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13:56 danny top of the morning/afternoon to all ye' kohaers
13:59 paul_p hi danny.
14:00 danny hey paul_p, get any more snow or is it returning to normal?
14:06 paul_p danny : snow is an old history. we had snow for something like 36 hours, which is very very uncommon.
14:06 danny wow
14:06 paul_p last time we had snow for more than a few hours, it was 22 years ago !
14:07 paul_p the problem : a lot of trees broken. really a nightmare
14:07 paul_p as mediterannean trees don't like snow.
14:07 paul_p they are done to resist WIND (horizontal), not SNOW (vertical)
14:07 mc they should: snow is funny!
14:08 paul_p in the garden on my appartment, more than 50 trees are broken. patially or completly.
14:08 paul_p really a shame
14:08 mc oh!
14:08 mc that's sad! your garden was so peacefull and beautifull :(
14:09 danny oh yikes, that is sad
14:29 danny hey owen
14:30 owen Hi danny 'n' everyone
14:30 danny I had a question for ya while I was doing some work on another patch, let me find it..
14:34 danny it is for this commit
14:34 danny i saw that <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="GoogleJackets" --> was added around the greybox code
14:40 owen Weird, that's definitely wrong.
14:40 danny ah ok, I was just trying to figure out if I was missing something
14:41 owen The only question is if it should be <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="XSLTDetailsDisplay" --> instead, since only with XSLTDetailsDisplay on do you get the link for
14:41 owen I wonder if only works with MARC21?
14:42 owen paul_p, hdl_laptop, do you know?
14:43 hdl_laptop hi owen.
14:45 owen I'm not sure what audience is supposed to be for
14:45 owen Catalogers? Academics? Not public library patrons.
14:48 paul_p owen: works only in MARC21, we haven't done any XSLT yet
14:49 owen Okay, so it would be appropriate to wrap the greybox js in <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="XSLTDetailsDisplay" -->
14:51 owen I'll submit a patch this morning
14:56 danny thanks owen, ya the only time I see the opac using greybox code is in the MARC21slim2OPACDetail.xsl file
15:22 kf owen: i think i found an display problem in opac, when a serial issue is checked out. i made an example in one of the liblime demos: http://academic.demo.kohalibra[…]?biblionumber=686
15:24 owen kf, I've seen that problem before too but I'm not sure what the cause is
15:31 kf what should be in serial data and published? perhaps those fields are NULL
16:46 cait hello #koha
16:47 paul_p hello cait
16:47 paul_p ppl from germany are very present on this channel those days ;-)
16:47 paul_p (paul_p is in France)
17:11 liz oi she didn't stay long
17:12 paul_p ;-)
17:35 cait hello koha# again - i hate those standbymode
19:35 chris cait: if you are still awake i just emailed you
19:36 owen Hi chris
19:36 chris hi owen
19:37 owen I was just looking at notices...Looks like you can't set up notices for individual branches. I wonder how libraries with IndependentBranches turned on handle that?
19:37 cait thx chris
19:50 atz owen: you mean overdues or advanced ?
19:51 owen I guess I expected there to be a separate line in the "add notice" form to specify a branch
19:51 owen I guess you can pull branches.branchname etc. so that the notice shows the recipient how to contact their library
19:54 atz right
19:55 atz and you can schedule overdues job with --library to do just one branch if you want

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