IRC log for #koha, 2008-06-13

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13:07 kados hiya Solomon
13:16 owen Hi all
13:24 hdl hi kados & owen. howdy
13:24 hdl ?
15:49 mc anyone here ?
15:56 acmoore hi mc.
15:57 atz 'ello
15:58 mc i just wrote a patch for rebuild_zebra that prints usage without error messages
15:58 mc when no parameters
15:58 mc and other tests
15:59 mc (KOHA_CONF set, readable, ... )
15:59 mc usefull ?
16:00 hdl mc : yes.
16:00 hdl Is it zsh only ;) ?
16:00 mc hdl hehe
16:00 mc non: that's some perl cod
16:00 mc code
16:01 atz mc: i'm not sure you should dump the whole usage on no arg. execution
16:01 atz it's large, and it currently tells you how to get the usage (--help) already
16:02 atz the reason not to is that this gets scheduled as a cronjob
16:02 mc ok
16:02 atz and if cron'd in error, we should probably be conservative about verbosity
16:02 mc well... my problem was simple:
16:03 mc i lauched rebuild* without argument
16:03 mc just to see parameters
16:03 mc and i had some error
16:03 mc s
16:03 atz like this?
16:03 atz $ misc/migration_tools/
16:03 atz Must specify -b or -a to reindex bibs or authorities
16:03 atz Please do 'misc/migration_tools/ --help' to see usage.
16:04 mc because C4::Context can't reach the $KOHA_CONG
16:04 mc that is not set
16:04 atz ah... right.
16:04 mc it's ok for use
16:04 mc it's ok for us
16:04 atz yeah, those would be good to check
16:05 mc but for users, it can be anoyance ...
16:05 atz yeah, especially if they are used to getting those from .profile or something
16:06 atz and don't understand why cron (as a different user) doesn't work
16:06 mc
16:07 mc this is my patch proposal
16:07 mc but i can change print_usage by a simple message : try --help to learn about good options
16:08 mc is there a case where $KOHA_CONF can be empty ? (i exit then)
16:09 atz no.  w/o KOHA_CONF, there is no DB access.
16:09 mc so i commit
16:09 mc :)
16:10 atz cool
20:58 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
22:30 ryan hmm.  never heard of those guys.
23:28 mc 'night all
02:53 chris ryan: yeah thats what i thought, id never heard of them either .. maybe someday they might drop an email to the koha list
08:10 frederic hello
11:09 mc hello world

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