IRC log for #koha, 2008-09-16

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12:20 brendan morning #koha
14:32 owen Does anyone know if any library is funding opt-in for reading records?
14:47 nengard owen - I think so .... but I don't know for sure
14:48 owen Mostly I just have my fingers crossed. We really want the feature but can't afford to spend money on it :(
14:54 djmaster hi
15:02 nengard owen - I too really really want it :)
15:06 owen hi djmaster
15:07 djmaster hi owen
15:11 djmaster so is possible to install koha 3.0 successfully in debian etch?
15:28 owen Sorry djmaster, installation isn't my department. But debian is generally the preferred platform, I believe, so it must be possible
03:53 Amit Hi
03:53 Amit Good Morning Koha
11:17 aleix hi, i've just upgraded from 2.2.4 to 2.2.9... can't issue anymore. Any attempt says Borrower card expired. What can I do?
11:21 mason hi aleix
11:22 aleix hi
11:22 mason the quicky solution is increase the borrowers.expiry value in the DB
11:22 aleix let me check
11:22 mason from memory , there is an option in the web gui too
11:22 aleix all dates are 0000-00-00
11:23 mason mysql>  update borrowers set expiry = '2010-01-01' where borrowernumber = 1;
11:23 mason something like that perhaps..
11:24 aleix ok... fixed this one!... now another :-)
11:24 aleix everytime i issue an item it says "Too many issues" 0/0
11:24 aleix where can i increase this value?
11:25 paul issuingrules in admin part of Koha
11:29 aleix ok, thanks a million guys!

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