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13:07 nengard hi all - quick question - when adding z39.50 servers there is an option for "Checked (searched by default):" can you have more than one checked? If so is it recommended?
13:45 nengard nevermind - got an answer
13:48 owen Hi nengard
13:48 nengard hiya owen
13:55 fbcit g'morning #koha
13:55 fbcit that is g'morning (+0500GMT)
13:57 nengard :)
14:06 hdl hi
14:10 owen is anyone here familiar with
14:15 hdl not me
14:21 owen Looks like paul_ might have done some work on it in the past
14:28 owen What would cause HTML::Template to stop parsing TMPL tags in the middle of a page?
14:31 owen Hmmm.. stray TMPL_IF, I guess. I wonder why that didn't generate an error.
14:34 acmoore we need a HTML::Template validator or something. This keeps coming up.
14:50 fbcit H::T::P does dump some errors to error.log
14:58 hdl wa can have it dump more using stack_debug
14:59 hdl could be a debuging help.
15:04 owen I have to admit, I liked it better when the page failed spectacularly if you didn't close your TMPL_IF or TMPL_LOOP properly
15:10 atz owen: yeah, it's like "use strict" for templates
15:11 acmoore is there something you can set to make it do that?
15:12 atz i don't know... we currently pass it some kind of debug=>1  variable
15:18 fbcit there appears to be a 'strict' option via the new method
15:18 fbcit strict - if set to 0 the module will allow things that look like they might be TMPL_* tags to get by without dieing.
15:18 fbcit HTML::Template::Pro always implies strict => 0
15:19 fbcit maybe strict => 1 will cause it to die with incorrect TMPL_ tags?
15:19 atz interesting....
15:19 atz sounds like it
15:20 fbcit more..
15:20 fbcit HTML::Template use many cache debug options such as stack_debug, cache_debug, shared_cache_debug, memory_debug. Since HTML::Template::Pro parses and outputs templates at once, it silently ignores those options.
15:20 fbcit H::T is 2 step: parse then output
15:21 atz ah... right.  this is part of the trade-off for better performance
15:21 fbcit H::T::P does it all in one setup, making debug a bit more challenging I think
15:21 fbcit ebug - if set to 1 the module will write random debugging information to STDERR. Defaults to 0.
15:21 fbcit debug, also
15:21 atz we set it on for everything, afaict
15:22 fbcit hence the limited messages in error.log
15:22 atz i like how they say "random debugging info"
15:22 atz [log] It's Tuesday.
15:22 fbcit in all, it sounds like setting strict => 1 may result in *better* behavior
15:22 fbcit hehe
15:24 fbcit we could always make the state of 'debug' and 'strict' dependent upon $debug
15:36 atz fbcit: not really, since right now we are using debug as strict, effectively
15:36 atz or "verbose"
15:54 owen hdl still around?
15:54 hdl yes
15:55 owen Sorry for the delay, I'm just now looking at your message from 17 April about acceptorreject
15:55 hdl yes
15:55 owen First: the tmpl file didn't come through properly
15:55 owen Second: I'm not sure what you're asking me to do :)
16:05 hdl :(
16:05 hdl what is broken with TMPL file ?
16:05 hdl Second : I wanted you to have a look at your link at the bottom of the page.
16:06 hdl And to tell me if I deleted this link or if you wanted to make the js so that the page would be updated with all the reasons.
16:06 hdl (the link mark all )
16:12 hdl owen : the patch for bug 2015 removes "popup" style for some pages.
16:13 hdl Have you tested creating a biblio "on the fly" for new subscription with your changes ?
16:15 owen It seems to be working fine for me. Are you seeing a problem?
16:17 hdl Not yet.
16:17 hdl Just anticipating ;)
16:18 hdl owen : have you understood what I meant for acceptorreject ?
16:19 owen No, but now I've loaded your updated files so I can take a look.
16:21 owen So the "mark all" link isn't working now? Is that the problem?
