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13:38 hdl !list
14:03 liz mornin #koha
14:03 gmcharlt hi liz
14:03 gmcharlt how are things the day after go-live?
14:22 nengard hiya liz - congrats again
14:22 liz going pretty well
14:22 liz a few chips in the china but the dishes are all intact (we think)
14:23 liz :)
14:29 owen liz, FYI: you OPAC is missing some images
14:44 owen liz: I had to make the same change to our registration form when we last upgraded Koha...putting the card number field at the end.
14:45 liz haha maybr that should become default
14:45 kados owen: surely there's some way to catch the cariage return in that field
14:46 kados owen:[…]rKeyDetector.html
14:46 kados Suppressing Form Submission via Enter/Return Key Press From within Single Text Input
14:46 kados half-way down
14:48 liz i think its kind of a perk
14:48 owen kados, does that demo work for you? I'm curious about Mac/PC differences
14:48 owen It seems to work as advertised on my PC
14:49 kados yea, works on my mac
14:49 kados in FF
14:49 kados yep
14:49 kados works on safair too
14:51 gmcharlt heh
14:52 liz makes more sense anyway, thats when you're going to hand the card to the patron anyway
14:52 liz owen: lol
14:52 gmcharlt lol
15:08 liz since our libraries often enter the card number in as the OPAC login username, it would be good to escape the CR in that box
15:08 liz thanks for the tip, Kados
15:09 owen liz, you could probably add that to intranetuserjs
15:10 liz i mean on the patron registratiton page
15:10 liz man I can't spell today
15:10 liz on the initial entry
15:10 liz same place?
15:10 liz so they're essentially scanning the barcode twice
15:11 owen Yeah, I'm thinking you could add some js to your intranetuserjs system pref which would catch the CR on a custom element
15:13 pianohacker nicomo: Around?
15:13 nicomo yes
15:13 pianohacker Have you made any progress in investigating[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2516 ?
15:14 nicomo yep, great progress : handed over to hdl ;-)
15:14 pianohacker nicomo: Heh, thanks
15:14 pianohacker hdl: around ? :)
15:14 hdl yes
15:14 pianohacker any progress on above bug?
15:15 hdl pianohacker: can't reproduce it.
15:16 hdl Can you ?
15:16 hdl But I could send a quick fix for that.
15:16 pianohacker IIRC, it was a problem with just one of Biblibre's clients; I couldn't reproduce it myself
15:16 nicomo nor could I : annoying
15:17 nicomo but I couldn't see what was wrong on that particular install
15:17 pianohacker Huh. WORKSFORME ?
15:17 hdl I saw that searchMember would not sort on correct surnames.
15:17 hdl only on firstnames.
15:17 hdl But since it displayed correctly, i did not edit anything.
15:18 pianohacker hdl: If you see the problem and an obvious fix, a patch would be wonderful :)
15:28 hdl hi slef
15:29 slef hi hdl
15:29 slef nengard, chris: linkedin are claiming that they can't merge koha groups unless we say the other group's creator used the name/logo without permission :-/ Thoughts?
15:30 nengard slef - bah - that's just silliness
15:30 atz that's lame
15:30 nengard i say leave it alone - there are no members in the other group and over 30 and growing in the one we created
15:30 owen Yeah, and we can kick their asses!
15:30 atz heh
15:31 kados hehe
15:31 kados slef++ for looking into it
15:38 slef oh wait... just reread... they also assumed that we gave permission for him to set up a group for us... no-one did, did they?
15:38 nengard not on the liblime end - and chris didn't know about it either
15:39 nengard liz and anyone else - created a new document:[…]endicies/hot-keys
15:39 liz nengard: cool, ty
15:39 nengard :)
15:41 kados slef: who set it up originally?
15:42 kados slef: this ultimately gets back to who 'we' is ... it's kind of nebulous at the moment, anyone can claim to be part of the community ;-)
15:42 slef kados:
15:43 slef kados: I'll claim that because none of liblime (owner of, current or past RMs and QAMs approved it and there was no public announcement of it, there was no permission.  I hope that suffices.
15:44 nengard slef kados while i agree that we is anyone - whoever it was wasn't maintaining the group so that's why i created a new one and added a bunch of managers so that we can all maintain it
15:44 slef nengard: I'm also saying that my motivation is that the mismanagement of the lower-numbered group is hurting our user community.
