IRC log for #koha, 2008-04-29

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12:42 acmoore fbcit-away, that sounds like something that may have been caused by me rearranging the icon images. I'll poke around with it. thanks.
12:46 acmoore fbcit-away, I think that since a bunch of images were removed, you have to re-run the Makefile.PL. I'm not sure of a way around that.[…]b3d0f3b9936ceeef2
12:52 hdl hi
14:00 fbcit-away acmoore: I did rerun Makefile.PL, but the upgrade target does not work
14:01 fbcit-away hmm... it worked on the second try
14:01 kados fbcit-away: did the removing duplicate images screw up your installation?
14:01 fbcit-away I'll know in a minute
14:02 fbcit-away at first glance it does not appear to have caused any issues
14:03 kados cool
14:03 fbcit-away bbiab
14:03 paul hello kados & fbcit-away (& any other one being here)
14:03 kados hiya
14:17 MatthewMetzger Hello, there seems to be many bad behaviors with my koha 3 install. Was any information gleaned from the errors I posted to[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2020 ?
14:33 kados MatthewMetzger: I'd recommend switching to ZEbra
14:33 kados MatthewMetzger: I've never been able to get NoZebra working properly
14:34 MatthewMetzger kados: thanks for the tip. I guess I'll have to put that on the to-do list. :)
14:37 kados MatthewMetzger: should be very simple, change the syspref NoZebra to OFF and then run -b
14:37 kados MatthewMetzger: then set up to run in cron every 10 minutes or something with the -z option
14:37 kados or use the zebraqueue daemon
14:38 MatthewMetzger thanks for the instructions. I thought it would be a much more daunting task. I'm glad to hear it is only a few steps.
15:07 nengard is there a way to import an authorities file into Koha? Or do you have to add all the records one by one?
15:10 fbcit nengard: yes to the first, holdon
15:11 nengard thanks fbcit
15:11 fbcit there is a script, misc/migration_tools/
15:12 fbcit you can import 1 or more records with it
15:12 nengard fbcit is there a way to access that for the average user? a link in the admin menu anywhere? Just wondering fo the manual
15:13 nengard fbcit - ahh
15:13 fbcit afaik there is no way to import from inside Koha
15:13 fbcit it would not be too hard to add, though
15:14 nengard I'll submit an enhancement request then
15:14 fbcit motivation is the only thing needed ;-)
15:14 nengard hehe
15:14 paul hello nengard
15:14 mc kados, back ?
15:14 nengard hi paul
16:04 paul ... the z3950 search button has disappeared from or do I have a problem with my uptodate repo ?
16:05 paul I just have the "Save" button and the Change framework list
16:14 paul ok, it's a problem with yuipath syspref (and the move from 2.5.1 to 2.3.1)

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