16:21 hdl yes.
16:22 hdl Click on Cart at opac under IE7 is not efficient.
16:23 owen ?
16:24 owen hdl, it looks like you took out a lot of javascript I'd put in to control the 'mark all' link
16:30 owen hdl, can you expand on your IE7 comment?
16:31 hdl yes.
16:32 hdl I tried to click on Cart at OPAC using IE7 on a fresh install on thursday and Cart has not showed up.
16:32 owen You've waited since thursday? :)
16:38 hdl I was out from a good internet connection untill yesterday
16:43 owen hdl, dropping in the javascript from the other version seems to work fine. But I'm not getting the "reason" form under the Pending or Rejected tabs.
16:44 hdl a link ?
16:46 owen I take it back. Looks like it's a bug with my js.
16:54 hdl maybe this is why I took out the javascript.
16:54 hdl ;)
17:43 tim I noticed 952$1 is used for lost in the zebra configuration files.  Should itemlost from the items table be put there for correct lost status in 3.0?
17:47 ryan tim: yes, you should map itemlost, notforloan & damaged as they are in the default framework.
17:47 ryan i highly recommend moving to the default framework instead of modifying the deflt framework for upgrading.
17:48 ryan you can get away with modifying the zebra cfg's , but long term, i think it'll be a pain
17:49 tim How would I get the status moved from the items table to 952$1?
17:49 tim Would be nice if it was part of the upgrade process.
17:51 tim or maybe it is and I did something wrong.
17:58 ryan tim: itemlost should already be mapped in your 2.2 framework
17:58 tim The only place I had it was in items.itemlost
18:03 tim I never had that mapped.  The status shows up ok when we look up an item.
18:51 owen hdl?
18:56 owen Am I the only one here who's testing without any translations? I'm getting an empty language-chooser bar at the bottom of the staff client
19:09 kados owen: I get that too
19:10 kados owen: I was actually going to suggest that we remove that bar altogether and just have the languages links at the bottom of the page (not sticky)
19:11 owen We could. The only issue design-wise is that for pages with very little content, those links would end up right in the middle of the screen
20:21 chris morning
20:30 mc hello chris
20:30 chris heya mc... must be nearly time for bed?
20:34 hdl hi chris.
20:35 chris hi hdl :)
20:52 mc chris, not realy
20:52 mc it's time for reading documentation
20:52 chris ahh :)
20:52 mc and koha code
20:53 mc still enjoying working on koha
20:53 chris excellent
20:55 mc hmm ...
20:55 mc after make install
20:56 mc /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml is only a template
20:56 mc did i miss something ?
20:57 chris hmm no after install that should be populated
20:58 mc oh .. hdl answered me on french chan ... i'll try to fix with him
20:58 chris cool ")
20:58 chris hmm cant type today
20:58 mc hehe
20:59 chris :)
22:48 mc good night/day all
22:48 mc now it's time to sleep
22:55 tim Thanks ryan. I got the items problem fixed.  Like most of the problems that really stump me, it was traced to a mistake I made.
22:56 kados tim: join the club :-)
22:56 tim Woohoo!  I feel included!
22:57 kados heh
23:00 tim kados: I was hoping after getting the lost items working I could set the opac to hide lost items.  It still doesn't work.
00:08 owen kados? ryan? Anyone familiar with the intranet_includes pref?
00:09 kados hey owen
00:09 kados owen: ryan says he knows about the opac one, but not the intranet one
00:11 owen I guess I was thinking of the opac one, but ended up looking at the intranet one because I didn't find the opac one
00:11 kados owen: ryan says we aren't using it currently and he's not sure if that functioanlity is in 3.0
00:12 owen Oh, okay.
00:12 kados I know we use it for 2.2 installs quite a bit
00:12 kados and I assume it will need to be in 3.0 at some point soon
00:12 kados just not certain it's in place yet

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