15:44 nengard slef makes sense
15:47 slef heh, pic of nicole
15:48 nengard slef - what pic? why is it funny??? :(
15:51 kados slef: works for me
16:00 slef nengard: just amusing because I'd not seen a pic of you before... sorry, didn't mean to suggest it was funny
16:04 nengard slef hehe :) how have you not seen a picture? my face is all over the place!!!
16:05 nengard okay - off to eat some lunch
16:20 slef nengard: I often browse with images off...
16:20 slef nengard: I am a speed freak
16:27 nengard slef - i need pictures - i'm a very graphical person
17:28 owen I guess I imagined the intranetuserjs system pref...
17:57 liz i saw it
17:57 liz its under staff client
17:57 liz just wanted to share something we just got from one of our librarians:
17:58 liz re: koha
17:58 liz ROCK ON!!!
17:58 liz Love it!
17:58 liz Love it!
17:58 liz Love it!
17:58 nengard AWESOME!!!!
17:58 pianohacker owen: around?
17:58 owen Yes
17:59 liz nengard: would it, could it, be possible for us to host something like
18:00 nengard liz - we'd have to talk to josh  - i think he owns
18:00 liz for coordinating development efforts specific to consortia?
18:00 liz k
18:01 kados liz: if coordinating development is the goal, we really need something like
18:01 liz nengard we were going to host it here under but that doesnt make a lot of sense
18:02 kados liz: and I dont' think there'd be any particular value to having a consortium-specific coordination forum, we need to do a better job of making it easy to coordinate development for all library types IMO
18:02 kados but I'm open to other views :-)
18:02 kados and though LibLime does own, we'd look for the comunity to decide what would be suitable as far as content on the community site
18:03 liz nengard: well, the issues that consortia face are significantly different than even libraries with many branches
18:03 nengard seems like we should have a forum
18:03 kados liz: yes, I understand that, but the problem you're facing is that it's hard to coordinate development, and that's true for all library types
18:03 nengard and then categories for diff librarians to talk
18:03 kados liz: so it's not specific to consortia, does that make sense?
18:04 liz yea, we were thinking of a blog + forums
18:04 liz + mailing list
18:04 nengard kados with plone running can we have forums?
18:04 kados liz: perhaps the specific things you want to do are specific to consortia, but I think we need a general tool for development corridination for everyone to use
18:04 liz right
18:04 kados it could have sub-sections for consortia, academics, etc
18:04 kados liz: check out
18:05 liz kados i just looked at it, interesting idea
18:05 owen Is coordinating the funding of new development different than coordinating collaboration on the things to be developed?
18:05 kados idea is -> Create an Idea for a Project, say how much it costs -> get people to pitch in -> when you ahve enough money, do it
18:05 kados something similar for koha development would be ideal
18:05 kados owen: perhaps, yes
18:05 liz totally
18:06 owen So what liz needs is a way to discuss the issues *before* they get to the fundable stage
18:06 kados liz: one thing I want to avoid in our community is silos
18:06 liz understandable
18:07 kados liz: so while I like the idea of enhancing consortium features, I'd want to make sure those featurs didn't negitively impact other koha users, ie, that they were written in such a way that they'd work for everyone
18:07 kados (if there are things specific to consortiua that need to be different, they'd be wrapped in sysprefs)
18:07 kados etc.
18:07 liz oh sure, you don't want to have 15 different versions
18:07 kados yea, exactly
18:07 kados maybe eventually we'll have a large enough community to fork Koha
18:07 nengard liz, kados i still think we need more community type areas on
18:07 kados (it's happend a few times already)
18:08 kados but right now we're best focusing on working otgether where possible
18:08 liz i think that would be the goal of any consortial collaboration
18:08 liz at least that we would be involved int
18:08 liz in*
18:08 kados *nod*
18:09 liz lol, frankly, it's economics... if there is a feature that a bunch of us want, no reason to have one of us shoulder the entire cost, especially if it's a big enhancement project
18:10 kados liz: yep, I agree
18:10 liz so that's where fundable could come in
18:10 liz getting the enhancement requests to the point of fundable, now that might be a challenge
18:10 kados we're also treading the line between what's koha community and what's liblime customer stuff
18:10 liz sure
18:11 liz i'd imagine that much of it would end up being liblime enhancements, simply because you're already familiar ^.^
18:11 liz which of course is good for *your* business :)
18:11 kados yea, and if that's the case it should be a subsite of IMO
18:12 kados liz: well if you have some ideas for how best to structure such a collaboration platform, let me know
18:12 gmcharlt right, but we're not only commercial development provider
18:12 liz we are definitely thinking about how to do it
18:13 liz now that our migration is mostly under control, we're looking to 1. the next libraries to come on and 2. how to improve our product in the best/fastest way
18:13 liz because it's everybody
18:13 liz s
18:13 kados yep
18:13 kados hehe
18:13 kados more power to em
18:13 liz *giggle*
18:14 liz you honestly have no idea how many of our libraries have the "library teen tech guy"
18:14 pianohacker Hey, I'm a teenage colorado hacker, does that count?
