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11:22 soul9 hi
12:56 hdl_laptop hi
13:32 kf hi hdl
13:38 danny good morning #koha
13:53 paul_p 'morning danny
13:54 paul_p (not really the morning here although ;-) )
14:08 hdl_laptop hi
14:08 hdl_laptop hi kf.
14:34 soul9 lg
15:25 soul9 feh
15:51 soul9 :-D :-D
15:51 soul9 i'm sorry, my irc client has a very weird focus behaviour
16:04 nahuel gmcharlt, can you way me why mail::sendmail was choosen ?
16:05 paul_p nahuel: not sure he can, as it's a old decision.
16:05 paul_p and I don't think there was a true reason
16:06 nahuel I think it's really bad, because koha should generate himself the mail... and for the moment, the sendbacket does not work with too large baskets
16:09 danny hmm no owen today?
16:30 atz nahuel: you need some module to find the local mailer for you
16:30 atz koha cannot count on having sendmail installed in the same place on every system
16:31 nahuel atz, ?
16:31 nahuel the error do not depend of the mailer
16:32 nahuel well I have to go, see you monday :)
16:32 nahuel I think I find the solution
16:32 gmcharlt nahuel: MIME::Lite may be a better alternative
16:33 gmcharlt although I wonder how many users can actually make anything of an attached MARC record in the first place
16:33 gmcharlt also, see[…]8adab85b680b3c191
16:34 gmcharlt there used to be a function in C4::Koha that handled exactly the sort of encoding that Joe discussed
16:34 gmcharlt was removed because disused
16:34 gmcharlt but could be put in again
18:47 rhcl woo hoo! My lime green Koha t-shirt just arrived in the mail.
19:44 liz hehehehe
19:45 liz oh sorry. autoBarcode... is it supposed to increment when adding items? I assumed this was how it worked but ours doesn't seem to work that way
19:45 atz liz: if it is set to "incremental", yes
19:46 atz but it breaks easily when people add "freestyle" barcodes
19:46 liz atz: can you define
19:46 liz freestyle barcodes?
19:46 atz all it does is take the MAX barcode and try to add 1 to it
19:46 liz i see, so if you normally just scan the barcode in
19:46 atz if somebody adds a barcode like LOST_BOOK_05
19:46 liz ic
19:46 atz then it fails b/c it can't add 1 to a string
19:47 atz unfortunately, this is all too common
19:47 liz makes sense... there is also the setting hbyymmincr, which presumably has the same issue?
19:47 atz yeah, what happens is ppl set to hbyymmincr and then try to set back to incremental
19:48 atz but they now have strings in their barcodes and effectively have broken incremental
19:48 liz oh neat
19:48 liz is there a way to "reset" it?
19:48 atz i wish hbyymmincr would go away and die.
19:48 liz lol tell us how you really feel
19:49 atz or at least carry a big warning like "thou shalt never return from the land of hbyymincr"
19:50 atz so the fix in any case is to figure out make sure the max barcode is a valid number
19:50 atz select barcode from items order by barcode desc LIMIT 20;
19:50 atz see what junk in the top 20 barcodes, for example
19:51 atz also sometimes ppl make all-whitespace barcodes which is even trickier
19:51 atz b/c they don't see anything wrong
19:51 liz >.< fail
19:52 liz so, if you WANT hbmmyyincr
19:52 atz then you are wrong.  
19:52 atz j/k
19:52 liz ah, at least you're honest
19:52 liz see, I don't think it would work in our system anyway
19:52 atz the main thing is that you can print arbitrary stuff on barcode *labels* including branch and date_added
19:53 atz they don't have to be *in* the barcode
19:53 liz because 99.999999 percent of the time they are scanning in the barcodes they are attaching to the items
19:53 liz not using koha to generate the barcodes
19:53 atz ah, that's good
19:53 atz you shouldn't have any trouble then
19:53 liz the only time this becomes an issue is when say, monthly they are adding magazines
19:54 liz and they don't want to "waste" a pennies cost barcode on the item
19:54 kados for those of you with too much spare time on your hands, the beta test period for ‡biblios has been extended until next Friday, and the Winter 09 Update has just been pushed out ... head over to to check it out
19:54 kados Winter 09 Release Notes:[…]ws/winter09update
19:54 liz and then they want it to increment hbmmyyincr
19:54 liz >.<
19:55 liz tyvm for the info atz
19:55 atz the way I think about it, the barcode is the one machine identifier on the item.  you should let the machine have it's one little identifier in perfect sacrosanct machine-speak.
