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13:18 owen Hey #kohers.
13:18 gmcharlt hi owen and #koha
13:19 masonj heya galen, me ask a perl question?
13:19 gmcharlt masonj: shoot
13:20 masonj ok , in installer/data/mysql/ -  i want to call a sub from C4::Members ..
13:20 masonj  my  ($bor1, $flags) = C4::Members::GetMemberDetails($bor->{'borro
13:20 masonj     wernumber'} );
13:20 lloyd_ Owen - thanks for changing that google-jackets.js path yesterday
13:21 lloyd_ Owen - as you might have seen, I got it working ;))
13:21 masonj C4::Members::GetMemberDetails()
13:22 masonj but i get an error saying 'sub not found...'
13:22 gmcharlt masonj: you would need to put in a 'require C4::Members;'
13:22 owen lloyd_,I hadn't had a chance to look. That's great.
13:23 masonj ok, that was my work-around too
13:24 masonj thanks galen
13:24 gmcharlt masonj: although, if you can do what you want directly with SQL, it might be better (to avoid an extra dependency and to avoid breaking the DB upgrade script of GetMemberDetails changes)
13:25 gmcharlt masonj: i.e., if this is regarding the new userflag, you should be able to use SQL functions to do the arithmetic
13:27 masonj i was dreading you suggesting that...
13:27 gmcharlt sorry ;)
13:29 gmcharlt mysql does have bitwise operators and functions, so shouldn't be too bad ([…]r-functions.html)
13:29 gmcharlt I can look at your patch if you want
13:31 masonj ta, just mailed you the db update...
13:32 masonj so , i just need a little clue-stick at the mo..
13:33 masonj if sally has a flag value of 524802
13:33 masonj whats the math to work out if she has bit 9 set?
13:33 masonj  9 =  editcatalogue  
13:34 masonj if i can grok that, then theres no need for the GetMemberDetails() call
13:40 gmcharlt masonj: one approach:
13:45 masonj wow, thanks galen - ill try that out
13:58 danny good morning #koha
14:16 mc moin moin danny
14:25 masonj sorry about the duped patches i just sent guys...
14:39 ryan owen: are you seeing the more dropdown in toplevelnav appearing behind the resident search box ?
14:39 ryan or is that local to my install?
14:49 ccatalfo rch: i'm seeing that happen in biblios; i started to track down yesterday but didn't get it resolved yet
14:56 owen Yeah, I'm seeing it too. I've been trying to figure out what's going on myself.
14:57 ryan ah, so it's koha, and not biblios ?
14:57 owen Yeah
14:57 owen It has to do with the display properties of the patron search box when autocomplete is turned on
14:58 ccatalfo heh i'm glad it's in koha and not biblios :/
15:00 ccatalfo owen: fyi in my brief troubleshooting yesterday i thought that behavior was starting in git rev 9717926
15:01 owen Thanks, I'll see what I can find out
15:16 gmcharlt owen: quick question - have you had a chance to test fix for bug 2105?
15:18 owen No, not yet
15:18 gmcharlt ok
15:19 liz one of my users seems to have changed something in the branch definitions that has locked out all of our users, even kohadmin. I've tried changing the branch codes back to their original settings but we're still locked out, any ideas?
15:20 liz i wasn't there I don' tknow what he did to it >.<
15:20 liz and his description is "I didn't do anything but change the code!"
15:22 gmcharlt liz: are there any error messages in the Apache when you try to log in?
15:22 gmcharlt Apache log, that is
15:24 liz thanks, I just gave up and dropped the database, it's only a test server he can redo it since he broke it
15:27 gmcharlt ah, ok - hopefully the next time he does it ;) he'll take better notes so that we can fix the bug and prevent it from happening again
15:44 owen gmcharlt: do you have access to Internet Explorer 7?
15:44 gmcharlt owen: yes
15:45 owen Every time I use it, I'm forced to log in for every link I click or form I submit. Have you encountered that problem?
15:48 gmcharlt owen: just tested in both staff and OPAC - not seeing that
15:49 gmcharlt is it accepting the session cookies?
15:49 owen I've got the cookie settings set appropriately, I think
15:49 owen Must be something weird about my system.