18:14 owen The last time I was anything approaching a teenage kansas hacker I was playing Zork 1.
18:14 liz SEE!
18:14 gmcharlt heh - which is one approach to keep in mind, is the option of doing some of the coding yourself within in the consortium
18:14 kados definitely
18:14 kados pianohacker++
18:14 liz rofl owen
18:15 liz <3
18:16 liz gmcharlt sadly at this time I can't identify a person I know who would have the necessary experience (or would be interested in working on such a project)
18:16 liz now... if it had some ruby on rails...
18:16 liz it might be different
18:17 liz <- is not the ruby on rails programmer
18:17 liz <- only knows some
18:18 kados liz: RoR wouldn't help you much with Koha, which is Perl ;-)
18:18 liz heh, yep
18:18 gmcharlt kados: dunnon, anybody want to write a RoR reporting system for Koha?
18:20 owen pianohacker: where in Colorado are you?
18:20 pianohacker Southern area, why ?
18:20 owen Just curious. I lived in Boulder for a year when I was a kid
18:21 pianohacker Oh, someone I know went to school there, it's a cool town
18:23 liz hm... now that you mention it maybe I could get my friend who does rails on THAT project :P
18:46 gmcharlt owen: not sure why 2424 was not apply - I'll treat as de novo
18:55 owen Thanks gmcharlt
19:21 liz-nekls weird, I was just looking at a patron record and accidentally hit the enter key
19:22 liz-nekls and got page not found at this http://staff.nexpresslibrary.o[…]members/
19:22 liz-nekls 404
19:22 liz-nekls was on this http://staff.nexpresslibrary.o[…]ers/
19:22 liz-nekls and hit the enter key
19:23 liz-nekls everything else seems to work
19:25 ryan liz-nekls: looks like it submitted the search members form with no query.
19:25 gmcharlt any patron or just that particular one?
19:25 liz-nekls let me check
19:25 liz-nekls yea, any patron
19:25 ryan focus goes to the search form in the masthead by default
19:26 ryan so enter submits it.
19:26 liz-nekls but it's still kind of wrong that it is a 404?
19:26 liz-nekls ryan: that makes sense
19:27 ryan hmm.  actually, i get search results.
19:28 liz-nekls on our catalog?
19:28 liz-nekls er, our install
19:28 ryan no, on my test system
19:28 liz-nekls k
19:29 liz-nekls it's not a super big deal, it's just strange behavior
19:29 liz-nekls behaviour, for you kiwis
19:33 liz-nekls this only happens from
19:33 liz-nekls not from the initial patron search screen
19:37 ryan liz-nekls: this looks to be specific to your install.
19:37 liz-nekls k I should submit a problem report?
19:37 ryan please do.
19:39 owen FWIW, I get search results too, no 404.
19:43 liz-nekls k must be just ours then... at least it's not systemic :D
19:48 pianohacker Is the recommended way to keep koha/zebra databases in sync? The cronjob I set up doesn't seem to be modifying the indexes.
19:50 atz yes, what does your cron line look like?
19:52 pianohacker /opt/bin/koharun -c '/home/jakarta/projects/koha3/misc​/migration_tools/ -a -b -z' (koharun is a small shell script that sets the right environment variables)
19:55 liz-nekls that's funny, if there is something in the search box it returns a search just fine
19:57 atz pianohacker: you should be able to set the variables at the top of the cron script
19:58 atz and running the script won't do it
19:58 atz because the script runs in it's own shell
20:01 atz oh wait... i see... koharun must try to execute the -c arg
20:02 atz you might try first... /opt/bin/koharun -c 'echo KOHA_CONF: $KOHA_CONF'
20:02 atz and check the mail for what it produces
20:03 atz that will tell you whether the ENV variable export is working or not
20:55 liz hey what are you guys using for your support request management at Liblime?
20:57 atz we've got some bugzillas, but our main support system is "AdventNet ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus v7"
20:57 liz it seems nice do you like it?
20:58 atz pretty well
22:11 chris hi all
22:12 gmcharlt hi chris
22:14 chris hey galen, got plans for the weekend?
