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11:32 soroush Hello!
11:32 soroush Can you help me understand a problem I have?
11:33 soroush Search (with Zebra) works on the Intranet interface, but not the opac interface.
11:33 soroush This only happens if I upgrade the database from Koha 2.2 to Koha 3, using the guide on the wiki.
11:33 soroush otherwise, search works on a clean database.
11:34 hdl hidelostitems is set.
11:34 soroush I can't see where the problem is. Maybe someone can put me in the right direction?
11:34 soroush hi hdl.
11:35 soroush where can I find 'hidelostitems'?
11:35 hdl Or you have some queryFuzzy or QueryWeightfields in system preferences that blocks search from succeeding.
11:35 hdl Administration>System Preferences
11:35 soroush right. Let me check that, and the queryFuzzy...
11:36 hdl hi soroush
11:37 soroush ok. I turned 'hidelostitems' OFF, and I'm getting results now in OPAC!
11:38 soroush Thanks hdl! I've been stuck on this for a week now!Would that be a problem/bug with Koha? Or is that supposed to work that way?
11:39 hdl mmmm....
11:39 hdl Let me explain to you
11:39 hdl hide lost items is set to hide lost items at OPAC to users.
11:39 hdl So far so good.
11:40 soroush yup
11:40 hdl But you have to have at least one non NULL value for LOST items in your subfield.
11:40 hdl So
11:40 hdl Have a LOST authorised value list defined.
11:41 hdl a subfield linked to items.itemlost
11:41 hdl and to LOST authorised values.
11:41 hdl And items with correct data.
11:41 soroush right... I see!
11:41 hdl And, last but not least, marc data and marcdata indexed correctly.
11:42 soroush I'll see how it is in my preferences...
11:42 hdl More Over LOST should have only numerical values !!!
11:44 soroush ok, I have item.itemslost mapped to 952$1.
11:44 soroush (that should be items.itemlost)
12:13 soroush ok... I have items.itemlost linked to 952$1. I have created two authorised values for LOST. I've linked those authorised values to 952$1 as well.
12:14 soroush Do I have to update the existing records' lost status?
12:48 soroush I updated a couple of items manually. They now show a 'Item Status (lost)' column for the items (but blank, as the item is not lost)
12:48 soroush But they don't show in the opac search.
14:03 danny hello #koha
14:07 owen Hi danny
16:07 owen Would anyone else like to comment on this proposed solution:[…]pac-detail-2.html to Bug 2713 ([…]_bug.cgi?id=2713)
16:30 gmcharlt owen: I like it
16:30 gmcharlt only quibble is that "Similar" seems lacking as a heading for that tab
16:30 owen Yeah, I agree... but I'm not sure what's better (while remaining brief)
16:33 gmcharlt Serendipity?
16:33 gmcharlt :)
16:34 gmcharlt it would be more work, but I could see combining the editions and related bibs stuff under one tab
16:35 owen I wondered about that too
18:08 owen gmcharlt: Is "related" better than "similar?"
18:35 gmcharlt owen: I prefer it, but I've been infected with libraryspeak
18:36 hdl hehe sane disease when you speak with librarians.
18:36 hdl ,)
19:06 owen Anyone know what the 'advance notice' option under patron messaging does?
19:09 gmcharlt owen: courtesy notices to patrons before their loan is due
19:10 owen Since 'Upcoming Events' and the RSS options don't work, shouldn't they be commented out in the template?
10:18 Amit hi mason

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