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13:50 acmoore atz: you around yet?
13:56 hdl hi acmoore
13:58 hdl gmcharlt: some questions for you.
13:59 gmcharlt hdl: shootr
13:59 paul_p hi acmoore & gmcharlt
13:59 hdl 2 biblibrarians are coming for Code4Lib
13:59 gmcharlt hi paul_p
14:00 hdl arrival forecast on Friday
14:00 hdl Week end Koha Hackfest would still be possible for you or not ?
14:00 hdl "you"== LibLimers ?
14:01 gmcharlt hdl: for some of us
14:02 hdl If we are some devs and planners, it will be all right.
14:02 gmcharlt ok, I'll see who I can rustle up
14:02 hdl Is there still a hackfest after Koha Con ? If yes who is planned to attend that.
14:02 acmoore morning, guys.
14:03 gmcharlt I assume that the KohaCon hackfest is still on
14:04 hdl acmoor about your patch Bug 2505: turning on "warnings" incatalogue/
14:04 hdl This line is puzzling me :
14:04 hdl +    $template->param( "$_" => defined $dat->{$_} ? $dat->{$_} : '' );
14:05 hdl Can't we pass $dat directly and do a map
14:06 hdl in order to set undefined values to "" ?
14:06 hdl $template->param($dat)
14:06 hdl should then be enough.
14:08 hdl acmoore : sorry to bother you with such a little detail.
14:08 hdl gmcharlt: have you read ILS-DI ?
14:08 hdl Do you have short term plans on that ?
14:09 gmcharlt hdl: yes - short term plans are to noodle around with it
14:09 gmcharlt and in particular, get the OAI-PMH side of it running
14:09 hdl I can bring some pepper and basilic (pistou) for you :P
14:09 gmcharlt :)
14:12 acmoore hdl: perhaps that would work. I was trying to change as little as possible to avoid unexpected bugs. I think your proposal would require changing the template, right?
14:12 acmoore hdl: I'd be OK with that change.
14:12 hdl No.
14:13 acmoore aah. I see what you mean. yeah, I think that's better.
14:13 hdl template->param(%hash) is ok
14:13 acmoore I thought you were saying $template->param( dat => $dat ); which is a big change.
14:14 acmoore your recommendation is probably reasonale.
16:29 frederic hello
16:41 hdl gmcharlt: problem with branch 3.0.x
16:41 gmcharlt hdl: ?
16:41 hdl It seems not to be synched with gitosis.
16:42 hdl nahuel synched on
16:42 hdl But he has old version of code.
16:43 hdl And still, i can see on git web that all the commits I pushed were taken into account.
16:43 hdl Is there some trick ?
16:43 gmcharlt shouldn't be
16:47 hdl what does git branch --track mybranch do in git config files ?
16:53 gmcharlt hdl: produces this in .git/config
16:53 gmcharlt [branch "mmc"]
16:53 gmcharlt        remote = origin
16:53 gmcharlt        merge = refs/heads/mmc
17:06 acmoore atz: you around?
17:06 atz ?
17:07 acmoore I took a look at your patch to reogranize syspref tabs. Good one.
17:07 atz yeah, that was from friday last week.  
17:07 acmoore the "tabs" sub seems to have a caching ability in it. Is that for speed, or so that the applocation can change tabs around and have that change cached, or something?
17:08 atz yeah, i'm not sure if the use case will ever really come up (asking for tabs more than once)
17:08 atz but i didn't want to have to rebuild the gigantor hash
17:08 acmoore yeah. I guess that may be faster. OK.
17:08 atz so it is more insurance than anything
17:09 acmoore this is a new C4::Sysprefs module. Is that how you picture implementing it?
17:09 atz something like that
17:09 atz i'm not too attached to that namespace though
17:09 acmoore C4::Context has some things that seem sysprefish. Do you expect to put accessor and mutators for sysprefs in this package?
17:09 acmoore like C4::Context::preference
17:09 atz yeah, i think there is comment in the perldoc
17:10 acmoore oh, you expected me to read the docs.
17:10 acmoore there's your problem!
17:10 atz really this is not related to syspref *operation* at all
17:10 atz this is just a logical grouping for display
17:11 acmoore so, it looks like you don't intend for C4::Context::preference to be moved into this new package, then, right?
