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06:26 chris merry xmas nicomo
06:26 nicomo hi Chris
06:26 nicomo merry xmas to you and your family too
06:27 chris thank you
06:29 nicomo I was wondering : what's a summer xmas like?
06:30 chris often people have a barbeque for xmas
06:30 chris and there is lots of salads :)
06:30 chris but we usually still have turkey
06:31 chris another nz tradition is fresh cherries for christmas
06:32 chris and lots of berries
06:32 nicomo I like the fresh cherries part :-)
06:32 nicomo sounds like my kind of xmas
06:32 chris and usually today, (boxing day) people have a picnic
06:32 chris and eat all the leftovers
06:32 nicomo why is it call boxing day?
06:34 chris Boxing Day dates back to past centuries when it was the custom for the wealthy to give gifts to employees or to people in a lower social class, most especially to household servants and other service personnel.
06:35 nicomo ok. Actually in France we don't usually have turkey: that's considered "american" (don't know why)
06:36 chris ahh, how about ham?
06:37 nicomo we have : oysters + "foie gras" + main dish (can be many things) + cheese + a cake called "buche" (log), which is a chocolate and cream cake in the shape of a log
06:37 chris ohh sounds good to me :)
06:37 nicomo and wine, of course : white, rather dry with the oysters
06:38 nicomo white, rather sugary with the foie gras
06:38 nicomo red with dish
06:38 nicomo red with the cheese
06:38 nicomo and champagne with the cake
06:38 chris yum1
06:38 chris ! even
06:38 nicomo and then you generally just want to lie down
06:39 chris hehe yes
06:40 chris we had some reisling with dessert, but mostly beer with the mains
06:41 nicomo Reisling is good
06:42 chris often we have a methode tradationelle (cant usually afford real champagne :))
06:43 nicomo wel, my mother lives in Reims, which is the town were most Champagne companys are, right in the middle of the Champagne area : that helps a lot
06:46 chris that would help
06:53 chris we have some good sauvignon blanc in this area
07:08 nicomo often considering they can't learn anything from anyone about food and drink, the french tend to be late in opening up the stuff from the rest of the world, but we're beginning to see australiaa, south african, american, etc. wines here now. And good ones too.
07:10 chris its often the opposite here
07:11 chris people tend to assume if its nz made it wont be as good as overseas
07:11 chris but some of our wines, and olive oils, and beers are world class
07:13 chris a new french cafe has opened in the suburb i live in, im hoping to try it tomorrow :)
07:13 chris when i was in france for the kohacon, i think i had creme brulee every night
07:13 chris :)

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