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02:02 chris quiet today
02:04 juniew it sure is. but I got a question here. where can I find hardware information for Koha?
02:05 juniew like scanners and printers thats recomended
02:05 chris ahh there isnt really any big list
02:05 chris scanners, anything that works as a keyboard wedge works fine
02:05 chris ie if you can scan into emacs, or notepad or whatever
02:05 chris then it will work fine with koha
02:06 chris printers, ... not really koha specific at all
02:06 juniew Iso is there no particular barcarole reader that i should get ?
02:06 chris it either uses cups, or lpd to print, or you print from your browser
02:06 juniew oh IC
02:07 chris so any barcode reader that can scan a barcode, and outputs text .. works fine
02:07 chris (which is pretty much all of them :))
02:07 juniew real cool
02:07 juniew thanks
02:07 chris id suggest one that is slightly programmable
02:08 juniew example?
02:08 chris ie, you can tell it to send a return at the end of the barcode (or not)
02:09 juniew thats cool i get your point
02:09 juniew thanks
02:09 chris no worries
02:58 kwak hi, im installing koha 3 in hardy, i already did make but i get his error
02:59 kwak make: warning: clock skew detected: your build maybe incomplete. when i did the perl Makefile.PL, it also complained that MIME::.. is not installed
03:02 kwak when i did make install i also get this: make: warning: File 'blib' has modification time 1.9e+03 s in the future. what does this mean
03:04 chris means your clock is wrong, or was wrong
03:19 kwak chris: so will it affect the installation?
03:19 chris it might, i would do a make clean
03:19 chris then perl Makefile.PL
03:19 chris make
03:19 chris make tes
03:19 chris t
03:19 chris make install
03:19 chris again
03:20 chris (the clock is fixed now eh?)
03:28 kwak im still searching on how to set the clock in terminal (no GUI). haven't tried this before. I just typed zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
03:28 kwak i got stuck here before when i tried installing in debian etch.
03:29 kwak the last message after running zebrasrv is start server zebrasrv pid=30828
03:29 kwak how should should this command execute?
03:33 kwak k, finally got the command to change date and time. doing make clean and perl Makefile.PL again
03:33 chris cool
03:33 chris with the zebrasrv, that command starts it and its running
03:34 kwak i run perl Makefile.PL, i got Looks good but after this line i got
03:34 kwak Makefile.PL warning: prerequisite MIME::Lite 3 not found.
03:34 kwak i already installed this file
03:34 chris ignore that then
03:35 kwak k
03:35 chris what version of linux are you installing on?
03:35 chris the INSTALL.debian file is good if its debian (or ubuntu)
03:36 kwak Ubuntu 8.04
03:36 chris id use that INSTALL.debian file as a guide
03:37 kwak doing make now
03:38 kwak in addition, im using vmware server for ubuntu
04:44 kwak i don't know what to do in this next step: running zebra as daemon.
04:45 kwak i issued this command ln -s ${SCRIPT_DIR}/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
04:45 kwak i checked if the symlink exists, and positive. but when i issue this command
04:45 kwak update-rc.d koha-zebra-daemon defaults
04:46 kwak i get update-rc.d: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon: file does not exists
04:46 kwak please help, i'
04:46 kwak i'm stuck. i'm excited to see the login/first screen of koha
04:52 atz_ kwak: ${SCRIPT_DIR} is a variable
04:53 atz_ that command would break because  you've probably linked to  /  
04:53 atz_ and as the error reports, that doesn't exist
04:56 kwak atz, but it didn't report any error when i issued ln -s command.
04:56 atz_ ls -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
04:56 atz_ or
04:56 atz_ cat   /
04:57 atz_ it is possible the variable was set to something different (rather than unset)
04:57 kwak ok trying the first one
04:58 kwak you mean look for the then cat it
04:59 atz_ yeah, the cat command was testing my hypothesis that the variable was unset when you formed the link, so the result would be /
04:59 atz_ you should be able to setup everything this link... it's for zebra so it only affects indexing
05:00 atz_ *everything *without* this link
05:10 kwak but following the setup instruction should do it right. im using the debian install readme.
05:10 kwak my distro is hardy 804
05:21 atz_ assuming they would work, you still have to interpret them correctly.
05:22 atz_ "Note that references to $SCRIPT_DIR refer to the directory where
05:22 atz_ Koha's command-line scripts are installed, e.g., /usr/share/koha/bin."
05:22 atz_ that location changes based on the type of install you choose (and other factors)
05:23 atz_ so the questions is: where did the control script end up?
05:23 atz_ then, make the link point there
05:25 kwak i followed the defaults.
05:25 kwak the zebra-ctl is in /usr/share/koha/bin
05:26 kwak so i did this
05:26 kwak ln -s /usr/share/koha/bin/koha-zebra/ /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon
05:26 kwak am i missing something here.
05:26 atz_ (you might have to sudo, depending on the permissions)
05:27 atz_ ls -l /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon   # to make sure it point to the right place now
05:27 atz_ and then you can run it w/ "start"
06:02 kwak im running in root account
06:02 kwak trying itn ow
06:17 kwak hi atz, still there. i tried start the now, and i get this mesage
06:18 kwak starting Zebra Server - /usr/share/koha/bin/ line 47: daemon: command not found
06:18 kwak what does this mean?
06:19 atz_ ah... there is a program actually called "daemon" that helps starter scripts
06:19 atz_ for me, /usr/bin/daemon
06:19 kwak how to fix this?
06:20 atz_ apt-get install daemon
06:32 kwak thanks, installing now
06:32 kwak will check when done
06:33 kwak i get this Starting zebra Server
06:33 kwak should there be an additional message like "server started"
06:38 kwak ooops. no koha page, i wander y?
06:38 kwak i point my browser to localhost:8080 and it only says "It works" which is the test html for apache2
07:25 kwak help, don't see anything when accessing page (localhost:8080)
10:44 kwak hello again, i didn't get help for my problem
10:44 kwak i can't access the KOHA page, when i access localhost:8080 i get the apache2 html page "IT WORKS"
10:45 hdl hi kwak
10:47 hdl seems there is a misconfiguration in your apache installation.
10:48 kwak hi
10:48 kwak i followed all the steps in the guide
10:49 hdl Sure, but vhost for 8080 leads you to default vhost.
10:49 kwak yeah, should be, which configuration should i check
10:49 hdl that's why I say you have a problem with your vhost.
10:49 hdl koha
10:49 hdl check the IP and port.
10:50 kwak which is the default configuration file
10:51 hdl mmm... maybe using your local ip adress or an other name, it could work.
10:52 hdl should be in /etc/apache2/sites-available/koha
10:56 kwak ok will check that
11:04 kwak there's one virtual host which is *
11:04 kwak is this correct?
11:12 kwak what is the document root supposed to be? mine is /var/www
11:13 kwak is there suppose to be a symlink to the koha site?

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