :)
21:54 RicM Found it.
21:54 RicM
21:54 RicM Right?
21:54 chris yep
21:55 chris its automagically synced
21:55 chris from
21:55 chris i use it for places where the firewall stops git://
21:55 RicM That's great!  :D  The last time I saw the they were NOT synched ( was a few days behind)
21:56 chris it lags slightly, but not a few days
21:56 RicM Some months ago, I think did lag a few days. But now indicates that the last refresh was today. OK, I'm "sold"!  :)
21:56 chris
21:57 chris that one requires me to keep it up to date
21:57 chris so it lags various amounts of time
21:57 chris but it has my cache branch and stuff (i use it for back up)
21:58 RicM OK, Chris. Thanks for that additional pointer!  :)
21:59 chris np
22:00 RicM I have been busy for the past two days setting up Koha in SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server). I managed to do it, but it was even HARDER than doing it for openSUSE
22:01 RicM chris: That's why you haven't heard from me yet in koha-translate@   :(
22:02 chris ahh no worries
22:04 RicM OK
22:18 mc hello world
22:19 RicM Hi mc!
22:29 cait good night :)
22:31 mc links to Z39.83 are broken on I just downloaded pdf files here:[…]roduct_id=1206225
22:32 mason mc++
22:33 mc thx mason
22:52 slef powered up but still travelling
22:56 slef wish they'd hurry up and let up board
22:56 slef oh it just drove off empty
22:57 slef how's everyone?
22:59 slef argh it's a pacer
23:01 slef I don't like it when they put railbuses on long distance
23:01 slef so much hacking I want to do, so little computing power available today
23:02 mc damned! i'm clueless ... anyone can tell me the relation between ncip and sip2? i understood that sip2 is used by ncip as authentification mechanism
23:02 slef ttfn
23:02 mc is it right ?
23:02 slef doubt it
23:03 slef but I'm on place to look it up just now
23:03 slef no place
23:03 mc me too. but i noticed that koha supports sip2 via openncip.
23:04 atz mc: i get sip2.  NCIP i don't really get.  
23:04 atz openncip is the implementation of the ILS abstraction layer
23:04 atz in practice Koha does not use it for ncip
23:04 slef same modules
23:05 atz in practice, Koha uses that abstraction layer for SIP2
23:05 slef the boundaries are fuzzy to me
23:05 atz basically Koha only really does SIP2 not NCIP and the rest are just confusing names
23:06 slef because I only use openncip with koha
23:06 mc ok
23:07 slef one stop before tunnel
23:07 slef will get at off then
23:07 slef cut off
23:07 slef phone irc fun
23:09 mc and sip2 is just a protocol to deal with ACSs that cames with its auth method
23:09 atz mc: actually it handles integration with broader clients.  
23:09 atz like PC reservation systems
23:09 slef stop gone. ttfn
23:09 RicM slef: Hi! How do you type that FAST when using a PHONE?! My mind boggles!  :-|
23:09 mc and koha can replace the 3MSelfCheck
23:10 slef t9 predictive text
23:10 atz mc: koha can replace SC's, but SC's can also do things like alarms, receive fine payments, etc.
23:10 RicM slef: OK :)  (and lots of user added entries to the "dictionary", by you, I'll bet!  ;-)
23:11 mc ok
23:12 mc i think i understood. so the SC contains all informations about borrowers, right ?
23:12 atz no, the SC is an ultrathin client
23:12 mc (or have to be connected to a system wich does)
23:12 mc oops!
23:13 atz right, it uses SIP to authenticate patrons, get info and transact on items
23:13 mc SC = clients , ACS = server ?
23:13 atz yeah, ACS is Koha in this case.
23:14 mc oohhh ... i got it now :) that's why i was clueless: i revert them all !
23:14 mc :-)
23:15 mc thx atz
23:15 atz np
23:15 mc have to sleep now!
23:15 RicM mc: OK Marc. Have a good night sleep!
23:16 mc have a good day, koha people. thanks RicM
23:17 mason sweet dreams, mc
23:55 ricardo Hi everyone. Just testing a connection through my shell with the web console

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