17:11 atz correct
17:12 acmoore that sounds reasonable. I think it's a great idea, but I wonder if we can change the name of the package. nitpicking, I know.
17:12 acmoore I don't have a better suggestion, though, I guess.
17:12 atz maybe I should have made it C4::Output::SysPrefTabs or something
17:12 acmoore sure.
17:12 acmoore I'm glad to see the upside-down arrangement replaced at some point. The current stuff is mind-bending.
17:14 atz hey, thx for turning out that intranetuserjs fix in updatedatabase
17:15 acmoore yup. I figured if I had to fix it manually one more time, I might as well do it for good. Is that how you pictured the fix?
17:16 gmcharlt paul_p: receive
17:16 paul_p thx
17:16 gmcharlt "I before E, except after C"
17:16 atz acmoore: pretty much exactly
17:17 acmoore atz: you don't think that anyone actually wants that particular value in their syspref, do you? I guess that the person who got it in there in the first place might, but I can't really track that down from git.
17:17 atz no, even the person who made it in the first place didn't finish it
17:17 atz as you can tell by the empty functions
17:17 atz so their *finished* version would not be hit by this update
17:18 acmoore good point.
17:19 acmoore Then, the other thing I don't really get is how to select database version numbers. if I got in line at[…]ment:dbrevs:start then I'd probably still be there for months.
17:20 acmoore I thought you were supposed to pick a number on that page right before you submit your patch, but some have been there since late summer.
17:20 acmoore so, I'm pretty sure I just took someone's spot in line. Then, do I put that on that page and push everyone else down? Maybe I just do that after it's been accepted.
17:21 gmcharlt acmoore: I'll take care of it when I push
17:21 gmcharlt your 009 does take somebody else's place
17:21 gmcharlt but I'll revise patch when I am ready to push it
17:21 acmoore gmcharlt: thanks. I know you will, but that's just because we don't have a better system, and I hate putting that on your plate.
17:22 gmcharlt acmoore: no worries - it's a small part of what I do with patch submissions anyway
17:22 acmoore the unsolvable problem.
19:08 ryan so are zebra index names case insensitive ?
19:09 ryan I just noticed
19:09 ryan ryansmac:zebradb rch$ grep Local-number zebra-biblios.cfg
19:09 ryan recordId: (bib1,Local-number)
19:09 ryan and
19:09 ryan ryansmac:zebradb rch$ grep -i Local-number marc_defs/marc21/biblios/record.abs
19:09 ryan melm 999$c      Local-Number:n,Local-Number:w,Local-Number:s
20:11 chris morning
20:14 ryan hi chris
20:15 chris id expect them to be case sensitive, but i dont know
20:47 frederic Case-insensitive
21:10 hdl frederic: ????
21:11 hdl From my experience, record.abs is MUCH case sensitive.
21:11 hdl If you have a bib1 With a case and use same word with a different case, then BOOM.
21:12 hdl Local-Number and Local-number is different when it comes to recordID
21:12 hdl I had a major problem once because of a different case.
21:13 hdl ryan : I think it is case sensitive.
21:13 hdl Or maybe frederic can tell us some magic command to set it case-insensitive.
21:14 frederic hdl: I just do a test with yaz-client before responding. My test may be wrong, I conceide... I've done a scan on 'Subject' and then on 'subject', and get same result.
21:14 hdl maybe from yaz-client.
21:15 frederic scan @attr 1=subject a
21:15 frederic scan @attr 1=Subject a
21:15 hdl But as far as zebra configuration, record.abs, and bib1  seem case sensitive.
21:17 ryan well, i think i should consider this a bug; indexdata could 'fix' the case-insensitivity at any time, and break searching.
21:17 hdl frederic : you're right from yaz-client, case insensitive.
21:17 hdl ryan ++ you're a wise man ....
21:18 hdl Maybe we could ask zebralist for that.
21:18 hdl Maybe also z3950 protocol IS case insensitive.
21:19 ryan would be good to have a definitive answer... indexdata isn't always best known for documentation :)
21:20 chris heh
21:21 frederic If Zebra config is case sensitive and search is not, it means that searches are tried with all possible lower-upper case combinations?...
21:21 frederic for index names
21:27 hdl ryan : koha-zebra and zebralists are there for that purpose. Moreover LL paid for support, so i guess you could use that
05:12 Lib hi

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