22:15 gmcharlt chris: preparing for our move, plus some Koha stuff
22:15 gmcharlt my wife and I are moving to Florida this fall
22:16 gmcharlt yourself?
22:16 chris ohh wow
22:16 chris thats a big move
22:16 chris quite the climate change too :)
22:16 pianohacker I'll be the only liblime dev not in PST :(
22:17 gmcharlt pianohacker: acmoore's in CST
22:17 pianohacker Ah, good
22:17 chris i seem to have shaken off the worst of this flu, so im thinking to take the family to staglans
22:17 chris staglands even
22:18 chris is atz moving too?
22:18 atz ?
22:18 chris isnt he in EST ?
22:18 gmcharlt not as far as I know
22:18 atz possible... but i'm unlikely to be able to sell this house anytime soon
22:19 chris ahh i was just trying to work out all the time zones :)
22:20 gmcharlt EST, CST, MST as far as I know
22:21 chris gmcharlt: whereabouts in florida?
22:21 gmcharlt Gainesville
22:22 chris ive heard of that ... i wonder why
22:23 chris ahhh gatorade
22:23 chris well you wont be dehydrated :)
22:24 gmcharlt heh
22:25 chris sounds like a nice place from readig wikipedia
22:29 gmcharlt just as long as you don't need parking during football games, apparently :)
22:29 atz much like Columbus, that way
22:30 chris yeah thats one huge university they have there
22:30 rhcl does liblime have a brick and mortar building anywhere?
22:30 chris yep
22:30 chris in athens ohio
22:31 chris i even have photo
22:31 chris s
22:31 chris hehe
22:31 rhcl so does anybody work (from) there?
22:31 atz yeah, some of the core staff
22:31 rhcl gee, I would think that would be most of the developers. :)
22:33 chris well thats the wonderful thing about the internet
22:34 chris bit too far to commute :)
22:35 rhcl Yea, I can see some transportation issues with that.
22:35 pianohacker chris: photos on flickr?
22:35 chris just in my gallery
22:35 chris 2 secs
22:35 pianohacker thanks
22:36 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=9672
22:36 chris i was quite taken by the iced tea maker .. not something you see here :)
22:38 pianohacker Interesting, an open source shop with an Apple fetish :)
22:38 chris its really just bsd :)
22:39 pianohacker deep down
22:40 chris apple for all their sins (and they have quite a few) do make a nice laptop :)
22:40 pianohacker A _very_ nice laptop
22:40 chris but im back on my aspire 5000 now
22:41 chris which has a tendency to get too hot to actually be on my lap
22:42 chris but since all i do with it is run xterms and a webbrowser .. it does the trick :)
22:42 chris id quite like one of the msi winds ... with the 6.5 hour battery
22:43 gmcharlt 30 years of PCs, and we end up with a fancy terminal ;)
22:43 chris if i got a spare battery thats the 13 hours a flight from nz to LAX takes :)
22:44 chris yeah thats slightly longer, they are further west than us
22:44 chris not a huge amount of fun
22:44 chris altho, air nz does have all 3 lord of the rings movies .. watch them back to back and thats the whole flight :-)
22:44 gmcharlt hah! cool
22:47 chris my wife and kahu are heading back in october (before he turns 2 and we have to pay for him) .. all the way to pittsburgh
22:48 chris here even
22:49 chris sheesh i need more coffee
22:49 gmcharlt coffee++
22:49 chris but that should be an 'interesting' trip
22:49 gmcharlt tea++
22:49 gmcharlt caffeine++
22:49 chris i dont think he can sit still for 13 minutes :-)
22:50 gmcharlt lol
22:50 gmcharlt I sympathize
22:51 gmcharlt I'm going to have to drive a thousand miles with four cats in the back seat
22:51 pianohacker Oh my god
22:51 chris hehe
22:51 pianohacker And apparently, an on call EMT team
22:52 gmcharlt nah, they'll be in carriers - it's the on-call shrink and vet I'm worried about :)
22:52 pianohacker Heh
22:56 chris ok, i think we are gonna head out to now
22:56 chris have a good weekend all
22:57 gmcharlt you too
22:57 pianohacker cya
02:46 aindilis` gmcharlt: ping
03:02 gmcharlt aindilis: pong
03:03 aindilis hey, were you the one I was asking about the koha newircbot web log interface?
03:03 gmcharlt yeah - haven't heard yet if it will be put under GPL
03:04 aindilis oh okay, srry to pester then
03:04 gmcharlt no problem

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