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14:24 paul broadcast : our server is attacked by a DOS since yesterday. 600i pbanned, but attack still on way. The web ( / are down, and mails are very very slow. that include all ml. Sorry for inconvenience...
14:25 gmcharlt paul: thanks for update.  sorry about the DOSers
14:26 paul thanks to mc / hdl who are working hard to solve the problem ;-)
14:30 paul ok, i've reviewed all BLO / CRI bugs. question asked to bug owner or reporter for most of them...
14:34 gmcharlt paul: I'm working on many of them, should hopefully have more progress on many of them early next week
14:34 gmcharlt paul: I've reopened 2155, btw - I think owen should confirm
15:07 paul ok, time to go to take a plane...
15:07 gmcharlt safe travels, paul_away
18:26 nengard can someone check and see if this a bug or my ssytem - go to More > Admin > Authority Types > Personal Name Marc Structure > Click 'subfields' -- I get a 500 error - here's the file:  koha/admin/​?tagfield=100&authtypecode=PERSO_NAME
18:29 owen nengard: I'm prompted by Firefox to download the perl file
18:30 nengard uh oh - i'm in FF too ... but no prompt ... although i think it's a bug for both of us
18:32 owen Probably the same issue. Opera gives some kind of Operaish error.
18:32 owen IE gives me a 500 error
18:37 nengard owen ryan is investigating
18:40 gmcharlt owen: looking back at the conversation about the MARC editor yesterday
18:40 gmcharlt owen: what would you think of using an autoexpander widget like this:
18:43 owen Looks fine to me
18:44 gmcharlt then in conjunction with that, what about making all fields textareas, but have the ones that were originally text inputs start at just one row?
18:44 nengard gmcharlt i like that idea
18:46 owen The thing that will require testing is how the plugin interacts with existing data...does it auto-resize to reflect the textarea's contents even before user interaction?
18:51 owen Is this a blocker for 3.0?
18:51 gmcharlt owen: it's been marked as such, yes
19:01 gmcharlt hmm - having everything be a 1-row textarea looks ugly in FF3 - each textarea is two rows high
19:02 owen Yeah, I noticed that yesterday. I thought maybe that interface plugin might help
22:06 owen gmcharlt, are you working on consortium-related functionality?
22:14 owen How does a patron do a keyword phrase search? Do they have to use cql or something? I'm assuming it's not as simple as "putting it in quotes"
22:55 gmcharlt owen: yes, got plans in the works for consortial functionality
22:56 gmcharlt owen: phrase searching isn't done by quotes - I think it is kind of a default, but kados would know better
22:56 gmcharlt it would be possible in principle to recognize quotes, but would require more futzing with the query parser
22:56 gmcharlt also, if you're not using DOM mode in Zebra, phrases would end a subfield boundaries
22:58 owen Thanks gmcharlt. Someone asked about it, and I didn't know the definitive answer
22:58 owen I realize it's weighted, of course, so a phrase will come up higher on the pile.

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