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14:08 SelfishMan What is the preferred marc record format for multiple copies of the same book when bulk importing?
14:13 kf multiple records = multiple items? i did it with repeated 952, i think when using bulkmarcimport you will get duplicates otherwise
14:14 SelfishMan I tried repeated 952s but it didn't seem to work
14:14 SelfishMan Hmm...
14:16 kf imported no items at all?
14:17 SelfishMan It imported the first item
14:17 SelfishMan and only the first itme
14:18 kf hm
14:19 kf mom
14:20 kf searching for an example
14:21 gmcharlt SelfishMan: it should be repeated 952s
14:21 gmcharlt can you pastebin an example record?
14:25 SelfishMan I'll try to pastebin one when I regain access to the server.  We're already having power outages from the wind this morning
14:26 kf =952  \\$p99934085$aZF$g0$oQV1Z:115$bZF$cZeF$yZS$xnv
14:26 kf =952  \\$p99938407$aZF$g0$oQV1Z:115$bZF$cZeF$yZS$xnv
14:26 kf this one worked in my case, but fields are a bit cryptic
14:26 SelfishMan OK, I just need to say that MARC records are nasty little buggers
14:27 SelfishMan Thanks for the info.  I'm learning things about MARC records that I never wanted to know!
14:27 kf me too :)
14:28 gmcharlt SelfishMan: would you mind if I added your statement about MARC records to the quotes database used by :)
14:28 SelfishMan What scares me is the task ahead of normalizing the old marc records.  People can't spell and we have over 150 variations of "Main Library" that are going to have to be dealt with.  Easy enough with a perl script but still annoying.
14:28 SelfishMan gmcharlt: Go for it
14:29 SelfishMan My experience with them is that they are the wrong answer to a bad question but then again libraries tend to be behind the times
14:30 gmcharlt SelfishMan: thanks!

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