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12:14 masonj js: try here...
12:14 masonj[…]ns.php?category=3
12:19 js thx mason :)
12:20 masonj chris.c's FF plugin prolly hasnt been tested on FF3 yet
12:20 masonj so it might need a bit of additional jiggling
12:34 mc someone about installing koha on a hardy heron ?
12:36 pie mc: I did it a few weeks back but I'm no expert
12:36 mc have you tried to use indexdata packages for zebra ?
12:36 pie in fact, I'm still not sure it actually worked correctly, though I did manage to get a couple of things responding
12:37 pie no, I'm afraid not
12:37 pie I got to the point where I got it installing and responding but that's about the extent of my knowledge
12:37 mc don't be afraid: i'm actually afraid of doing this
12:37 pie :-)
12:38 pie I got some debs in the process and really, I should upload them somewhere :-)
12:45 mc what debs ?
12:51 pie just the bits and pieces I had to build to get the dependencies
12:51 pie I'd have to look through my old notes to get a complete list
12:52 pie I should hit the sack now though, will try and get more info tomorrow
12:53 mc i don't think that it's a good idea to write your own debs
12:53 mc as almost all of them exists in lenny
12:53 mc why not just backport ?
12:54 pie I didn't write my own debs, these are either made from dh-make-perl or rebuilt from the provided ones that work for etch
12:55 pie e.g. the libidzebra ones
14:15 kados paul around?
14:15 kados (hi all)
14:16 paul hello kados
14:16 kados paul: I noticed some good language correction patches from Owena nd wanted to discuss a solution for translation with you
14:16 kados what do you think about a search and replace in the .po files ?
14:16 paul (although on phone)
14:37 paul back
14:37 paul kados : I think it's a dangerous way to go : that won't mark the strings as "fuzzy", so it may result in incorrect translations.
14:38 kados paul: I'm only talking about changes like s/Catalogue/Catalog/
14:38 kados which should be 100% safe, right?
14:38 paul mmm... probably yes, but maybe not.
14:40 paul kados : there are some patches, which i have no news of. do you have them in your queue ?
14:40 kados I just pushed up a couple
14:40 kados and I sent you an email about one
14:41 paul yep, I've answered to this one ;-)
14:42 kados paul: since is used by more than just zebra indexing, we can't remove chars randomly because they cause unexpectedearch behavior :-)
14:42 kados the correct solution is as you mention, to treat them as a space char
14:43 paul but I could not have zebra understanding {0088} :\
14:43 paul space {\001-\040}!"#$%&'\()*+,-./:;<=>?@\[\\]^_`\{|}~ would be the line to complete, but how...
14:50 paul mmm... that would not solve the problem for NoZebra however...
17:23 eric Hi there.  I'
17:24 eric i'm installing Koha3 RC1 and during the make, i get "no rules to make the target "rewrite-config.PL".  Any idea?  I never had this problem with previous versions.
17:37 eric I'm trying to install using the single mode if this can help.
17:58 eric It seems that there is a problem with the June 2008 Koha-devel archive... all messages have "No subject" as subject...
18:56 davi !quote
18:56 davi !quote

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