IRC log for #koha, 2008-10-01

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11:36 Amit hi js
11:37 js hi
12:46 owen Congratulations on your launch, Amit
12:46 Amit hi owen
12:46 Amit thanx
12:52 gmcharlt Amit: congratulations
12:52 Amit thank u sir i m waiting from your side
12:52 owen I wonder if it would be possible to link the list of imported records on to the bib record that was created?
12:54 gmcharlt owen: that would be easy to do - the link is stored anyway once the batch is comitted
12:55 hdl Amit: what are you waiting from our side ?
12:56 hdl gmcharlt: hi
12:56 hdl howdy ?
12:56 gmcharlt hi hdl
12:56 hdl any news from a gitosis repository ?
12:56 gmcharlt hdl: don't worry, will squeeze it in this week
12:56 gmcharlt I'm moving house this week
12:57 hdl oh...
12:57 hdl Tough job.
12:57 hdl Moving far away ?
12:57 Amit congratulations from liblime
12:57 Amit this i m saying
13:00 rhcl Amit: "15 lakh books". How many is "lakh"?
13:01 gmcharlt hdl: about 1000 miles - to Gainesville, Florida
13:01 owen Wow, gmcharlt!
13:01 owen I guess I won't look you up next time I'm in Chicago ;)
13:02 Amit rhcl: 1500000 books
13:05 Amit rhcl 15 lakh books means 1500000 books
13:08 paul gmcharlt: you're moving your house about 1000 miles ? really ?
13:08 paul mine is hardly attached to the ground and couldn't even move a cm !
13:08 rhcl Amit: OK, thanks. Congrats on the Delhi work
13:09 Amit thanx rhcl
13:11 rhcl Paul: that kind of house is what you need for a hurricane area like Florida!
13:11 Amit hdl
13:11 Amit r u there
13:12 Amit u say what are u waiting
13:12 Amit ??
13:13 hdl yes : you told I am from your side.
13:14 Amit no i m saying i m waiting response from liblime
13:14 Amit gmcharlt from liblime
13:15 Amit this i m saying
13:15 owen Amit, what response are you waiting for?
13:15 Amit i m waiting for congratulations response
13:16 Amit because liblime is great company
13:16 gmcharlt Amit: I don't understand, I did congratulate you
13:17 Amit ok leave this matter sir but thanks
13:19 acmoore hi Amit. your work has been impressive. It's exciting to see!
13:20 Amit hi acmoore thanks
13:24 Amit i think this is first implementation on RPM based linux Centos-5.2
13:25 Amit searching with zebra
15:04 liz atz, would it be possible to tell the SIP connection to ignore hold status?
15:04 liz sip server, I m ean
15:04 liz mean
15:05 atz liz: i think I described in the ticket that no, there would be bad effects from doing that
15:05 liz k
15:05 liz ty
15:05 atz like the rest of the hold queue wouldn't process
15:05 liz ha, ya that would be bad
15:06 liz someone here proposed that, holds not working is a pretty compelling reason not to request that
15:06 liz :P
15:07 liz Thanks
16:52 liz I read in one of the bug reports about a web self check module, is there anywhere to demo that?
17:04 owen Hi liz
17:04 liz hey owen :)
17:05 owen You should be able to find the self checkout module at your-opac-domain/cgi-bin/koha/sco/
17:05 owen At least that's where it is on my test installation
17:08 liz-nekls oh bitchin... lol sorry stepped away from my computer for a moment there
17:09 owen The self checkout is very neglected. It doesn't have a real template, and I don' t know if it's been really thoroughly tested in 3.0
17:33 liz-nekls indeed, it doesn't seem to work but it *is* there
18:42 liz so very quiet today
18:43 ryan liz: the web-based self check does work, but requires you log in as a staff user first with circ permissions.
18:44 liz right, we figured that out... still chokes on items that are checked out to another user, I didn't write down the error but it was not an expected one, something with a C4 module
18:44 liz i'm only looking at it because maybe we can use it for some kind of workaround for our SIP problem
18:44 liz ...maybe
21:14 chris wcw
21:15 chris hmm, lost control of the keyboard .. must be coffee time
21:15 hdl hi chris
21:16 chris hi hdl :)
04:33 Amit hi everyone
04:33 Amit good morning mason
04:33 mason morning amit
04:38 Amit[…]8524472-hold.html
06:08 Amit hi acmoore
06:17 Amit hi all one plz check this link[…]0-td19754323.html
06:24 nicomo hi Amit
06:24 Amit hi nicomo
06:25 nicomo is this press release available on h web somewhere (somewhere else than the mailing list?)
06:26 Amit nicomo: on oct 2 this will be publish on news paper
06:26 Amit[…]8524472-hold.html
06:26 Amit see this alos
06:26 Amit also
06:29 nicomo ok, thanks
06:35 Amit have u checked nicomo;)
06:35 nicomo yes I have, thanks
06:36 Amit ok
06:36 nicomo and congrats on the project
06:36 Amit thanx
06:36 Amit dpl koha on centos linux
06:36 Amit this is the first nicomo ;)
08:58 johnny re
09:21 Amit hi johnny
09:39 johnny hey

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