16:14 frederic /admin/ page doesn't work anymore for me on several installs. In log file, I can see that this issue come from authorised_values table lacking imageurl column. Does anyone else got this?
16:17 liz @gmcharlt: yea, for sure. I don't  have time to rebuild it all the time ;)
16:18 gmcharlt frederic: this was fixed recently - are you running git HEAD or something a bit earlier than that?
16:18 frederic gmcharlt: I'm up-to-date to last version from git
16:20 frederic I see in that an upgrage is supposed to insert imageurl new field in authorised_values table
16:20 frederic version 075
16:21 frederic If I alter the table by hand it works. The question remains now why this upgrade hasn't been applied?
16:22 gmcharlt yeah - I wonder if there was some weird sequencing issue where running a version taken from git HEAD on the wrong date caused the 075 SQL to be skipped even as KOHAVESION was set past 075
16:24 atz gmcharlt: is there an intro to usage for KohaTest ?
16:25 gmcharlt atz: yeah, acmoore put something up on the koha wiki a couple days ago
16:25 atz cool
16:25 gmcharlt[…]ment:unit_testing, specifically
16:27 frederic get wrong somewhere. But who knows if there aren't other issues like that which will 'explode' later.  
16:27 frederic text cut. Forget it
16:29 acmoore atz, if you actually try to follow that page, please let me know what questions it doesn't answer and I'll work on it a bit.
16:29 acmoore or, if you figure them out yourself, be bold and update!
16:31 atz are responses to the installer regarding test DB persistent?
16:31 gmcharlt atz: yes
16:31 atz nice!
16:32 gmcharlt done via t/test-config.txt that Makefile.PL creates
17:05 frederic Anyone knows why there are differences between MARC21 and UNIMARC in MARC to biblioitems links? There are links in MARC21 which don't exist for UNIMARC in those fields: cn_source, cn_class, cn_item, cn_suffix, cn_sort and totalissues...
17:05 frederic And is there anywhere an explanation of the purpose of those cn_xxx fields?
17:05 frederic And is there anywhere an explanation of the purpose of those cn_xxx fields?
17:06 atz frederic: i think those are arbitrary sorting fields
17:07 atz actually, nevermind that.  not sure about unimarc vs. marc21
17:10 acmoore while we're on the topic, what are the borrowers.sort1 and borrowers.sort2 fields? I've looked in few script to try to figure out their point, but with no success.
17:11 frederic atz: thanks. I was trying to discover why biblio level call number isn't displayed at all on an UNIMARC DB. I was thinking it was displaying in MARC21 but I realized now that it isn't the case anymore... I was thinking that cn_ was linking to biblio classification field for result/detail page display.
17:12 atz acmoore: those are what I was thinking of, actually.
17:12 atz just arbitrary fields, used for sorting on reports
17:13 atz could be a homeroom number, teacher, subscription level, etc.
17:14 acmoore hunh.
17:15 atz it would be obsolete if our "extended attributes" code ever gets integrated into reports
17:16 acmoore yeah, that's where that kind of thing belongs.
17:25 acmoore I swear, I don't ask these questions without trying to answer them myself first, but...
17:26 acmoore when a patron udpates their information, a staff member has to approve it or whatever. Where is that tool in the staff interface?
18:36 atz acmoore: it's dumber than that, last I saw
18:37 atz it emails the admin w/ the updated info
18:37 atz for whatever reason, tiny libraries seem to think this is a feature
18:42 owen I don't know that anyone considers it a feature that the info is emailed, per se
18:43 owen But no one has ever built a framework for managing approvals via a web interface. I'm sure that email method goes back to 1.x
18:44 atz you'd need either a shadow borrowers table or the ability to create a temp borrower w/ updated info
18:49 atz or maybe DB support for versioning
18:49 gmcharlt for a public library, I could also see wanting to keep address history - i.e., if you let patrons change addresses online, don't necessarily have an approval mechanism, but keep older addresses in case somebody tries to "disappear" after checking out the library's copy of the Necronomicon
18:50 gmcharlt or as atz said more succently, versioning
18:54 ryan lol
18:58 acmoore oh, man. It sounds like that feature needs to be fleshed out a little more at some point.
18:58 acmoore wait, so if you (a staff member) get one of these emails, does it have the new information in it, and you type that into the patron's record?
