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12:16 SelfishMan any tips for getting the shelf browser working?
12:38 SelfishMan Ignore that, I figured it out.  Now to get 'Editions' working
16:29 myconid What platform is best suited for Koha installation?
17:01 gmcharlt myconid: I recommend Debian
17:05 myconid I seem to be having perl issues w/ Debian.
17:05 myconid Whilist trying to install Koha 3
20:34 dressedinvalue Hello
20:34 chris hi
20:34 myconid hai
20:34 dressedinvalue This is the first time I've ever used IRC, and I grew up around computers and the internet! ha
20:35 dressedinvalue haha
20:35 dressedinvalue Well, I was hoping I might find someone to help me; to guide me in the right direction
20:36 dressedinvalue I want to install Koha on a remote VPS, but I am not too handy with the terminal, and I need to install Zebra
20:36 myconid You probably need to install quite a few things.
20:36 dressedinvalue Per the req's, I have everything except Zebra (prior to installing the actual Koha software)
20:37 chris what distro is your vps?
20:37 dressedinvalue I have a MediaTemple Dedicated Virtual server
20:37 dressedinvalue CentOS
20:37 chris ahh so rpm based
20:37 chris you might be able to find an rpm on the indexdata site
20:37 chris ill just have a quick look
20:37 dressedinvalue What is rpm?
20:37 dressedinvalue (Sorry, I am not the hippest to the server lingo)
20:38 myconid redhat package management .. how you install prepacked softwaer..
20:38 dressedinvalue I see
20:38 chris its they way that fedora, redhat, centos and quick a few others manage software
20:38 myconid Debian uses .deb, etc.. everyone has to be fscking different
20:38 dressedinvalue haha, yes they do
20:38 myconid What release of Koha are you working with?
20:39 dressedinvalue The joys of freedom and capitalism
20:39 dressedinvalue I am new to Koha, so I will install 3.0
20:39 myconid your kicking my butt then :( i cant even get all the perl modules installed correctly.
20:39 chris
20:39 chris not sure if those will work with CentOS tho, if not, youll have to do a source install
20:40 chris which is pretty much downloading[…]bra-2.0.34.tar.gz
20:40 chris untarring
20:40 chris and following hte install instructions that come with it
20:40 dressedinvalue Where do I untar?
20:40 chris just in your home directory
20:41 chris (on the server)
20:41 chris then you cd into the untarred directory
20:41 chris run ./configure
20:41 chris and that will moan if you have missing dependencies
20:41 dressedinvalue Sorry, this is only slightly, slightly confusing. Home directory for the domain? Or home home home, like a higher-up dir?
20:42 dressedinvalue hahaha
20:42 dressedinvalue Dangit
20:42 dressedinvalue I am trying to learn, really.
20:42 chris it doesnt actually matter, thats just where you are uncompressing it
20:42 chris not installing it
20:42 dressedinvalue And it will install where it needs to install, automatically?
20:42 chris you are familiar with zip on windows?
20:42 chris you are just unzipping
20:43 dressedinvalue Sure. I've been extracting things remotely lately
20:43 dressedinvalue I've come to really appreciate it
20:43 chris yes, you run ./configure (in the uncompressed dir)
20:43 chris and that will set up the install paths
20:43 chris and if it is happy (doesnt say you are missing other software)
20:43 chris then make
20:43 chris and make install
20:43 chris (make install will need to be run as root)
20:43 chris will finish the install
20:44 dressedinvalue Do I read correctly: "make" and then "make install"?
20:44 chris yep
20:44 chris but only after you have run ./configure
20:44 chris and it has successfully completed
20:44 dressedinvalue Ok. I have to activate root access on the server, which made me nervous when I read about it yesterday
20:45 chris you dont need root until the very last step
20:47 dressedinvalue Okay, I just activated root access on the server. I feel dangerous! Now…
20:48 chris yeah dont do the rest as root
20:48 chris only the make install
20:48 dressedinvalue idzebra-2.0-2.0.32-1.i386.rpm ?
20:48 dressedinvalue Or the one that you linked?
20:48 chris thats the rpm its for fedora, so i dont know if it will work with centos
20:49 dressedinvalue So I should just use the tar.gz you linked, and untar that and follow the rest of your directions?
20:49 chris yep, there is a README file in there
20:49 chris if you get lost
20:49 dressedinvalue Excellent, thank you so much for helping me
20:49 chris np
20:55 dressedinvalue Of course, I am missing some things
20:55 chris *nod*
20:55 dressedinvalue gcc, cc, cl.exe, "no acceptable C compiler…"
20:56 chris ouch
20:56 dressedinvalue That bad, eh?
20:56 chris id email the support guys for your VPS and say, you need to insall Zebra, but there is no C compiler, how would they recommend you do it
20:56 dressedinvalue Ok, will do
21:05 myconid there isnt a RPM?
21:06 chris there is one for fedora 9 which may or may not work
22:31 dressedinvalue Chris
22:32 chris yep?
22:33 dressedinvalue I have communicated with my VPS support folks, and they said I can activate/install Developer's Tools:[…]s+package+listing.
22:33 dressedinvalue But I don't understand how that helps
22:33 chris presumably it gives you a c compiler
22:33 dressedinvalue I suppose so
22:33 chris ah yes
22:33 chris gcc-4.1.2-14.el5
22:33 dressedinvalue Ohh, I see
22:35 dressedinvalue So, if I install Developer's Tools, than I effectively opt out of their Update Option Program, which keeps the server software up to date. I wouldn't mind if I knew more about what I am doing with the server
22:35 chris is that the only way they suggest to install zebra?
22:35 dressedinvalue Decisions, decisions… I hope Koha would be worth it
22:35 dressedinvalue Yeah
22:35 chris it might be worth asking if a fedora rpm would work
22:36 dressedinvalue I will ask, thanks for that advice
23:05 myconid They assume if you install devtools you will probably be installing custom versions of apache, etc.
23:08 myconid dressedinvalue: do you do other things on this vps?
23:08 dressedinvalue I have other websites hosted on it
23:08 myconid Why are you installing Koha onto it?
23:09 dressedinvalue Church library
23:09 dressedinvalue I have been looking into different OPACs or ILSs and Koha seemed like the best
23:10 dressedinvalue Scriblio sounded like a good idea, but didn't make any sense after I installed it
23:10 myconid heh... im friends with the develoepr :)
23:10 dressedinvalue haha
23:10 myconid but I dont think its meant to be a full blown ils.. but i dunno
23:10 dressedinvalue The documentation describes how to use WordPress, not how to use Scriblio
23:11 dressedinvalue No, I realized it's just an OPAC, so there is no borrower-management
23:13 dressedinvalue looked nice but it looked more complicated than Koha, and I think it left me with the same problem as Scriblio
23:14 dressedinvalue I'm too used to simple CMSs like WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Textpattern, etc
23:28 dressedinvalue Here's what MediaTemple said: A Fedora RPM might work as RPMs are the standard packaging system used by CentOS. However it would depend on the RPM specific configuration to guarantee success. I would suggest checking the CentOS website or the software maker and get specifics.
01:27 myconid How do I pick unimarc v. marc21? :)
02:00 Jo
07:53 chris hdl: are you about?
07:59 mason heya chris
07:59 mason the biblibrians should be about v. soon..
08:00 mason late night ?
09:14 chris back

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