19:56 atz np liz
20:29 liz ug, what's the syntax for finding all items with an empty itype?
20:30 liz er, mysql syntax >.<
20:31 liz brb colloquy update
20:32 liz back
20:34 mason heh, me updates from colloqy too ;)
20:34 mason select * from items where itype = '';
20:36 danny or where itype IS NULL
20:37 liz I did this in the reports module: SELECT items.homebranch,items.barco​de,items.itype,biblio.title FROM items WHERE items.itype IS NULL
20:37 liz and that gave an error
20:37 liz I don't have access to the mysql client :/
20:37 liz (hosted)
20:38 mason biblio.title is yr error
20:38 liz ah ty, I shall remove it
20:39 liz The following fatal error has occurred:
20:39 liz Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /home/neklstest/kohaclone/C4/Reports/ line 412.
20:39 liz urgle burgle
20:40 liz i removed all of the fluffy and just did *
20:40 liz and that gave me some results
20:40 liz ty
20:41 mason SELECT items.homebranch,items.barco​de,items.itype,biblio.title FROM items join biblio on (biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber )  WHERE items.itype IS ''
20:41 mason to get the title too..
20:49 liz man, ok, BMW for a moment... why can't I just put valid sql into the guided reports and have it work >.<
20:50 liz mason: that gives the same undefined value as array error
20:51 ryan liz: there are a couple patches that may not be applied for you that resolve some problems with export.
20:51 ryan liz:  don't put a semicolon in there.
20:51 mason heya ryan
20:51 mason yep
20:51 ryan hi mason
20:51 mason the sql itself is correct
20:52 liz sorry chums, i don't see any semicolons :/
20:53 mason cool, its not that then...
20:54 liz this works... I want to limit it by homebranch, or order it by homebranch
20:54 liz SELECT * FROM items WHERE items.itype IS NULL
20:54 ryan liz: double quotes are also bad
20:54 ryan but single quotes should work.
20:54 liz k, no double quotes either :/
20:56 ryan your exact query ?   select count(*) from items where itype=''  ?
20:57 ryan liz: oh, i see backreading now.
20:57 ryan you need a join on that query.
20:57 liz ahh
20:58 ryan FROM items JOIN biblio ON items.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber WHERE ...
21:22 liz man, i'm trying to learn to fish here, I really am... the guided reports create from sql doesn't like that either
21:22 liz i've tried it 20 ways from sunday
21:23 liz the only thing I can get to work is SELECT * FROM items WHERE items.itype IS NULL
21:23 liz if I add anything to it it dies
21:23 liz er, adding anything to it makes it die
21:29 kados liz: SELECT * from items WHERE items.itype IS NULL AND items.homebranch='NEKLS' AND items.homebranch='NEKLS2';
21:29 kados liz: you can also nest with ( ) if you need to
21:30 kados SELECT * from items WHERE items.itype IS NULL AND ( items.homebranch='NEKLS' OR items.homebranch='NEKLS2' );
21:30 kados (which is correct because the first query does an AND on something that only has one value, so it will result in no results
21:31 kados just showing it for syntax purposes
21:33 kados liz: btw: have you checked out ‡biblios yet?
21:34 liz kados: I will try that, thanks. I haven't had a chance to look at it and I know I really need to.
21:35 ryan liz: are you getting an error or are you just not getting results ?
21:36 ryan you should not get results on itype = '' .
21:38 liz i'm getting errors
21:38 liz I get the right kind of results with SELECT * FROM items WHERE items.itype IS NULL  
21:38 liz I just want to limit by holdingbranch
21:39 ryan liz: actually, expanding my window a bit and reading further back, it looks like mason and i both had errors in our syntaxes.
