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12:00 Amit hi paul
13:15 Amit good evening koha
13:39 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ Good day Koha folks....I have a question
13:39 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ We have tons of books and are thinking of building a library. Can we scan the books into the system or do we have to enter the book information manually by hand?
13:40 rhcl You may want to look at Greenstone.
13:41 rhcl If you want to use digitized images, that is.
13:42 rhcl Ah, I read too quickly--you want to scan the Marc info into the computer. Disregard my comments.
13:42 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ no not the book image but the book information like author name publish date etc...
13:44 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ yes is this possible or do i have to enter all the book information manually?
13:54 danny `WILLETS_PHOTO_: I've never really done cataloging, but from what I have seen you should be able to connect to certain databases like Library of Congress and it should be able to pull much of the marc info from those sources, I think, not 100% sure on that
13:54 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ Great that would save me alot of work
13:55 shedges The Koha Z39.50 search tool should be helpful
13:55 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ thanks
13:55 `WILLETS_PHOTO_ anyone know Where I can start? like a website or manual to kinda guide me through the process
13:56 shedges
13:57 paul_laptop hello shedges. Nice to see you here
13:59 shedges hi, paul!
13:59 paul_laptop how are you ? what's new for you ?
13:59 paul_laptop for me, what is new is that we are looking for 2 new persons to hire. That will make BibLibre be 9 persons !
14:00 paul_laptop (in 1 year...)
14:00 shedges wow, congratulations!
14:00 shedges we're dealing with budget cuts here
14:00 shedges 14.7% cut in the last 9 months
14:00 paul_laptop wow... that's really a lot !
14:01 shedges so we're always trying to do more with less
14:01 shedges thank goodness for open source!
14:01 shedges good to hear BibLibre is doing to well
14:02 shedges so well
14:02 owen Hi shedges , paul
14:03 shedges WILLETS, it's a little out of date, but check
14:04 shedges (actually, it's a LOT out of date)
14:04 shedges Hi, owen
14:05 paul_laptop hi owen
14:05 owen Newer version:[…]ntents/Cataloging
14:06 shedges thanks, owen
14:06 owen Thanks go to nengard for all the work she has put in on it
14:07 nengard huh - what? are we talking about the manual :) hehe - was off reading emails
14:07 shedges hi nengard
14:08 nengard hiya
14:44 owen Just added an authority record. Why can't I find it with a search?
14:57 nengard owen  -search has to rebuild ... doesn't it
14:58 owen Yeah, I thought I did that... I could be wrong though
15:37 owen I wonder how multi-branch libraries use Serials. Do they define a separate subscription for each branch? Otherwise, how do you tell Koha that every week/month you get 7 copies of the same issue?
15:44 brendan_ with zebra searching is there something I can enter in the OPAC that would return all of the results - in other search engines I was able to enter * and then I would get = displaying 1-20 of 767,232
18:46 maxx Hi can anybody help me here?
18:50 maxx no one here alive?
19:10 danny i'm alive, how can I help maxx?
20:12 nong hi pau;
20:12 nong hi paul
20:13 nong hi jeremy
20:13 nong hi rhcl
20:16 JeremyLC anyone around for a quick question?
20:28 pianohacker paul, hdl or other francophone: Could someone please help me with an english->french syspref description translation?
20:48 JeremyLC hmm...quiet group
20:48 pianohacker very
20:49 JeremyLC maybe you could give me an answer?  Do you know if Koha will allow multiple patrons to check out the same item simultaneously?
20:51 chris no
20:51 chris :)
20:52 pianohacker JeremyLC: Why do you ask?
20:52 JeremyLC we're a multimedia lab/library and we allow our patrons to share a single video.  Their time in the lab is tracked, so it is important that any persons watching get properly credited for their time
20:53 chris ahh tricky
20:54 chris the way it works currently, you wouldnt be able to do that, you would have to do a bunch of checkouts
20:56 JeremyLC I don't mind having to check out the same item for each person who wants it, but will it violate some internal constraint?
20:58 chris well you cant have it out simultaneously
20:58 chris you would have to return it, and issue it for each peron
20:58 chris person
21:11 hdl pianohacker: ?
21:19 chris hi hdl
21:19 hdl hi
21:19 hdl some translation ?
21:19 hdl can i help ?
22:08 atz this is a valuable website for Unicode issues:
22:13 chris atz: i added it here[…]hpad#useful_sites
22:14 atz thx chris
22:15 chris[…]ike-a-pirate-day/
04:07 Amit Hi
04:07 Amit Good morning Mason
04:08 mason hi Amit
06:47 maxx hi fred
06:47 maxx you there?
06:51 frederic who maxx
06:51 frederic hello

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