IRC log for #koha, 2008-10-14

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12:04 Amit hi hdl
12:06 gmcharlt hi Amit, hdl, #koha
12:06 Amit hi gmcharlt sir
12:06 Amit how r u
12:06 paul_koha hi gmcharlt. welcome back here ;-)
12:06 gmcharlt fine; just completed my move to Florida
12:06 gmcharlt hi paul_koha
12:06 Amit so u shifted
12:07 Amit to florida
12:07 gmcharlt yep; from Chicago
12:07 Amit ok
12:07 Amit after long time
12:09 paul gmcharlt: chicago => Florida is a big move ! I hope you'll find friends quickly here !
12:09 paul (you'll get hurricane at least...)
12:10 Amit hi paul
12:10 gmcharlt paul: we've already made friends with one of my wife's colleagues, so that's going well
12:12 Amit
12:12 Amit check this one gmcharlt
12:14 gmcharlt Amit: thanks
12:15 Amit k
12:15 Amit
12:15 Amit nice florida
12:16 Amit
12:16 Amit
12:16 Amit http://peoplesbudget.state.fl.[…]ovpriorities.aspx
12:17 Amit check this also gmcharlt
12:25 gmcharlt Amit: thanks again
20:59 nengard [15:55]  <nengard> hi guys, training done for today - but i have a question
20:59 nengard [15:55]  <nengard> the finesmode system pref - why is it OFF or email a report? why does the admin want an email report?
21:17 chris to know that the job ran ok, and fines were placed?
23:20 kados and also to get notification for the patrons that don't have emails
00:34 atz kados: she's asking about the finesmode syspref,
00:35 atz the address(es) for email-less patrons are handled elsewhere
05:06 Amit hi #koha
05:06 Amit hi mason
06:46 mason morning amit

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