21:39 liz Actually it looks like kados got it
21:39 liz SELECT * from items WHERE items.itype IS NULL AND items.homebranch='NEKLS'
21:40 ryan for the title, add FROM items join biblio on (biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber )  WHERE items.itype IS NULL
21:44 liz SELECT FROM items join biblio on (biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber ) WHERE items.itype IS NULL AND items.homebranch='ATCHISON'
21:44 liz this fails with error
21:45 mason you need a mysql prompt liz
21:45 liz iknorite
21:45 liz :)
21:46 liz we're hosted though... just trying to save our support staff some overhead
21:46 mason ahh
21:47 mason well, even a local koha3 for playing on would help here..
21:48 liz truth, and easy enough to do really if I could get a copy of our data... may have to look into that
21:48 liz some other issues that might necessitate such a testing environment as well
21:49 liz er, wow, friday afternoon english suck there sorry... "there are some other issues that might necessitate such a testing environment as well"
21:50 mason girl this is IRC, we all type like monkeys on here ;)
21:50 liz lol wtfpwnt
21:50 SelfishMan heh...monkeys
21:50 mason or me do at least
21:51 liz hee me too
21:51 SelfishMan Wait, go back
21:51 SelfishMan It's Friday afternoon?
21:51 liz or saturday morning, depending
21:51 liz ^.^
21:52 liz ORLY
21:52 SelfishMan I thought today was Thursday
21:52 danny liz, do you have ftp access to the box?
21:52 danny your hosted box that is
21:52 liz only to the template
21:52 liz templates*
21:53 danny ah ok
21:57 danny i was gonna suggest you can use something like phpmyadmin (web based mysql client) but you'd need the server to have php installed
21:59 liz yea, even that would be a bonus
21:59 liz is a very good idea
22:04 liz SelfishMan: bad or good that you're a day behind?
22:05 SelfishMan Both and neither.  I'm early on one project and late for another
22:12 liz for those of you following the saga, this worked (finally):
22:12 liz SELECT * FROM items join biblio on (biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber ) WHERE items.itype IS NULL AND items.homebranch='WIlLIAMSBG'
22:12 liz and thank you all very much for your patience and assistance
22:13 liz i'll learn to fish yet
22:35 liz question: I'm looking at the pay fines interface, what is the Account Type there
22:35 liz ?
22:35 liz I see Account Type F, and account type FU, but we're not sure what that means exactly
22:35 liz (lol, FU)
22:38 mason FU = fines unpaid, i think..
22:39 liz well... all of the items have fines unpaid
22:39 liz maybe fines unreturned?
22:39 mason ah, much better
22:39 liz as in he still has the book?
22:39 liz if we figure it out I'll report back
22:44 liz We believe it's Fines unreturned
22:44 liz funny abbreviation though :)
22:45 atz liz: fines is ugly on the inside
22:46 atz wait a month or two for allens patch bomb to make it better
22:46 liz oh, so it stands for FINES UGLY
22:46 liz I truly value your unrelenting honesty, atz
22:47 atz it's funny your topics are all my pet kvetching issues
22:47 liz ^.^
22:48 ryan liz: btw, iirc from code comments, it's 'Fine Updating'.
22:48 mason ive a css Q for all..
22:48 ryan but, yes, it means it's still accruing charges.
22:48 mason <div> moo moo </div>
22:49 mason how to make text in an element not display?
22:49 ryan $().remove() ?
22:49 liz AH! ryan++
22:49 ryan jquery++
22:49 mason <div style="display:none;" > moo moo </div> ?
22:50 atz mason: right
22:50 atz or style="visibility:hidden;"
22:50 atz display none is the more common
22:51 mason ta, i had a typo..
22:51 mason thanks guys
22:57 liz everybody, thanks again for the help, have a good weekend
22:57 atz mason: for jquery, see also the $().hide, $().show and (most useful) $().toggle
22:57 atz ttyl, liz
09:24 chris hi cait
09:25 cait hi chris :)
09:27 chris ready for the weekend?
09:30 cait saturday morning here - definitely yes

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