18:59 acmoore I suspect that people would like to be able to turn off this "feature".
19:00 gmcharlt acmoore: it certainly doesn't scale
19:00 ryan you can disable the ability of patrons to change their info
19:01 acmoore In some ways, sending patron change requests off in an email somewhere is pretty much the same thing as disabling them...
19:10 owen ryan, what preference is that?
19:12 saorge hi, is there anybody who can explain me how to add a thesaurus into koha ?
19:12 ryan oh. am i making that up ? :)
19:12 ryan saorge: do you already have authority records or do you want to create them from your biblio records ?
19:13 atz ryan: i know I've seen that syspref
19:13 saorge ryan: actually, it depends of the thesauri ;)
19:14 saorge for one of them, i have to upload all the authority records into Koha
19:15 ryan owen: hrmm.  i'm not seeing it though.
19:15 ryan saorge: there's a bulkauthimport script
19:15 ryan works just like bulkmarcimport.
19:16 ryan saorge: are you working with 3.0 ?
19:16 saorge for another one, the possibilities are too big, so, the librarian will create the record
19:16 owen ryan, I'll need to do some reorganization if that gets added: I made opac-userupdate.tmpl the default screen instead of having the user click from opac-userdetails.tmpl
19:16 saorge yes, i'm ttrying to work with 3.0
19:16 saorge s/tt/t/
19:17 saorge bulkauthimport ? OK, i'll check this script
19:17 ryan saorge: marc21 ?
19:19 saorge no, Unimarc
19:19 saorge I'm from Belgium
19:20 ryan you should just be able to run bulkauthimport, then rebuild_zebra with -a  option
19:20 ryan you'll then need to link the records
19:20 ryan also a script in misc/  dir for that
19:21 saorge ?
19:21 saorge or in my case
19:22 ryan ah, yes.
19:22 ryan how large is your collection?
19:23 ryan If you have over 10k records, I highly recommend using Zebra.
19:23 saorge actually, I only test Koha
19:24 saorge I have to give a course on it
19:35 saorge well, not exactly on Koha, but on ILS
19:35 saorge Koha is used as an illustration
19:42 saorge is there another script to execute to be able to use authorities?
19:51 ryan saorge: if you have bib records in the catalog, you'll want to run misc/  to link the authority records to the bibs.
19:52 ryan otherwise, you should immediately be able to edit a record using authorities.
20:01 saorge i've tried but I must miss something
20:03 ryan saorge: do you have your marc framework set up with authority control ?
20:04 saorge i guess
20:04 saorge during the install, i've asked to install some data
20:05 saorge i can see some MARC authorities (subject, etc)
20:06 saorge and, in the MARC framework, i can see the link
20:07 ryan so, for a subfield you want controlled, you have selected an authority type in the 'thesaurus' pulldown in the framework editor ?
20:07 saorge yes
20:09 acmoore gmcharlt, is a borrower supposed to be able to have more than one borrower_attributes with the same code?
20:09 gmcharlt yes, if borrower_attribute_type.repeatable == 1
20:10 acmoore yeah, that's what I thought that was for, I just couldn't see how it was working.
20:10 acmoore thanks,
20:10 acmoore and borrower_attribute_types.unique_id determines if more than one borrower can have the same value for this attribute?
20:11 gmcharlt right
20:11 acmoore This is one of those thigns that I understood better before I started using it for a few hours. ;)
20:11 gmcharlt eek
20:12 acmoore that's not a commentary on design or implementation. I just confused mysel or something.
20:13 acmoore f
20:13 gmcharlt acmoore: checks of those conditions undoubtedly could be tightened up - alas, at moment has to be enforced at app level not DB due to lack of check constrainsts in mysql
20:14 acmoore yeah, no worries.
20:14 acmoore I'm adding an UpdateBorrowerAttributes method that lets you update one type without disturbing the other attributes that this borrower has.
20:15 gmcharlt cool
20:15 acmoore I really think I can use this to hold other borrower preferences. Do you think that will be a prolem?
20:17 gmcharlt for prefs that don't require secondary columns to be added to borrower_attributes, should be fine - but one thing: tools/ needs to be adjusted so that you can supply a patron_attributes column in the CSV, update certain atts, and leave others alone
20:17 gmcharlt otherwise updating an alternate student ID via import would scribble over prefs
20:18 gmcharlt acmoore: btw, found gotcha in using eval to run a particular test class
20:18 acmoore I don't anticipate having to alter either of the borrower_attributes or borrower_attribute_types tables. I'll add a few rows to the b_a_types table, though, to describe the preferences I'm holding in there.
20:18 gmcharlt say you have KohaTest::Acquisition::NewOrder
20:18 acmoore I'll make a note about tools/
20:19 gmcharlt because KohaTest::Acquisitions uses C4::Acquisitions, C4::Acq::NewOrder() gets imported into namespace of KohaTest::Acq
20:20 acmoore oh yeah, that's a drag.
20:20 gmcharlt and an eval "KohaTest::Acq::NewOrder->runtests" ends up trying to run C4::Acq::NewOrder()->runtests
20:20 gmcharlt which doesn't work, of course
20:20 acmoore I hate Exporter.
20:20 acmoore reason #496.
20:20 atz this is the lameness of all the C4 modules EXPORT=qw(everything)';
20:20 saorge is there a documentation about authorities?
20:20 gmcharlt I have learned to hate it with a passion during the previous few months
20:21 atz EXPORT_OK is fine.   bulk EXPORT is ass.
20:21 acmoore can we make a rule-of-thumb to stop exporting everying by default?
20:22 atz actually, that was one thing I insisted in my first week
20:23 gmcharlt acmoore: for new stuff we write, yes - worth refactoring C4 as well, but obviously doing that will take time and discussion
20:23 atz of course... cleaning up almost every C4 use statement was never quite assigned priority
20:23 acmoore gmcharlt, Oh yeah, I meant going forward.
20:23 gmcharlt saorge: beyond what's available on the wiki - not much. nengard is working on a manual, which iwll include authorities
20:24 gmcharlt saorge: hopefully to be made available soon
20:24 acmoore but it does mean sometimes writing C4::Some::Namespace::Somewhe​re::Far::Far::Away::DoFoo()
20:24 gmcharlt acmoore: in the long run, better sore fingers than subtle namespace bugs :)
20:25 acmoore I would like to steer the battleship towards more objects and classes, but I recognize that's a long, uphill battle.
20:25 acmoore gmcharlt, I'm with you.
20:25 gmcharlt and acmoore, I'm with you re using more classes
20:25 atz acmoore: it's true OO would reduce the prominence of this problem.
20:26 acmoore I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that seems to think this way.
20:27 atz that's just the manic phase before the depression hits that despite all these other ppl agreeing, it's still unfixed. :)
20:28 acmoore I guess. but I'm OK with it not being fixed as long as we agree on some things that we can do to make it better.
20:38 acmoore do you guys use perltidy or perlcritic on your code? I'm wondering if anyone has an .rc file for either that I can use for consistency.
20:38 acmoore I wouldn't mind seeing one in git eventually.
20:39 atz acmoore: but then somebody might use it!
20:39 acmoore no. I wouldn't worry about that part. ;)
20:39 gmcharlt we can haz war^W debate about indentation and block style?
20:40 acmoore I like Andy Lester's quote about Perl Best Practices. It was something about how he writes "coding policy manual" on the front of it with a marker and settles all of those wars.
20:41 acmoore I don't think you can go that far, but it's a good guide.
20:41 gmcharlt heh - that was certainly one of the best technical books I've read recently
20:43 gmcharlt maybe do it passively - have the eventual buildbot also run perlcritic and put up the report, and see what happens
20:46 acmoore I did that in a previous code base and it was pretty nice. I eventually made it so that if the file used to pass at one level, and now it doesn't that that was a faling test. That's a little extreme for now, I think.
20:46 chris morning
20:46 gmcharlt yeah, such things would definitely have to be advisory
20:46 gmcharlt hi chris
20:46 acmoore I'll probably eventually at least fix the pod usage problems and check in something to run Pod::Test on all files.
20:47 acmoore good afternoon, chris.
20:51 chris feel good story for the day[…]8,0,3680260.story
20:51 gmcharlt yeah, that was nice
21:13 chris hi debra

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